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5 Effortless Tips For The Perfect Business Case Study

20th May, 2024
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    5 Effortless Tips For The Perfect Business Case Study

    Providing a top-notch business case study for your existing clients is an effective way of attracting new clients. By writing an exemplary case study, you shed light on the positive impact of your company’s services or product in a distinctive manner that your potential clients can relate to. This leads to your customers eventually considering your company for their business solutions.

    With a business case study, you can highlight the reason you took up a particular project and how your services helped in deriving excellent outcomes. Business cases help assure your probable clients that if you handle their project they can expect a satisfactory outcome with additional benefits based on the project’s objectives.

    A business case study is designed to be adaptable to risk factors, consistent throughout the business issue, comprehensive, business oriented, transparent, and easy to understand. Ideally, it should consist of all the necessary information found during the business analysis procedures. This includes elucidating on everything that’s required to make a good investment decision, with enough evidence for the continuation of the business proposition.

    During the process of writing your business case study, you’ll need to review it to ensure that the justification is valid, and that the report is directed towards obtaining an apt solution.

    Let’s look at some of the tips that you can keep in mind to perfect the business case study.

    1. Perfect Case Study Candidate

    For your case study to be a hit, find a candidate whose case can easily be related to by customers. For instance, if your client is looking for a service in the hospitality industry, write a case study related to customers of reputed hotels. If the customer is of a telecom-based background, write a case study about service providers.

    When you centre your case studies around the client’s specialised fields, the customer is convinced that you are well-versed in this field, know the industry’s needs, and are capable of providing desired results.

    2. Perfect Audience

    Depending on the type of project your case study is based on, you can acquire your target audience. For instance, if your case study is a long explanation that lays emphasis on technicalities and specifications of the service or product, you are likely to catch the attention of engineers. If you’ve chosen a responsive report that emphasises on hard-hitting summaries, it would appeal to a lot of business executives and analysts.

    You will also have to consider the medium of conveying the report. With busy schedules, most of your probable clients might prefer audio or video over reading through a lengthy report. You can choose to release podcasts, infographics, or even a YouTube video that depicts the case study.
    Business case studies that use media as a channel of display, have a good chance of being shared on social media sites and are extended to platforms beyond your website.

    3. Perfect Strategy

    If you’ve made a client super-successful with your project, give out the specifics and strategies you’ve implied that led to the grand outcome. Paint a picture for your clients. Tell them everything from who the customers were, what their requirements and objectives were, and what strategies and techniques you used to achieve their goals.

    Additionally give a follow-up of the project and how happy your customers still are with it. This not only gives your new clients confidence to trust you for immediate solutions, but also makes them appreciate your efforts to giving them long-term benefits.

    4. Perfect Format

    Providing an easy-to-read format is probably the simplest step you could take to making a perfect business case study. Add variation to a long drab report with a creative usage of subheadings, bold and italicised texts, bullet points, and images. The right choice of language can also add a stylised nuance to your writing.

    You can also add in keyword, which not only makes it easier for readers to skim through your article, but also enhances the value of your case study in terms of SEO standards.

    5. Perfect Jargon Usage

    Conventional writing skills focus on keeping language simple and easy to be perceived by anyone. Business case studies, however, are written specifically for professionals and making use of technical terms is an exception here.

    Determining the usage of technical jargon again depends on the target audience. If your case study is written to be put up on a industry-specific website, you can be generous with jargon usage. If, however, the article goes up on a general website, keeping technical terminologies to a minimum proves to be helpful.

    Refer to several good samples available online, keep these points in mind, and develop your own style for writing that perfect business case study.

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    Mansoor Mohammed


    Mr Mansoor is a certified Strategy, Innovation, Lean Portfolio, Organisational Change, Scaled Agile Consultant 5.1, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Academician, Practitioner, Business Leader and Agile Consultant with 40+ relevant globally renowned certifications to deliver business value. 

    Mr Mansoor is working with Large Corporates & Government clients to find better ways to work through Agile innovation and design interventions. He has delivered programs globally including Project, Program and Portfolio Management & SAFe® from a catalogue of more than 200 plus training.

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