What is Power BI Used For - Practical Applications Of Power BI

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21st Sep, 2022
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What is Power BI Used For - Practical Applications Of Power BI

Organizations deal with lots of data regularly. But in case you are not able to access or connect with that important data, you are not yielding anything. You are keeping your organizations away from getting the value.

Practical Uses of Power BI

Microsoft Power BI will help you solve this problem with the help of a powerful business intelligence tool that mainly stresses on Visualization. Microsoft Power BI is a fundamental programming framework for organizations with huge amounts of disparate data developed during normal business operations. Power BI has numerous uses in building a software system. Let’s see the practical uses of Power BI below:

  1. Visualization = Inbuilt feature
  2. Server-Level Data Management
  3. Analytics With Internal Software Systems
  4. Provide complex data within software and apps
  5. Streamline Organizational Processes
  6. Visualize Details Easily
  7. Enhance the marketing
  8. Real-Time look at the company’s financial performance
  9. Create Consistent Reporting Standards 

1. Visualization - Inbuilt Feature

Data Visualization is very crucial for human management in business systems. The computer programs are written in coding language whereas business people need to be able to visualize and understand the business data. Microsoft Power BI provides such tools that will let you visualize key data points accurately from various sources in a single dashboard. Power BI integration with Cortana can visualize data, interact with it in your OS, and search your data with Cortana’s powerful AI systems.

2. Server-level Data Management

In businesses, data comes from various sources. Most of those sources reach the server at some point. Power BI tools let you manage all the business-related data at the server level with the goal that you have more extensive and complete information systems than the data you collected from a program working on a few PCs. 

3. Analytics with Internal Software Systems

Your business needs to access data from the complete software system to manage it. Power BI merges with any software platform used to manage the businesses. This consists of mail management,  social media platforms, accounting software, CRMs, and traditional data platforms like Azure and MySQL. Multiple dashboards for data management are integrated to form Integrated data management. If the businesses use integrated data management then the businesses need not use multiple dashboards for managing the data. 

4. Provide Complex Data Within Software and Apps

Power BI takes input from various sources and provides that data in various contexts, including embedded within your own apps through API by Microsoft. Moreover, Power BI offers tools to manage businesses allowing app customization. It also provides a product value-add feature that is used to track and identify the key data sets regarding the product or service.        

5. Streamline Organizational Processes 

The departments such as Sales, marketing, operations, HR, and so on in the organizations need their own data sets, KPIs, and their own data management systems. Power BI offers specific functionality to the businesses in the form of a data management system/app to streamline the processes from different departments. 

It let the businesses use the templates for intuitive dashboards and reporting systems instead of creating a system part-wise for your business. It gives your teams the capability to manage quality and efficiency without software customization. 

6. Visualize Details Easily

Power BI helps businesses to check any kind of details to ensure that the business is running smoothly. While some enterprises track a small amount of inventory, some businesses track sales calls (made by the sales team members). These data sets are designed with Power BI algorithm and delivered in a readable and easily understandable format.

7. Enhance the Marketing

Businesses spend intensely on online marketing to attract customers. But the huge mass is failing to convert while researching the solutions to their uniques problems online. In this case, Power BI helps you create a chart to track the user behavior all through their online visit. 

8. Real-Time Look at the Company’s Financial Performance

Financial issues have an enduring effect on your organization, particularly if it's totally all of a sudden. Microsoft Power BI gives you understanding into the performance of the organizations at numerous levels. With Power BI, you can gaze into teams productivity, top-selling products, the income created by a specific division and numerous different perspectives. With Power BI, you will be able to get immediate attention on sudden financial drops and will be able to fix the issues before it turns into a huge concern.   

9. Create Consistent Reporting Standards

Every organization relies on applications from accounting to sales for their day-to-day job duties. You will not always get a reporting feature in these programs and if you get, the format varies from app to app. Using Power BI, you can pull the data and generate reports to provide you organizational standards. It is less hectic for the managers and takes less time to get the data if it is presented in the same format and style each time.

Use-cases of Power BI

There is no doubt that Big Data has big potential today. Most of the companies using Power BI have started enjoying the real benefits such as higher efficiency, improved performance, and more efficient use of their data. Here are some of the real-world examples of Power BI that will tell you how companies are reaping commercial success with Power BI.

1. MediaCom

MediaCom is the world's most famous media agency and the largest cable television provider was in need of the module that can easily measure and represent the health of a large number of diversified data sets.  

For this problem, they found the solution i.e. ‘health check’ which is able to capture every surface of a multi-platform media in one single score, including paid media effectiveness, earned media effectiveness, the ratio of earned-to-paid media, realized customer value, and longitudinal performance. The feature ‘health-check’ is built on Power BI that provides a campaign dashboard, a collaborative site where the account team can ask their queries to the customers. 

With the adoption of Power BI, the company yielded increased optimization checks for campaigns from weekly to daily basis.     

2. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), a global research university known for its world-class studies was looking for some option that can optimize the power (energy) and operational efficiency in buildings around the globe.

The university installed a PI system and integrated automation system of the whole building. Also, they installed lights, ventilation, air quality, weather, and security data sources.   

At that point, they included Power BI for Office 365 to give custom-reporting abilities to all the constant information created by the different frameworks, furnishing employees with maps, visualizations, and dashboards indicating data, for example, building types, geographic areas, and power consumption. This data empowers employees to identify the environment, and show them to reduce energy usage. With Power BI installed, CMU identified 30% less energy consumption.

3. Heathrow

Heathrow Airport, a UK based travel, and transportation industry uses Power BI to make the travel of the passengers less stressful. This airport uses Power BI to visualize the real-time passenger’s traffic at the airport and enable employees to be prepared with the traffic changing conditions. With Power BI adoption, they will be able to connect with a wide scope of data sources with fewer efforts and use this data to run Heathrow airport smoothly than ever before.



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