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AI Developer Salary in 2024 [Freshers & Experieced]

29th Dec, 2023
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    AI Developer Salary in 2024 [Freshers & Experieced]

    AI is a fantastic job choice nowadays, and as more businesses use AI, the need for qualified professionals is growing. While some experts in artificial intelligence (AI) predict that AI will eliminate a considerable number of human jobs, other experts believe that this technology will create several meaningful and viable work prospects.

    If you are interested in career growth in AI and technology, read this blog article which is written by me after doing deep research around "Salary of an AI Engineer." You will learn more about the salary for these professionals based on a variety of aspects. Then, you can make an independent decision about whether you want to pursue this fascinating field.

    Who is an AI Developer?

    Software engineers with a focus on creating AI systems are known as AI developers. Utilizing their expertise in data science, machine learning, and programming, they develop artificial intelligence systems that carry out tasks that would typically require human assistance.

    Strong programming abilities are a prerequisite for employment as an AI developer and are possessed by the majority of those in the field. It would be great to have proficiency with both Python and Object-Oriented Programming. Programming aptitude, however, is far more crucial for an AI engineer than language knowledge. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms differ greatly from traditional codes since the primary goal of an AI system is to function without human oversight. Therefore, the ability to create algorithms that are flexible and evolvable is a prerequisite for the AI developer.

    AI Developer Salary in 2024

    One of the most profitable career pathways in the world right now is AI developer. For a while now, the AI employment market has been expanding at an incredible rate. Let’s understand the important facets of AI developer salary. AI classes will help you master fundamental to advanced concepts of AI through hands-on projects.

    1. AI Developer Salary: Based on Experience

    The salary of an AI developer varies based on your profile, skill set, and years of experience. Someone with over ten years of expertise in the field is regarded as having a strong fundamental understanding of the AI paradigm. Mentioned below are average salaries of the AI developer based on experience. 

    • Beginner: $86,442 /yr
    • Intermediate: $103,420 /yr 
    • Advanced: $121,441 /yr

    2. AI Developer Salary: Based on Location

    a. India salaries

    The average yearly income for an AI Developer in India is ₹ 10.80 lakhs per year.

    AI Developer Indian Salaries

    Top companies' salaries: 

    CompanyAverage Salary lacs
    Razorthink₹ 16.65
    IBM₹ 11.03
    Accenture₹ 10.24
    IQVIA₹  8.70
    Innovation Incubator₹  5.04

    City-wise average Salaries:

    • Bengaluru: ₹ 11 lacs per annum
    • Hyderabad: ₹ 10 lacs per annum
    • Chennai: ₹ 7.07 lacs per annum
    • Mumbai: ₹ 9.32 lacs per annum
    • Pune: ₹ 8.76 lacs per annum

    b. US salaries

    In the United States, the average AI Developer salary is $134,171 with an additional cash component of $26,043

    Top companies' salaries

    CompanyAverage Salary
    Electronic Arts$190,272

    City-wise average salaries

    • Brooklyn NY: $143,957 per year
    • New York, NY: $159,506 per year
    • San Fransisco $182,370 per year
    • Washington, DC: 133,309 per year
    • Houston, TX: $128,732 per year

    c. UK salaries

    In the UK, the average artificial intelligence developer salary is £72,721 per year. 

    Top companies' salaries of AI Developer in UK

    CompanyAverage Salary
    Benevolent AI£87,500

    City-wise average salaries

    • London: £72,721 per year
    • Reading: £49,202 per year
    • Leeds: £47,666 per year
    • Manchester: £45,157 per year
    • Bristol: £42,550 per year

    d. Australia Salaries

    The average salary for an AI Developer in Australia is $116,000 per year

    Top companies list with delivery manager salary Australia

    CompanyAverage Salary
    Australian Deptt of Defence$141,583

    City-wise average salaries

    • Melbourne VIC: $129,003 per year
    • Canberra ACT: $103,139 per year
    • Sydney NSW: $147,859 per year
    • Newcastle NSW: $132,055 per year
    • Perth WA: $111,166 per year

    e. Canada Salaries

    The average salary of AI Developer in Canada is $100,075 per year.

    Top companies' salaries in Canada

    CompanyAverage Salary
    Cerebri AI$100K-$125K
    University of Toronto$96K-$104K

    City-wise average salaries

    • Montreal: $103,989 per year
    • Waterloo: $118,853 per year
    • Calgary: $94,796 per year
    • Toronto: $118,771 per year
    • Vancouver: $91,095 per year

    f. Singapore Salaries

    The average artificial intelligence developer salary in Singapore is $123,586 per year

    Top companies' salaries in Singapore

    CompanyAverage Salary
    Standard Chartered Bank$186,605
    Tik Tok$158,778
    DBS bank$122,777

    Area-wise average salaries

    • Raffles: $131,507
    • Woodlands: $114,104
    • Changi: $127,074
    • Outram: $111,035
    • Clementi: $95,476

    Factors Affecting AI Developer Salary

    AI is changing the business environment, but it's also creating new chances in the hiring field. The salary of an AI developer depends on a few important factors. Let’s discuss them.

