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Top Paying Machine Learning Jobs in Singapore in 2023

07th Sep, 2023
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    Top Paying Machine Learning Jobs in Singapore in 2023

    With rapid technological advancements, machine learning has gained much traction over the last few years, facilitating automation, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency. Consequently, machine learning jobs are facing a massive surge in demand. According to the World Economic Forum, every six out of ten human-intended jobs can be replaced by machines globally over the next two years. Further, as per an Oxford Economics survey called ServiceNow, the Asia-Pacific market could benefit significantly from decision-making by 87%, out of which more than 10% were from Singapore alone. Following the same, many machine learning jobs in Singapore are welcoming people from across the world.

    What is Machine Learning?

    Machine learning is a relatively recent domain of technology that focuses on teaching machines to learn from acquired data rather than explicitly programming it to do so. In this domain, people with knowledge train algorithms to identify patterns and correlations among data sets and draw insights from them to make data-driven decisions based on the findings. 

    Applications based on machine learning enhance performance and generate more accurate results compared to their human counterparts. The technology is highly applicable in numerous industries for use cases like 

    • Facial, Speech, and Text Recognition, 
    • Statistical Analysis and Prediction,
    • Network monitoring and automation, 
    • Forecasting,
    • Fraud Detection, 
    • Content Curation. 

    What Do Machine Learning Professionals Do?

    Technically, machine learning professionals undertake programming operations. However, instead of writing extensive code, they perform specialized programming to create a code pipeline that progressively improves system efficiency and performance. In a way, they produce programs that "learn" by themselves as they progress. Machine learning careers sound exciting and intimidating at the same time. To become an efficient machine learning professional, you must have a technical background and competence. If you have the expertise and want to advance your knowledge practically, you can also opt for a Machine Learning course

    Machine Learning Jobs Based on Experience in Singapore

    IT services, security operations, consumer research management, software development, and many other companies offer several machine learning jobs. The roles and requirements of these jobs vary based on your experience and expertise in the machine learning domain.

    At a junior or an entry-level machine learning job in Singapore, you will primarily work with data and algorithms specific to real-world problems for various applications. Besides, several machine learning entry-level jobs in Singapore expect a junior machine learning engineer to develop software-based programs to automate procedures, make predictions, apply statistical knowledge and facilitate others throughout the machine learning life cycle.

    Advancing your career as a mid-level machine learning engineer involves you working more closely with data scientists to work on more extensive data sets and solve complex problems. It also involves studying and converting data science prototypes into usable forms, designing and developing workflow schemas, training ML models when necessary, and performing similar tasks. You can also opt for a data science course to scale your expertise to advanced levels. As evident from any competent Data Science Course details, it would give you a good push ahead. 

    At advanced or senior-level machine learning engineer jobs in Singapore, you will be expected to finalize and look after machine learning deployment pipelines while ensuring model accuracy and code quality. A senior machine learning engineer also supervises the infrastructural requirements of AI/ML projects, authors high-performance code, and works directly with the stakeholders. 

    While the needs of a machine learning job change with the level of experience, so do the salary. The salary slabs of machine learning engineers, based on their experience, go as follows:

    Fresher / Junior Jobs (< 5 yrs exp.) 

    SGD 7,134 to SGD 7,904 per month 

    Mid-Level Jobs (5 ~ 10 yrs exp.) 

    SGD 8,958 to SGD 10,275 per month 

    Advanced Level Jobs (> 10 yrs exp.) 

    SGD 10,539 to SGD 13,503 per month 

    Companies like TikTok, IBM, Twitter, Google, DSB Bank, Huawei International Pte Ltd, NUHS (National University Health System), Stellar Link Partners, BYTEDANCE, and many others offer machine learning jobs in Singapore. 

    Highest Paying Machine Learning Jobs Based on Titles in Singapore

    Several machine learning jobs in Singapore demand more advanced expertise and pay significantly more than standard machine learning jobs. Some of the highest-paying types of jobs in machine learning in Singapore include: 

    1. Machine Learning Engineer

    Machine learning engineers work pivotal between data scientists and software engineers. They need to have a knack for data to experiment with and an understanding of programming (or code) to facilitate workflows. They must also use analytical expertise with a combination of statistics and mathematics while working alongside coders/programmers to scale and design software systems.

