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CISSP Pass Rate & What to Do to Pass CISSP in First Attempt

17th Jan, 2024
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    CISSP Pass Rate & What to Do to Pass CISSP in First Attempt

    The CISSP is considered among the top-grade certifications in the information security sector. This abbreviated term stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is the course that can open new doors for you in your career. However, passing this certification examination is not easy. This article will take you through what you should and should not do to make sure you pass the examination on the first try. 

    CISSP Exam Details

    This is a certificate recognized by all the renowned IT or IS companies. When you prepare properly and get the highest possible score, new opportunities pop up. Preparing for this examination is indeed difficult and daunting. However, it is very much possible to pass the examination. 

    Here are some details that you need to know when you are trying for the certified information systems security professional training 

    • The total duration of the exam is of 6 hours 
    • There are 250 questions that you need to answer 
    • The questions come from the 8 domains on which the syllabus is based 
    • The minimum requirement for passing the examination is 70%. You have to score 700 out of 1000 to get the certificate. 
    • The examination includes both advanced innovative questions and multiple-choice questions. 
    • The certificate remains valid for three years. After that, you need to recertify yourself 
    • Also, once you get the certificate, you need to get continuous professional through writing papers and attending webinars. 

    To appear for the CISSP certification exam, you need to have at least 5 years of full-time work experience. This also includes at least 2 domains of CBK. You can also take the examination if you have a 4 years college degree. 

    CISSP Pass Rate

    The demand for CISSP certificates is on the rise. Do you know on average how many people get their new certification each week? The number is nearly 150. Though this is a rapidly growing course, the examination to pass it is still tough. It also requires a thorough and somewhat grueling study plan. Even if you have experience in this field, you cannot rely on it to get passing marks. So you must go through the study materials properly if you are keen on getting the certificate. 

    This difficulty, however, has a positive side. It ensures that people who are joining this domain are skilled and knowledgeable. Also, if you have this cyber security course certificate, you will be considered one of the sought-after candidates by the different employers. 

    Passing this examination is tough, and that is why you need to make sure to study properly. However, on average, 50% to 60% of candidates who give the examination pass it. 

    Why You Might Fail the CISSP?

    Knowing what to do to succeed in the exam is not enough. Do you know why? It is because you also need to know why you may fail the examination. In this section, we'll take a deeper look to lay out the points that can help you prepare better for your CISSP examination. 

    • Scratching the surface won’t work 

    Many think that only glancing through the course and knowing some highlighted points are enough to pass the examination. If you think the same, you are very right in your wrong notion. This is an examination that is based on a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Also, in the examination, you will be asked to apply the knowledge you have acquired to real-world scenarios. You have to pass judgment on certain situations to answer these questions effectively. This means cramming will not work and will harm you in the long run. The best way to make sure that you pass your exam and get good grades is to study properly. 

    • Study plan helps 

    A proper plan can help you go a long way, and this also applies when you are preparing for CISSP. This means you need to identify those areas which you would consider your weak points. Other than that, you also need to make sure not to ignore the subjects in which you are strong. Finally, prepare a plan to establish a balance between all the subjects you have to cover to give your exam in the best way possible. 

    • Don’t second guess 

    There is no doubt that this examination is challenging. However, that doesn't mean you start second-guessing yourself while giving it. The exam is mentally exhausting, and there is high tension when you answer the questions. That is why you must go through many mock tests before the actual exam so that you don't end up second guessing yourself and ruin your examination. If you are prepared, be confident that you will pass your exam. 

    • Questions can confuse you 

    To say that the questions in this exam are straightforward would be to sugarcoat reality. The questions are far from straightforward, even if the answer is simple. Hence, you must give the exam from the point of view of a manager as this is a managerial examination. 

    Tips to Crack CISSP Exam

    When you fail to pass your CISSP Exam, it is no wonder that you may feel disheartened. However, the first thing you need to do is not feel that. You should also not think that one failure can upset all your chances of succeeding. It only means you need to pay a bit more attention to your preparation process for the next time. 

    Do you know that only some have cleared this exam on the first try? Yes, the list also includes some of those who are considered the best in the market. This means you are not the only one, and you should dust up yourself to get ready for the next exam 

    Keep calm and study on: Calm your mind and first list the things that you did wrong either while preparing for the examination, or during the exam itself. This will give you a clear idea of what not to do while you are preparing for the second time 

    Keep practicing: Practice makes a person perfect. So, make sure to devote your time to practice tests that can help you prepare better for the examination. 

    Identify weak areas: You need to find the areas you think you need to study better. Paying more emphasis on those areas can certainly help you in giving your exam in a better way 

    Change the way you study: When you are trying again to prepare for the exam, then there is one question that you need to ask yourself. Was your study effective? If not, you need to tweak or change how you study and prepare for the examination. 

    Contributing factor: Last but not least, you need to ask yourself why you have failed. From lack of preparation to getting nervous, there can be several reasons. 

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    Passing the CISSP certainly opens new doors for you. However, prepare properly to pass this tough examination. You can take the help of KnowledgeHut certified information systems security professional training. Also, make sure to recertify yourself every three years before the validity of your current certificate expires. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How difficult is the CISSP exam? Is CISSP hard?

    Passing the CISSP exam is hard. However, with proper preparation, you can crack on the first try. 

    2Can I pass CISSP in 30 days?

    If you study methodically, you can pass the exam in 30 days. 

    3How many people in the world are CISSP certified?

    Nearly 150,000 people are CISSP certified. 

    4How long is a CISSP valid?

    The CISSP is valid for three years. It would help if you got recertified after that period. 


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