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Top 20 Business Analytics Project in 2024 [With Source Code]

27th May, 2024
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    Top 20 Business Analytics Project in 2024 [With Source Code]

    As a beginner in business management, one of the most crucial skills is gathering and analyzing data to make informed decisions. Business analytics uses data and statistical methods to extract insights and make data-driven decisions. The good news is that there are countless business analytics project ideas that you can start working on to improve your skills and help your business thrive.
    This blog will explore the top 10 business analytics projects you can do online as a beginner or an experienced professional. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can use business analytics projects to gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced business world.

    Why are Business Analytics Projects Important?

    Business analytics is an amalgamation of business management and data analytics. High-value projects aimed at business development add value to the profile or resume of candidates who opt for a business analytics career. Business analytics projects are important because they enable data-driven decision-making, helping businesses uncover valuable insights from their data. These projects optimize operations, identify growth opportunities, and enhance overall efficiency, leading to improved profitability and competitiveness. Moreover, they provide a foundation for predictive and prescriptive analytics, enabling organizations to proactively address challenges and capitalize on emerging trends.

    List of Business Analytics Projects [Based on Levels]

    Here is a list of business analytics projects based on levels of experience:

    Business Analytics Project Ideas

    1. Sales Data Analysis
    2. Customer Review Sentiment Analysis
    3. Market Basket Analysis
    4. Price Optimization
    5. Stock Market Data Analysis
    6. Customer Segmentation
    7. Fraud Detection
    8. Equity Research
    9. Social Media Reputation Monitoring
    10. Real-Time Pollution Analysis

    Business Analytics Project Ideas for Beginners: 

    1. Employee Attrition and Performance
    2. Prediction of Sales in Tourism for the Next Five Years
    3. Prediction of the Success of an Upcoming Movie
    4. Prediction of the Fate of a Loan Application

    Business Analytics Projects for Intermediates: 

    1. Creating Product Bundles
    2. Life Expectancy Analysis
    3. Building a BI app

    Business Analytics Projects Topics for MBA Students

    1. Predicting Customer Churn Rate
    2. Prediction of Selling Prices for Different Products
    3. Store Sales Prediction

    Top 10 Business Analytics Project Ideas

    Here are the top 10 projects in business analytics, each offering unique insights and opportunities for data-driven decision-making in various industries. 

    1. Sales Data Analysis 

    It involves the analysis of data on every aspect of a company’s sales. It determines the total number of sales, average monthly sales, demographics of customers, and patterns of selling periods. It allows the company to make informed decisions to prioritize the production of specific products and scale them. To analyze the sales data, students can use different tools and languages. Students can use SQL to extract data from the database. Excel or Google Sheets can clean and analyze data for charts and graphs. For advanced visualizations and dashboards, Tableau or Power BI can be used. Python or R is good for advanced data analysis and statistical modeling, like looking for trends or making predictions.

    2. Customer Review Sentiment Analysis

    Published reviews timeseries

    It is the process of determining the emotional state of customers after they purchase or use the products. It allows the company to realize the possible reasons for customer complaints and measures to improve the features and quality. Students can use Python or R for data analysis. Tools like TextBlob and NLTK for sentiment analysis.

    3. Market Basket Analysis 

    It involves the analysis of the correlation between the ales of different products when combined. It helps improve the business by identifying the best combinations and increasing the preferences of customers for the products. For this project, students can analyze data using the Apriori algorithm. They can use either Python or R programming languages.

    4. Price Optimization 

    Price Optimization

    It involves investigating historical prices, crucial price factors, the markets where the company operates (and their economic contexts), the profiles of potential clients, etc. Programming Languages like Python or R are suitable for this project. Regression analysis and demand forecasting models are used to analyze the data.

    5. Stock Market Data Analysis

    Stock Market Data Analysis
    Ivy Professional School

    The project involves determining the frequency of rise and fall in price, the general trend of average monthly closing prices over the year, and trading volumes. Candidates can select a specific dataset and explore the company’s stock performance history. To analyze the data for this project, Python and R is used. Tools like Pandas and Numpy are used for manipulating the data.

