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Application Developer Salary 2023 [Freshers & Experienced]

11th Sep, 2023
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Application Developer Salary 2023 [Freshers & Experienced]

The need for app developers to design, create, and maintain mobile applications is growing as smart devices become more sophisticated. They play a significant role in a technical or project management team responsible for satisfying user needs. Many app developers find their employment very gratifying since they have the experience of working with cutting-edge technology, have good career prospects, and have significant earning potential. By 2024, there will be about 28.7 million software developers worldwide, according to recent polls. Technology, framework, and development methodology developments have a small but significant role to play in this. 

In this article, you can find out what an app developer does, application developers' salaries, and how to become one. You can also check out ITSM training courses online to learn in-depth about IT Service Management skills and launch your career as an ITSM leader. 

Average Application Developer Salary

Let's look at the average application developer salary as reported by various salary websites. It will allow us to draw a comparison and have an approximate idea about the annual base salary of an application developer.  

  • Indeed: $87,656k annually. Therefore, an app developer's salary per month is approximately $6,206, and the app developer's salary per hour is around $47.29 
  • Glassdoor: $93,283k annually. 
  • Payscale: $ 99,283 annually. 

We'll also look at the annual salaries of web app developers and mobile app developers since the term "app developer" is a broad category.  

1. Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers are responsible for developing applications that would run smoothly on mobile. Let's look at the exclusive average mobile application developer salary on various job websites. 

  • Glassdoor: $99,249k annually. 
  • Payscale: $97k annually. 
  • Salary.com: $97,651k annually. 

According to ZipRecruiter, an entry-level mobile app developer's salary is $78,258 annually.  A senior mobile developer's salary is $1,26,888 per year.  

2. Web App Developers

The web app developer's salary can vary slightly from that of a mobile app development salary. Web app development is for people who work with web servers and related technology. Here is an exclusive list of average web application developer salaries by various job websites.  

  • Glassdoor: $73,157k annually. 
  • Payscale: $67,093k annually. 
  • Salary.com: $101,108 annually. 

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Application Developer Salary for Top 5 Geographies 

1. India 

Salaries in Top Cities 

CitiesAverage Monthly Salary  

Salaries in Top Companies

CompaniesAverage Monthly Salary
Morpheus Human Consulting₹1,13,773
Orange Business Services₹58,647

2. US   

Salaries in Top Cities

CitiesAverage Yearly Salary
San Jose$102,047
New York$101,629

Salaries in Top Companies  

CitiesAverage Yearly Salary
San Jose$102,047
New York$101,629

3. Canada

Salaries in Top Cities 

CompaniesAverage Yearly Salary
Cisco Systems$131,588
Medidata Solutions$129,840
JPMorgan Chase & CO$128,131
Intel Corporation$127,589

Salaries in Top Companies

CompaniesAverage Yearly Salary
OCI Inc.$108,428
Pacific Blue Cross$94,403
Government of the Northwest Territories$91,304
Eclipse Automation$90,888

4. UK

Salaries in Top Cities 

CitiesAverage Yearly Salary
Milton Keynes£44,081

Salaries in Top Companies

CompaniesAverage Yearly Salary
IC Resources£55,371

5. Australia 

Salaries in Top Cities 

CitiesAverage Yearly Salary
Sydney Central Business District$109,535
Melbourne City Center$105,702

Salaries in Top Companies  

CompaniesAverage Yearly Salary
Corporate Services, Inc.$118,794
NSW Police Force$118,722
NSW Department of Communities and Justice$115,802
Department of Justice and Community Safety$108,438
Health Support Services$106,778

Factors That Impact App Developer Salary

1. Location

The salary of app developers varies based on the location they are working in. The salary of app developers varies worldwide depending on different geographic locations. 

2. Experience

The salary of app developers will also vary depending on their years of working experience. An app developer with more years of experience will receive a higher salary than a fresher. 

3. Skill Set

The salary of app developers will vary depending on the range of skill sets possessed by them. App developers with a wide range of skill sets can usually earn more compared to the ones who don't. 

4. Certifications

The certifications earned by app developers can also affect their pay scale.  

5. Company

Different companies worldwide offer different salaries based on their skills and experience. 

