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8 Best Free Website Builder of 2024 [Pros and Cons]

27th Dec, 2023
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    8 Best Free Website Builder of 2024 [Pros and Cons]

    Are you aware that you can create a website from the ground up in only 20 minutes with web building sites free? Below are our top selections for the 9 best free website builders that will allow you to accomplish just that and more. We discovered Wix to be the best alternative for most consumers after extensively assessing the most popular options on the market. Wix is the best tool for novices and experienced alike, thanks to its integrated UI, professionally designed templates that remove the uncertainty of site design, and unrivaled versatility for website makers free online. 

    What is a Website Builder?

    You must first comprehend what a website builder or web design site is free before understanding how it works. A website builder is an application that allows you to design and construct websites without editing any code. You may complete all your tasks without the assistance of a software developer or designer. Also, with specifically designed drag-and-drop website builder software, you can easily select from a wide choice of templates and customize them to reflect your brand's vision! 

    There are both offline and online website builders. Before you can use offline website builders, you must first install them. Because online website builders are employed in a web application, no software is required to be installed. Online website builders are designed to be simple for novice and professional designers. 

    Best Free Web Building Sites of 2024

    The best free website builder overcomes all the difficulties that come with designing your ideal website. Don't you believe it should be basic and straightforward? When you first start off, you don't have to pay anything. 

    • Website builders assist in avoiding the additional expenditures associated with hiring a developer. Developers may be costly, and they frequently do not develop your idea in the way that you can. Instead, a website builder is the ideal do-it-yourself answer. 
    • But stand in line, discussing free website builders or websites for programmers. You can also obtain the same quality as getting it done from external web developers. 
    • You surely can do that with current free website builders, if everything you need is a location for your ecommerce platform, blog, corporate website, or anything similar. 
    • Your sole investment will just be your time spent studying and creating your online home. In case you want to build from scratch, you can join the complete Web Development course

    Wix is the largest of them all. It's clear why they boast more users compared to any other site builder. It has a lot of unique features and fantastic templates. It's the greatest website builder for creating a paid site, according to our studies, but how about a free one? Does it perform similarly in this arena? 

    As a result, we've compiled a list of sites to create a website just for you! 

    1. Wix

    • It all depends on what you're searching for. It's fantastic since the free plan has few constraints in terms of functionality and layouts. On personal Computers, they add a prominent, sticky ad at the top of any website (which stays even while scrolling the page). Fortunately, it is not as noticeable and less sticky with mobile phones. 
    • In addition to the standard Wix editor, you may experiment with ADI (artificial design intelligence). ADI is an innovative web creator that creates your website automatically by asking a set of questions regarding your project. An intriguing technique for novices that is also free to use. 
    • Regarding functionality, it is unquestionably the greatest free website builder and among the best website builders for new enterprises. 
    • If only you wish to utilize a custom domain name or go ad-free it would require the Combo plan, which costs 12€ per month.

    Wix Web Building Sites

    Source: Wix.com

    2. Hubspot: For Lead Generation Websites

    • Hubspot has become one of the most well-known names in inbound marketing, and its all-in-one CRM, marketing automation, and customer support platform is virtually as well as globally acknowledged (at least in the corporate sector). Hubspot's CMS (Content Management System) is a brand-new tool to their arsenal, providing a simple approach for marketing-focused organizations to go online. 
    • This best website builder for small businesses provides a free plan where customers can choose from about 130 website designs, utilize a drag-and-drop builder, and add blogging and landing pages. Your site will be secured by Hubspot's web application firewall or other security measures, ensuring the protection of vital marketing data. 
    • Hubspot doesn't cut corners, and the free edition of the CMS includes full access to the remainder of its product portfolio, including email marketing, CRM, live chat features, support requests, and more. 
    • Of course, because you're on the "freemium" edition, you'll have certain limits (such as 25-page limit), and even the Hubspot logo will appear on your pages. As a corporate user, you should upgrade to a premium membership as soon as possible to consider removing the Hubspot logo and employing your domain. However, the free plan gives you ample time to test everything out. Plans begin at $25 per month.

    Source: Hubspot.com

    3. Webnode: A Modern Editor with Just some Constraints

    • Webnode has redesigned its editor, making it more contemporary. They introduced themes that are both elegant and responsive. It's a shame you can't choose an entirely different theme after your initial selection. 
    • People used to like Webnode's free version because the ad at the bottom was scarcely perceptible. However, it unexpectedly shifted gears. Free sites now have a large, bright blue, and noticeable banner ad that does not retract when users scroll the page down. 
    • If that doesn't deter you, there are a few advantages to working with Webnode.  
    • It's incredibly user-friendly, and while it's not the most feature-rich website builder ever, it covers the essentials rather well: contact forms, Google Maps inclusion, a plethora of themes, and very good SEO choices. 
    • Webnode also has a low-cost option called Limited that costs 3€ per month and allows you to access a domain name that you already own and consult their premium support. This option will retain the Webnode identity.