    6. Customer Segmentation

    It refers to categorizing a company’s clients into different groups based on their purchasing behavior, financial level, interests, needs, and loyalty to the business. It helps optimize marketing campaigns and maximize the profits from each client. The K-means and Hierarchical clustering algorithms are generally used for this project.

    7. Fraud Detection


    Credit card fraud, identity theft, and cyber-attack are common fraudster challenges faced across various industries. Projects on fraud detection involve choosing a dataset and running statistical analyses to identify fraudulent operations. Machine learning algorithms such as decision trees and logistic regression are used for fraud detection.

    8. Equity Research

    Equity is the value of the returns received by a company’s shareholders after liquidating all the assets and clearance debts incurred by the company. Equity research plays a crucial role in the successful run of both shareholders and companies. Students can use Excel and Python to analyze the financial datasets for this project. Tools such as ratio analysis and financial statement analysis are in equity research.

    9. Social Media Reputation Monitoring

    Social media sentiment analysis
    Sprout Social

    It is the process of gauging the presence and influence of a brand on customers through social media. Using analytical tools and techniques, the project audits, monitors, and interprets social media users’ opinions about the products. It helps revise social media marketing strategies to promote the business. Social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social are used to analyze the data.

    10. Real-Time Pollution Analysis

    Architecture of Real-Time Pollution Analysis

    It is a typical data visualization project, allowing the candidates to learn univariate and multivariate data analysis. The methodology can be reproducible to business aspects. Students can use either Python or R to build the project. Matplotlib or Plotly are used for creating visualizations.

    Business Analytics Projects for Beginners

    Graduates from several fields, including engineering, with an inclination for business, choose management as their career path. Business Management for beginners, augmented with business analytics projects, provide potential platforms to lay a strong foundation to build their career. The following are the most-edifying sample business analytics projects for students.

    1. Employee Attrition and Performance

    These projects are ideal for acquiring the qualitative analysis skills of employee attrition to find answers for the event’s who, when, and why. They also predict quantitative aspects of human resource dynamics for the organization’s next 5 to 10 years. The balance between attrition and retention is the secret to optimal human resources and talent utilization. To do this, students can use Excel to clean the data. SQL is used for data extraction. Python or R for data analysis.

    2. Prediction of Sales in Tourism for the Next Five Years

    This project helps business analysts to improve their skills in applying data mining to determine patterns and correlations among tourism packages and their preferences. It has two approaches: qualitative and quantitative. Both approaches help beginners to hone their analytical and judgmental skills. To predict sales, statistical analysis tools like R or Python are used. Excel and SQL are used for cleaning and extracting data, respectively.

    3. Prediction of the Success of an Upcoming Movie 

    Business management professionals have a good scope in the film industry as numerous films enter the screen. These projects involve forecasting success based on the analysis of variables, including genre, language, directors, actors, actresses, budget, locations, etc. The prediction depends on the model devised based on the data of predetermined variables associated with previously released movies against their success. Like the other projects, students can use Python or R to predict the success of the upcoming movie.

    4. Prediction of the Fate of a Loan Application 

    Prediction of the Fate of a Loan Application

    These projects expose beginners to several machine-learning tools and techniques, and datasets. They also introduce the candidates to various parameters and help them gain the ability to recognize variables under eccentric circumstances. The top 3 machine-learning solution approaches for loan prediction are as follows.

    • Support vector machine 
    • XGBoost
    • Random forest

    Pandas are the most straightforward and powerful Python libraries for beginners used for the prediction of the fate of loan applications.

    Business Analytics Project Ideas for MBA Students

    ECBA certificate training is among the best options to improve the profile of business analytics aspirants. A merit of this program is the opportunities for business analytics projects for MBA students. Three top business analytics project ideas are as follows.