App Developer Salary by Experience, Skills, Location, Job Role

The degree of experience has one of the most substantial impacts on pay. So, it's crucial to understand whether you'll be making a living income when you're just starting, whether it's worthwhile to continue in the field long enough to qualify for senior job perks, or whether you should pursue a different domain. 

1. Salary Based on Experience 

A) Entry level   

Here is what an entry-level app developer who just graduated from college or has very little exposure can hope to earn. 

  • Salary.com estimates a wage of $32 per hour or around $67,500 per year. 
  • Glassdoor: $95k annually, ranging from $48k to $190k. 
  • Indeed: based on 20 incomes, $65k each year. 
  • ZipRecruiter: $79k/year, ranging from $19k to $151k. 

B) Junior application developer salary  

You'll be looking at these wages for individuals with some domain expertise: 

  • Indeed: $56k per year, based on over 40 incomes. 
  • Glassdoor: $78k annually, ranging from $47k to $129k. 
  • ZipRecruiter: $69k/year, ranging from $24k to $145k. 
  • Payscale: $57k annual salary, ranging from $53k to $64k. 

C) Senior application developer salary  

Finally, here is what you can anticipate making after working in this field for at least ten years. 

  • Indeed: based on 600 incomes, $101k/year. 
  • Glassdoor: $117k annually, ranging from $90k to $153k. 
  • ZipRecruiter: $112k/year, ranging from $62k to $156k. 

That yields, on average, $107k per year, which is a significant increase over your early years. 

2. Salary Based on Location 

Your wage is greatly influenced by where you reside. Here is a list of a few nations and how much they pay app developers in USD and local currency. 

  • Switzerland: $85k/year (79k Fr/year) 
  • Scotland: $53k/year (£39k/year) 
  • Australia: $51k/year (AU$73k/year) 
  • Germany: $51k/year (€46k/year) 
  • Canada: $50k/year (C$64k/year) 
  • The Netherlands: $48k/year (€43k/year) 
  • Austria: $48k/year (€43k/year) 
  • Singapore: $42k/year (S$56k/year) 
  • United Kingdom: $42k/year (£32k/year) 
  • Finland $41k/year (€37k/year) 
  • New Zealand: $41k/year (NZ$63k/year) 
  • France: $40k/year (€36k/year) 
  • China: $38k/year (¥240k/year) 
  • Hong Kong: $38k/year (HK$300k/year) 
  • Israel: $37k/year (₪120k/year) 
  • Italy: $32k/year (€29k/year) 
  • Saudi Arabia: $26k/year (SAR 97k/year) 
  • Mexico: $23k/year ($485k/year MXN) 
  • Russia: $17k/year (1.3m/year) 
  • India $7k/year (₹512k/year) 
  • Brazil $5k/year (R$26k/year) 
  • Nigeria: $3k/year (₦1.2m/year) 
  • Indonesia $275/year (Rp 4m/year) 

3. The Average Salary of Various Job Roles 

  • A software application developer's salary is $800,000 annually. 
  • An app designer's salary is $51,955 annually.  
  • An applications development manager's salary is $136,715 per year. 
  • An application software engineer's salary is approximately $108,249 per year. 
  • An application programmer's salary is $696,910 annually. 
  • A systems software developer's salary is approximately $967,662 per year. 
  • A lead application developer's salary is $1,26,493 yearly. 
  • The mobile app development salary is $98,896 per year. 
  • Android app development salary is $98,896 yearly.  

App Developer Salary vs. Web Developer Salary 

App development salary usually varies from web development salary. The average salary of a web developer is $67,434 annually, whereas the average salary of an app developer is $87,656 annually. It is well known that web developers, particularly front-end developers, make less money overall than application software developers. 

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Demand for App Developers

Recent developments in mobile applications have completely changed how people communicate, do business, and access information such as news, entertainment, etc. As a result, mobile application development has become one of the most sought-after IT job options due to the growing popularity and need for mobile app developers and customers of this innovative technology. 

Any given company creates mobile applications for many platforms to maximize their return on investment. As a result, the more solid a developer understands various platforms, the more he is sought after in the development market. The requirement for mobile app developers is expected to rise by 24 percent globally by 2026, representing significant growth in the industry. The top mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows, will receive the lion's share. 

