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Software Engineer Demand: Why Is It So High?

06th Sep, 2023
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    Software Engineer Demand: Why Is It So High?

    One of the world's most sought-after and lucrative career profiles today is "Software Engineer." A Software Engineer job at almost every reputable IT company offers you larger pay packages, professional growth chances, a collaborative work atmosphere, wonderful perks, or any other relevant factor! The demand for software engineers has been growing for a while above the average anticipated growth rate of other professions and doesn't appear to be slowing down. Check out the Software Developer Course online to launch your career in the software development industry and master in-demand technologies.

    This growth in demand significantly impacts corporate goals and recruiting tactics. To prevent hiring from becoming a significant barrier to success, tech recruiters must refine their technique, and companies must reevaluate their objectives. In this article, we will examine what software engineering is, why there are such a high demand for software engineers, the most in-demand software engineering skills, and tactics to outperform the competition.

    What is Software Engineering?

    Software engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with creating software products according to established scientific concepts, practices, and guidelines. It refers to a methodical engineering approach in software development. An effective and dependable software product is the end result of software engineering. A software engineer is a member of the computer science industry who designs, develops, evaluates, and maintains computer software using engineering concepts and their understanding of programming languages. Software engineers are experts in software development, computer languages, and operating systems. To construct specialized software solutions for clients, they use engineering concepts at every stage of the development cycle.

    Current Software Engineer Demand

    Programmers and software engineers have become more in demand globally in recent years. As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs in software development are expected to increase by 25% between 2021 and 2031. Thus, there is a huge job demand for software engineers in the market. But have you ever considered the causes of the fast-rising need for software engineers in the workplace?

    Demand Growth for Engineering Roles


    Reasons Why Software Engineers are in High Demand

    The demand for software engineers has escalated for a variety of reasons, including:

    1. The rapid advent of Tech advancements

    The rapid advancement of technology is one of the main causes of the tremendous rise in demand for software engineers. Considering all the most recent technological advances, it is evident that technology has grown & evolved exponentially in the past few years. We can observe that nearly anything around us in the modern world, including smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, virtual and augmented reality sites, cryptos, and many more, is supported by the appropriate software. There is a great demand and need for software engineers to handle the designing, creation, and upkeep of this software.

    2. The world is moving online

    Another significant factor contributing to the increase in software engineer demand is that every company should have a digital presence in the first place, whether it be through a website, a mobile app, or custom software. Companies need engineering resources to expand their position and products, regardless of the sector they cover.

    Organizations like McDonald's and Major League Baseball need talented software engineers to create and operate their websites, applications, and other tech-dependent operations. Additionally, given the popularity of Android and iOS smartphones, businesses need either numerous engineers with a variety of expertise or engineers with extensive skills and experience to maintain their presence.

    3. Code requires timely upgradation or changes

    It is essential to understand the situation of the rising demand for software engineers. Most code is only useful for a short period before it has to be either modified or completely recreated. Software engineers must constantly update current software or develop brand-new programs from the start since new languages with greater features are always being launched.

    4. Need for innovative software

    Most businesses require the development of sites, apps, and, if the business is large, a customer application. Health insurance firms also require software to manage enrollment numbers and digitally monitor customer policies.

    Additionally, there are more and more items on the market that make use of the software. For instance, it is frequently included in devices like appliances. The increased demand for personalized mobile apps and sites will eventually fuel the continued demand for software engineers.

    5. The increasing complexity of projects

    Software engineers are using better code and tools to finish projects. Nevertheless, since projects are becoming more complex, businesses frequently employ a large number of engineers to provide consumers with excellent results.

    Top In-demand Skills for Software Engineers

    1. Kubernetes

    You must be familiar with Kubernetes if you work in IT. Kubernetes is an open-source platform and is among the most in-demand software engineering skills. You may deploy containers to a scalable cluster and automate the orchestration of containerized apps using Kubernetes.

    A few benefits of learning Kubernetes include increased efficiency, lower costs, cloud flexibility, and product scalability. 

    2. Redux

    Redux is another software engineer skill in demand, and it is a predictable container for JavaScript-based applications. Redux allows developers to create applications that behave consistently, work in various settings, and are simple to test.

    Redux is a programming tool that handles the data shown to users and its response to interface instructions. It was designed to simplify the construction of Interface Programming Applications (IPAs).

    3. Docker

    Software developers can bundle and distribute an application's contents using Docker containers. It is an essential skill for software developers and mastering it might open up a tons of fantastic work options for you. This program can also be used on Linux computers without needing to be installed, and both programmers and system administrators utilize it.

    Using Docker allows developers to concentrate on building code rather than worrying about the environment in which it will be deployed. 

    4. AWS

    AWS by Amazon is a dynamic cloud computing platform offering IaaS and PaaS services. The most widely used cloud platform in the world, AWS has millions of clients worldwide and provides more than 200 services from different data centers.

    AWS offers its consumers a variety of tools, infinite server capacity, and ease of use, among other advantages. As a result, there is an increase in the need for AWS engineers who build, maintain, and develop AWS cloud infrastructure to support the efficient operation of applications.

    5. Azure

    Azure is a cloud computing platform that can serve and improve both new and current applications. Hybrid apps can be created using its highly dependent storage capabilities.

    One of the most in-demand skills for software engineers in the IT industry that is growing at the moment is Azure. The number of employment options for those having an Azure certification has greatly increased. 

