9 Tips To Overcome Anxiety About The eLearning Environment

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04th Apr, 2017
9 Tips To Overcome Anxiety About The eLearning Environment

Doing any kind of learning online might be a completely new concept to you. You’re used to using a textbook, jotting notes in class and writing papers on mandatory subjects. E-learning is a featured education, on the other hand, offers something completely new and accessible, requiring only your computer and a few hours of your time a day. There’s only one problem – you can’t make yourself start.

It’s easy to understand why e-learning might seem intimidating or impractical in some ways. Nothing can replace a living person that talks to you and approves or disapproves your current progress. You’ll be surprised to hear there are multiple benefits to using an e-learning environment as opposed to sitting in a classroom. Let’s take a look at some of the tips, tricks, and reasons you don’t have to be anxious about the e-learning environment but get excited and jump right to it instead.

Ask yourself the important questions

Like anything in life, diving into e-learning takes dedication and commitment. While being reluctant about it at first might seem like a sensible thing, you need to ask yourself why you are considering it at all in the first place. You might be far away from your nearest college or university. You might want to learn a very niche and hard-to-come-by skill that no one around you knows about. Or, the courses that are offered in your local vicinity are just outside your pay range.

All of these questions are valid and they are the first thing you should consider when you think about e-learning. What makes this type of learning popular is its accessibility. It’s cheaper and easier to attend and complete certain courses, classes or certifications online rather than go through the trouble of doing it in person. Who are you going to get that sweet certificate if the instructor is half a world away from you?

Anxiety is a concept that drives us down any time we want to achieve something new and bigger than anything before. Thinking about what makes you use e-learning in the first place is one of the best tips you can get and it will surely jump-start your battle with anxiety.

Talk to your friends and family

The best motivators we have are the ones who are closest to us. Talk to people you trust and those who make you feel safe. They know you like no one else, and they will always be there for you. Confronting them with the wish of learning online will help you in a huge way because they will want to participate in your learning process and help out.

Even though you are learning online and sitting in front of a computer, someone can always check on you from time to time or even sit next to you for a little while. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and your closest ones will be familiar with your struggle if you are honest with them. Make sure to talk to someone and consult a friendly face before you give up on e-learning without even giving it a shot.

It’s impossible to fail

One of the great things about e-learning is that it’s impossible to fail. Unlike regular school, e-learning is built around your schedule and activity, meaning that you take everything at your own pace. The lessons, courses, and materials all revolve around your mood – if you don’t feel like it, you can just do it in three hours or tomorrow. There is no way to fail like in a regular school, and understanding this fact will be a huge step in overcoming any anxiety that you might feel towards this type of learning.

Create a personal schedule

In case someone told you specifically when to use e-learning, make sure that you take their advice and adapt it to your own way of life. You know your schedule and activities more than anyone else, so it’s important to adapt this new hobby to your life. Anxiety strikes when we least expect it, and there’s no reason to toss your whole life aside just because a new obligation or a hobby has emerged.

Use sticky notes, a personal planner or even an alarm clock – whatever works best for you. Try to schedule e-learning sessions where you will give learning a chance and do nothing else in the meantime. Try doing this a couple of times a week and then increasing the sessions if you feel comfortable and ready for more knowledge. E-learning is very useful and easy to handle when spaced out correctly, so make sure that you don’t overdo it but also dedicate some serious time to it – create a balance. You’ll soon realize that you’re not even thinking about anxiety and that e-learning has become a helpful part of your personal schedule.

Find your favorite platform

Assuming that you will use e-learning for something other than theuniversity, finding the best platform out there matters greatly. There are countless online platforms ranging from professional course providers that will teach you valuable skills in hours to those less so. Knowing how to tell the difference between them will be a matter of experience since you will have to take the risk-free approach and browse through some of them. Keep tabs on the ones you like and ignore the ones you don’t.

Try taking a couple of lessons to make sure that something is good for you before committing to serious e-learning. For example, using paper writing platforms will help you greatly if you need to get writing done in a professional way. Some of the writing service reviews will tell you exactly what to look for. This is a great way to find out which services and platforms are worth your time and you should check them out if that’s what you are looking for.

Take breaks regularly

You might be thinking about your e-learning anxiety, but you will start to love it more and more by now. It’s important to remember that sitting in front of your computer for hours on end doesn’t do you any good. Try putting some breaks into your now busy schedule and walk around the house, walk to a grocery store or go grab a cup of coffee. Taking regular breaks will keep your mind sharp and ready for new knowledge. It will also help you alleviate any anxiety that you might feel towards e-learning.

Reward yourself

By taking a few classes and learning new things using e-learning, you have made a big step forward in your life. Why not celebrate small things and reward yourself from time to time for a job well done? A personal reward can be anything from your favorite food to going to the cinema – anything goes really. What’s important to note is that these rewards should be locked behind “walls” that you create for yourself.

For example, you can order your favorite food if you study for five hours on a certain day. It may seem crazy when you see it on paper, but it will do wonders when you actually go through with it. It will not only boost your further productivity but make sure you forget anything about anxiety that you might have felt before you started using e-learning environment.

Contact the online staff

Contacting someone you’ve never met might seem like a ridiculous idea, but asking for professional help is a great idea if you have any doubts about e-learning. Whatever platform you chose as your learning playground, there is bound to be online support present.

This means that you can always contact someone who is running the site and ask anything you are uncertain of. The staff will always be happy to help you and you can also do this if you feel anxious about a deal or an option you are offered online. There’s no shame in asking, so make sure that you use this option whenever you feel uncomfortable, lost or desperate for first-hand information.

Follow your progress

Keeping tabs on what progress you have made is a great way to overcome any anxiety that you might have leftover. You will start noticing drastic improvements in your time management, schedule management, and overall daily productivity. This is due to the fact that you are getting used to using e-learning on a consistent level and you shouldn’t stop now.

Try putting everything you’ve learned so far on paper and actually using some of your new skills. You will be happy to realize that all those hours spent in front of your computer screen are starting to pay off. This means that you should keep learning and intensify your e-learning by grabbing onto new opportunities. Before you know it, any trace of anxiety that was once there will fade away and you will be left with joy and productivity because you made such an important life decision.

In conclusion

Overcoming anxiety about using the e-learning environment is a process that takes self-discipline and courage. It’s by no means impossible, but it will be hard for you to get used to such a new way of learning. Keep in mind that e-learning was invented as a way of helping people and making knowledge accessible, not to make your life harder. Recognize e-learning as your friend instead of a nuisance. This will be the deciding factor in making sure that you embrace this new way of learning and use it to its fullest.

Synopsis: Practical tips and tricks to overcoming anxiety about e-learning. Start using e-learning platforms and theenvironment in your everyday learning activities.



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