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Get Your Business Analysis Experience Professionally Recognised With CBAP

16th Feb, 2024
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    Get Your Business Analysis Experience Professionally Recognised With CBAP

    Business analysis is the discipline of recognizing change in an organization and driving that change. It’s about delivering as much value as possible to the stakeholders and ensuring that the organization profits from changes.

    As a business analyst, you must have played a key role in developing your organization and meeting its business needs from time to time. However, now that you have established yourself as an experienced business analyst, it’s time to get a professional recognition for the same.

    Wondering how you could do so? Let’s find out!

    CBAP—The Recognition You Need

    The Certified Business Analysis Professional, or CBAP, is a designation that you’ll earn once you have cleared the certification exam for the same. The certificate is awarded by the International Institute of Business Analysis for working professionals who have extensive business analysis experience.

    With business analysts playing a crucial role in the growth of an organization, more and more companies are realizing the importance of recruiting CBAPs. Why? Because CBAPs are a cut above the rest of the business analysts and they bring a lot more to the table, thanks to their certification.

    If you, too, want to be a part of the elite group of Certified Business Analysis Professionals, then taking the certifying exam for the same is a step in that direction.

    Eligibility For CBAP

    In order to take the CBAP certification exam, you first have to meet the eligibility criteria set out by International Institute of Business Analysis.

    ● You must have a minimum of 7,500 hours of experience working as a Certified Business Analysis Professional
    ● You should have spent at least 900 hours in four of the six knowledge areas mentioned in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK)
    ● Professional development done for a minimum of 21 hours in the past four years
    ● Two references from a certified CBAP, a client, or career manager
    ● Signed copy of code of conduct

    Preparing For The Examination

    Once you have cleared the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the certifying exam online. While the application process is easy, preparing for the exam is a different ballgame altogether. During the exam, you’ll be tested on your knowledge of BABOK and business analysis skills.

    BABOK or A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge is recognized as a standard framework by business analysts all over the world. It details practices and information that can be utilized by business analysts while working for an organization. During the CBAP certification exam, you’ll be tested on the 6 key knowledge areas of BABOK, namely:

    1. Business analysis planning and monitoring
    2. Elicitation and collaboration
    3. Requirements life cycle management
    4. Strategy analysis
    5. Requirements analysis and design definition
    6. Solution Evaluation

    The only mantra to clearing this exam, apart from your business analysis knowledge, is to understand BABOK from start to end. You might need to read it several times to fully understand and process the information.

    If you think that it won’t be possible for you to do so yourself, you can enroll for a CBAP certification course like the one at Knowledgehut. Taking a professional course is always the best route as you’ll be able to clear your doubts and also have a mentor looking over your progress.

    The Benefits Of Becoming A CBAP

    Becoming a Certified Business Analysis Professional is not just about increasing your value in the job market but also about adding value to your organization. Here are some of the benefits of earning a CBAP certification:

    ● You will be a part of recognized CBAP group worldwide
    ● Your business analysis skills will improve
    ● Increase competency when it comes to the practices and principles of business analysis
    ● Recognition as a skilled business analyst
    ● Increased opportunities in terms of career prospects
    ● A high pay when compared to your peers working just as business analysts

    A CBAP is also a great asset for the organization they work for. Organizations hiring CBAPs can be assured that these professionals will be able to develop the business, recognize opportunities for the staff, and ensure a smooth functioning of the organization.

    Maintaining The CBAP Certification

    If you are thinking that clearing the certification exam is enough to secure your career, then you’re slightly wrong here. You need to maintain the CBAP designation to demonstrate that you have been keeping up with your profession and have been constantly updating yourself about changing business trends in the market. You need to renew the certificate every three years so that you can keep contributing to the profession.

    However, if you have already achieved a CBAP designation but are no longer employed, you can apply for a CBAP Retired Status. This way, you will continue to be recognized as a CBAP

    To sum it up, as a business analyst, you have great prospects when it comes to career and salary. But once you have gained enough experience, it only seems fair that your knowledge and hard work get recognized. And, there’s no better way to do it than becoming a CBAP.


    Mansoor Mohammed

    Business Agility Expert

    Mansoor Mohammed is a dynamic and energetic Enterprise Agile Coach, P3M & PMO Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, and Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in Strategy Execution and Business Agility. With a background in Avionics, Financial Services, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, and Digital, Mansoor has led global infrastructure and software development teams, launched innovative products, and enabled Organizational Change Management. As a results-driven leader, he excels in collaborating, adapting, and driving partnerships with stakeholders at all levels. With expertise in Change Management, Transformation, Lean, Agile, and Organizational Design, Mansoor is passionate about aligning strategic goals and delivering creative solutions for successful business outcomes. Connect with him to explore change, Agile Governance, implementation delivery, and the future of work.

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    Get Your Business Analysis Experience Professionally Recognised With CBAP

    Get Your Business Analysis Experience Professionally Recognised With CBAP

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