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Top Software Engineer Jobs in Singapore in 2024

27th Dec, 2023
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    Top Software Engineer Jobs in Singapore in 2024

    Singapore continues to be the top Asian location for the largest tech companies and startups in the world. Singapore, one of Asia's top regional technological hubs, is predicted to become the next Silicon Valley. According to a recent industry assessment, it will be the best innovation hub during the next four years. As a result, the demand for software engineers is always high in this island nation. Over the coming several years, the Singapore Economic Development Board predicts that 50,000 extra ICT jobs will be available. 

    As a software engineer, this is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and pave your way toward a lucrative career. This blog aims to help you understand several software engineer job opportunities with salaries in Singapore based on the role, experience, and industry. 

    Who is a Software Engineer?

    Software engineers develop programs, applications, and operations systems for computers. They design, develop, test, and maintain software applications. Software engineers combine engineering practices with programming languages and deliver software solutions to end users. They regularly interact with system analysts, system programmers, and architects and bring optimized software applications to life. 

    A software engineer is an individual who is outstandingly organized, reliable, and practical. He is a person who makes decisions only after analyzing things and thinking from all perspectives. A software engineer is also a great troubleshooter and handles complicated situations with a calm mindset. He is perceptive and enjoys in-depth discussions to comprehend a specific problem. Software engineers often start their learning path with a Software Developer Certification Course

    Software Engineer Job Roles based on Experience in Singapore

    You may find Singapore software engineer jobs irrespective of your experience level. A few companies may offer software engineer jobs in Singapore with visa sponsorship. Let us have a look at software engineer jobs in Singapore with salaries. 

    1. Entry Level (1-3 years experience)

    Entry-level software engineer jobs or junior software engineer jobs in Singapore are available on a large scale. It's a fantastic opportunity to grow in a well-defined work culture. A course in Full Stack Developer Training Course in Singapore can help you to get the appropriate job. 

    Junior software engineer or Developer 

    The role of a junior software engineer or developer is to support the development of computer applications by trying to enhance them continuously. 

    The junior software engineer or developer shoulders the following responsibilities: 

    • Authoring basic codes 
    • Maintaining applications 
    • Debugging codes 
    • Apply enhancements to the applications 

    The average salary for junior software in Singapore is SGD 5,291/month. 

    Senior software engineer or developer 

    A senior software engineer works independently with no or less supervision. The candidate applying for such entry-level software engineer jobs in Singapore must have outstanding organizational and troubleshooting skills. Practical experience in developing software and agile processes will add value while applying for a post. 

    Herewith are the responsibilities: 

    • Build software of high standards using clean, efficient, and reusable codes 
    • Thoroughly review the debug code enabling smooth operations 
    • Validate and verify software testing 
    • Team with juniors, seniors, and vendors to remove errors and enhance the applications 
    • Prepare development stages documents 
    • Monitor Systems 
    • Implement the latest technologies for developing applications 

    A senior software engineer in Singapore draws an average base salary of SGD 9,722/month. 

    2. Mid-Senior Level (4-8 years experience)

    After gaining substantial experience, software engineers can apply for a supervisory position, such as Tech Lead or Technical Architect. 

    Tech Lead 

    This level is a junior managerial level with loads of responsibilities. 

    • Supervise a team of software engineers to monitor software development projects 
    • QC of software by reviewing codes and implementing standard coding and security protocols 
    • Manage the system's stability, such as application, infrastructure, middleware, etc., during maintenance 
    • Troubleshoot issues related to software and hardware 

    A typical Tech Lead in Singapore draws a base salary between SGD 6,614 to SGD 13,228/per month. 

    Technical Architect 

    Technical Architects are also known as Software Architects or Solutions Architects. They look after the organization's overall IT infrastructure. 


    • Design processes 
    • Document IT processes 
    • Track projects 
    • Secure the operations 
    • Collaborate with other teams for smooth operations of the organization's IT systems 

    The average salary drawn by a Technical Architect is SGD 7,937 to SGD 15,873/month. 

    3. Senior and Executive level (8 years or more)

    Highly experienced professionals fall into this category. Commonly they recruit, mentor, and supervise subordinate IT personnel. 

    Chief Technology Officer 

    Technical officers align computer information procedures with the organization's business processes. Herewith are a few typical responsibilities of a CTO. 

    • Control technical matters related to IT 
    • Supervise IT, and support teams 
    • Enforce network security processes 
    • Enhance the system's performance 
    • Analyze CIS proficiency and integration 
    • Report development and implementation of CIS 
    • Assess performance metrics 
    • Recruit and train new IT personnel 

    Average salary: SGD 10,582 to SGD 11,905 per month. 

