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React JS Jobs, Roles, Salary in 2024

22nd Dec, 2023
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    React JS Jobs, Roles, Salary in 2024

    If you are someone who is in the field of software or web development there is no way that you haven't heard of ReactJS. It is the dream of every aspiring ReactJS developer to find ReactJS jobs that are flexible, well-paying, and full of growth opportunities and exposure. For front-end development, React is considered to be one of the most popular libraries in the world. According to a survey conducted by enterprise JavaScript Survey, 63% of javascript developers prefer using react as a framework. ReactJS is ideal for creating web pages and web applications because it requires minimal coding.

    The ability of ReactJS to create excellent web pages and web applications with minimal coding and time has made it the most favoured framework among developers. Having substantial knowledge of the ReactJS framework is one of the most favoured skills for React developer jobs. The ease and optimum results offered by the ReactJS framework have made it the top-in-demand skill of the year 2024. If anything that we mentioned before sparks your area of interest, then you are at the right place, today, we will talk about How to Get React JS Developer Job in 2024 in 4 easy steps. So, without ado, let's jump directly into the article.

    What is React?

    React is an open-source JavaScript library that was created by Jordan Walkie, who was a software engineer. The React framework is extensively used for creating simple or single-page applications and can be easily combined with other libraries. The open-source JavaScript React library is known to possess a user-friendly interface. The optimum results that ReactJS has provided have resulted in it being used by some of the top tech giant companies like Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo, Amazon, Spotify, Pinterest, and Uber. After providing the result-oriented deliverables all top-tier tech companies are expanding the number of ReactJS developer jobs. Along with the top tech companies, the growing demand for React developers has motivated small-scale startups and tech organizations to expand the number of remote React jobs. 

    If you are interested in the React framework then, this React course is the best for you.

    React Developer Jobs List in 2024

    React has opened new gates of opportunities for every individual who practices it. With the high demands, comes the varied job titles. If an individual specialises in React, there are a plethora of job titles on which they can try their hands on. The job titles differ from each other in terms of job role, pay scale and demand. All these factors depend on the industry, market and the organization. The recruitment procedure is not lenient. React developers need to prove their metal to have a considerable say in the industry they work in. Even though the recruitment system designed for the React developers is not that easy, they should not shy away from trying. The recruitment process in itself is a great learning process. It provides experience and exposure to an individual. Some prominent React positions that an individual can consider are 

    1. React Developer

    The role of a react developer is broad. A react developer is expected to be proficient in handling any task that requires the React framework for execution. Even though the job roles differ from company to company, majorly a React developer is expected to build applications using the React framework. The role requires building web applications, mobile applications, and enterprise applications. A background in software engineering is preferred by many organizations and always acts as a plus point in your resume. The skills that the React developers possess and the surge in their demand that they witnessed, have had a significant impact on their salaries for job postings. Any senior React developer on average can earn $108,175. Top companies that hire React developers are Contech systems, CronJ, Cabot solutions, Digi Futura, etc.

    2. React JS developer

    It is a known fact that React JS has a significant role to play in front end development. A React JS developer specializes in React the foundational technology for front end development. The work of a React front end developer involves managing, designing and executing web pages and web applications with which the users will interact. It is also the job of a front end React developer to ensure the smooth transitioning and parallel functioning of the Front end as well as the back end web development. The main work field of a React JS developer however remains application building.

    Many JavaScript libraries are used for application building and application development, as a React JS developer, one must master the basic features it offers and be familiar with the primary technology it extends and apply them in real-time projects. Since React JS developers are familiar with the React framework and the web development framework, their demand in the technological arena is increasing. The impact of this demand can be easily witnessed in the salaries that React JS developer job postings offer. The average salary of a React JS professional is around $110,278. This demand for React JS developers has resulted in increasing the quality of employment for React JS developers in many top companies like TOPSYSIT or RenaissanceTech. It is clear that knowing web development is a beneficial skill in React development, if web development interests you, then the following Web Development course is the best for you.

    3. React Engineer

    We are familiar with the fact that React JS developers work in front end development as well as application building, the work of a React engineer is similar to that. React engineers are specialized in software engineering as well as application building in React framework. The work of React Engineers involves holding specialisation in designing user interface components and beautifying the appearance of front end applications with extensive use of the React framework. Along with the technical skills, it is equally important for React engineers to possess some soft skills as well. Since Their job requires reasonable interaction with the software development team, soft kills are significant for them to improve the cross-functionality and productivity amongst the teams.

    Other than the technical skills and the soft skills, there are a few functional requirements that involve having proficient knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. If a React engineer has hands-on knowledge and experience of the functional requirements, the process of building applications becomes convenient. Due to the blend of software engineering and application building, React engineers enjoy a huge demand in various job openings and which results in providing a positive impact on their salaries as well. On average, a React engineer enjoys a salary of $130,000. And React engineers are hired by many top tech companies like Medable, Chargebee, and Piper companies.

    4. React Native Developer

    Just like the two previous Job titles we discussed, the job role of a React Native developer is also similar. The work of a React Native developer is to develop the React applications for operating systems and the web. The work of a React Native developer is not limited to a single operating system. They can work for any operating system. The two of the Top operating systems for which React Native developers work are Mac Operating System and windows. Giant tech companies like Microsoft and Apple have promoted React Native developer jobs recently. React Native developers also work extensively on building mobile applications for iOS and Android. Along with that, a React Native developer also focuses on creating UI products for various web-based applications. It is due to this versatility and tailor-made deliverables for every operating system that the job position of a React Native developer is given extra attention by the recruiters. This extra attention leads to an increase in demand for React Native developers, which in turn results in a surge in the salaries of React Native developers. On average, a React Native developer earns $117,277. React Native developers are hired by many leading tech companies like Modis, Rakuten Advertising, and Harper Collins.

