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Essential Cloud Engineer Skills to Possess in 2024

22nd Dec, 2023
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    Essential Cloud Engineer Skills to Possess in 2024

    Cloud computing is now considered to be the most-sought tech skill after Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Many companies are now inclined toward getting engineers who are flawless in cloud computing, and the demands for people with cloud engineer skills are increasing rapidly.

    But the question remains, what is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a virtual internal service provided by the cloud for data storage. It also helps in upscaling the security of the organization at large and stores data with minimal IT infrastructure on the cloud. In plain language, cloud computing is a delivery of computing services that performs a plethora of services including storage, databases, networks, and software analytics. There are different methods of conducting cloud computing. They are:

    • Public clouds
    • Private clouds
    • Hybrid clouds
    • Multi clouds

    The biggest advantage of cloud computing is that cloud storage can be customized based on the needs of the company. It does not abide by any complications as such. The companies can adapt to the cloud infrastructure suited for their needs. To have cloud computing engineer skills, one must have a sound knowledge in cloud computing. To maintain these skills, one needs to go through courses prescribed for the skillset. Check out Cloud Computing Courses and sore high in your career!

    Why Should You Learn Cloud Computing?

    Cloud computing is an important learning skill given that the demand for cloud engineers is high. Companies like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft are focusing on recruiting cloud engineers. These large-scale companies believe cloud computing to be the future of technology. Cloud computing comes with plenty of advantages that can help the future generation of computing. With its increased flexibility and scalability, it becomes easier to allow access to the data where it is needed. Cloud computing can increase the productivity of organizations at large. This will in turn upscale the skills required for cloud engineers to get the highest paying jobs.

    Besides, cloud computing can project a cloud engineer to be of high caliber IT professional. Let us read about the different skills for cloud engineer required to win in life.

    What Are Cloud Engineering Skills?  

    Cloud engineers are one of the budding job opportunities. Cloud engineers should have a piece of thorough knowledge of IT and cloud computing infrastructure to help them fetch a high salary. Cloud engineers have been upscaling themselves with knowledge of programs such as SQL, Python, Java, Ruby, NET, PHP, and C++. Cloud Engineers need to have the following skills to help them upgrade their position in the future. They are:

    • Being proficient in at least one programming language.
    • Understanding software and database concepts.
    • Proper networking skills.
    • Knowing the basics of cloud infrastructure.
    • Basic knowledge of hypervisor and data visualization.
    • Database management skills.

    The cloud engineer required skills are considerably basic. But first, you need to earn a bachelor's degree and keep applying to various jobs to increase your proficiency. An average salary of a cloud engineer is USD 121,699 (Indeed). You can apply for various certificate courses to upgrade your skills and be better. If you want to learn about architecting on AWS training, visit the KnowledgeHut website to get this certification and add more points to your resume.

    Skills You Should Learn To Become a Cloud Engineer

    The work of a cloud engineer is crucial in the market. They need to possess a plethora of skills to flourish in the market. If you plan to pursue your career as a cloud engineer, keep reading the following skills you need to have for success. You need to possess these skills to become a cloud engineer. They are:

    • Technical Skills.
    • Non-Technical Skills.

    Technical skills adhere to the concepts of technicality required to learn for becoming a cloud engineer. These are the primary skills that you need to grasp to get plenty of job opportunities. If you want to learn and get a Cloud Engineer Certification, check out the KnowledgeHut website right away and emerge victorious.

    Non-technical skills, however, have adhered to communication skills, creativity, and innovation. The cloud engineer must possess these skills. This will help them upscale in their career and can possess leadership roles in the future. Non-technical skills are as vital as technical skills, which help engineers to take initiative in the future.

    Non-Technical Skills  

    Here are some non-technical skills that are jotted down for you for future reference on how to be a master of these when you start your career as a cloud engineer.

    1. Critical Thinking Skills  

    Critical thinking skills are one of the important non-technical skills which help us flourish in our careers. Cloud engineers must have sound critical thinking skills to identify biases and inferences and judge the relevance of a particular code or anything related to cloud computing to be on top of their careers. One must muster skills to make an informed decision while handling the company's IT infrastructure. Hence, critical thinking skills are important for a cloud engineer.

    2. Communication Skills  

    Communication skills are an important aspect for cloud engineers to possess. They need to speak appropriately and in front of a variety of people by maintaining good eye contact and a suitable vocabulary. It is integral to have impeccable communication skills to express their ideas to the managers and the leaders of the company. The cloud engineers must be very straightforward while expressing their ideas to the team and expressing the need for that idea to be implemented. Hence, communication skills are integral to becoming a successful cloud engineer.

    3. Leadership Skills  

    Leadership skills are common cloud engineer required skills. Leadership qualities are intertwined with communication skills. If the cloud engineer is not a good orators, then, they will not be able to express and handle their team well in the future. Leadership skills entail taking initiative about certain matters and helping them to take up managerial roles in the future. Leadership skills are an important cloud engineer skill set that will help you grow professionally in the future.

