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CASP vs CISSP | Top Cybersecurity Certifications Compared

17th Jan, 2024
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    CASP vs CISSP | Top Cybersecurity Certifications Compared

    The modern market is all about competition. Hence, it is no wonder that job hunting is tough in this crowded environment. However, there are also ways to stay ahead of the competition and find a job that helps with career growth. For example, you can opt for certification courses like CASP and CISSP, which are in high demand and can help you advance your career. This article will inform you about CASP vs CISSP differences and teach you more about each course. Knowing the differences between CASP and CISSP will help you make an informed decision. Take CISSP classes online to get the best knowledge and learning.

    CASP vs CISSP Comparison 

    Check below the differences between CASP and CISSP:





    CASP is an advanced certification focusing on security assessment and testing. 

    CISSP, on the other hand, is a professional certification that focuses on information security management. 

    Offered By 

    CASP certification is offered by ISACA. 

    CISSP certification is offered by (ISC)2. 

    Years of Experience Required 

    CASP only requires one year of experience. 

    The CISSP requires five years of experience. 

    Domains Covered 

    CASP exam covers seven information security domains: access control systems and methodology, architecture and design, communication and network security, cryptography, legal issues in information security, and operational procedures for managing authorization controls for IT resources. 

    CISSP exam covers 10 domains of information security, which include: access control systems and methodology, architecture and design, communications and network security, cryptography, information security governance, and risk management, legal and operational procedures, people and organizations, physical and environmental security, and software development security. 

    Abilities Tested 

    CASP certification tests your ability to use skills such as risk analysis, incident response planning, and penetration testing. 

    CISSP certification tests your ability to understand concepts like risk assessment, network infrastructure protection, and incident response management. 

    Certification Cost 

    It is lower in comparison to CISSP. 

    Certification cost is higher in comparison to CASP. 


    CASP is a performance-based certification for practitioners. 

    CISSP is not a performance-based certification but mainly for managers. 

    Differences Between CASP and CISSP

    Here are some more differences between both courses based on some basic parameters: 

    CASP vs CISSP - Exam Details

    Be it CISSP or CASP, both are considered tough courses that need proper preparations on a candidate's end. However, the CISSP certification exam is tougher than the other one. So, let's take a quick look at the pattern of this examination. 

    1. The number of questions one must answer is 250 
    2. The time for answering the questions is 6 hours 
    3. This is a certificate course that emphasizes management and the theoretical part. The focus on the practical part is a little low. 

    It is now time to take a quick look at some points about the CASP certification exam. 

    1. The total number of questions in this test is 80 
    2. A candidate gets 3 hours to answer all the questions 
    3. The exam focuses more on the technical and practical aspects of cyber security 

    While talking about the exam details, it is also important to look at the topics that the certification courses cover. Certain similar topics are covered in both. They are: 

    1. Enterprise security 
    2. Research and analysis 
    3. Risk management 
    4. Communications and business disciplines 
    5. Incident response 
    6. Technical integration of enterprise components 
    7. Integration of computing

    Other than these, here are some more topics that are covered in the CISSP course:

    1. Asset security
    2. Security and risk management
    3. Communications and network security
    4. Security engineering
    5. Software development security
    6. Security assessment and testing
    7. Identity and access management
    8. Security operations

    CASP vs CISSP - Certification Levels

    CISSP and CASP certifications are beneficial when they concern a professional looking forward to ways they can advance their career. Talking about the cost, of course, the CASP costs are less than CISSP.

    Let us look at the scope of the certification. Those who have CASP certification are the professionals that can not only lead solutions but design them too. CISSP-certified professionals, on the other hand, would be more focused on dealing with technical solutions. Designing the solutions is not something they focus on.

    When you opt for a certificate course, these are the differences that you should consider. You can appropriately advance your career if you opt for the right course.

    CASP vs CISSP - Domains

    When it comes to CISSP exam, there are eight domains for which candidates must prepare. Here is a quick look at them: 

    1. Asset Security
    2. Security and Risk Management
    3. Security Engineering
    4. Identity and Access Management
    5. Security Operations
    6. Communications and Network Security
    7. Security Assessment and Testing
    8. Software Development Security

    Take a quick look at the domains under CASP:

    1. Enterprise Security
    2. Risk Management and Incident Response
    3. Technical Integration of Enterprise Components
    4. Research, Analysis and Assessment

    CASP vs CISSP - Salary Prospects

    Besides job satisfaction, a better salary is the motivating factor for a candidate to opt for either CASP or CISSP certification courses. So, what can you expect to get after you have passed and acquired one of the certificates?

