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Top Must-buy Business Analyst Books in 2024

22nd Dec, 2023
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    Top Must-buy Business Analyst Books in 2024

    Business analysis is a crucial aspect of growth in this competitive market. Companies hire proficient experts to check different business aspects to find flaws and fill the gaps to get the desired output. These experts have to keep upgrading their knowledge, from starting their career in this domain to scaling up to get to an executive rank. They would have to keep learning the changing trends. So, if you wish to work as an analyst, the business analyst books would be of great help. The more you read, the more updated you will be about the latest business analysis practices. However, to know which books will provide you with apt knowledge, you should know about the responsibilities of a business analyst. 

    Who is a Business Analyst?

    A business analyst is a professional who analyses data models to derive meaningful information from them. They then use this information to eliminate the existing flaws in the operations and assure exponential growth. These professionals are the valued assets of a company, as they help fill the gap between current and expected growth. 

    If you also plan to pursue a career in this domain, know that you should stay updated with the latest trends. Buy the best books for business analyst beginner level to start with, and you can keep scaling up to read advanced concepts. Also, go for Business Analyst courses and acquire practical skills that help you solve business problems and boost your career. 

    Top 10 Books for Business Analysts

    You can find countless books and a plethora of authors providing business analyst books for beginners. As you start exploring your options, you might get confused about picking the right book. So, we have listed the top choices to help you find the best books for business analyst professionals.

    1. Business Analysis for Dummies

    The book is written by Kate McGoey, Kupe Kupersmith & Paul Mulvey for beginners. It was published in July 2013 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The Goodreads rating of the book is 3.8. 

    Business Analysis for Dummies is the go-to reference book for analysts who can make complex topics easy to understand. This book provides knowledge of all the tools and techniques that can help in successful business analysis. The highlight features of the book are:

    • Explains how business analysis can help make an impact on company growth.
    • It lists tools and techniques that are helpful in excellent analysis and provide the best results.
    • Provides numerous examples of real-time scenarios where professionals perform business analysis operations to ensure company growth. 

    2. Business Analysis Techniques - Revised Edition

    The book is written by Paul Turner, James Cadle, and Debra Paul, and currently, its 3rd edition is available in the market. It was published by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and its Goodreads rating is 4.3.

    The market has countless tools and techniques that one can use to check different business aspects. This business analyst book of knowledge provides an elaborate list of the best tools and techniques that have been time-tested for analysis. You will find the latest ways to identify business needs and workable solutions to the flaws or issues that might restrict growth. The book highlights are:

    3. Business Analyst: Careers in Business Analysis

    It is a book by Adrian Reed published in August 2018. The book was published by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and its Goodreads rating is 4. 

    With time, business analysis has developed as a career that has its own professional roadmap. As the demand for business analysts is increasing rapidly, candidates need to know the career options in this domain. This business analyst handbook helps understand the concepts better and the career options in it. The highlight features of the book are;

    • It includes a visual career roadmap for business analysts. 
    • It has interviews and case studies of successful business analysts to give an idea to aspiring candidates. 

    4. The Business Analysis Handbook: Techniques and Questions to Deliver Better Business Outcomes

    It is one of the best business analyst books to read by Helen Winter. Currently, the first edition of the book is available in the market, but an upgraded version will also be available by June 2024. It was published by Kogan Page, and its Goodreads rating is 4.

    During the analysis process, one can come across multiple issues. Stakeholder disagreement, meeting project deadlines, and delivering growth results are some challenges. The business analyst handbook provides all possible solutions to all these challenges and prepares you to sail through them. The highlight features of this book are:

    • It provides guidance about delivering projects on time without spending extra on resources.
    • Explains the soft skills a business analyst requires and the effective ways to develop them.
    • It also includes templates analysts can use to ensure no essential task gets missed.

    5. Business Analyst: A Profession and a Mindset

    The book is written and published by Yulia Kosarenko. It was released in May 2019. There is no revised edition of the book launched in the market as off yet.

    Have any queries about what you will be expected to do as a business analyst? Wish to know the ways to offer exceptional services? This book will provide you with answers to all these questions. The highlight features of this book are:

    • It is a statistically rich book with over 90 tables and charts.
    • It encourages thorough familiarity with the field and the development of personal and professional skills.
    • The book also includes a list of methodologies for fruitful analysis that can help ensure fruitful results.

    6. How to Start a Business Analyst Career, by Laura Brandenburg

    The book is written by Laura Brandenburg and was released in January 2015. It was published by Clear Spring Business Analysis, and currently, the 2nd edition of the book is available. The book has a 3.9 rating on Goodreads.

    While looking for books to read for business analysts, you should obviously start with a beginner's guide. This book will help you decide if business analysis is your field and the ways to build a successful career in this domain. After reading this book, you will know your journey to becoming a business analyst and enjoy a fruitful career. The highlight features of this book are:

    • It has all the information about the skills, qualifications, and level of expertise required to become a business analyst
    • It explains the roadmap you should follow from the start, to achieve the executive-level position as a business analyst. 

    7. Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success

    The book is written by Steven P. Blais and was first released in 2011. It got published by John Wiley and Sons Inc. and got a 3.9 rating on Goodreads.