    5. Mobile React Developer

    The job role of a mobile react developer differs from company to company, and the requirements for each organization may be distinct from each other. However, the work of a mobile react developer involves creating applications using the react native framework. A mobile react developer is also a full stack developer responsible for creating native applications for android and iOS frameworks. The job role of a mobile react developer many times involves curating React components for applications as well as the web. Even though the work of a Mobile react developer differs hugely within the industry but the fundamental functional requirements remain the same. There is just one functional requirement for mobile react developers, which is to have a prior experience in mobile application building. The work of a mobile react developer is steadily gaining. This increase in pace is reflected in the increase in the pay scale of mobile react developers. On average, a mobile react developer earns $105,037. And mobile React developers are hired by top tech companies like NTT Data, KUBRA, and Soft Zen.

    From the above job roles, it is clear that the importance of learning the React framework is immense. If you are interested in learning about React framework then the React course KnowledgeHut is perfect for you.

    How to Get React JS Developer Job in 2024?

    In today's world, job opportunities are endless. The demand for React JS developers is also steadily increasing. In such conditions, getting a React JS Developer Job is not easy, but achievable with the correct guidance. There are two major ways through which an individual can bag a React JS Developer's job 

    1. Full time React JS developer job

    Getting a full-time React JS developer job means that an individual devotes himself/herself to the institution and works in the organized sector. A full-time React JS developer job involves working with several teams and working on projects that the company assigns. Getting a full time React JS job involves a lot of competition. It is better to enter an organization from the lowest hierarchy since it offers faster growth and learning opportunities. Due to this reason, many people are running to bag entry level react developer jobs or Junior reach developer jobs. If someone wants to take an experience in a full-time corporate React JS job, then pursuing a ReactJS internship is the best option.

    2. Freelance/ Remote React JS developer job

    The second option for getting a React JS developer job is to work as a Freelance or Remote React JS developer. Hiring a full time to react JS developer can sometimes be very expensive for budding startups or tech individuals. Due to this, there has been a sudden spike in ReactJS freelance jobs. On average, a React developer freelancer earns $1000-$1500 per project. The pay scale of a freelance React JS developer is less because they work on a per-project basis, but that doesn't mean they lack anywhere in React Developer skills. Some great platforms to find freelance / remote React JS developer jobs are glass door, indeed, Upwork, ZipRecruiter, etc.

    Most Important Skills to Get a React Jobs

    We all know the demand for React developer jobs, and we all know that the higher the demand, the higher the competition. To tackle this competition, a React developer needs to have the following skills:

    1. Communication skills

    We have previously also discussed the role of communication skills in various React JS developer job roles. A React developer should have strong communication skills since React developers require extensive interaction with various technical and managerial teams.

    2. Social skills

    Having good social skills is extremely important to maintain good interpersonal relationships between the team. Having good social skills enhances the bond between colleagues and helps in delivering promising results. And maintaining a polite and professional work atmosphere.

    3. Technical skills

    Other than having proficient knowledge of the React framework. A React JS developer should have ample knowledge of programming languages such as CSS, SASS, LESS, HTML, Node or PHP. 

    4. Other skills

    Other skills involve the technical and non-technical skills required to enhance the work experience of a React JS developer. The following skills can be beneficial for a React JS developer: 

    • Analytics
    • Problem-solving
    • Design skillsTesting skills
    • UsabilityMonitoring
    • API design

    Skills to Get a React Job

    Salaries of React JS Developers

    By now, we are all aware of the React JS developer salary scale, we will have a look at the pay scale offered by each job role in React JS developers.

    Job Role

    Average full-time salary (Yearly) 

    Average remote salary (Yearly) 

    React Developer



    React.js Developer



    React Engineer



    React Native Developer



    Mobile React Developer



    React Developer Job Description

    We are aware of the fact that the ReactJS framework is an open-source library ecosystem. The React developer job description of every small or big tech organization and startup includes the same work or tasks. The following are the ReactJS developer roles and responsibilities:- 

    1. Design components for user interface for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications.
    2. Implement the design components for the user interface for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications.
    3. Keep a check on every task involved in all stages of interface designing and implementation, starting from component design to final testing.
    4. Regulating workflows such as redux, flux, and webpack. 
    5. Monitoring front-end performance.
    6. Documenting application changes
    7. Developing application updates 
    8. Ensuring a responsive user interface
    9. Troubleshooting interface software
    10. Debugging the application codes 

    What makes React JS So Much In-demand at Present?

    React JS is so much in demand at present because of the fast and flexible results it provides. The components involved in React JS are easy to maintain, execute and manage. React is one of the most desirable frameworks for web development and application building. The ability of the react framework to build web and mobile applications easily is its most notable feature.


    The job of a React framework developer is here to stay, the ease and accessibility it has provided to the tech industry are unparalleled. Its time and cost-effective methodologies are favoured endlessly by developers all over the world.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What Are the Top Cities With Open React.js Developer Jobs?

    The top cities open to React.js developer jobs are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Austin, and Los Angeles.

    2How Much Do React Developers Make?

    React developers make differing amounts based on their job roles, but on average any React developer earns $110,000.

    3How Long Does It Take to Learn React?

    Learning the React framework is not a difficult job, one can learn the React framework in 6 months to 1 year. Having prior knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are beneficial.

    4What is the future of react JS?

    There is a very bright future in React JS, it is one of the most in-demand jobs at present and its popularity is increasing steadily.


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