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How to Become a Database Administrator in 2024? [Step-by-Step]

29th Apr, 2024
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    How to Become a Database Administrator in 2024? [Step-by-Step]

    The world today is data-centric, and the dependency on data is increasing every day. Companies gather data from different sources and perform various analysis operations to frame effective business strategies. There are database management teams with experts handling different affairs. The ones heading these teams are the database administrators. These experts handle multiple data-related tasks, including reviewing, retrieving, and sorting, and this list is never-ending. The demand for these experts is high, so if you plan things well, you can certainly build a promising career in this domain. From my personal experience and after studying multiple case studies, I can help you understand this domain better and suggest how you can build a promising career. So, if you are wondering how do i become a database administrator, you are at the right place. Read this article carefully, and by the end, you will know everything about a career in database management. 

    Who is a Database Administrator, and What Do They Do?

    A Database Administrator (DBA) is a data expert who is responsible for managing and maintaining the database systems. The fundamental role of these experts is to ensure integrity, security, and efficiency in databases that their organization uses to store data volumes. Furthermore, DBAs have a crucial role in data optimizing and preventing data loss. In addition to the technical job roles, the database administrators collaborate with other IT team members, like developers, system administrators, and more, to ensure all the data-related requirements are efficiently fulfilled. It is evident from the job roles that to become a database administrator, you would have to gain proficiency in database management. You can achieve it through educational qualification or by completing an add-on Database certification

    How to Become a Database Administrator in 5 Simple Steps

    From my personal experience, I have tried to answer questions about how to become a database administrator. It is not a position that you can achieve overnight. You would have to put in effort, do enough research, and plan the journey to become a successful database administrator in a step-by-step manner. Refer to the steps to become a database administrator below for your reference. 

    Step 1: Master Skills 

    The market is competitive, and most employers look for skillful candidates with hands-on industry knowledge. So, to plan a successful career, your first focus should be on learning advanced skills to increase your chances of getting hired. 

    Top Skills Needed to Become a Database Administrator

    When we discuss skills, we talk about technical proficiency and the soft skills or the personality traits a candidate should develop. Let me categorize them and discuss the top skills required to become a database administrator. 

    Soft Skills 

    Soft skills are as crucial for a Database Administrator as their technical expertise. I have listed essential soft skills you should plan to develop.

    • Communication: As a database administrator, you need to communicate to understand requirements and explain complexities to and from.
    • Problem-Solving: You should work to sharpen your ability to identify issues, troubleshoot problems, and find apt solutions. You might encounter unexpected challenges and be adept at resolving them promptly.
    • Time Management: Database administrators have multiple teams working under them. They juggle multiple tasks within a project, so effective time management is crucial.

    Hard Skills 

    To be a successful DBA, your technical foundation should be strong. Some of the technical or hard skills you should develop are listed below.

    • Database Management Systems (DBMS): You should have proficiency in working with popular database management systems such as Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.
    • SQL (Structured Query Language): You should master SQL, which is fundamental for creating, modifying, and querying databases.
    • Database Design: Work on understanding the database design principles, including normalization, indexing, and schema design.
    • Data Migration and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load): Learn skills for migrating data between different database systems and manage ETL processes for efficient data integration.
    • Cloud Database Services: You should gain familiarity with cloud-based database services and the ability to deploy, manage, and optimize databases in a cloud environment.

    Top Database Administrator Certifications / Degree 

    Another question that arises is what to study to become a database administrator or which courses can help you develop the required skills. If you explore a bit, you will find multiple certification courses that can push your professional career as a DBA. Some of the certification courses that I would recommend are:

    Step 2: Determine Your Ideal Timeline [Add learning format in a detailed way] 

    It is good to enter the industry well-prepared and strengthen your foundation for a promising career, but you should have a timeline pre-fixed for it. Plan your learning format in a way that you achieve maximum success. So, let me answer how long it takes to become a database administrator. 

    Start Learning in a Format That Suits You 

    Before sharing how long it takes or how to become a database administrator with a set format, I would like to emphasize that you should pick the learning format that suits your requirements. Consider your own learning pace and the time you can afford to spend on preparing yourself before joining the professional world.

    How Long Does It Take to Become a Database Administrator? 

    In a structured learning format, aspiring Database Administrators (DBAs) can follow a timeline to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. 

    • Start with a 4-year bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field. 
    • Moving on, delve into introductory database courses and gain proficiency in SQL. 
    • Keep a year to pursue online courses or certifications from platforms like Coursera or Udacity to deepen your understanding of specific database management systems. 