    On average, machine learning engineers earn SGD 148,648 annually, making it one of Singapore's best machine learning jobs. 

    2. Machine Learning Developer

    A machine learning developer focuses more on the development side of machine learning systems and projects. They are masters of programming, tackling computational problems, finding solutions, and working with front and back-end coders. Machine learning developers are expected to identify software vulnerabilities, devise reliable interfaces, debug ML systems, and scale the scope of machine learning projects.

    On average, a machine learning developer earns SGD 154,592 annually, making it one of the highest paying jobs in machine learning in Singapore. 

    3. Junior Machine Learning Engineer

    Junior machine learning jobs in Singapore are entry-level jobs wherein you get acquainted with data and algorithms. At junior ML jobs in Singapore, you will understand and help develop algorithms that facilitate ML workflows, write code, and work closely with software developers and data scientists.

    A junior machine learning engineer earns about SGD 94,839 annually. 

    4. Senior Machine Learning Engineer

    A senior machine learning engineer looks after machine learning pipelines and their deployments. They must supervise entry-level machine learning engineers and ensure that AI/ML projects have the necessary resources, high-performance code, and functionality. 

    Senior machine learning jobs in Singapore pay about SGD 113,283 annually. 

    5. Machine Learning Compiler Engineer

    A machine learning compiler engineer is another job profile in the domain. As a responsible machine learning compiler engineer, you will research and develop machine learning compilers that are frameworks incorporating CPUs, GPUs, and ML accelerators. This job differs from a standard machine learning engineer's position as it looks over more analytical and management-based aspects of an entire machine learning system.

    However, the average salary of a machine learning compiler engineer is SGD 157,721, a little higher than what other machine learning jobs in Singapore offer. 

    6. Software Engineer, ML Accelerator

    Etymologically, an ML system is simply a software system engineered such that: 

    • It has ML components. 
    • It is capable of runtime monitoring. 
    • It accelerates the training and re-training cycles. 

    Software engineers become a vital part of machine learning processes to ensure that the conditions mentioned above are met. They are expected to solve the 'mismatching' problem of system components like software engineering and data sciences. If not aligned, the mismatch results in a system failure. A software engineer ensures that newer code frameworks should accommodate such system components.

    On average, a software engineer earns SGD 82,991 annually. 

    7. Machine Learning Software Architect

    A machine learning software architect's responsibility is to ensure that the software-based models for automation and artificial intelligence function correctly. It means that the person ensures that all recurring actions are carried out accurately and effectively while enhancing these necessary procedures with new functionalities. As a machine learning architect, you will also be responsible for setting up, running, and checking the data gathered in the system you developed.

    On average, a machine learning architect earns SGD 141,639 annually, making it one of the most lucrative machine learning jobs in Singapore. 

    8. Developer Technology Engineer – AI

    As machine learning is a sub-domain of artificial intelligence, a machine learning developer must also have a sound understanding of artificial intelligence. As the name implies, an AI developer or technology engineer works with artificial intelligence. Their work duty involves working with software developers to create AI-based algorithms. In addition, they are responsible for managing the AI infrastructure and developing, testing, and putting AI models into implementation.

    As an AI developer technology engineer, you can earn as high as SGD 144,905 annually. To further your salary, you can opt for an Artificial Intelligence Certification.

    9. Applied Machine Learning Engineer

    Once machine learning engineers work and devise a system, it needs to be tested for the best possible and most accurate use case. The people responsible for the same are applied machine learning engineers. Applied machine learning is an input-output optimization process wherein knowledgeable people utilize problem-solving mapping to determine ML models' most accurate outputs.

    On average, an applied machine learning engineer earns SGD 167,699 annually, making it one of the highest rewarding machine learning jobs in Singapore. 

    Remote/Freelance Machine Learning Jobs in Singapore

    Remote working has become popular, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, numerous machine learning job opportunities in Singapore can be availed by remote/freelance workers globally. Many companies, like Trello, Google, etc., have made it more convenient for employees to work remotely and for employers to monitor their activity. As a result, many tech giants are hosting remote working positions. Besides, many companies also offer a part time machine learning job in Singapore. 