    Source: Webnode.com

    4. Mozello: Multilingual Websites for Free

    • This Latvian firm is one of the world's smallest players as free web development sites. What we enjoy about Mozello is it allows you to construct a bilingual website for free, something you won't find anyplace else.  
    • A blog, an online store, and strong SEO possibilities are among the features. Happily, the advert is only URL in the foot that most of your visitors will miss. 500MB of storage space is offered, which should be sufficient for many of us. 
    • The one and only significant drawback of this cheap website builder are that there aren't many templates. However, given the breadth of the remaining free features, this is a minor gripe.

    Source: Mozello.com

     5. WordPress: The Best Free Blogging Website Builder

    WordPress, as the best website builder for blogs contains all the functionality, you'll need to operate a great blog in one easy-to-use package. Simply choose a website theme first from hundreds of pre-made templates and construct your site to appear exactly the way you want it to. In WordPress, the sky is the limit regarding what you can accomplish with your blog. Given the dazzling number of templates, plugins, features, and tools at your disposal, it's readily adaptable. 

    • WordPress comes in two variants that are both comparable and distinct. First, there's WordPress.com, this is the simplest and most uncomplicated method for starting a blog nowadays. 
    • All you must do is create a WordPress account and get started blogging for free. Even on WordPress.com's free plan, you may choose one of hundreds of themes, have an SSL certificate preloaded, and take advantage of the crucial aspects of Jetpack, a plugin which aids in security and Optimization efforts. 
    • WordPress.com's subscription plans include multiple benefits such as a free one-year domain name, increased flexibility, ecommerce options such as receiving money on the site, and more. These begin at $4 per month. 
    • However, you may begin for free and develop to your heart's content until you come into any roadblocks to your progress. 
    • WordPress.com is the ideal choice if you're looking to rapidly get a small site up and running for free. 
    • Consider WordPress.org instead if you have more substantial demands, want a website that can be left building out for months or years, or want total flexibility to create and develop your WordPress site into what you desire. 
    • The main distinction here is that WordPress.org would be the open-source platform upon which WordPress.com was created. You may take the site in whatever direction you choose by using WordPress.org. Grab premium themes selected from one of the numerous online markets, integrate sophisticated ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, and much more. 
    • But keep in mind that, unlike WordPress.com, WordPress.org does not offer site hosting. It is your responsibility to choose a hosting provider so that your WordPress.org site may go online.

    Source: Wordpress.com

    WordPress, fortunately, includes a list of recommended hosting. And, among those, we believe Bluehost is one of the finest solutions (even if you aren't hosting a WordPress site). If your needs are customized try the Full Stack Development course. 

    6. Weebly: A Simple Website Maker with Basic Requirements

    Weebly is currently one of the most popular websites creating apps, and it used to be towards the top of our list until being bought by Square. The platform has been relatively ignored since then. Regardless, it deserves a spot on our list of free website builders since it has exceptional usability (due to its easy drag-and-drop editor) and an App Center with extra capabilities. 

    The essential thing to keep in mind is that the free plan will have a prominent advertisement in the website's footer.

    Weebly Website Building Site

    Source: Weebly.com

    7. GoDaddy: The Convenient All-Rounder

    • GoDaddy is a domain name and web hosting behemoth, so it's no surprise that they have their own website builder and is a famous web developer website. It's called GoDaddy Websites with Marketing, and while it's been updated in the last several years, the current edition now has some useful new features - as well as a free plan. 
    • GoDaddy emphasizes making things simple for beginners, from its simple-to-edit mobile-friendly themes to handy add-ons like an email marketing tool, blog, appointment planner, and member pages. Each of these is free to include on your website. 
    • The opportunity to utilize your own domain name or even to start selling the stuff through an online store is not free. In addition, a GoDaddy banner will appear at the top of all your pages. While this is quite usual for a free subscription, one thing that is a bit unexpected is how restricted your SEO possibilities are. To modify aspects like picture alt tags and keywords, you'd need to switch to a higher-level premium plan of this free website template builder.

    Godaddy Web developing Sites

    Source: Godaddy.com

    8. Site123: As simple as 1-2-3?

    Site123 promises to be "by far" the simplest website builder or easy website maker, but although their tool isn't tough to use, we'd argue that there are even easier ones available. What's fantastic about their editor is that they offer some nice-looking responsive themes. Paid options begin at $9.80 per month and include both a basic ecommerce store and an email marketing tool. After signing up, expect to get many email blasts. A little banner stripe appears at the bottom of free web pages.

    Site 123 Web Building Sites

    Source: site123.com

    Which is the Best Website for Web Development?

    Usually, free site builders lack the power and flexibility needed to achieve the style you desire. However, Wix's straightforward drag-and-drop interface makes it simple for anybody to design exactly what they're searching for.  

    Wix allows you complete control over your website's colors, buttons, photos, and other elements. It's the simplest method to make a visually appealing website for free, with no hassles or frustrations. Wix also takes care of the web infrastructure, security, and other technical aspects, so you don't have to. 