    In simple words, you can say that after your graduation, it would take around two years of dedicated effort to become a DBA. 

    Step 3: Begin Building Your Portfolio / Resume 

    Once you are ready to explore the job opportunities, ensure you have an impressive resume. If you ask me how to get into database administration jobs, I will say your resume should create an excellent impression. Use an online resume builder to sectionalize different aspects, like personal details, work experience, qualifications, and more. It should be well-formatted and proofread properly to open doors of promising job roles.

    Database Administrator resume

    Download the Database Administrator Resume Template 1 (docx) here! 

    Download the Database Administrator Resume Template 2 (docx) here!

    Step 4: Where and how to find a job 

    You will find multiple companies hiring database administrators on a large scale. So, if you wonder how to become a database admin, know that the market is flooding with opportunities. Build an impressive resume and begin exploring job portals to find your desired job role. 

    Top Companies Hiring Database Administrators 

    For aspirants who wish to grab the top packages, here is my well-researched list of companies hiring database administrators.


    Average Salary



    Tata Consultancy Services










    Job Outlook for Database Administrator 

    The job outlook for Database Administrators is positive, as there is a sustained demand across industries for these professionals. Almost every industry needs them for managing and securing data as organizations increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making. So, the requirements for skilled DBAs are expected to grow exponentially. As per a report, you can expect 11% growth in the demand in coming years. 

    Step 5: Ace the Interview 

    Your next and last step to becoming a successful DBA is to crack the interview! Now, the selection criteria can vary for different companies. Some may call you directly for a personal interview, while others might take a technical test before that. The common process that most companies follow is:

    • You sit for a written test, which you have to qualify to move to the next step. It generally includes some aptitude questions and technical MCQs to understand your proficiency.
    • The next step is your personal interview. You meet a selection committee and answer a few personal and professional questions. 

    If you qualify for both the rounds, the job is all yours! So, this is how to become a database administrator in a step-by-step process. If you are well-prepared and plan the journey strategically, the sky is your limit. 

    Who can Become a Database Administrator? 

    Before you ask how to become a database administrator, it is significant to know who can actually plan a career in this domain. If you are not from an IT background or do not have any database management skills, you should definitely opt out of the thought of becoming a DBA. I am sharing the basic requirements to help you figure out how to become a DBA administrator and if you can try your hand in this industry.

    • You should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.
    • Proven proficiency in SQL and data modeling.
    • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
    • Though it is not mandatory, you should have an entry-level certification in the field to multiply your chances of hiring.

    Why / Benefits 

    By far, I have explained everything related to how to become a database administrator. However, why should you opt for this career? Apart from your inclination towards this domain, what benefits can you expect? Let me answer all of this. 

    Higher Demand / Secure Career

    The demand for DBAs is high, and it is expected to increase more in the coming future. Data is the backbone for growth, and as industries rely more and more on data-based decision-making, the role of a DBA becomes essential. As per a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand is projected to grow by 8% from 2022 to 2032. 

    Handsome Salary

    Another benefit of becoming a DBA is the handsome salary package. It is one of the highest-paying jobs, and the best part is that you can expect significant growth if you follow the continuous learning principle. The table below shows the global average salary of a database administrator in different countries.




    51K Euros




    INR 4Lac




    CA$ 82K




    Database Administration is a high-in-demand and one of the highest-paying job roles in the industry. If you come from a relevant educational background and have an inclination to juggle with data units, this is definitely the industry you should explore. Consider completing the certification courses that teach you the relevant skills to grow and reach the desired level in your career as a DBA. Make sure you continue learning and keep up with the changing trends and evolving technologies to upgrade yourself and always remain a desirable candidate. I have shared all the information to help you know how can I become a database administrator. Use this information to plan a strategy for curating a successful future in the database management industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How can I become a database administrator with no experience?

    If you ask how to become a database administrator without a degree, I would say it is impossible. However, you can certainly become a DBA with no experience. Just make sure you come from a relevant educational background, complete a certification course to gain relevant skills, and you can kickstart your career.

    2What do you need to do to become a database administrator?

    I get many questions related to how to be a database administrator. In this article, I have listed the basic requirements you would have to qualify to become a DBA. You require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and add-on certifications are a plus!

    3Which course is better for database administrators?

    You will find multiple courses to become a database administrator. Some certifications I would recommend for the aspirants are Oracle Database Administration Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate, and Amazon Web Services Certified Database Specialty.

    4Is database administrator still in demand?

    Yes. The demand for database administrators is high. It is expected to see significant growth in the coming years.


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