    4. Business Concepts  

    Cloud engineers must have a clear idea about different business concepts. It is required to have secure business administration knowledge and a clear concept of how to handle business setbacks. Cloud computing systems are used for commercial business purposes to strengthen the IT infrastructure. Therefore, it is integral that the basic knowledge of cloud computing business concepts is clear to the cloud engineers. It will not only upscale their skillset but also help them progress with great tenacity for the future. Therefore, the skills required to become a cloud engineer must entail having a sound business concept.

    5. Creativity  

    Creative code is an important aspect in the field of becoming a successful cloud engineer. You need to have creative knowledge of which cloud infrastructure will be feasible for the needs of the company. The creative aspect will help in making up internal storage of cloud computing which can only be accessed by the employees of the organization. Hence, this is a much-needed skill for becoming a cloud engineer.

    6. Innovation  

    Innovation is an important aspect in the case of cloud computing skills. In layman's terms, cloud computing shares an intertwining relationship between creativity and innovation. Without the presence of proper innovation, it is difficult to have a creative idea. For example, considering making an internal IT infrastructure for the company of cloud storage is an important innovation which ensures the privacy of the company's data. Having a private cloud or a hybrid cloud for a company's detailed information is much more secure than having the data to be uploaded to the public cloud. Therefore innovation is an important idea for cloud computing skills which will not only provide creativity to the cloud engineer but will also upscale their position in the company.

    7. Enthusiasm  

    One of the important aspects of becoming a successful cloud engineer is to be enthusiastic about the work they are performing. The cloud engineer must have job satisfaction. This will help them to upscale themselves in the company and have a flourishing career. The cloud engineer must be enthusiastic about how they deal with the work and can handle pressure during a tough time. Furthermore, it will also help the cloud engineer to acquire expert-level skills in cloud computing and further the horizon of different programming languages.

    Technical Skills  

    Technical skills are an important aspect to become a successful cloud software engineer. The ability to analyze complex technical information alongside business requirements is an integral component of becoming remarkably successful as a cloud engineer. Here we have jotted down some of the technical skills which will upgrade your talent as becoming a cloud engineer and reach the apex position in life.

    1. Understanding Linux OS  

    Linux is one of the natural technology of cloud computing. It has modular efficient reliable and open source which helps to support critical workloads. Cloud engineers are inclined toward using Linux because it helps them upscale their projects and makes it easier to develop software. The benefits of this development process are one of the important components to walk through digital life at ease. Linux helps in serving single-machine operating systems into robust multi-national networks. One of the important skills needed to be a cloud engineer is to be well-versed with Linux. Linux has a modular capability that helps developers to provide efficient technology in cloud storage.

    2. Programming Skills  

    Programming Skills are an important aspect of becoming a cloud engineer. It helps in upscaling your knowledge on the cloud and helps you to perform operations at ease. Here are some programming skills required to be embedded with cloud engineer technical skills.

    a. ASP.NET  

    ASP. NET is an open-source web framework created by Microsoft. It is a popular programming language used for Linux, Windows, and Docker. ASP. NET is used for cloud computing, an important programming language known by cloud engineers. ASP.NET is a free web framework for building websites and web applications by using simple HTML CSS and JavaScript. You can also create a lot of Web APIs and technologies that are related to the web socket. Hence, as a technical skill, ASP net is important for the cloud engineer.

    b. SQL  

    SQL Server is a relational database management system or RDBMS created by Microsoft. It is a software product with the primary function of storing data from other software applications which will run across the same computer or any other computer dependin300pxg upon the same network. SQL server is also a very dependable database that can help in retrieving data properly. SQL server is dependable database management which has a wide variety of transaction that processes business intelligence and analytics. It is a very handy tool in the corporate IT environment. 

    c. Python  

    Python is a basic programming language that every software engineer should possess. Python is a high-level programming language that emphasizes various codes with a significant indentation. Python is a dynamically-typed language that supports several programming paradigms. It is the key source of functional programming. Hence, it is one of the top cloud engineering skills required.

    d. Golang  

    Golang is an efficient open-source programming language used for increasing software efficiency. Golang shares the same syntax with C and has garbage concurrency alongside CSP-style concurrency. Golang is a go-to option for software engineers to build simple cloud models. Hence, this is a top priority for cloud computing engineering skills.

    e. PHP  

    PHP or Hypertext Predecessor is a widely used open-source scripting language suited specifically for dynamic websites. It is one of the first-side languages that are embedded with HTML. It is a viable option to add functionality to different web pages without needing to call external files or data. Hence, PHP is a required skill of cloud engineer which will help them to reach greater heights.

    f. Networking and Internet Protocols  

    Cloud computing consists of essential aspects of networking and internet protocols. Cloud IoT core hence supports protocols for device connection and communication with the help of MQTT and HTTP. It creates a bridge between the cloud IoT servers and communicates efficiently. This protocol should be a staple to know among cloud engineers. Hence these are one of the top cloud software engineer skills.

