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Full Stack Developer Salary: Based on Locations, Experience

05th Sep, 2023
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    Full Stack Developer Salary: Based on Locations, Experience

    Full Stack developers are skilled in designing both client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend) of a web or mobile application. They can understand and handle the entire development process of an application but that does not mean that you need to be highly expert in frontend and backend technologies to become a full-stack developer. FSDs are driving the development industry and this makes Full stack development the hottest skill to have today. You should understand the technology involved, the process of designing the entire application and have mastery over several programming language. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of becoming a full stack developer and what is the average full stack developer salary.

    What is a Full Stack Developer's Average Salary?

    According to a report by Glassdoor, the average salary of a Full Stack Developer in India is 6,66,697 INR per annum. It may differ based on your experience, skills and employer.

    What Does a Full Stack Developer Make?

    Undoubtedly, the full-stack development field has high demand with great pay, but several factors affect the salary like - location, skills and experience. Let's break down the salary based on the same.

    All recruiters have different salary models. Full stack developer salary for fresher  starts from $84,223 per year. And the senior full stack developer salary may go up to $1,44,000 per year. It differs from company to company. Here is how much top IT companies are paying to full stack developers:

    • TCS full stack developer salary: $112,034/year
    • Accenture full stack developer salary: $99,274/year
    • Google full stack developer salary: $106,937/year
    • Deloitte full stack developer salary: $87,406/year
    • Cognizant full stack developer salary: $98,868/year

    Some startups are paying even more than that for specialized skills. If we try to divide the salary on the basis on skills then here is the average salary for:

    • Node.js: $112,189/year
    • JavaScript: $113,034/year
    • Java: $119,892/year
    • React.js: $108,175/year
    • Angular.js: $108,361/year

    Full Stack Development has a good graph of growth based on the year of experience. From an entry level full stack developer salary of $84,223/year to the average full stack developer salary $102,619/year – This domain has a good growth in terms of salary. Here is an experience and salary comparison of full stack developer:

    Essential Guide – Full Stack Developer Salary

    How Do You Negotiate Salary?

    Whether you are getting promoted or have just received a job offer as a fresher, negotiating salary is always a good idea. Usually, people do not negotiate salary because they fear losing the offer, but it is not right. You should know that you have invested your time in learning everything, and you must be paid well in exchange for your efforts and hard work. Here are a few tips that will help you to negotiate your salary:

    • Understand the market trends: Before you make any move, it is important to do some research. Your negotiation or salary hike must sound realistic as per the market trends. You can google the current average salary for that particular role and check if someone from your organization has listed their salary. It will help you make a figure in mind while discussing with HR.
    • Organize everything and prepare for the discussion: You should write down every important factor related to compensation, i.e. skills, market demand, average salary, etc. While talking to HR, make sure you give the top range. So when you are doing your research, you will come up with an average pay; instead of putting that number, you should always ask for more than that. Remember, your employer will also negotiate.
    • Use the exact numbers: While sharing your expected pay to the recruiter, give them an exact number.
    • Be ready to leave: The hardest part is the most important one. You must know your worth, and if you are being paid low, you must be ready to leave the offer. Saying 'No' makes you powerful.
    • Showcase your skill set: Before you start talking about numbers, show them your skills and what you have done in the past that will help their organization. Your accomplishments and projects will positively impact the hiring manager's mind, which will help you during the negotiation.

    These are a few tips which will help you to negotiate your salary. Alongside, make sure you are kind and firm in your decision.

    How to Start a Career as a Full-Stack Developer?

    There are multiple reasons to become a full stack developer - you want to work in a reputed organization or work as a freelancer to make more money. But how do you start a career as a full-stack developer? To become a full-stack developer, you need to learn programming, build projects for your portfolio and begin your job-hunt. Let's break it all down.

    Decide a timeline

    The foremost point for any learning process is to decide how soon you want to grab your first project or job after hitting the books. A timeline will help you visualize the entire process from start to end. You will also be able to keep track of your progress. Now, deciding a timeline will depend on your current skill set, available time, and dedication to your goal. Make sure you decide on a realistic timeline. So let's say you have decided on a four months' timeline.