    6. Kafka

    Kafka, or Apache Kafka, is an open-source framework created by the Apache Software Foundation that allows businesses to organize real-time data effectively. It is designed in the Scala programming language and is quite useful for data management and real-time analytics of distributed systems.

    Its low latency, large-number handling capacity, scalability, and data partitioning capabilities make it a strong fit for data integration, site activity tracking, stream processing, and operational metrics.

    7. Ansible

    Ansible is an open-source automation tool that aids in IT activities, including provisioning, configuration management, and interservice orchestration.

    By controlling developers' duties and allowing them to concentrate and provide value, Ansible can assist in simplifying complex procedures and increasing efficiency.

    8. Apache Spark

    Apache Spark is one of the most often employed data science programming technologies. Spark, a tool created in the Scala programming language, assists companies in producing and analyzing massive amounts of data to gain insights required for daily operations. 

    Software developers can certainly understand Spark because it accepts a variety of programming languages, including Java, Scala, R, and Python. It is a great skill for software engineers to upskill because it is thought of as the next big thing in data processing.

    9. React.js

    React.js is the ideal talent to acquire if you are a JavaScript developer because more and more employers are seeking candidates with this expertise. JavaScript library React.js features a powerful, dynamic, and user-friendly UI and requires very little coding.

    The ability to create scalable and manageable web applications is one of the main factors contributing to the skill's increased demand.

    10. Jenkins

    Another well-liked skill among software engineers that is dominating the market is Jenkins. Jenkins enables you to set up CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment), significantly lowering the risks involved in software development and delivery. 

    Because of its speed, you can generate artifacts, run tests, and receive feedback quickly. Jenkins has altered both software and operational procedures. Look for Full-Stack Courses online to gain in-demand tech skills to land the most in-demand software engineering jobs.

    Software Engineering Future Demand

    There has never been a better moment to get engaged if software engineering is something you're thinking about. Around the world and in the United States, this area is expanding incredibly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that there will be roughly 162,900 vacancies for software engineers over the decade between 2021 to 2031. These figures indicate a promising software engineer demand in future, especially in light of the ongoing advancements in new technology development trends.  

    With advanced knowledge of software development, one can pursue a wide range of careers in the domain. Most software engineering jobs in the past were found in big IT firms. However, as all businesses increasingly rely on computer-driven operations, it is the responsibility of software engineers to create, maintain, and advance these infrastructures. The range of professional options is expanding to include numerous industries and places. Some of these industries include commerce, health, trade, banking, administration, and defense. 

    How to Combat the Demand for Software Engineers?

    Even though it seems like there will always be a need for software developers, companies still stand a chance in managing software engineer supply and demand. Employer branding efforts can increase the effectiveness of the hiring procedures and candidate quality. 

    1. Efforts To Improve Employer Branding

    Professionals in high demand, like software engineers, are probably receiving several employments offers. Companies must develop an employer branding strategy to distinguish themselves from the competition and establish their business as an employer's choice. Your employer brand is how job searchers see you and building it can help you stand out to the best prospects. 

    As an aspect of the employer branding strategy, companies must research the qualities software engineers are looking for. Then, highlight those qualities of your organization. 

    2. Improve Your Employee Perks

    Standard insurance coverage and vacation schedules are no longer acceptable in the work market today. Offer extra benefits that improve employee's quality of life both within and outside the workplace to demonstrate to prospective employees how much you cherish them and how concerned you are about their wellness. 

    Work-life balance and flexible schedule are key concerns for job seekers: 51% of workers said they would switch employment for one with flexible hours. You can attract excellent software developers and keep top performers by offering extra rewards. 

    3. Make Unconventional Hires

    Many CIOs are employing unconventional hiring practices and relying on internal training to reduce the expense of introducing new perks and benefits. Employers are beginning to recognize present workers who have the aptitude to become excellent engineers but require further education. 

    You may enhance employee skill sets and team engagement by providing chances for professional growth. Doing this will demonstrate to your staff members how much you appreciate their dedication to your business and support their decision to change careers. 

    4. Expand From Within 

    Employing a software engineer with a degree in a relevant discipline will cost much more money than hiring somebody with less experience or training. Even though the candidate you're looking for might have more than four years of experience, it will be difficult to locate someone available and willing to accept an offer at the typical market price. 

    Your cost per hire and time to fill might be greatly decreased by hiring a junior software developer. When these young professionals are prepared to take on a more senior job, assist them in developing their talents so that promotions can be made internally.

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    The need for qualified software developers and the demand for embedded software engineers are growing quickly. So, the future demand for software engineers will keep expanding. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the talent that would best suit a company's requirements. Companies must broaden their search beyond established success criteria like work experience or a college degree. By choosing KnowledgeHut's Software Developer Courses, you can become an expert in all the in-demand digital technologies, like Full-Stack, DevOps, MySQL, Python, and more, and can advance your career in the software development industry.

    Software Engineer Demand FAQs

    1Where is the highest demand for software engineers?

    The world's most in-demand profession overall is software development. Canada, Australia, Russia, Sweden, and New Zealand have the highest demand for software engineers, according to PageGroup.

    2Is there a demand for software engineers in the future?

    There has been an increase in the need for software developers for quite some time, and this trend doesn't appear to be slowing down. By 2028, the employment of software developers is expected to increase by 21%, which is above the average anticipated growth rate for all occupations (5%).

    3Which software engineer is in demand?

    These days, employers are looking for software engineers with cutting-edge expertise in technologies like Kubernetes, Redux, Docker, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, and others.


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