    g. DevOps and Containerization  

    Cloud computing skills require a strong hold on the concept of DevOps and containerization. Without the proper set of developer skills, it becomes difficult to work along a server properly. DevOps and Containerization talk about the software components, their environment, and their dependencies. Their configuration is made into an isolated unit called a container. Furthermore, it helps to deploy any application of the computer environment on cloud-based premises. DevOps and Containerization play a vital role in the skill set to be possessed by any cloud engineer.

    h. Understanding Virtualization  

    Cloud computing entails an important aspect of virtualization. Since it is a medium for keeping storage in a close virtual environment, it is integral that the concepts of virtualization prevail. Hence, the cloud engineer needs to have proper skills to understand the concept of virtualization and how the data can be secured in the cloud storage.

    i. Cloud Service Providers  

    Cloud engineers must know about the service providers that help them secure cloud storage data. It not only facilitates the cost reduction of IT infrastructure but also helps to establish a sound knowledge of which service providers are a perfect fit for the company. Hence, a sound knowledge of the best cloud service providers persisting based on the company is an integral technical skill that is required to succeed as a cloud engineer.

    j. Security and Recovery  

    Cloud engineers should have sound skills in making disaster recovery. In certain circumstances, cloud engineers must know how to recover lost data. A proper security method should be implemented to recover lost data from cloud storage. This will hence protect the stored data to be leaked in the future and ensure utmost security.

    k. Web Services and API  

    A cloud API is a software that allows interfaces for the developer to link cloud computing services together. API allows one computer program to make its data available to other programs you own on the computer. However, the network of the computer should be the same so that the developers can connect the software components across the same network. Cloud engineers must have sound knowledge about these web services and APIs so they could be integrated with AWS.

    l. Containers  

    Cloud computing is an integral source of container management. It helps in managing data in different containers to save sensitive information about the company safely. For a good cloud engineer, it is required to have a keen knowledge of the containers. This will help to work out soundly for maintaining the safety of the company.

    m. Database Skills  

    A cloud engineer should have at least a basic knowledge of cloud database management and knowledge of my SQL and Hadoop programming. They should muster strong program-generating skills with the help of Java, Python, Golang, PHP and ASP.NET. This will help them to have sound knowledge of problem-solving skills in the future.

    How To Improve Your Cloud Engineering Skills in Work?  

    Here are some bullet lists that we have jotted down to become one of the best cloud engineers in the country. They are:

    • Applying New Concepts: A cloud engineer should have sound knowledge of applying new concepts in the workplace. They should have skills to improve the security basis of the cloud storage and help network with the cloud easier.
    • Work On Hobby Projects: It is integral to understand the projects in which a cloud engineer might be comfortable working. Therefore, working on hobby projects will not only increase their productivity but will also help them upscale their skills.
    • Learn From Experts in The Field: Engineers should rely on their experts to learn new skills in cloud computing. Since it is an evolving discipline, one should be well versed in the changes taking place in the field.
    • Complete Professional Development: Cloud engineering skills should consist of complete professional skills with the evolving position at work. Since it is a dynamic open-source software, one should be updated with its professional development.

    Skills in the Workplace  

    Here are some of the skills that are jotted down to have a good name in the workplace. They are:

    • Volunteer For New Projects: Volunteer for new projects to increase your skill set. Your manager will notice that you are ready to take up new initiatives.
    • Encourage your team's input: Always encourage your team with whatever input they provide on the concerned project. Always communicate with them in cases of discrepancy.
    • Request Feedback from Senior Managers: For getting room for improvement, always request feedback from the senior managers. This will help you upscale immensely in the future.


    Cloud computing skills are now integral for cloud container management. With the increasing job opportunities, the training for cloud computing is also increasing. To become a cloud engineer, one should possess a minimum bachelor's degree in software engineering. They can upscale further by completing a master's degree or taking various training courses. Register yourself for KnowledgeHut's Cloud Computing course duration and fee if you want to have a flourishing career in the field of cloud computing that possesses in-depth knowledge about Cloud services.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Do you need coding for cloud engineering?

    Yes, a cloud engineer should have sound knowledge of Python, Java, PHP, ASP.NET and Golang.

    2How do I become a cloud engineer?

    You should possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree in software engineering. You should also have a sound knowledge of programming languages and do several courses to excel in your career.

    3What is a cloud engineer's salary?

    According to Indeed, the average salary of a cloud engineer is USD 121,699 (Indeed). 

    4Is cloud engineering a good career?

    Yes, cloud engineering is an illustrious career considering you have sound knowledge of programming languages and container management.

    5What is the difference between DevOps and a cloud engineer?

    A cloud engineer is responsible for the technicalities of cloud computing. However, DevOps is responsible for different software applications.


    Kingson Jebaraj

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    Kingson Jebaraj is a highly respected technology professional, recognized as both a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and an Alibaba Most Valuable Professional. With a wealth of experience in cloud computing, Kingson has collaborated with renowned companies like Microsoft, Reliance Telco, Novartis, Pacific Controls UAE, Alibaba Cloud, and G42 UAE. He specializes in architecting innovative solutions using emerging technologies, including cloud and edge computing, digital transformation, IoT, and programming languages like C, C++, Python, and NLP. 

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