    1. Predicting Customer Churn Rate

    Towards Data Science
    Predicting Customer Churn Rate

    It involves predicting the decline of customer rates. It has scope for stakeholders to identify setbacks in the business. It helps learn several statistical tools, such as SHAP (Shapley Additive exPlanations), RandomSearch, and GridSearch, for univariate and multivariate analysis on a retrieved dataset.

    2. Prediction of Selling Prices for Different Products

    It refers to the determination of the price of a product that attracts customers with an optimal profit margin. Further, it also helps companies to determine the offers to improve business. These projects help acquire skills to employ machine learning algorithms like Gradient Boosting Machines (GBM), XGBoost, Random Forest, and Neural Networks that use different metrics to test each of their performances.

    3. Store Sales Prediction

    These projects involve working with numeric and categorical feature variables and performing univariate & bivariate analysis to find the redundancy in variables associated with the store chain of a company. They help the candidates learn machine learning models such as the ARIMA time series model. 

    Business Analytics Project Topics for Intermediate

    Business analytics project ideas for experienced professionals should involve a complex combination of statistical parameters and real-world scenarios to enhance their skills significantly. Following are the business analytics project examples suitable for the intermediate levels.

    1. Creating Product Bundles

    It is a method that combines different products from the same company and sells them as a single unit. Under these projects, candidates learn market basket analysis and time series clustering methods to identify product bundles using sales data.

    Here is the Product Bundle Source Code 

    2. Life Expectancy Analysis

    These projects aim to determine the monetary value of the potential consumer of the products and services of a company. Traditionally, government organizations utilize life expectancy analysis to determine the correlation between life expectancy and a nation’s GDP.

    3. Building a BI app 

    Business intelligence apps or tools play a critical role in finding urgent solutions to issues that are high for the business. Low to no-code custom apps for decision-making and long-term strategies are invaluable for an organization.

    Here is the Business Intelligence Analysis Source Code 

    Key Tools for Business Analytics Project

    Here is a list of top tools that are required business analytics projects: 

    1. Data Visualization Tools (e.g., Microsoft Power BI, Looker) 
    2. ETL/ELT Tools
    3. Data Warehousing (e.g., Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, etc.)
    4. Data Analysis and Manipulation Tools
    5. Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools (e.g., Scikit-learn, RapidMiner)
    6. Data Quality Management Tools
    7. Data Integration Tools
    8. BI Suites 
    9. Data Catalog Tools (e.g., Collibra)

    Are Business Analytics Projects Difficult to Complete?

    Business analytic projects face several challenges that hamper their successful implementation. Technological advancement expands the options for tools and techniques. Still, they create a grey zone wherein the new tools emerge with overlapping functionalities interfering with decision-making. Other reasons for the failure of business analytics projects are: 

    • Lack of well-defined and explicit goals 
    • Poor data integration 
    • Lack of conversion of insights and outcomes into actions.
    • Poor adaptations to the ongoing development

    Final Thoughts

    Business analytics is blooming parallel to technological advancements, and every business is leveraging analytical tools and techniques to optimize its actions. Whether experienced or fresher, diverse business analyst projects for resume help you upgrade your profile. KnowledgeHut Business Management for beginners is highly recommendable for a firm foundation before undertaking business analytics projects, as it provides top-quality augmentation to your aptitude for the discipline.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What are some common challenges faced in business analytics projects?

    The common challenges faced in business analytics projects are: 

    • Changing requirements or business needs 
    • Conflicts with stakeholders 
    • Poorly documented processes 
    • Unrealistic timelines. 
    2What is predictive analysis, and how is it used in business analytics projects?

    Predictive analytics is a branch of analytics that predicts future outcomes using models based on historical data. Businesses use customer data and transaction information to predict the performance of the products and make strategies to optimize profits. 

    3What are some popular business analytics tools used in business analytics projects?

    Popular business analytics tools are SAS business analytics, Sisense, Microstrategy, KNIMETIBCO Spotfire, Tableau big data analytics, Power BI, and Excel.


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