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What is Six Sigma Black Belt? How to Get IASSC Certified?

12th Sep, 2023
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    What is Six Sigma Black Belt? How to Get IASSC Certified?

    Ensuring a high quality of outputs is a defining characteristic of any organization. This makes the implementation of the six sigma quality standards a key objective for any organization. Six sigma quality standards have stood the test of time as organizations have been using it for over 25 years. In this context holding an IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is valuable to any organization.

    The certification goes beyond learning how to manage quality, it also handles improving processes, removing wastage, and optimizing cost. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt holder is someone who has validated their knowledge and ability by passing the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam by scoring at least 70%. Let us dive into the process of getting IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified.


    IASSC does not prescribe any prerequisites for candidates who want to attempt the six-sigma black belt exam. You could attempt the exam without any experience or training. IASSC allows you to get certified by clearing the exam. You could purchase an exam voucher by paying $395.  

    It is recommended that you get trained by a legitimate training provider. You could also attempt a sample exam offered by IASSC to check if you’re ready to clear the exam. You could also attempt the six-sigma yellow belt or six-sigma green belt exams if you are not ready to clear the black belt exam.  

    But what is the Six Sigma Black Belt certification all about, and what does it focus on?

    Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Curriculum 

    The topics that need to be covered for the lean six sigma black belt certification are listed in the IASSC Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. The lean six sigma method is divided into five phases. The topics fall under any of the phases of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC). These phases cover the implementation and application of the lean six sigma method.  

    Learning Objectives & Application

    Implementing a six-sigma method in your projects will help you reduce the wastage and in turn optimize costs. The improved quality of products and services will help the organization perform better as well as increase customer satisfaction. Improving processes will increase efficiency and result in a faster delivery time. Six sigma also includes measures to identify issues at an early stage and finding solutions to resolve/address the issues. It also results in placing measures to identify errors and prevent them from occurring again. Implementing six sigma also improves the effectiveness of leadership, communication, and problem solving. What is six sigma black belt training and how does one prepare for it?

    How to Prepare for the Exam

    To make sure that you are ready to take the exam, you should opt for a training program that includes comprehensive training on all the concepts and focuses on preparing for the exam. Trainers who are themselves certified six sigma black belts with extensive experience of applying six sigma concepts on real projects. Courses like KnowledgeHut Six Sigma Black Belt have earned the reputation and track-record of getting many professionals certified as six sigma black belts.  

    The most effective way of learning a concept is to practice it. If you practice lean six sigma practices in your work, you will understand it better. Hence learning from experts with practical experience and implementing it by yourself are potent ways to prepare for the exam apart from studying concepts and taking mock tests.  

    Details of the Exam 

    Before you take the exam, it is important for you to understand what it involves. The exam is available to anyone who can buy the six-sigma exam voucher. The voucher costs $395. The exam itself is four hours long. Candidates will be expected to answer 150 questions. The format is of multiple choice and true or false questions. These questions will cover every section of the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge. This is a proctored exam and candidates need to score at least 70% to clear the exam. There is also a non-proctored version of the exam which can be used as a mock exam to test your exam readiness.

    Policies and Procedures of the Exam 

    The online version of the exam can be scheduled at any time. This will be led by a professional IASSC Proctor through the virtual online test environment. The in-person tests are conducted in over 8000 testing centers spread over 165 countries. On clearing the test, professionals are awarded the IASSC Black Belt Certification issued by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. What are six sigma black belt certification requirements, and who can become six sigma black belt certified?

    Application Process

    IASSC has the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam as the only requirement to be met to get certified. You do not need to clear the yellow belt or green belt exam to be eligible for the black belt exam. You are not required to meet any training requirements or experience in any profession to prove your eligibility. Anyone can buy an exam voucher and if they pass the exam, they can get certified.

    Awarding of Certification 

    Sample Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

    What is a six-sigma black belt certificate and why is it so valuable? The IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt credential is awarded to any professional who can clear the exam. IASSC does not prescribe any other prerequisites for certification. The certificate itself is issued as a PDF. IASSC also has an Official IASSC Certification Register which includes every professional getting the Six Sigma Black Belt designation. The Certification also includes a certification number and a certification badge which can be added to their public profiles, resume etc. as far as it follows IASSC Certification Marks and Titles.  

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    IASSC recognizes anyone who passes the exam as a professional. The IASSC Recertification Policy that came out on March 1, 2017, has given guidelines in it to establish what makes a certificate “Current”. A certificate has a three-year validity during which it will be called current. If a professional fails to recertify in three years, the status will change to “elapsed”. This is to ensure that certification is not one-time proof of competence but is a continuous journey of staying updated about the latest practices. This is achieved by having the professional recertify by taking a two-hour exam that has 75 questions.  This comes with a fee of $175 and requires a minimum score of 70%.

    A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is not simply a certification or designation. It is proof of competency in quality management in line with the six sigma principles. It is a badge that assures the organization or recruiters of a professional’s knowledge and skills. A professional who gets a certification and can leverage the benefits of the six sigma principles in an organizational setting is a valuable addition to any organization.  Leading organizations across the private sector and the public sector rely on IASSC’s lean six sigma principles when it comes to quality control and process improvement. Join the league of six sigma practitioners across the world making decisive differences to the performance of their organizations.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How Long Does It Take to Get a Six Sigma Black Belt?

    The only requirement for getting a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is to pass the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam by getting at least 70% of the answers correct.

    2Can I start with Six Sigma Black Belt?

    Yes, the lean six sigma black belt certification does not have any prerequisites. If you can pass the black belt exam you will get certified.

    3Is getting a Six Sigma Black Belt worth it?

    Yes, a six-sigma black belt certification holder is an expert in reducing wastage, improving processes, quality, and a lot more. Six sigma is a proven method that has been in practice for decades and its benefits are well proven.

    4What is the cost of Six Sigma certification?

    Six sigma certification cost has two aspects to it. The training cost and the Exam cost. The training cost will differ based on your location. You can find your relevant rate on our schedule page. The exam cost for IASSC lean six sigma black belt exam is $395.

    5How can I get Six Sigma certification?

    You can get the six-sigma certification by joining a training program and clearing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam.

    6Can you get Six Sigma certified online?

    Yes, you can take the proctored exam online. You can also undergo training online if you choose to do so.

    7Which Six Sigma certification is best?

    IASSC’s Six Sigma certification is one of the best in the world as it does not require any prior experience or any other certifications. It does not even require any formal training. The exam ensures that the participant is clear about six sigma concepts and practices.

    8Does Six Sigma certification expire?

    IASSC considers everyone who has held a six-sigma certificate as a six-sigma professional. Starting in 2017, certifications come with a current tag. This changes to elapse if you fail to renew your certification even after 3 years of getting certified. To keep the certification, “current”, the candidate will need to take a recertification exam and clear it every three years.


    Shivender Sharma

    Blog Author

    Shivendra Sharma, an accomplished author of the international bestseller 'Being Yogi,' is a multifaceted professional. With an MBA in HR and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he boasts 15 years of experience in business and digital transformation, strategy consulting, and process improvement. As a member of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), he has led multi-million dollar savings through organization-wide transformation projects. Shivendra's expertise lies in deploying Lean and Six Sigma tools across global stakeholders in EMEA, North America, and APAC, achieving remarkable business results. 

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