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Hyperlocal Social Media Strategy For Local Businesses

05th Sep, 2023
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    Hyperlocal Social Media Strategy For Local Businesses

    Overview of Hyperlocal social media marketing

    With the statistic showing over 2.3 billion social media users all over the world, it’s for sure that the social media marketing must not be ignored by the businesses. And, the people spend a lot of time on various social media platforms, which is a big plus for businesses. Many big business houses are already increasing their revenue with the help of social media marketing.

    The various popular social media platforms help these big businesses to reach millions of people in their target market, which help them to gain more exposure. However, there are many local businesses as well, and the local shops are the place where people build personal relationships, which is the reason the social media outreach must be done for them as well. According to the statistic, there are around 3.8 million retail establishments in the United States.

    The hyperlocal social media marketing is carried out especially for the local businesses to help them get more customers in their local stores. Hyperlocal marketing is the type of marketing, which is aimed to reach potential customers within certain areas. The brands must think global and act local, and their social media marketing strategy must be modified accordingly. Because of the growing importance of local level marketing, the private social networks like Townsquared and NextDoor have emerged, and even the Google is now changing the Google Maps into more of a social app.

    Getting started

    The task of getting started is not as easy as you may think it is. There may be a lot of internal hurdles that should be cleared before you actually start hyperlocal social media strategy. Here are some of the steps to get started.

    1. Assess your situation

    Before you actually develop and implement your hyperlocal social media strategy, you should talk with the management team to know their views on the hyperlocal social marketing strategy. Sometimes, there could be a need to argue with them on why you should implement hyperlocal social marketing strategy. Do some research and convince them on why it’s so important to have a hyperlocal marketing strategy.

    1. Devise a plan

    Before searching for the third party outside of your organization, you should search for the team inside your organizations, who are working on similar projects. Have a discussion with the retail team, IT team, social media departments, and others to develop a plan to help you out. After dealing with the people inside your organization, you can search for influencers, who can carry out influencer marketing campaign on a local level along with technological partners.

    1. Develop your hyperlocal marketing strategy

    After convincing the management team and devising a plan, you are ready to develop your hyperlocal social media marketing strategy. Here are the steps to develop a strategy:

    • Determine the metrics for success and get approval from your management team.
    • Present your strategy to all relevant stakeholders.
    • Choose the right technology partner that can keep up with the trend and changes in the social media platforms.
    1. Train up

    Communicate your plans with your local partners, and tell them about what roles they need to play in order to achieve a great result from the campaign.

    Implementing your hyperlocal marketing strategy

    Here are some of the tips for implementing your hyperlocal social media marketing strategy effectively.

    1. Choose the right social media platform for you

    There are plenty of social media platforms to choose from; however, you should select the platform, where you can find plenty of people in your target market. The best platform for hyperlocal marketing strategy for plenty of local businesses is obviously the Facebook.

    Moreover, the recent improvements made by the Facebook to Graph Search and with the introduction of local awareness ads; the Facebook becomes the best choice for the hyperlocal social media marketing strategy. Having said this, you should also not ignore other major social media platforms for your campaign.

    1. Achieve hyper-local scale

    The purpose of hyperlocal social marketing is to communicate the local people with personalized messages. The hyper-local social media pages should be created to communicate with the people, translating the brand’s voice to the local level. This job is not going to be an easy job because the message should be communicated at the local level without losing the vital traits of the brands.

    1. Be clear about what you want to achieve via your marketing campaign

    There are primarily two major reasons for launching a hyperlocal social media marketing campaign, and i.e. to reach more people to create brand awareness or to boost the sales of a product.

    In order for your brand to reach more people for increasing your brand awareness, you can promote a valuable content to your target audience. This will help in building a better relationship with your existing customers, and it will help in creating a new relationship with potential new customers. Share the posts; engage with them in order to develop a good image among your customers and potential customers.

    The second goal of the hyperlocal social media marketing campaign is to boost the sales of a product or a service. After building a good relationship with your target market, you can now leverage the conversation to conversion. Provide them with options of products that can help in solving their problems in an appropriate manner.

    1. Measuring and Driving ROI

    After doing all the hard works in your campaign, it’s important for you to know whether your strategy is working out for you or not. The success of your campaign entirely depends upon your marketing objectives. The objectives of your marketing campaign could be to reach out to more people in that specific area, boost your sales, and others.

    To measure the success, you need to analyze the message you have conveyed to your target market and the way they have responded to your message. If the target market has responded in the way you expected, then we can say that the campaign was a successful one. The success rate depends entirely on the correlation.

    In case you had the objective of boosting the sales of your product or your service, you can measure the campaign success by measuring conversions and in-store sales. If your sales are much higher in comparison to the past when there was no hyperlocal social media marketing strategy, then you can say that the campaign was indeed a successful one. If there is a little or no change in the conversion or sales, then you should realize that something is not right.

    Your aim should not be to get sizable one-time local customers, but it should be to make them repetitive customers. If you manage to do so, then you have managed to develop a stable cash flow for your business.

    1. Use of locally-driven paid media

    A use of local-driven paid advertisement is a great way to boost sales for QSR brands and retailers, whose customers are located within a specific distance from their stores. You can promote special offers and discounts for getting a quick boost in the sales. And, you can also invite local people to your stores on special events or aware people about the new store that you just opened in a specific area.

    If you manage to satisfy your customers, then there is a good chance that your customers can bring you more customers. The study shows that 71% of the customers who had a great social media experience with a specific brand recommend that brand to their brand to others. Moreover, the social media platforms allow you to engage with the potential customers in a real-time, allowing you to tell customers about the exact location of your store, answer the queries of your potential customers and more.

    Here are some of the methods of promoting your brands locally on the Facebook.

    • Local awareness ads: The Facebook platform allows the business pages to promote their posts anywhere between 1-60 miles from their local store. This is a great way to reach local customers.
    • Unpublished page posts: The large brands may not want to see a lot of posts on their page, focusing on the local customers. For this purpose, the Facebook allows them to promote unpublished posts on the wall of the local customers without it being seen on the main business page of the brand.


    The local partners have some expectations if they are working with big brands, and with hyperlocal social media marketing, you are helping them to earn more while getting more return for yourself as well.Social media marketing tips that will help you improve promoting your business on social media.With the social media platform like the Facebook allowing check-in feature for its users, it becomes easier for the businesses to cater to their needs, provide localized offers, and to know how they behave in specific areas.

    If the brand is able to run hyperlocal social media strategy is an effective way, it can get a tremendous return from their campaign.


    Stevan Mcgrath

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    Stevan Mcgrath is a digital marketing professional who possesses expertise in brand design and development. Stevan is passionate about utilizing his diverse skill sets for new and innovative online marketing strategies. He has worked as a freelancer and a contributor to Provenseo. Despite having a wide influential reach, he seeks client satisfaction as his topmost priority. He also writes blog posts on recent digital marketing trends. 

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