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Best CISSP Study Guides for 2024 + CISSP Study Plan

01st Jul, 2024
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    Best CISSP Study Guides for 2024 + CISSP Study Plan

    The shorthand for Certified Information Systems Security Professional is referred to as CISSP. IT specialists can demonstrate their academic understanding and hands-on expertise in IT security by earning the CISSP certification. The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC) created the certification. The most trusted and authentic CISSP study guides can help you get there.

    A theoretical exam covering security-related subjects from eight domains must be passed to receive a certificate. Networking, encryption, physical security, IT and software design, and legal considerations are only a few of the issues covered by the domains. In addition, documentation demonstrating several years of experience in IT security is required.

    If you are looking for CISSP certification, you can opt for either CISSP certification training online or offline as per your requirements. The training will help you by providing you with the best CISSP preparation.

    You must be committed and motivated to pass the CISSP certification exam. If you don't make a plan for the CISSP exam prep and don't give yourself a deadline for finishing your study, earning this certificate could be difficult. To put it another way, you must adhere to CISSP study material.

    CISSP Exam: Overview

    The CISSP exam lasts for three hours, and has 150 multiple-choice questions, and the candidate must score 70% or higher to clear the CISSP exam. In addition, the candidate needs to pay a $699 CISSP exam fee before appearing for the exam.  

    The CISSP exam is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, French, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and German. However, all languages have slight differences in the CISSP exam number of questions and duration compared to the English version.

    The CISSP exam has a different score system. A student attempts 100 questions, out of which only 75 are marked and count toward their final score. The 25 questions are non-graded questions used to evaluate future test questions. Here is an account of the CISSP Paas Rate.

    The CISSP certification exam consists of eight domains:  

    1. Security and Risk Management
    2. Asset Security
    3. Security Architecture and Engineering
    4. Communications and Network Security
    5. Identity and Access Management
    6. Security Assessment and Testing
    7. Security Operations
    8. Software Development Security

    In order to keep up with the advancements in security standards and technology, these domains are regularly updated. Their last update occurred in 2021, and their previous one was in 2018.

    The only significant change in the new edition of 2021 is that questions covered under Domain 4 have been reduced by 1%, and topics covered under Domain 8 have been increased by 1%.

    CISSP Study Guides Comparison

    There are prerequisites that you must fulfill in order to become a certified information security specialist. As a result, we've put together a list of the top resources you can purchase to study for the CISSP exam.

    Study GuideCISSP official study guideCISSP All-in-one exam guideCISSP study guideEleventh Hour CISSPCISSP official practice tests
    AwardEditor's choiceBest value
    Budget pick
    Practice Exam questions2300+ questions1400+ questions2 practice test50+ questions1300+ questions
    Pages1536 pages1456 pages622 pages238 pages456 pages

    3 Month CISSP Exam Study Plan

    Let's break down a 3-month CISSP exam study plan in simple terms: 

    1. Month 1: Getting to Know CISSP 

    • Week 1-2- Dive into Domains: Spend these weeks familiarizing yourself with the eight CISSP domains. Don't get too deep yet just grasp the big picture of what each domain covers. 
    • Week 3: Baseline Assessment: Take a baseline practice test to see where you stand. Don't stress about the score; it's just to understand your starting point. 
    • Week 4: Pick a Study Guide: Choose a study guide or book that vibes with your learning style. Everyone's got their own groove, find yours. 

    2. Month 2: Deep Dive into Domains 

    • Week 1-2: Domain Deep Dive: Pick one domain at a time and go deep. Read, watch videos, and use various resources to understand the nitty-gritty. 
    • Week 3: Flashcards and Notes: Create flashcards for key concepts and make short notes. These will be your sidekicks in the last-minute revision. 
    • Week 4: Practice Questions: Start integrating practice questions into your routine. This helps reinforce what you've learned and gets you used to the exam format. 

    3. Month 3: Practice, Practice, Practice 

    • Week 1-2: Simulated Exams: Begin doing full-length simulated exams. Mimic the exam environment as closely as possible, including time constraints. 
    • Week 3: Weakness Focus: Identify your weak spots from the simulated exams and focus on strengthening those areas. It's like patching up the leaks in your CISSP ship. 
    • Week 4: Final Review and Relax: Take a final review of your notes, flashcards, and any weak areas. But, also, don't forget to take a breather. Relaxation is a key ingredient for retention. 

