How to Get Six Sigma Certification? [In 6 Steps]

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15th Feb, 2023
How to Get Six Sigma Certification? [In 6 Steps]

Six sigma certification educates individuals to analyze outcomes and processes to decrease defects and ensure zero wastage. The quality management approach benefits individuals and organizations by minimizing issues in products and services. It includes a group of techniques to help you in quality improvement processes. The six sigma methodology involves statistical analysis to solve problems with uncertain or unknown reasons. This article discusses in detail the six sigma belts, their exam patterns, and the steps to get the certification below.  

The six sigma certification includes six different levels. 

  • White Belt 
  • Yellow Belt 
  • Green Belt 
  • Black Belt 
  • Master Black Belt 
  • Champion 

However, the belt levels vary across certification courses in different organizations and institutes. 

Now, the question is – how to get six sigma certification? You can do the Six Sigma courses from Knowledgehut and learn more about the certification. 

How To Get Six Sigma Certification? [Step-by-Step]

You will have multiple opportunities to work in companies and prominent industrial brands if you are a six sigma certified professional. The certification is officially validated and accepted globally across organizations.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain six sigma certification. 

Step 1: Try Understanding the Management Philosophy of Your Organization 

You must understand whether your current workplace and its related industry’s management philosophy require the six sigma certification. If you think the certification course can help your organization reduce waste and prevent product defects, you should undertake six sigma training courses. The training course and certification are ideal for production, operations, and quality management professionals.  

Step 2: Choose Between Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma 

Lean six sigma and six sigma work toward the same goal but have a difference in their respective practices. Try to understand the difference between both practices and choose the option best suited for you. Moreover, lean six sigma and six sigma cater to multiple business facets that vary from each other. Identify the facets and try to recognize the ones that match your organization. 

Step 3: Check Out Which Belt Level Suits You 

As mentioned earlier, the six sigma methodology includes different belt levels that play varying roles in management. Try to identify the features of the respective belts and choose the right level for you. You may start with the white belt if you have no professional experience or choose the yellow belt if you have project experience but no six sigma training. You may also seek expert help to know how to get six sigma belts for your professional career. 

Step 4: Learn About the Steps Associated with Six Sigma 

The levels related to the six sigma methodology have different understanding levels that require varied tools and techniques. You must analyze the methods related to the certification course and undertake tests to check your proficiency in the field. The tests include written exams and hands-on projects to ensure your eligibility to complete tasks. 

Step 5: Enroll in One of The Training Courses 

If you are wondering how to get six sigma certification, the best way to get it is by enrolling in a reliable training course. You can enroll in physical classrooms or online six sigma courses, depending on your requirements. There is no formal body that offers training related to the field. However, you will find multiple training programs that give you hands-on experience in the tools, techniques, and strategies related to the methodology. 

Step 6: Get Your Six Sigma Certification 

If the question about where to get six sigma certification is in your mind, you can apply for it individually or approach eminent organizations specializing in the methodology. You can search the leading certified institutions that provide the certifications and ask them the procedure to get your certificate to excel in your professional career. 

Six Sigma Certification: Exam Details

Here is a roadmap of the necessary exam details on how to become six sigma certified. 


The six-sigma certification process does not have a specific criterion for any level, and it officially begins with the green belt training. That is why there is no six sigma certification eligibility. However, you can follow a few guidelines that will benefit your career and help you understand the core concepts of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification and its successor courses. 

  • The candidate must have at least three years of working experience in an organization related to the six sigma field. 
  • Any candidate can appear for the six sigma exam, but having a graduate degree is better in this case. 

If you are a candidate, you must earn a minimum score of 70% to achieve professional six sigma certification. 


Multiple training institutes provide six sigma courses in collaboration with eminent certification bodies. An average lean six sigma certification cost in India ranges between Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000. 

Here is a breakdown of the comprehensive list of costs of the six sigma belts. 

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Rs 13,599 
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: Rs 9,599 
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification: Rs 5,500 

Two Different Paths to Certification

If you are wondering how to get six sigma certification, you must follow two paths. So, you must undertake six or lean six sigma courses to achieve your professional certification designation. Both paths have different levels of certification that progress to the master black belt level. You can take the six sigma exam if you have more than three years of experience in one or more six sigma areas. However, if you lack experience and wish to study for the test, you can undertake the lean six sigma exam. 

A) Exam Pattern

Here is the exam pattern of the six sigma belts. 

  • Six Sigma White Belt 

Duration: 30 minutes 

Question paper pattern: Objective type 

1. Six Sigma Yellow Belt 

Number of questions: 75 

Duration: 2 hours 

Question paper pattern: Objective type 

2. Six Sigma Green Belt 

Number of questions: 100 

Duration: 3 hours 

Question paper pattern: Objective type 

3. Six Sigma Black Belt 

Number of questions: 150 

Duration: 4 hours 

Question paper pattern: Objective type 

4. Six Sigma Master Black Belt 

Number of questions: 110 and performance-based assessment 

Duration: 5 hours 18 minutes 

B) Exam Duration

The six sigma practice test happens at multiple levels ranging from the white belt to the master black belt. So, the exam duration depends on the six sigma belts you choose and ranges between 30 minutes to 5 hours. 

Six Sigma Prep Resources (Official Books)

You will find multiple prep resources to learn how to become sigma certified within the stipulated time. Scroll down to discover some official books that will help you prepare for the certification exam and understand the core concepts. 

Six Sigma Certification Preparation Tips

Now that you know how to obtain six sigma certification, here is a breakdown of the prep tips for becoming successful in the methodology. 

  • Test yourself by attempting the practice questions. 
  • Try following the official books and study guides on how to get sigma six certifications. 
  • Take a training course to understand the concepts and methodology. 
  • Review the syllabus and prepare a study routine. 
  • Learn to use the relevant tools and techniques.  

Is Six Sigma Certification Worth It?

Six sigma certification is one of the most acclaimed courses related to quality management in organizations using multiple tools and techniques for their products and services. Quality tops the list of an organization’s integrity and reputation. The six sigma methodology helps individuals develop standards to ensure zero product wastage or defects. So, if you are a professional working in organizations catering to quality products and services, six sigma certification is worth it for you.  


Six sigma certification provides you with the best methodologies to analyze the processes and operations related to products and services. The methodologies help you initiate outcomes to decrease product defects and reduce wastage. The process helps you improve your leadership, management, risk assessment, team building, and financial skills. So you can undertake the certification course and excel in your career. 

Now, the question is – how to get 6 sigma certification online. You can choose KnowledgeHut’s Six Sigma courses and complete the certification online at your convenience. The certification and its related concepts and methodology will help you brainstorm ideas to prevent product wastage and defects in your organization. 


Mounika Narang


Mounika Narang is a project manager having a specialisation in IT project management and Instructional Design. She has an experience of 10 years 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How long does it take to become 6 Sigma certified?

It takes around 2 to 10 weeks to become a 6 sigma certified professional.

2How do I get my Sigma six certification?

You can get your sigma 6 certification by undertaking training courses and passing the exam with a minimum score of 70%.

3Is it hard to get Six Sigma certified?

It isn’t hard to become a six sigma certified professional. A disciplined study time, sound preparation, and relevant experience can help you clear the exam.

4How much does it cost to do Six Sigma?

Six sigma certification in India costs between Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000.