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Boosting Business excellence through Business Analytics

08th Sep, 2023
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    Boosting Business excellence through Business Analytics

    In today’s increasingly complex business operations that revolve around the supply chain and production mechanisms, networks of partners, suppliers, and globally spread operations make delivering excellence a great challenge. Besides, increasing competition, rising cost pressure, market volatility, and shifting customer demands, further compound the challenges.

    To overcome these problems, organizations must develop effective processes across the enterprise that deliver a customized experience that is replicable at scale and driven by data. Ultimately, they must transform long-lasting ratios and metrics across inventory, staffing, finance, customer service and fraud.

    By building effective processes, organizations can dramatically improve the productivity of their crucial assets—human and material. Most importantly, you can dispel the ratios that have pushed your business for so long, improve staff ratios to the business volume that fail to stand in the existing situation.

    Business analytics can help you develop smarter processes, exploit the use of assets and crack conventional operational ratios. To bring operational excellence using business analytics, businesses must implement the process that facilitates decision identification, decision solutions, and decision analysis.

    • Decision Identification

    In decision identification, define the business problem you have to tackle. You detach these critical repeatable decisions from your business processes and IT environment. By outlining the business issue at hand with the outcome in mind, you should be able to improve the result.

    • Decision Solutions

    After recognizing the repeatable decisions and determining what to do, your next action should be to draw and develop a decision solution. The components of these decision solutions will be the business rules you need to propel and support your decisions and the analytics will help you make your decisions.

    • Decision Analysis

    Business decisions are often subject to regulatory transformation, policy changes, market influences and other factors. To ensure successful implementation of business analytics, you need to bring the spotlight on continuous improvement. Following such a practice will increase the value of your business analytics and stay current.

    Business analytics has the muscle in delivering operational excellence. However, many organizations have limited their investment in business analytics to customer prospects and risk management.

    Organizations seeking operational excellence need to get business analytics to the front-end and adopt a wide range of analytics tools to controlling and enhancing the decisions that steer their operations.

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    Mansoor Mohammed

    Business Agility Expert

    Mansoor Mohammed is a dynamic and energetic Enterprise Agile Coach, P3M & PMO Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, and Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in Strategy Execution and Business Agility. With a background in Avionics, Financial Services, Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, and Digital, Mansoor has led global infrastructure and software development teams, launched innovative products, and enabled Organizational Change Management. As a results-driven leader, he excels in collaborating, adapting, and driving partnerships with stakeholders at all levels. With expertise in Change Management, Transformation, Lean, Agile, and Organizational Design, Mansoor is passionate about aligning strategic goals and delivering creative solutions for successful business outcomes. Connect with him to explore change, Agile Governance, implementation delivery, and the future of work.

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