    As evident from the title, the book uncovers all the techniques and strategies for a successful career as a business analyst. It is one of the business analysts best books that aspiring analysts can use as a reference to know the field better. The highlight features of the book are:

    • A complete guide about the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst.
    • A detailed explanation of the business analysis process and the ways to find out flaws in the system.
    • List of possible and time-tested solutions for all potential challenges that a business analyst might face.

    8. Business Analysis Agility: Solve the Real Problem, Deliver the Real Value

    It is another option in the must read books for business analyst professionals by James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson. It got published by Addison-Wesley Professional in the year 2018 and has a 4.4 rating on

    Through this book, the agile experts James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson taught how to implement business analysis in an agile way. The focus is on teaching methodologies or tricks to deliver real value to an organization by solving the issues that might restrict growth. The highlights of this book are:

    • It uncovers the real problems in business analytics and their trusted solutions.
    • Teaches the successful implementation of business analyst tricks in an agile atmosphere. 
    • Gives a fruitful perspective to face potential challenges and offers valued results for organizational growth. 

    9. Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for Digital Age, by Roman Pichler (Second Edition)

    It is another business analyst textbook that you can consider reading. Roman Pichler wrote and released this one in 2022; it is the second edition of this book. The Goodreads rating of this book is 4.

    In this book, Roman Pichler has listed a wide range of techniques to create an excellent product strategy. Reading this book, you will learn to create an inspiring vision for a product and maximize the chances of its success. It is an apt choice for business analysts who work in the product manufacturing domain. The highlight features of the book are:

    • A comprehensive approach to product strategy specifically for digital products. 
    • It has a list of real-world examples to help professionals learn to implement strategy across the process. 

    10. Writing Effective Use Cases Agile Software Development Series

    Written by Alistair Cockburn, it is one of the best books to read for business analyst enthusiasts and professionals. Published by Addison Wesley back in 2000, it is actually an agile software development series. The Goodreads rating of this book is 3.9, and it is widely used by professionals across the globe.

    In the business analysis domain, writing excellent use cases is utterly significant. One has to consider the format, template, and project standards to ensure successful project delivery. This book trains you in this by explaining how to write an excellent use case. You will get practice exercises in the book that strengthen your ability to right productive use cases. The highlights of this book are:

    • Real-world examples of using business analysis techniques with UML.
    • There is a detailed chapter on use case styling with dos and don'ts that you can follow.
    • All the concepts listed in the book are time-tested and known to give excellent results. 

    Preparation Tips for Business Analysts

    As per Ambitionbox, the highest salary for a business analyst is around 15LPA, and the demand in this domain is rapidly increasing. So, if you decide to pursue a career in this domain, rest assured that you will have a promising professional life. All it takes to become a successful business analyst is a fair understanding of the field. You should come from a relevant educational background and do certification courses to strengthen your skills. Some of the preparation tips for business analysts are:

    • Learn the basics or the fundamentals of the domain. Gather all the information and prepare yourself for advanced learning.
    • Enroll in KnowledgeHut’s Business Analyst courses and get the most in-demand business analyst certifications to get ahead in career. 
    • Emphasize working on projects that can give you hands-on experience in the domain. Once you have proven experience, you can expect to grow in your career. 

    The basic idea is to brush up on your skill level and expertise in the business analysis process. Work constantly towards developing the right skills and gaining expertise, and you can enjoy a fruitful career in this field. 

    More Ways to Learn Business Analysis

    Doing the degrees that teach business and database analysis is one option. In these degree programs, you will study the business analyst course books and get all the theoretical knowledge. However, there are other things that you can do to upskill and learn business analysis to an advanced level. These ways are:

    • Always make sure that you keep reading good books for business analyst professionals. Whether you are a beginner or an executive, you should never stop learning. 
    • Explore the business analyst courses that train you in the latest tools and techniques. The certification you get from these courses works as a highlight in your resume and helps you fetch the best job opportunities. 
    • Know the soft skills you should have and work on improving them. You can get the business analyst handbook which explains the essential soft skills and the ways to develop them.

    In these simple yet effective ways, you can become a trained and proficient expert in this domain. Once you are ready, explore your options and enjoy a fruitful career in this field.

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    It is impossible to learn every concept of a field without referring to books. So, if you wish to pursue a career as an analyst, you should start by exploring the best business analyst books for beginners. Do not jump straight to the advanced level or rush into fetching a high-salaried job. Understand your pace and design a suitable roadmap to success. We have listed multiple options for the business analyst book that can help you at different levels of the journey. Refer to them, and you can enjoy a promising career in this domain. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What business analyst book should you read?

    Listed above are the best business analyst books you can refer to while planning your career in this domain. The top two options we recommend are Business Analysis for Dummies and Writing Effective Use Cases.

    2Is business analyst a tough job?

    Business analysis is definitely a challenging job. However, if you have trained well in the domain, you can easily sail through the challenges. Work on enhancing your skills; with time, you will not find it as hard as you might find it at the start. 

    3Is business analyst in high demand?

    Yes. There is high demand for business analysts. Moreover, the market demand is also increasing rapidly with time. 


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