Six Sigma Green Belts vs. Black Belts : What's the Difference?

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02nd Jan, 2023
Six Sigma Green Belts vs. Black Belts : What's the Difference?

Successful firms lay great emphasis on quality and strive to achieve the highest standards in their products and services. The Six Sigma methodology has helped to give many companies the leading edge against their competitors, by implementing process improvements across the enterprise that help them realise their maximum potential. Those who are not familiar with the Six Sigma jargon may have heard of Green Belts and Black Belts, but may not know what the key differences are between the two.

Both Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts are trained professionals who are responsible for streamlining process quality and improving the key metrics of a business. Green Belts generally carry out process improvement or project management tasks in addition to other work responsibilities- that is to say; quality improvement is not their entire or sole responsibility. Green Belts are considered as the future leaders of the company. As they work with stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, they are considered as valuable assets. Green Belts work under the supervision and mentorship of Black Belts. Green Belts who find they want to lead quality change initiatives on a larger scale across the organisation can take the next step and undertake the Black Belt Certification.

Black Belts are leaders and change agents, who assume the entire responsibility of turning around quality standards and process improvements in the organisation. Their specialised training and experience enables them to work on cross functional projects across the enterprise, not just projects within one business unit or department. Black Belt training goes beyond that of the Green Belt level to include highly advanced statistical analysis tools and techniques. Their proven managerial acumen and abilities to withstand pressure and deliver projects on time without compromising on quality standards will stand the organisation in good stead. Skilled Black Belts who have significant experience and a positive never-say-die attitude can go very far in their career and assume top leadership positions within the organisation.


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