    Director of Engineering/Technology 

    The Director of Technology manages the organization's IT systems, units, and modules. Let's have a look at a few responsibilities they carry. 

    • Support services for systems, networks, and program 
    • Develop and administer training programs 
    • Support staff to develop opportunities, proposals, and relationships 
    • Optimize and enhance processes 
    • Ensure timely goals and maintain KPIs 
    • Ensure the IT strategy and assets comply with the business objectives 
    • Design, submit, and review documents for the tendering process. 
    • Continuously improve technologies and evaluate control processes 
    • Develop a roadmap to give an estimate of tests undergoing execution 

    Average salary: SGD 14,991 per month. 

    Vice-president of engineering/technology 

    A vice-president position brings in several responsibilities and accurate business perception. A strong analytical mindset, quick thinking, and decision-making are a few traits a person of vice-president stature must possess. 

    Responsibilities include: 

    • Coordinate, plan, and lead IT-related activities 
    • Identify and implement the organization's IT requirements 
    • Define IT framework design, architecture, and procedures 
    • Identify problems and troubleshoot 
    • Manage projects efficiently to meet goals 

    Average salary: SGD 26,455 per month. A part of the salary may be in the form of company stocks. 

    Remote/Freelance Software Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    What if you want the perks of a Singapore job but do not want to relocate there? The good news is that several Singapore remote software engineer jobs are available. Many IT companies have shifted to small offices allowing their employees to work from home. Several software engineer jobs in Singapore for foreigners are available on popular job portals. Make sure you explore these portals often. 

    The Best Cities for Software Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    Let us look at a few best cities in Singapore offering software engineer jobs. It will help you to narrow down your focus on a particular area of your liking.

    CityAverage salary per month


    SGD 9,530 


    SGD 8008 

    Tanjong Pagar 

    SGD 6,010 


    SGD 7,950 


    SGD 5,339 


    SGD 7,062 

    Ang Mo Kio 

    SGD 6,422 

    Jurong Island 

    SGD 5,852 

    Toa Payoh 

    SGD 5,444 

    Basic Skills for a Software Engineer Job in Singapore

    Let us look at a few basic skills to earn a job as a software engineer in Singapore. Several organizations are offering software engineering jobs in Singapore for fresh graduates. Pursuing the Best online Web Development course helps you acquire basic technical skills. 

    Technical Skills essential for a Software Engineering Job

    You must be skilled in the following: 

    • Algorithms: To help the recruiter to evaluate your coding and problem-solving skills.
    • Data Structures: To understand your knowledge about the various data structures and their characteristics. Below are two data structures that you might need to revise. 
    • Tree 
    • Sorting 
    • Design Principles: It helps to understand how comfortable you are with system design, design principles, data handling, network protocols, etc. 
    • Database Concepts: You must have sound knowledge of database designing, development, and execution. In addition, you must be well-acquainted with database concepts and data management systems. 
    • Web Concepts: It is an essential part of today's digital era. And the recruiters are interested to know how deeply you know about Web Concepts. 

    Soft Skills essential for a Software Engineer Job in Singapore

    Soft skills play a crucial role in climbing the ladder of success. Enrich yourself with a few or all soft skills to add a competitive edge. 

    • Assertiveness 
    • Decision-making 
    • Excellent verbal and written communication 
    • Creativity 
    • Eye for detail 
    • Open to constructive feedback 
    • Logical mindset 
    • Project management 
    • Structural thinking 
    • Team-player 
    • Time management 

    Education Requirements to get Software Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    Let's understand what academic qualifications you need to find the best software engineer jobs in Singapore. You must have a Bachelor's or Engineering degree in Computer Science or Information Technology to ease your entry into Singapore. Alternatively, a Master's degree, PG diploma, or certification in software development suffices to the requirement. Specialization in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Security and Technology, Information and Communications, etc., adds value to your resume. 

    Top Certifications to get Software Engineer Jobs in Singapore

    Let's look at a few additional certifications to help you land software engineer jobs in Singapore, from entry-level to top positions. 

    1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Once you procure an AWS certification, several opportunities will open for you across multiple industries. Certification in AWS has a positive impact on recruiters as it eases their life to simply train you with industry-specific topics skipping the basics. 
    2. Microsoft Certifications: You can also acquire Microsoft Certifications to reserve a spot as Software Engineer in Singapore. You can train yourself with certification courses, such as AI Engineer, App Maker, Business User, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, etc. 
    3. SkillsFuture: This institute is a government portal in Singapore offering training programs for students, entry and mid-level employees, leaders, and trainers too. 