    Lately, even artificial intelligence and machine learning job opportunities have made it feasible for experts to work with foreign talent and clients. Singapore is one of the many countries that offer remote working positions for machine learning engineers, enabling them to work with companies like Google, EY, IBM, TikTok, etc. However, supporting a remote working framework requires digital connectivity daily, leaving more room for collaboration and interpersonal relationships between teammates.

    Work duties and salary structure for a remotely working machine learning engineer in Singapore are mostly the same. The average annual salary for a remote machine learning job in Singapore is SGD 94,341 annually.

    Singapore-based Machine Learning Jobs for Indian/other Country Students

    Many companies based in Singapore are open to hiring machine learning experts from India or other foreign countries to expand their workforce skillfully and globally. Many companies like Randstad, ByteDance, Mind PointEye, NextWave, and Robert Walters have posted full-time machine learning jobs in Singapore for Indian students, open to everyone who meets the requirements irrespective of the country. Even for students, there is an option to enroll in a machine learning internship Singapore. 

    Besides, you can seek ML online jobs in Singapore, where you do not need to relocate for work. This allows you to experience how and what machine learning online jobs in Singapore expect from you. 

    The Best Cities for Machine Learning Jobs in Singapore

    Machine learning engineers are facing a massive demand surge as the role facilitates the reduction of human intervention across several areas. Many cities have established technology-focused hubs to aim for better inclusion of full-time and intern machine learning jobs in Singapore. These include 

    • Marina Bay
    • Raffles
    • Toa Payoh
    • Outram 
    • Woodlands. 
    Best Cities for Machine Learning Jobs in SingaporeSalary Range (USD / Average - Per Annum)

    Marina Bay 

    Approx. SGD 16,889 


    Approx. SGD 13,781 

    Toa Payoh 

    Approx. SGD 11,060 


    Approx. SGD 12,425 


    Approx. SGD 11,365 

    Required Skills for Machine Learning Jobs in Singapore

    To land a good machine learning job in Singapore, you must have a robust educational background in applied mathematics and statistical modeling. A clear understanding of these subjects is crucial for machine learning engineers to know 'how' data is being used. Besides these subjects, they should also be familiar with computer science as a significant part of machine learning jobs in Singapore involves working on code. They should be familiar with major coding languages like R, Python, Scala, and Java and scientific computing tools like MATLAB. 

    Machine learning engineers must also have experience in working on standard ML frameworks like TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Apache Hadoop, PyTorch, and a few others.

    Machine learning engineers must also be familiar with natural language processing (NLP), a fundamental part of machine learning. NLP enables them to teach computers how humans interact. Other areas of technical expertise include 

    • Data Modeling, 
    • Reinforcement Learning, 
    • Prototyping.

    Besides technical requirements, machine learning engineers should have considerably good soft skills like communication, perseverance, and openness to learning new things. 

    Educational Requirements to Get Machine Learning Jobs in Singapore

    To land decent entry level machine learning jobs in Singapore, the best is to opt for analytical subjects like applied mathematics, physics, statistics, and modeling. Such subjects aid in building a robust understanding of how algorithms work. Engineers specializing in these subjects find it easier to understand what happens in data-driven machine-learning systems. 

    Singapore houses some of the top universities offering extensive programs in machine learning. These include 

    • Nanyang Technological University, 
    • The National University of Singapore, 
    • Singapore Management University, 
    • Singapore University of Technology and Design. 

    They all require two general certificates of education (GCE) at an advanced level (A) and relevant diplomas from any recognized university in Singapore.

