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Software Testing Blog Posts

Selenium vs Testcomplete
Test automation is one of the most cost-effective and time-saving methods to test software products with long maintenance cycles. TestComplete and Sel
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by Mohan Jayabal

03 May 2024

UFT/QTP Vs Selenium
Finding the right automation testing tool for your project can be daunting. With so many choices available, knowing which one will best suit your need
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by Mohan Jayabal

02 May 2024

Software Testing Life Cycle
We live in a world where software is integral to our daily lives. We have all experienced situations where software failed to perform as expected. Poo
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by Mohan Jayabal

26 Apr 2024

software tester resume
As a senior software tester, I know from experience that quality assurance and software testing positions need a strong software tester resume. Recrui
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by Mohan Jayabal

02 Apr 2024

Automation Test Engineer Salary in 2024
Quality assurance in the product and development cycle is non-negotiable. It is one of the most essential parts of the process that can make or break
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by Mohan Jayabal

12 Mar 2024

SDLC in Software Testing: Phases, Benefits, Models & Types
The Software Development Life Cycle in software development is something I've come to understand as a structured process that plays a crucial role
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by Rajesh Bhagia

25 Jan 2024

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