5 things you shouldn't brag about in your job interview

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16th May, 2022
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5 things you shouldn't brag about in your job interview

Job interviews: Short, formal meetings where your interviewer(s) gets to know the suitability of your candidacy to the available position. Points to note here are that these meetings are ‘short’ and ‘formal’, and that the interviewer is looking whether or not you are ‘suitable’ for them.

While you want to collect and chuck in all the rehearsed lines and phrases at the interviewer, you should (very essentially) take care not to overdo it. Interviewers have had the chance to interact with people like you, and they can, and would, interpret your bragging!

Here are the 5 most crucial sentences you should avoid saying in an interview:

  1. I don’t take crap from anyone or anything

(Interviewer’s interpretation: Well that’s nice! You are rebellious, full of pride, and will never ever admit to your mistakes!)

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  1. Your ‘almost’ accomplishments

(Interviewer’s interpretation: Was there ever anything you actually did? Would love to hear those. If, you happen to have any!)

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3.       I’m a highly motivated, proactive problem-solver

(Interviewer’s interpretation: So those are three heavy words! Kudos to you for the fabulously rehearsed line! By the way, can you explain how?)

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4.       My greatest weakness? I’m a perfectionist.

(Interviewer’s interpretation: So what do you plan to do to get rid of it? Become an imperfectionist?)

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  1. I am the most qualified here, and you would regret if you don’t hire me

(Interviewer’s interpretation: Well, I am having the authorities to take that decision.)

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