    Identify the programming languages you need to learn

    Let’s say you have decided the timeline of 4 months, and now you need to find out the required skills to become a full stack developer. To become a full-stack developer, you need to learn programming languages in two areas – frontend and backend. For the frontend, we mostly use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For the backend, you can learn PHP, Java, or Python. Learning any of these backend languages will be followed by SQL. Remember, you need to be familiar with all technologies and master only one. It would be best if you also learn a bit about different aspects of web deployment like - domain, hosting, SSL, SSH and FTP.

    You can use any code editor like Sublime Text or VS Code. For version control, you can use GitHub, and also, you can host a static website using GitHub. For front-end development, you can use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, or Flutter. And for backend development, you can use Django, Ruby on Rails, Flask, or Laravel. You can use any free web hosting like 000webhost or you can use any cloud provider like AWS and Azure to host your website. Both Azure and AWS have a free tier and student account support, so you will not pay anything for hosting. For domain name, you can get a free domain from GitHub, if you are a student. Otherwise, you can buy a domain from any domain name provider.

    Start learning and practice every day

    You have a goal, a list of ingredients to achieve that goal, and a timeline. Now you can start working on it. You can choose any learning platform most suitable to you - online course, Bootcamp, degree program, or YouTube tutorials. I would also recommend you to read a few books if possible. You can divide your time into two parts - learning and practicing. Learning will not be enough to achieve our goal. We also need to practice what we have learned to help our minds to keep track of everything.

    Java is one of the most powerful and popular server-side programming language and you must consider learning about it if you are preparing for full stack developer role. The average Java full stack developer salary is $119,892. You can take an online full stack course to get started with it.

    Build a strong and beautiful portfolio

    Every recruiter or client in this world will prefer to make a decision based on your projects instead of certificates that you have in your resume. I am not saying that certificates are not important, but a project portfolio directly reflects your skills implementation. Once you've made significant progress in your learning program, you can start working on projects.

    For example, you can build a fully functional website using technologies you have learned through a Bootcamp or online web development course. Also, make sure to publish your code to GitHub.

    Start the hunt

    Once you are done with learning and your portfolio, it's time to start a project or job hunt. If you are looking for freelancing projects, you can use online freelancing marketplaces or approach potential clients through social media. And if your end term goal is to secure a job as a full-stack developer, then create your resume and apply to your dream role. Again you can use online hiring platforms, job boards, career fairs or approach the recruiter directly through social media.

    Ace your first interaction: H3 Got a lead or interview? It's time to showcase your skills. Go through your resume and projects. Brush up your coding skills and prepare for behavioral questions. Be calm and give your best. No matter what the result of your first interaction is, whether it is positive or negative. Accept it and continue towards your goal.

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    Is it Worth It to Become a Full-Stack Developer?

    To understand this, let's look at the organization's point of view. Full-stack developers are very useful as they understand the entire technical stack. They can work on any part, whether frontend or backend, when needed. Some of the other benefits of hiring Full stack developers are that they can communicate between teams easily on technical terms, quickly develop prototypes for new functionalities, easily maintain the projects, etc. So organizations are always ready to hire full-stack developers with multiple skills.

    Here are two more points that will help you to understand why it is a good choice to be a full stack developer:

    High Demand:

    The market has a high demand for full-stack developers. Everyone is looking for individuals with multiple skills, from early-stage startups to multinational companies. A full-stack developer can perform tasks of 2-3 programmers. So instead of investing in multiple individuals, companies prefer someone who can work on both frontend and backend.

    Good Pay:

    You can see from the previous section that full-stack developers attract good pay that increases extensively with experience. In the present world, every business is moving towards the internet. They need a website or web app to reach an audience globally; they are always ready to hire talented developers at good pay, especially with multiple skills.

    So I think with high demand and good pay, full-stack development is worth learning for a secured future.

    Wrapping up

    You should have understood what skills are required to become a full-stack developer and why you should consider a career in this field. Full-stack developers have a high demand in the market, and also organizations are ready to pay good numbers to talented professionals. If you are willing to get started with full-stack development, then I must recommend some good resources like full-stack bootcamp by KnowledgeHut.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How much does a Full Stack Developer in the United States make?

    In USA, on an average basis, full-stack developers are paid $110,666/year or $56.75 per hour. For an entry-level job, the salary starts from $92,767/year, and with some experience, a senior full-stack developer salary may go up to $144,000.

    2What is the highest salary for a Full Stack Developer in the United States?

    As per the data provided by Glassdoor, the highest salary range for full stack developer in United States is $157K/yr.


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