    As a CASP-certified professional, you can earn nearly $100,800 in the USA. Those who are CISSP certified professionals can expect to earn around $80,540 in the US if they opt for the role of Information Security Analyst. If they choose to work as Security architects, then, on average, they can earn around $110,451 in the US.

    CASP vs CISSP - Job Opportunities

    Be it one online Security course or the other; both can help a candidate advance their career. However, there are certain differences that you should know about.

    For instance, the common jobs that you can get after getting your CISSP certificate are:

    1. Chief Information Security Officer
    2. Network Architect
    3. Director of Security
    4. Chief Information Officer
    5. IT director/manager
    6. Security Analyst
    7. Security Auditor
    8. Security Systems Engineer
    9. Security Manager
    10. Security Consultant
    11. Security Architect

    Here is a quick look at the jobs that you can get after you acquire a CASP+ plus certificate:

    1. Security Architect
    2. SOC Manager
    3. Senior Security Engineer
    4. Security Analyst

    How are CASP and CISSP Similar?

    CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner) are similar in many ways. Both are designed to assess the skills of an IT professional, but CISSP goes further than CASP. The two certifications also overlap in terms of what they teach you and how they prepare you for careers as security specialists.

    When it comes to CASP vs. CISSP, both are two well-known certifications in the field of information security. Both these certifications are vendor-neutral and cover a broad range of topics, including risk management, security concepts, attack methods, cryptography, and access control.

    CASP and CISSP focus on security concepts because they include theoretical and practical knowledge. Candidates should be familiar with the various areas of information security, like risk management, cryptography, etc., to pass these exams successfully. However, it is optional that candidates must have hands-on experience in every topic covered by them before appearing for the exam.

    As long as you have good knowledge about each topic, taking up one or both of these courses can benefit your IT career.

    What is Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)?

    CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is a globally recognized certification that IT or IT security professionals can get. The certificate is offered by International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)². With the help of this certificate, people can get adequate knowledge to get high-paying jobs.

    What is CASP?

    CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner is the full course form, often called CASP+. This is a course that is ideal for professionals engaged in technical fields, especially people working in cybersecurity. This certificate can help a person get a high-paying job in a technical field. Also, it can help them explore new paths in technology.

    This is a hands-on experience certificate for professionals to advance their careers. Here is a quick look at the opportunities professionals can explore with their advanced security practitioner certification.

    • Risk management
    • Cyber security architecture
    • Cyber security operations
    • Integration, along with research and development of enterprise security


    No clear distinction can determine that one course is better than the other. It all depends on a candidate's requirements and how they look forward to advancing their career. When it is about the CASP certification is better suited for those keen on getting involved in the technological field as a practitioner. For those who want to remain in the technological field but more as a manager or to focus on management strategies, the course of CISSP is well-suited. Also, you can take CASP or KnowlegeHut CISSP classes online to prepare better.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is CASP harder than CISSP?

    CISSP is a bit harder than CASP. However, compared to other certification courses, both are tough to crack. Also, it is important in this debate between CASP vs CISSP you choose the best suited for you. 

    2Is CASP worth getting?

    CASP is worth getting as it can open new and lucrative opportunities for you in cyber security. 

    3How long does it take to study for CASP?

    Depending on your capability to grasp the course material, it may take a few weeks to a few months.

    4What is the passing score for CASP?

    Though there are no specific passing marks, the candidates are expected to score above 80% in the exam. One such cyber security certification can open the door to a better professional life. 


    Vitesh Sharma

    Blog Author

    Vitesh Sharma, a distinguished Cyber Security expert with a wealth of experience exceeding 6 years in the Telecom & Networking Industry. Armed with a CCIE and CISA certification, Vitesh possesses expertise in MPLS, Wi-Fi Planning & Designing, High Availability, QoS, IPv6, and IP KPIs. With a robust background in evaluating and optimizing MPLS security for telecom giants, Vitesh has been instrumental in driving large service provider engagements, emphasizing planning, designing, assessment, and optimization. His experience spans prestigious organizations like Barclays, Protiviti, EY, PwC India, Tata Consultancy Services, and more. With a unique blend of technical prowess and management acumen, Vitesh remains at the forefront of ensuring secure and efficient networking solutions, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the cybersecurity landscape.

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