    Bonus Tips: 

    • Consistency is Key: Consistency beats cramming. It's better to do a bit every day than to pull all-nighters. 
    • Join a CISSP Community: Connect with fellow CISSP aspirants online. Share your struggles and triumphs. It's like having a study buddy, but virtual. 
    • Stay Positive: This journey might get tough but stay positive. You got this! Remember, even Batman had to train before saving Gotham. 

    The Importance of Having a CISSP Study Plan

    Most students don't really follow their study plans or don't have any organised ones. Their performance consequently degrades. Once students understand the importance of a study plan, they prepare and follow one. In this section, I have highlighted the importance of having a study plan when preparing for the CISSP exam: 

    • A clear action plan that arises with a little thought and preparation helps to eliminate confusion. Furthermore, it gives direction. 
    • Having a proper strategy requires having a thorough comprehension of your course or syllabus, which makes you feel in control and organised. 
    • Set goals are like milestones that must be reached. Every goal reached serves as inspiration for the next one. Because comprehension grows and things become clearer, one quickly comes to appreciate the process. 
    • Priorities become apparent, allowing for the appropriate amount of focus and effort to be put into learning each subject. 
    • Studying at strange hours is unnecessary because work does not accrue. One's bodily and emotional well-being are also protected by this. 
    • Establishing regular study hours fosters discipline and improves focus. 
    • It is no longer necessary to press the panic buttons. 
    • It is possible to find time for leisure and amusement while still hitting the goals in order to mentally recharge. 

    Top CISSP Study Guide For 2024  

    Here are the best CISSP books, study aids, and other resources to use to earn your certification! 

    1. Eleventh Hour CISSP: Study Guide 3rd Edition by Eric Conrad, Seth Misenar and Joshua Feldman 

    This book is designed to contain only key certification content and is organized for convenience of last-minute studying. It has been updated for the most recent version of the CISSP test. The best possibility for users to pass the exam is provided by the thorough and concise coverage of all CISSP domains. 


    • Key ideas are emphasized for last-minute study while important topics are conveyed simply. 
    • answers some of the most difficult exam questions. 
    • No filler: only substance! 
    • The week before the exam is ideal for review. 


    • This review does not serve as a replacement for the entire textbook. 
    • Although publishing dates are TBD, the writers state that the title will be revised after the Study Guide is published. 

    2. The CISSP Study Guide By Eric Conrad, Seth Misenar, and Joshua Feldman 

    The CISSP Study Guide is a well-liked and trusted resource for CISSP among aspirants. 


    • This study guide is shorter than usual at 600 pages, making it simpler to complete. 
    • Experienced authors: This book benefits from the combined knowledge of three of the most accomplished and qualified experts in CISSP, with all three authors contributing their vast experience in the IT Security domain. 
    • Comprehensive without being intimidating: unlike the CBK, this book provides a good overview of all subject matter for the CISSP exam and beyond without going overboard with the technical components. 


    • Length: Due to the book's condensed nature, many aspirants feel that they must consult additional resources in order to finish the entire CISSP syllabus. 

    3. CISSP Cert Guide by Troy McMillan and Robin Abernathy 


    The CISSP Cert Guide, written by Troy McMillan and Robin Abernathy of Kaplan, is a plain, easy-to-understand examination guide. 


    • Written in a clear, understandable manner. 
    • In-depth explanations are provided for operational, cryptographic, and individual security. 
    • prepared for exams. 


    • Usefulness as a post-exam reference: Because the handbook is almost entirely geared toward candidates hoping to pass the CISSP examination, its usefulness as a reference for CISSP professionals working in the field is, at best, uneven. 

    4. CISSP Exam Cram, 3rd edition by Michael Gregg 

    CISSP Exam Cram, Third Edition, is the appropriate study book to help you pass the challenging new electronic edition of the CISSP exam. The CD's cutting-edge test engine offers real-time practice and feedback, and the book includes a comprehensive collection of study aids, including quizzes, Exam Alerts, and two practice exams. 


    • Includes a study guide to aid students in memorizing the test's key concepts. 
    • Includes many quizzes. 
    • Length: at 640 pages, it is a manageable size. 


    • One of the book's many critics laments how many errors made it into the final, published version, including wrongly marked responses to several questions. 
    • The CDROM's electronic material is not very useful. 

    5. CISSP For Dummies By Lawrence C. Miller 

    One of the best CISSP guides 2024, CISSP For Dummies gives you a welcoming and approachable foundation for learning for this highly sought-after certification, making it the perfect place to begin your journey.  


    • Simple, approachable, pick-up-and-read style. 
    • includes access to the test engine and online site for Dummies. 


    • Since 2012, the book has not been updated. 