    How To Get a Software Engineering Job in Singapore in 5 Steps

    Getting a job in Singapore requires a dedicated and disciplined strategy. The competition is tough, with several bright candidates wishful to have employment in Singapore. With firm determination, you need to bring out the improved version of yourself to stand inevitably in the job market. The following steps might be of help to crack the challenge. 

    Step 1: Learn the skills and knowledge needed for the role

    Technology changes at a rapid pace. What we learn today becomes old tomorrow. You must update yourself with the latest trends to be relevant in the market. Upgrading yourself by reading books, training with the latest courses, following industry leaders to gain insights, and joining topical forums. 

    Step 2: Gain experience through projects

    Do not be limited only to the tasks assigned to you. Have a broad vision and take an active part in other projects too. The more you work on projects, the more diversified experience you gain. A small proportion of extra knowledge daily compounds in bringing out the best software engineer within you eventually. 

    Step 3: Find a mentor and network in the field

    There's no other way than to find a good mentor. Despite the paid training programs and free information available on the internet, you need someone who can explain the concepts using the style you interpret. In addition, the mentor's experience will be of great value to you. Get connected with several informational blog sites and training sites, ask questions, network, and find a mentor. 

    Step 4: Begin the job search and application process

    Do you know job searching is a great learning process? It comprises all the technical jargon you may not know. But it's a great learning point to understand and dig out the information in detail. It helps you to learn about it more and allows you to get acquainted with it in a better way. Thoroughly go through the application process and minutely keep a tab on all the instructions and guidelines provided by the recruiter. A simple error may negatively impact your application, wasting all your efforts. 

    Step 5: Prepare for the technical interview process

    Practice, practice, practice. There's no other way than to practice heavily for the interview process. There are several sites offering mock-up interview questions for you to practice. Use them and get used to solving problems quicker. It might impress the recruiters. 

    Scope of Software Engineer Career in Singapore

    A software engineer can lead a lucrative career in Singapore. Several companies are looking for overseas talent to recruit software engineers. From entry-level software engineer jobs in Singapore to senior software engineer jobs in Singapore, there are several job opportunities in Singapore for software engineers. 

    The reasons for the dearth of software engineers in Singapore are: 

    1. Singapore lacks the ecosystem to educate software engineers on a large scale.
    2. Native software engineers grab a job in the USA, adding to more shortage.

    To summarize: this is the right time to land a job in Singapore as a software engineer and lead a perfect work-life balance. 


    Singapore is one of the best destinations to live and lead a good life. There are several jobs in Singapore for Indian software engineers. Software engineer jobs in Singapore salary may vary depending on qualifications and experience level. For software engineers aspiring to have good pay and enjoy a work-life balance, Singapore is one of the best options. You can find junior software engineer jobs in Singapore and top software engineer jobs in Singapore on several job portals. A bachelor's, master's, or engineering degree with an IT-related discipline can help you get a software engineer job in Singapore. Groom yourself with a few soft skills to stand out from the crowd and value your application.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which job search portals are best to get jobs for Software engineers in Singapore?

    There are several job portals listing software engineer job opportunities in Singapore and software engineer online jobs in Singapore. 


    You will find jobs related to software engineer in Singapore on LinkedIn too. 

    2What are the major selection criteria for a Software Engineer in a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore?

    There are 2 major criteria for applying to a FAANG/MAANG company in Singapore: 

    • High skills in programming and problem-solving capabilities. 
    • CGPA: 7-7.5 to 6. 
    3To get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a Software Engineer include on their resume?

    A software engineer shortlisted at Singapore companies can include the following in their resume: 

    • Contact details 
    • Academic qualifications 
    • Technical skills 
    • Key skills 
    • Soft skills 
    • Professional experience 
    • Significant achievements 
    4In Singapore, can anybody become a Software Engineer?

    Candidates with a graduation in computer science or software development can become Software Engineers in Singapore. 

    5Is the Software Engineer well-paid in Singapore?

    Averagely a typical software engineer makes SGD 65,476 per year or SGD 29 per hour. Software engineer jobs Singapore entry-level employees earn SGD 50,658 per year, while experienced ones make SGD 95,238 per year. 

    6Does a Software Engineer have a future in Singapore?

    Yes, many biggies like Facebook, Lazada, and Grab have started operations in Singapore. In addition, Singapore is poised to become the next Silicon Valley. As predicted by Singapore Economic Development Board, there will be around 50,000 jobs generated in the coming years. 

    The software engineer job market in Singapore is booming.

    7Which is the best place to learn Software Engineering in Singapore?

    The following universities are some of the renowned institutions for students to study software engineering in Singapore. 

    • National University of Singapore 
    • Nanyang Technological University 
    • Singapore Management University 
    • Singapore University of Technology & Design 
    • Singapore Polytechnic 

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