Types of App Developers

There are different kinds of developers, and more varieties will fit you as you gain expertise and professionalism. Today, various developers have comparable, if not identical, skills required to do their roles. A developer, however, won't be able to perform every development job available since they lack a specific skill set. Therefore, although "app developer" is already a specialist title, several other kinds of app development employment are still available. 

Computer programs of all types are the result of the inventive work of software developers. They create and write the code to create everything from operating systems to applications to video games. Below we have listed the different types of app developers.  

1. Software developer

In this position, you can be involved in all phases of software development, from determining what consumers require and how they'll utilize the software to releasing a finished product. Though many developers do all the coding, you might occasionally work with computer programmers. These are slightly less specialized job titles, although they are fundamentally quite similar to app developers. Although there is frequently some attention on the end-user, these developers typically work more on the back-end code element. 

2. Mobile app developer

The greater the variety of uses for digital devices, the greater the need for developers who can create software for them. As a mobile developer, you focus on developing apps for popular mobile operating systems like Google's Android, Apple's iOS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone. A mobile app developer is always searching for cutting-edge IT solutions. You create apps for tablets and smartphones using innovative concepts. There is a diversity of applications here, which includes anything from light-hearted games to useful service apps and sophisticated communication tools, which call for solid technical understanding.  

3. Desktop developers

A desktop developer is a programmer who creates software for programs that.  

  1. Don't require an internet connection.  
  2. Run locally on operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux.  

Your duties as a desktop developer will be determined by the kinds of apps you design, your business demands, and your experience level. 

4. Web app developers

The construction of application programs for web use is known as web application development. These programs are sent to the user's device via the internet and are stored on offsite servers. A web application (web app) is accessed through a network and does not require downloading. These professionals handle web-based tools like word processors, emails, and forms sent from a web server to a browser. 

5. Hybrid app developers

The construction of a single software that can function on several operating platforms, such as Windows, Android, and iOS, is known as hybrid app development. This position focuses on creating cross-platform web applications with an app-like user interface. Web programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to develop hybrid apps. One code bar is used for all platforms when software developers design hybrid applications.

Source: andromo.com

How Do You Become an App Developer?

There is no ideal technique that will allow you to become an app developer. However, you can ensure that you receive the best education possible for following the career path of an app developer. So, if you're considering becoming an app developer, take these easy steps. 

1. Decide on your development strategy 

You must decide how you want to manage your career before beginning to design apps. Getting jobs with a development company is the conventional path to a career in app development. However, you might have more possibilities to assume additional leadership responsibilities as your career develops. 

2. Nurturing your ideas 

There are many factors to consider if you're beginning to create your app. Of course, building an app you would like to use is the most remarkable approach to creating something that others would want to use, so think about the games you enjoy playing or the issues in your life that could require better solutions. 

 3. Learn to code 

Learning to code is the most crucial step in becoming an app developer. While there are drag-and-drop development platforms you can use to make simple apps, any professional software will want you to know how to code. Coding enables you to modify your program and add features not available in the visual-building engine, even while developing on a platform. The most widely used programming languages for creating apps are Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Java, C#, and C 

4. Get certified 

Obtaining code certifications is one of the best ways for an app developer to demonstrate their expertise. The standard requirement for coding certifications is passing an exam, and these credentials will validate your coding expertise similar to a degree. 

5. Create a resume 

The field of app development is competitive, and thus coders looking for work must take every step possible to distinguish themselves as excellent candidates. Being the first thing, a potential employer will see about you, a powerful CV is one of the finest methods to make an impression. 

6. Apply for roles as app developers 

Once you've created your base resume, you should save it as a separate file and then make a new copy to submit with each job application. Read the job description and note any skills or tasks mentioned in the job advertisement before submitting your resume and cover letter to prospective companies. 


Applications throughout their lifespan go through application management. These application management processes are crucial for designing, testing, operating, and improving application-related IT services and building the competencies needed to manage the applications used by the IT organization.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How much do freelance app developers make?

The typical full-time freelancer makes between $114k and $168k per year, working 36 hours per week. 

2Is application development a good career?

It should be no surprise that app development is a highly sought-after and lucrative career choice, given the increasing need for app developers. 

3How much do app developers get paid?

App developers earn an average yearly salary of $85k.  

4What skills do application developers need?

High-level programming and related technical skills, ingenuity and creativity, a logical approach to problem-solving, and analytical capabilities are some essential skills required to be an application developer.


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