    6. The CISSP All In One Exam Guide, By Shon Harris 

    This current self-study manual gives complete coverage of all eight exam domains and adequately prepares candidates for the difficult CISSP exam. This edition has undergone extensive revision to reflect the 2021 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge and has undergone reengineering to support self-determined learning more effectively. 


    • The paperback edition also comes with a digital eBook and a video training lesson. The package includes a Windows-based test engine with more than 1400 practice exam questions. The layout and content are expertly planned. 


    • The book is lengthy at 1486 pages, and some candidates believe the language is too verbose and detailed to be helpful for someone studying for the CISSP exam.
    • The scope of the exam does not cover all of the topics in the book.
    • Not everyone will enjoy the comedy in the book!

    7. CISSP In 3 Weeks by Nichel James 

    This do-it-yourself "kit," written by Security Engineer Nichel James, is more of a preparation manual for professionals taking the CISSP exam than a comprehensive manual.


    • Excellent, practical, and practical advice on the dos and don'ts of exam preparation.
    • Kindle edition: This book is available for free download if you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited.


    • Length: with 28 pages, it serves more as an overview of the CISSP exam preparation process.
    • This guidebook is intended for experts with at least four years' experience in the field of IT security.

    8. An Easy Guide to CISSP by Austin Songer 

    This list's most recent addition is Austin Songer's Easy Guide: An independent companion publication to a comprehensive CISSP textbook called CISSP.


    • It is one of the smallest publications for CISSP hopefuls on the market, with only 100 pages.


    • Although the book's first edition was released in 2015, aspirants have yet to take notice of it.

    Also, if you wish to pursue CISSP certification, visit KnowledgeHut’s CISSP certification training online and become a certified CISSP.

    Important Tips for Passing the CISSP Exam  

    You must follow the following advice if you want to pass the CISSP exam on your first try. While preparing for the CISSP exam, read the following and keep it handy. 

    • Know why you are taking the CISSP exam. 
    • understand the CISSP exam's covered domains.
    • Don't rely solely on one study resource. 
    • Take practice tests and mock examinations. 
    • Organize study groups in person or online. 
    • Study using the most effective teaching methods. 
    • Learn everything by concentrating more on your weaker areas. 
    • Set aside time for learning. 
    • Practice the judgment or scenario-based questions. 
    • Prepare a test strategy that you'll utilize on the test. 

    CISSP Exam Prep: How Much Time Should I Spend?

    In terms of the CISSP exam, it should be noted that there is a tenuous link between the course material and the candidate's background: 

    In terms of preparation: 

    1. For Risk Management professionals find 60-70 hours of time quite sufficient to pass the CISSP exam.
    2. For IT professionals, 40-50 hours of study should be sufficient to clear the exam
    3. The ISC2 material is a must-have for all professionals.

    Getting The CISSP Mindset

    Mindset is a key to doing excellent work, whether you are taking an exam or dealing with real-life challenges. It is crucial to approach exams with the right mindset to perform well under pressure. Here is the most effective way to get the CISSP mindset to ace the examination:  

    1. Believing in your abilities

    Believe in yourself and your abilities as a tipping point towards success. Although you have ample knowledge, enough to ace that exam, self-doubt often gets in the way. Consider the effort you have put into covering your syllabus for an entire year. Instead of worrying about what you don’t know, think about what you do know. 

    2. Stop comparing yourself with others

    Comparisons with others can lead to a loss of self-confidence. You become anxious about failure when you compare and engage in unnecessary competition. Additionally, you tend to overvalue your score instead of focusing on your personal growth.  

    By trusting in your own capabilities, you can remain focused on doing your best. Every individual is unique and has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to compare yourself to others since everybody has room to succeed.  

    3. Consider it a new challenge

    The CISSP exam is a steppingstone for moving forward in your life. Instead of seeing it as a threat, view it as a new challenge that you must overcome. A milestone is often seen as a challenge to improve performance and reduce failure anxiety among athletes. Think about ‘what can I do right’ instead of worrying about ‘what if I go wrong.’ Think about all the good things that come your way once you clear the CISSP exam. 

    Let's have a look at CISSP certification study guide for 2024.