    1. Location

    1. Cost of Living: AI developer salaries vary by region due to differences in the cost of living. Cities with high costs, like San Francisco and New York, offer higher salaries to offset expenses, while areas with lower living costs may offer less.
    2. Demand for Talent: Locations with a strong tech ecosystem, like Silicon Valley, often have a higher demand for AI developers. This high demand can drive salaries higher.
    3. Industry Focus: Different regions have industry specialties. For example, areas like Boston focus on healthcare and biotech, impacting the demand for AI skills in those sectors and, consequently, salaries.
    4. Remote Work: The rise of remote work has allowed AI developers to work from lower-cost regions while earning competitive salaries.
    5. Economic Factors: Economic conditions, including the strength of local industries, can impact AI developer salaries.

    2. Industry / Employer

    The industry and specific employer significantly affect AI developer salaries. Here's how they influence compensation:

    a. Industry:

    • Tech Industry: Tech companies, including giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, often pay top salaries due to high competition for AI talent.
    • Finance and Healthcare: Industries with a strong focus on AI, such as finance and healthcare, pay competitive salaries to attract AI experts for tasks like algorithmic trading and healthcare data analysis.
    • Consulting Firms: Consulting firms may offer high salaries for AI developers who work on diverse projects and offer their expertise to a range of clients.

    b. Employer:

    • Large Corporations: Large enterprises often have more substantial budgets and offer competitive salaries to attract and retain AI talent.
    • Tech Giants: Technology giants are known for paying top salaries to AI professionals, especially those with expertise in their platforms.
    • Startups: Startups may offer competitive salaries and equity-based incentives to attract talent, as they seek innovation and growth.
    • Nonprofits: Nonprofit organizations often offer competitive salaries, with a focus on a sense of purpose and social impact in addition to compensation.

    3. Experience

    Experience demonstrates competence and reliability, making senior AI Developer salary attractive as they deliver great value for the employers. 

    4. Demand and Supply

    The dynamics of supply and demand significantly impact AI developer salaries. Here's how they influence compensation:

    • High Demand, Limited Supply: In regions or industries with high demand for AI talent but a limited supply of qualified professionals, salaries tend to increase. Employers offer more competitive compensation packages to attract and retain AI experts.
    • Limited Demand, Abundant Supply: In regions or industries where the demand for AI professionals is limited, and there's an abundant supply of qualified individuals, salaries may be lower. Employers have more options and may not need to offer higher salaries to fill positions.
    • Regional Variations: Demand for AI professionals can vary significantly by location. Tech hubs and regions with a strong tech industry presence often have higher demand, leading to higher salaries. Areas with a limited tech ecosystem may offer lower salaries due to less competition.
    • Emerging Technologies: The adoption of emerging technologies, like machine learning and AI, can drive demand for AI expertise, leading to higher salaries for those with relevant skills.
    • Remote Work: The rise of remote work has broadened opportunities for AI professionals, as companies are more willing to hire remote talent and offer competitive salaries, regardless of location.

    5. Credentials / Certifications

    Credentials and certifications play a substantial role in determining the salary of AI developers:

    • Certification Level: Holding advanced certifications, such as becoming a TensorFlow Developer or obtaining specialized AI certifications, can significantly impact salary. These certifications demonstrate expertise in specific AI domains.
    • Relevant Certifications: Certifications directly related to AI, like those offered by reputable institutions and organizations, can make AI developers more valuable and result in higher salaries. Complementing your AI skills with best Data Science certifications is recommended to advance in your career. 
    • Certification Stacks: Combining multiple certifications in areas like machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision can lead to more lucrative opportunities and higher salary for A developer.
    • Industry Relevance: Certifications that align with the industry in which an AI developer works can lead to higher salaries. For example, healthcare AI developers with relevant certifications can earn more in the healthcare sector.

    6. Skills

    • Depth and Breadth of Skills: AI developers with a deep understanding of various AI domains, such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, often command higher salaries due to their ability to work on diverse projects.
    • Specialization: AI developers who specialize in niche areas like computer vision, reinforcement learning, or healthcare AI can demand higher salaries for their expertise.
    • Programming Languages: Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in AI, such as Python, R, or Julia, can lead to higher salaries.
    • Algorithm Development: Strong algorithm development skills, particularly in designing and optimizing machine learning algorithms, are highly valued, and AI developers with this expertise may earn more.
    • Problem-Solving Abilities: AI developers who excel at solving complex AI-related challenges and can apply creative solutions are often rewarded with higher salaries.
    • Software Development: Proficiency in software development, including version control systems and software engineering best practices, is often required in AI projects and can impact salaries.
    • Deep Learning Frameworks: Mastery of deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch is highly sought after and can lead to higher salaries.
    • Natural Language Processing: AI developers with expertise in NLP, including sentiment analysis, chatbots, and language models, are in high demand and may command higher salaries.
    • Project Management: Skills in project management, including Agile methodologies and project planning, can result in higher salaries for AI developers who take on leadership roles.

