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AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in 2024 [Freshers & Experienced]

18th Apr, 2024
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    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in 2024 [Freshers & Experienced]

    The cloud services have grown in popularity over time because of the benefits of scalability and convenience that they provide to a variety of web-related operations. As you become more used to your responsibilities and duties as an AWS solution architect or any other position requiring AWS Practitioner Certification, you will be paid significantly more than what you started. This is why AWS cloud practitioner salary in India is growing rapidly. Before we go into the average salary of AWS cloud practitioners in India, let's go through the basics of AWS and the factors that influence the salary.

    What is the Average Salary of an AWS Cloud Practitioner?

    The following table shows the AWS cloud practitioner salary per hour, AWS cloud practitioner salary per month, and the average salary for AWS cloud practitioner annually:

    Salary per hour$43.10
    Salary per month$11,261
    Annual salary$89,643

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary: Based on Experience

    Your experience has a significant impact on the AWS cloud practitioner pay each year. It is unrealistic to anticipate the same salary as a senior AWS cloud practitioner certification salary with years of experience if you are a new employee. In the long run, your package improves the more experience you have. Based on experience, an employee's role is promoted to a higher level. Therefore, experience and roles are dependent on each other.

    Experience levelSalary
    Entry-level AWS cloud practitioner salary$89,643

    Salary Based on Years of Experience [For all Related Job Roles]

    Years of ExperienceAWS cloud engineerAWS DevOps engineer AWS cloud architect AWS SysOps administrator AWS developer
    0–1 years$94,114$102,738$124,552$61,530$91,923
    1–3 years$99,293$104,679$127,831$63,382$91,288
    4–6 years$108,355$116,519$132,010$68,083$97,260
    7–9 years$112,507$119,782$133,898$72,333$100,609
    10–14 years$121,794$126,904$137,302$75,951$106,654
    15 or more years$129,547$135,828$142,115$81,643$115,784

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary: Based on Employer/Company 

    Each company offers a distinct AWS cloud practitioner pay scale due to the differences in their sizes, clientele bases, and resource needs. If you join a larger organization, its allocation will be larger, and vice versa. The following table shows the pay scale of different companies

    Company nameAverage Salary
    Facebook  $85,569
    Tech Mahindra$128,674

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary: Based on Skill-Set

    Your ability to demonstrate your skill set will have a direct impact on the AWS cloud practitioner starting salary. To succeed as an AWS Cloud Practitioner, you must have the following skills -

    • Supervising cloud infrastructure and application deployment on the Amazon Web Services platform 
    • Management and knowledge of the cloud platform
    • Programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python.
    • Data protection and privacy knowledge
    • Capability to use complicated project management software such as Jira
    • Knowledge of hardware and software from a business standpoint
    • Understanding and resolution of end-user problems
    • Capability to deal with integration difficulties with third-party programs
    • Capability to overcome scaling concerns rapidly
    • Effective decision-making
    • Excellent managerial abilities
    • Effective communication skills. 

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary: Based on Certifications

    The path to becoming a certified AWS cloud practitioner may appear straightforward, but it calls for specific abilities and credentials that show prospective employers your true expertise. To become a certified AWS cloud practitioner, it would be best to take your time and complete the necessary training. This will enable you to receive a better offer. 

    The AWS-certified cloud practitioner salary range in India is from Rs. 12,97,000 to Rs. 14,16,000. An AWS certified cloud practitioner salary in the US can expect to earn between $160,000 and $180,000 per year, according to PayScale. 

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary: Based on Location

    There is a difference between the demand and supply for some professions, such as AWS architects and practitioners, and this is why you make less money as an AWS practitioner in different cities. For example, the AWS cloud practitioner salary in the UK is different from the AWS cloud practitioner salary in Canada owing to the varying costs of living.

    IndiaRs. 12,97,000
    UAE20,000 AED
    Germany65,000 EUR

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Country-wise Salary Based on Years of Experience


    Annual Average Salary for 0-3 years of experience

    Annual Average Salary for 3-6 years experience

    Annual Average Salary for 6-9 years experience

    United States




    United Kingdom




















    Source: Datacamp

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary: Based on Job Role

    Job RolesAverage AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary per Year
    AWS cloud engineer$107,043
    AWS DevOps engineer$112,688
    AWS cloud architect$132,235
    AWS SysOps administrator$69,397
    AWS developer$95,220

    Source: Glassdoor

    AWS Cloud Practitioner in Top 10 Industries

    AWS's industry strategy is to use industry knowledge and experience for customer interaction based on the sector. The following are a few industries that use certified AWS cloud practitioners in different ways.

    IndustriesAWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Per Year
    Advertising and Marketing$67,513 to $210,639
    Education (average Amazon Education Manager salary)$110,837
    Financial Services (finance manager)$141,834
    Energy (Energy Manager)$111,946
    Government Sector (AWS manager)$68,716
    Telecommunications (Amazon Telecommunications AWS manager)$100,000
    Hospitality and travel$75,192
    Manufacturers (Production Manager's annual salary at Amazon)$143,331
    Gaming (Gaming Engineers at Amazon Web Services)$16,000 to $29,500
    • Advertising and Marketing: AWS helps industry clients to rethink first-party data platforms, data collaboration, marketing platforms, advertising intelligence, and consumer experience in the post-identifier age by providing unrivaled computation, machine learning, and analytics capabilities. The income ranges from $67,513 to $210,639 per year for the greatest degree of seniority.
    • HealthcareAWS for Healthcare is utilized by thousands of clients worldwide, as it provides a combination of AWS services and AWS partner solutions to assist healthcare and life science companies in accomplishing business and technical goals. The average Amazon Healthcare Consultant salary is $120339.
    • EducationUsing the AWS Cloud, you can personalize student learning experiences, access apps from wherever, and improve learning results. They provide safe access to desktops and programs from any device, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also enables seamless data sharing across platforms to provide a holistic perspective of student achievement and unearth insights. The average Amazon Education Manager salary is $110837. 
    • Financial ServicesAWS delivers the secure, robust global cloud service and infrastructure that financial services firms in banking, payments, financial markets, and insurance require to differentiate themselves now and adapt to future demands. The average yearly salary for a finance manager in the United States is $141,834. 
    • EnergyAWS allows the energy partner ecosystem to "cloudify" their organization to increase performance, accelerate innovation, maximize safety, reduce carbon footprint, and so on. Energy Manager starting salaries range from $94,608 to $128,030, with an average starting income of $111,946. 
    • Government Sector: AWS offers government agencies commercial cloud capabilities at all security levels allowing missions to be completed with a consistent set of tools, a continual supply of the newest technology, and the flexibility to swiftly grow with the mission. The starting compensation for an AWS manager in the government sector is $68,716. 
    • TelecommunicationsAWS makes your organization cloud-centric by providing the most sophisticated and secure cloud infrastructure, the quickest rate of innovation, and the most extensive telecom partner ecosystem. The starting salary for an Amazon Telecommunications AWS manager is $100,000. 
    • Hospitality and travelEven amid a worldwide epidemic, AWS boosts operational efficiency and improves the customer experience. This is because AWS offers the most services, capabilities, and expertise in the cloud and the quickest rate of innovation. The compensation for an AWS manager in hospitality and travel is $75,192 per year. 
    • ManufacturersWith the most sophisticated collection of cloud technologies, including Machine Learning (ML), IoT, Automation, and Analytics, AWS assists top manufacturers in transforming their operations. A Production Manager's annual salary at Amazon is reported to be $143,331 
    • GamingAWS for Games integrates purpose-built game design capabilities – including AWS resources, AWS products, and AWS Partners – with six solution areas to assist developers in building, running, and growing their games. The national average compensation for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Gaming Engineer (Principal) is $22,750. Salaries for Gaming Engineers at Amazon Web Services (AWS) might range from $16,000 to $29,500. 

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Based on Education Background

    The following table shows the AWS cloud practitioners' earnings based on their educational background.