    Top Certifications to Get Machine Learning Jobs in Singapore

    Besides a relevant educational background, machine learning engineers must have numerous certifications from accredited institutions to bring more credibility to their work experience. These certifications allow you to create hands-on practice and code machine-learning projects. The top certifications to get machine learning jobs in Singapore are: 

    • IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate 
    • Machine Learning in R Certification by Nexacu 
    • IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate 
    • Professional Certificate in Machine Learning (Python) - Singapore Management University 
    • Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning 
    • Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform 
    • Applied Data Science With Python Specialization by the University of Michigan 

    How to Get a Job in Machine Learning in Singapore

    If you have a technical educational background in the industry and want to explore a career in machine learning, see whether you have relevant expertise. You might be experienced in software development, engineering, or any other technology-related field. However, you need to match your practical skill set to that of a machine learning engineer with certifications and courses. The path to getting a job in machine learning in Singapore: 

    • Get a relevant degree in engineering, machine earning, or artificial intelligence. 
    • Get relevant certification and work on your independent machine learning projects. 
    • Work on soft skills like communication, as machine learning engineers work closely with data scientists and software engineers as a communication channel. 
    • Apply for machine learning jobs in different companies. 

    Career Scopes of Machine Learning in Singapore

    Machine learning will become one of the most lucrative technology careers in the coming years. As per a report by global technology research and advisory leader Gartner, AI and ML will have already paved the way for over 2.3 million job opportunities by 2020 globally, and the number will grow exponentially in the coming decade. Consequently, most companies in Singapore are also opening doors to artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain higher computational efficiency and make better decisions.

    Singapore houses world-leading universities for machine learning degrees, like the Nanyang Technological University. Once you are in the domain, there are many career scopes ahead, including data sciences, data analysis, data architecture, reinforcement learning, deep learning, and a few other related streams. 

    Students can then apply for job opportunities in all industries, like healthcare, information technology, insurance, surveillance, business & finance, and many others, for multiple roles. 


    Machine learning is one of the most prominent sub-fields of artificial intelligence, with applicability in almost every industry, like healthcare, construction, business & finance, cyber security, and many others. The sub-field is growing worldwide, with significant advancements happening in Asia, including Singapore. Many universities in the country are offering quality higher education to prepare students for a tech-driven career at lucrative companies like IBM, EY, Google, Amazon, and many others. Machine learning will most likely offer endless opportunities to the coming generations.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which job search portals are best for machine learning developers in Singapore?

    Many reliable job searching websites in Singapore save hundreds of human hours contacting HR services or job recruiters. These are 

    • Snatchjobs 
    • GrabJobs 
    • Quest 
    • WorkClass 
    • LinkedIn 
    • MyCareersFuture 
    • Indeed 
    • CultJobs 
    • STJobs 
    2What are the primary selection criteria for a machine learning developer in a FAANG/MAANG company?

    FAANG/MAANG is a widely used acronym for Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, clubbed together as leading tech giants. As per a consensus, FAANG companies demand a different skill set from the rest of the market. These companies require the following: 

    • Software developers with expertise in Python, AWS, and C/C++, while other standard companies seek SQL/Java experts.  
    • For finance-based roles, FAANG companies look for critical thinking, analytical reasoning, forecasting, engineering, economics, and influencing skills, while others focus on risk management-based skills. 

    At FAANG companies, a typical employee works closely with technologically sound people, making it necessary for everyone to have a tech background. Even the ones in a management role must collaborate with technical people here and there, facilitating collaborations and cross-departmental working environments.  

    3To get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a machine learning developer include on their resume?

    To land a decent job in Singapore, a machine-earning developer should include their educational background, technical certifications, independent project works, and relevant previous work experience.

    4In Singapore, can anybody become a machine learning developer?

    All applicants with a technically sound educational background and relevant ML skills can easily apply to companies in Singapore.

    5Is the machine learning developer well-paid in Singapore?

    Yes, a machine learning developer job is one of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore. They earn USD 117,363 annually. 

    6Do machine learning developers have a future in Singapore?

    Yes, machine learning developers have a bright future in Singapore as many companies, like TikTok, IBM, EY, Google, Twitter, etc., hire people for the role. Besides, it is one of the most lucrative positions in the domain. 

    7Which is the best place to learn machine learning in Singapore?

    The Nanyang Technology University is the best place to get a machine learning degree in Singapore. It comes among the world-best universities and ranks number one in the country. If you are a general certificate of education (GCA) at an advanced level (A), you can enroll for a degree program here. 


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