    How to Improve AI Developer Salary?

    To improve your AI developer salary, consider these strategies:

    • Enhance Skills: Continuously update and expand your AI skills, including machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. 
    • Gain Experience: Build a strong portfolio of AI projects and practical experience. Real-world applications of your skills can demonstrate your expertise to potential employers. Junior AI developer salary is slightly less attractive, but it increases at a fast pace once you gain experience. 
    • Advanced Degrees: Pursuing a master's or Ph.D. in a relevant field can significantly increase your earning potential, especially for research or leadership roles.
    • Certifications: Acquire certifications from reputable organizations, such as Coursera, edX, or industry-specific certifications, like those offered by AWS or Google Cloud. Going for training on KnowledgeHut AI classes will help you prepare for these certifications. 

    Other strategies to improve AI developer salary

    • Specialization: Consider specializing in a niche area of AI, such as computer vision, reinforcement learning, or autonomous robotics. Specialized skills are often in higher demand.
    • Contribute to Open Source: Active contributions to open-source AI projects can showcase your expertise and connect you with the AI community.
    • Networking: Build a professional network within the AI field by attending conferences, joining AI-related groups, and collaborating with peers. Networking can lead to job opportunities and higher salaries.
    • Negotiate Well: When considering a new job or salary renegotiation, be prepared to negotiate. Research industry salary standards and be confident in showcasing your skills and value.
    • Consider Remote Work: Explore opportunities for remote work, which can allow you to work for organizations in high-paying regions while living in a lower-cost area.
    • Entrepreneurship: Consider launching your AI startup or consulting business, which can offer potential for high earnings.
    • Seek Leadership Roles: Transitioning into leadership positions, such as AI project manager or team lead, can lead to higher ai developer salary per month.

    Why are AI Developers Paid so Much?

    AI developers are paid high salaries for several reasons:

    • Specialized Skills: AI development requires specialized knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and other complex AI techniques. Professionals with these skills are in high demand.
    • High Demand: As AI applications continue to expand across industries, the demand for AI developers has surged. 
    • Complex Problem-Solving: AI developers are tasked with solving complex problems, from predictive analytics to image recognition. Their expertise in addressing these challenges adds significant value to organizations.
    • Scarcity of Talent: The pool of experienced AI developers is limited, contributing to their higher salaries. The shortage of professionals with AI expertise has driven up compensation.
    • Innovation: Developers who create cutting-edge AI solutions often earn more due to their pioneering work.
    • Advanced Education: Many AI developers hold advanced degrees (master's or Ph.D.) in fields like computer science, data science, or artificial intelligence, which can command higher salaries.
    • Competition: Tech giants and cutting-edge startups often compete for top AI talent, leading to competitive average salaries for AI developers.


    Global demand for artificial intelligence is rising even as you read this article. I can confidently predict that salaries for AI developers will continue to rise as more and more sectors of the economy, including technology, finance, and medicine, use AI. The demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers in 2024 and the ensuing decades will only increase as major multinational firms such as Google and Nvidia delve deeper into this field. Realizing the immense influence AI can have on the defense and governance sectors, even government organizations in many wealthy and emerging nations are starting to offer up places for AI developers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is AI the highest paying job?

    AI is one of the highest paying job sectors. AI professionals, such as machine learning engineers, data scientists, and AI researchers, command high salaries due to their specialized skills in various industries.

    2What is the salary of an AI developer at Google?

    The estimated total pay for an Artificial Intelligence Developer at Google is $253,957 per year.

    3Which is better, AI or data science?

    AI might be a better fit if you are driven to develop intelligent systems, work on AI algorithms, and push technological frontiers. Consider a career in data science if you appreciate using data analysis and interpretation to inform corporate choices and resolve practical issues.

    4How hard is learning AI?

    Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence isn't difficult to understand or master. But to understand the core ideas, you need a talent for programming, arithmetic, and statistics. You will be able to analyze data, create effective algorithms, and use AI models using these abilities.


    Ashish Gulati

    Data Science Expert

    Ashish is a techology consultant with 13+ years of experience and specializes in Data Science, the Python ecosystem and Django, DevOps and automation. He specializes in the design and delivery of key, impactful programs.

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