    1. Which website builder is easiest to use?

    Wix provides all you need to build a beautiful website in an easy way, plus free web hosting. Upgrade to one of Premium plans to receive even more advantages and features.  

    2. Is it true that free website builders are truly free?

    The fact is that a free website builder does not exist. Obviously, the software's creator may not charge you anything. However, you compensate them in a unique manner: with ad space. When you use free website builders, you are obliged to show advertisements across your site. 

    Steps to Develop a Free Website

    The operation of a website builder is straightforward. 

    • You begin by selecting a template, which sets the overall appearance and experience of your website. 
    • After that, you just design your website with a drag-and-drop editor by modifying the template, adding content, and creating new pages. 
    • Drag-and-drop refers to the act of physically dragging and dropping components and information onto your workspace. 
    • You may include headers, texts, graphics, videos, and a variety of other elements. 
    • What you'll see is precisely how your website will look when it is launched. 
    • By learning about databases, you can also integrate dynamic functionality into your website built with a website builder. Rather than relying solely on the drag-and-drop editor, you can incorporate a database to store and retrieve data, providing interactive features to your website.

    Our previously stated Website Builder provides you with over 140 fully customizable themes. You may quickly customize the menu, divide information into columns, and alter almost everything! 

    Pros and Cons of Free Web Development Sites

    Advantages of Web Development Sites

    1. Nature is free (or inexpensive): The best part about free site builders is that they are free, or almost so. You can usually sign up for a free account and develop a website without paying anything, but if you require an original template, a web address, or control for your advertising, you'll need to pay a charge or subscribe. Even so, the expenditure is manageable. 

    2. Accessibility: Although you possess no prior expertise or knowledge of web design and development, you should be able to use a free site builder. These tools are designed for typical non-experts. You can build a website from scratch if you know how to drag and drop. 

    3. Flexibility: Website builders may provide a lot of freedom if you're ready to spend a little extra. You may customize your templates, change your layout, and utilize a multitude of plugins to create the precise experience you desire. 

    4. Templates: The availability of templates is a fundamental element of website builders. You may generally select from several free templates or pay to gain access to superior, "premium" layouts. It's an excellent place to start if you're not sure what type of site you want. 

    5. Scalability: Website builders are very scalable since they are so simple, accessible, and affordable. They're a desirable choice if you want to develop numerous distinct websites for so many different domains. 

    Disadvantages of Web Building Sites

    1. Designs that are uninspired: WordPress has been used to generate over 455 million distinct websites. That's a lot of individuals using the same collection of templates to build their websites. If you depend too much on pre-existing template designs, you will appear generic - and uninteresting in the face of a sea of competition. 

    2. Limitations that are inherent: There are certain intrinsic restrictions to what a website builder can accomplish - and many more constraints if you're attempting to construct a website fully for free. This might entirely prohibit you from obtaining the desired site. 

    3. Domain and hosting issues : The free and low-cost solutions for names and hosting are often not worth it. If you want quality service, you'll have to pay to improve your plan; even then, you might be happier going independent. 

    4. Issues with branding and image: Whether justified or not, free web builders have a bad reputation. If your visitors discover that your website was constructed with one of these technologies, it may cause minor reputational harm. To avoid such scenarios, white label WordPress development offers a tailored solution, ensuring your website not only functions effectively but also maintains a unique and professional image.

    5. Customer service issues : What if you're unhappy with your website's design? What if the website isn't operating properly? Most website builders do not provide excellent customer service. 


    Free website builders are worth the time and effort for certain organizations and individuals. Hence, we shared free website builder for students. Others find them to be more of a hassle than they're worth. When making your selection, consider all the advantages and drawbacks to ensure you obtain the elevated website your company or concept deserves. You can also get Front End Developer certification.

    Having said that, any of the suggestions throughout this guide are a feasible alternative. Many are better suited to blogging, while others are better suited to specialist websites with amazing designs. Now, build your website.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Can I build a website for free?

    Yes. Wix provides several methods for creating your own free website, allowing you to select the method that is most suitable for you. It is best drag-and-drop website builder. 

    2Where can I design a website for free?

    You can design on the best WordPress website builder or on Wix that offers numerous techniques for making your personal free website, enabling you to choose the one that is best for you.  

    3Is Wix actually free?

    Wix has everything you need to create a great website, as well as free web hosting. Upgrade to one of the Premium plans to get even more benefits and features.  

    4Which website is best for web development?

    Wix is a well-known website builder since it has something for everyone. You can construct a website with the free plan, but it will be on a subnet, and Wix will display adverts. 

    5How can I practice web development?

    Consider making something, and then make it! • Go to the resource management tab to locate a wealth of practice material. Learn more sophisticated CSS techniques. Take some classes that incorporate projects.

    6What is the world's largest Web developer site?

    GitHub is the broadest software development site in the world, with over 28 million code repositories. It has evolved into the preferred location for web developers to upload their code, communicate with other developers, and locate code libraries.


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