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This Is Your Ultimate Guide About Content Seeding

05th Sep, 2023
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    This Is Your Ultimate Guide About Content Seeding

    Everyone probably heard about this phrase and people will still hear it a thousand times more, CONTENT IS KING. Frequently writing excellent content is key to drive traffic to a website. The more a content creator write, the better their chances of becoming a top thought leader in their industry.

    Also, they will have tons of opportunities which will aid to rank with different contents published on the web. Nowadays, content seeding has been a useful strategic approach in Digital Marketing. It is an approach that content creators use to spread their contents on different locations so that larger audience can read it.

    Usually, content creators aim relevant influencers with the hope that influencers can use their connections to circulate the content. Content seeding is a marketing approach which targets to increase brand awareness with the use of content pushed across the web.

    Deeper Understanding About Content Seeding

    Content seeding will successfully work if content creators will post relevant and creative articles which target particular networks. Mostly, the only sites, whatever the web users will drift to without any influences are social media sites, so it is important to target those sites.

    Users will view any content that someone they trust recommended compared to any ads or sponsored post. Targeting the trusted people is vital.

    The Focus of Content Seeding

    Content seeding focuses on convincing thought leaders of a particular industry to verify and expand the brand’s content over their connections such as their blogs, email newsletters or different social media platforms.

    With the help of content seeding, it will create an increase in awareness and reach of the original content. The content will carry more weight if a thought leader validates it.

    Utilizing the Use of Content Seeding

    A simple example that content creators can seed their contents is when a content creator created great content, service or product and they are planning to let their prospects know about it. They have the choice to pay or earn the reach. In any situation, they can benefit when they use blogger outreach.

    Most of the successful bloggers are influencers. It means that the bloggers can have an average impact or reach through their word of mouth and because they are relevant to a certain industry. Bloggers who are part of the community will reap trusts from their respective audiences. Here are the steps on how to successfully use content seeding.

    Step 1: Identify The Relevant Bloggers/Vloggers

    It is important to hire relevant bloggers/vloggers, and whoever will help in seeding the content. There are few ways to identify bloggers who are relevant in a particular market.

    • Use Google Search
    • Lurk into blog/vlog directories or catalogs
    • Use blogger outreach tool that will help in finding relevant bloggers

    Step 2: Always Stay Up-to-Date About the Relevant News and Trends

    Another way to find influential and relevant blogger/vloggers is by tracking topics that are relevant to the business. Try using Google Alerts to follow relevant topics. It will help in getting automatic updates about the latest trends and news the business needs. Also, check for blogger outreach campaign to see the latest trends and news.

    Step 3: Build a Blogger Contact Database

    After finishing all the research, it is important to keep all the sources collected. With all the information, create a database including all the relevant bloggers who are reachable.

    Step 4: Fine-tune The Outreach to Bloggers

    Most successful bloggers/vloggers receive numerous pitches from different companies in their respective field. It is important to stand out for them to read the emails sent to them. Here are ways to grab a bloggers attention to read an email.

    • Ensure that the prospect blogger is relevant for the product and the business.
    • Think about the benefits that you can offer to the blogger for seeding the content and promoting the product.
    • Emphasize how the content or product fits with the blogger’s niche.
    • Always make the email personal.

    The downside in customizing blogger outreach is the amount of time needed to personalize a message to every blogger. It is wise for content creators to create a template to help lessen the time in creating emails.

    Step 5: Evaluate The Content Seeding Efforts

    After making the best efforts to reach out and collaborate with bloggers, always evaluate the returns. Track the referral traffic received from the blogger’s sites. The more places to seed the content the more backlinks and traffic the website will generate.


    It is necessary for businesses to increase their website traffic, and great contents are the key. Content seeding is an important tool for content creators and businesses because it helps in gaining more audience with the help of influencers.

    Also, this strategic approach aims to gain an opportunity for business to rank on the web. Content seeding can also help to reach a larger audience and the influencer’s network as well.


    Patrick Panuncillon

    Blog Author

    Patrick Panuncillon has spent 10 years in learning and practicing different SEO strategies like blogger outreach service, social media management, content marketing. His passion for the digital marketing has been his motivation in founding LinkVista Digital Inc. in 2014. Now the company holds several campaigns service all over the globe.

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