    Other CISSP Exam Preparation Resources  

    1. Online Forums and Communities: Join CISSP forums like Reddit or community platforms. Real-life experiences and tips from those who've been there can be goldSome helpful forums are: 
    2. Video Tutorials and Webinars: Explore YouTube or other online platforms for CISSP video tutorials. Sometimes, seeing and hearing concepts explained can make them stick better. Some suggestions: 
    3. Practice Exams: Hit up practice exam websites. The more you practice, the more you get a feel for the exam structure and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Example : Free CISSP Practice test 
    4. Flashcard Apps: Download flashcard apps. There are mobile apps specifically designed for CISSP that let you flip through concepts on the go. You can checkout Destination CISSP Flashcards app on Playstore 
    5. Podcasts: Tune into CISSP podcasts. They're like little knowledge nuggets you can absorb during your commute or while doing chores. Here is the list of best CISSP podcasts. 
    6. Study Groups: Form or join study groups. Sharing the journey with others can keep you motivated, and group discussions often bring out different perspectives. 
    7. Blogs and Articles: Read CISSP blogs and articles. Sometimes, a more casual and practical explanation in a blog post can complement the formal bookish knowledge. One suggestion for helpful blog is “How I prepared for the CISSP exam 
    8. LinkedIn Learning: Check out CISSP courses on LinkedIn Learning. It's like having a virtual classroom, and you can go at your own pace. 
    9. Security Podcasts: Listen to general security podcasts. They might not be CISSP-specific, but they keep you in the security mindset and might cover topics that pop up in the exam. 
    10. Mind Maps and Diagrams: Create your own mind maps or diagrams. Visual aids can help simplify complex concepts. 

    Mix and match these resources to create your personalized CISSP preparation cocktail. The key is to keep it diverse and engaging! 

    How to Choose the Best CISSP Certification Study Guide?

    To choose the top-performing CISSP study guide, you must consider its content, materials, designs, professional reviews, and consumer feedback.

    1. Customer Feedback: By reading customer reviews, you can get a good notion of how other people felt about their experiences while picking which product to buy.
    2. Specifications: The capabilities of the product are described in the specifications. Select a CISSP study guide that has been precisely tailored to meet your needs. Comparing specifications should focus on three main factors: performance, features, and price.
    3. Branding: Good items are made with meticulous attention to detail. They are always there to respond to your inquiries, address product problems, or refund your money if any damage is discovered.

    However, price, quality, and popularity are the three most important factors when choosing the best CISSP certification guide.

    Looking to boost your IT skills? Join our ITIL 4 Foundation Course and unlock new career opportunities. Gain expertise in IT service management and stay ahead in the digital era. Enroll now!

    In Conclusion

    Navigating the vast realm of CISSP preparation in 2024 demands a strategic approach aligned with the latest EEAT guidelines. The best CISSP study guides not only adhere to these standards but also offer comprehensive insights, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Coupled with a meticulously crafted CISSP study plan, candidates can harness effective learning methodologies, covering domains such as security and risk management, asset security, and communication and network security. By prioritizing authoritative resources and strategic planning, aspiring CISSP professionals can optimize their study journey, fortify their knowledge base, and confidently stride towards success in the CISSP examination and beyond, contributing meaningfully to the cybersecurity domain. Demonstrate your abilities, improve your career, and win the support of a community of cybersecurity leaders by obtaining one of the best Cybersecurity training courses online.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How can I pass my CISSP in 30 days?

    The CISSP exam is one of the most challenging exams that requires 100% commitment. However, with a systematic study plan and the right online course KnowledgeHut's best CISSP training, one can pass the CISSP exam in 30 days.

    2How much does a CISSP make?

    On average, a CISSP-certified professional earns USD 116,573 per annum (appx INR 2 million)  

    3What kind of jobs can you get with a CISSP certification?

    There are various jobs the candidate can get with a CISSP certification:  

    • Information Security Manager  
    • Senior Security Consultant  
    • Information Security Analyst  
    • Information Security Specialist  
    • Security Architect, IT  
    • Chief Information Security Officer  
    • Security Consultant (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)  
    4Can I self-study for CISSP?

    Yes. You can self-study for CISSP. 

    5What is the cost of the CISSP study guide?

    Cissp study guides are available in a range of styles and price points. These days, estimating product costs is challenging. The range of prices is so vast that it is impossible to estimate the cost. 

    6Cissp study guide: Is it worthwhile?

    We are constantly barraged with advertisements for the newest and best CISSP study guide. But are they worth our money? When you choose carefully, some of them are, and some are not.  

    7Which CISSP training book is the best for CBK?

    7TH Edition of the CISSP (ISC)2 Official Study Guide This top CISSP training resource is up-to-date and includes the most recent CISSP CBK. This study guide includes comprehensive coverage of every exam objective. You can't expect anything less than the finest from a book by professionals like James Michael Stewart, Mike Chapple, and Darril Gibson.


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