    EducationAWS Cloud Practitioner Average Job Salary (Anullay)
    B E/BTech$85,569

    Salary Based on Education for Different Job Roles

    EducationNetwork engineer
    DevOps engineer
    Network architect
    SysOps administrator
    Associate degree$82,204$90,779$103,469$37,535$86,914
    Bachelor’s degree$89,932$102,255$114,409$41,237$98,319
    Master’s degree$92,877$110,066$118,608$42,652$106,109
    Doctorate degree$95,341$117,886$122,134$43,838$113,927

    Factors that Impact AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in 2024

    Numerous factors impact an AWS cloud practitioner’s salary as mentioned below-  

    • Experience/Role 
    • Employer/Company 
    • Location 
    • Skill-Set 
    • Certifications 

    Why Are AWS Cloud Practitioners Paid So Much?

    Cloud practitioner is one of the most common and essential job roles necessary to run the AWS cloud. AWS now holds a 32% market share among the major cloud providers. Some of the world's most powerful businesses, like Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, and the BBC, rely on it to power their most important initiatives. As a result, Cloud Training Courses on your CV will help you move one step closer to securing a dream job at the finest companies. 

    Even if you work in a technical profession that requires you to utilize other cloud platforms like Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or IBM Watson, understanding AWS might expand your employment opportunities. Thus, AWS cloud practitioners are paid a good amount. 

    What Does AWS Cloud Practitioner do?

    An AWS Cloud Practitioner, or a cloud architect, is in charge of an organization's cloud computing architecture. They must participate in cloud migration projects, evaluate workload architectures, and advise their company's teams on how to handle risky situations.  

    Additionally, they serve as a bridge between a company's technical and commercial sides when it comes to cloud adoption. Therefore, they must make sure that the developers' technological choices support the goals of the business. 

    Future of Being an AWS Cloud Practitioner

    Obtaining an AWS cloud practitioner certification validates your competence to build and deliver well-architected AWS systems. It allows hiring managers to entrust you with greater responsibilities.

    AWS provides a wide range of job prospects, depending on the function or service. One may, for example, work as an AWS cloud practitioner, management, architect, or programmer. They might also specialize in AWS data storage, machine learning (ML), and AWS streaming media.

    How to Increase Your Salary as an AWS Cloud Practitioner?

    Taking AWS cloud practitioner certification validates your competence in building and implementing well-structured AWS solutions. This provides firms looking for applicants more trust in their abilities. As a result, it broadens your work options.  

    The junior architect’s salary is less than that of the Sr AWS cloud practitioner's salary. However, taking the AWS Cloud Architect certification teaches you the fundamental skills needed to develop and dynamically scalable, highly available, and dependable applications on AWS.  

    The following are few points you should consider to increase your pay -  

    • For a deeper understanding, learn the foundations of the AWS cloud platform. 
    • Acquire knowledge of AWS terminology, principles, advantages, and deployment alternatives to fulfill business requirements. 
    • You should be familiar with AWS DMS (Database Migration Service) 
    • Learn how the AWS Schema Conversion tool works and the various types of AWS DMS. 
    • Create, deploy, and maintain scalable and robust systems on the AWS platform. 
    • Identify the suitable AWS service based on your data, computation, database, and security needs. 

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    Wrapping Up

    The true determinant of your income is the level of your current skills and how rapidly you advance and help the firm thrive. Thus, AWS architects must update their skills with the help of online programs. Online certification courses are especially beneficial for working professionals who do not have time to attend regular classes. You must strongly consider enrolling in KnowledgeHut's AWS Practitioner Certification. It provides learners with access to resources to acquire a talent that is in high demand.  

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary FAQs

    1Is it easy to pass the AWS cloud Practitioner exam?

    For novices, the AWS cloud practitioner test is relatively difficult to pass. However, it can be easier to clear if you are familiar with accounting tools and AWS services.

    2What is the pass mark for AWS cloud practitioners?

    The qualifying scale score for all Professional-level and Specialty AWS Certification tests is 750 out of 1000. 

    3Who should take AWS cloud practitioner?

    AWS-certified cloud practitioner is designed for anybody with a basic understanding of the AWS platform. 

    4Does the AWS certificate expire?

    Yes, certifications from AWS are valid for three years.

    5what is the highest salary of AWS cloud practitioner?

    The highest salary of an AWS cloud practitioner in India ranges from ₹800,000 to ₹1,500,000 per year.

    6what is the starting salary of AWS cloud practitioner?

    The starting salary for an AWS Cloud Practitioner in India is usually between ₹300,000 to ₹4,00,000 per annum.


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