Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning- IIIT Bangalore

Get an Executive PGP in ML and AI from IIITB with a specialization

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  • 600 + Hours of Learning
  • 15 + Case Studies and Assignments
  • 6 Practical Capstone Projects

Achieve Mastery in AI

Learn in-demand skills such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney, Graph Neural Network (GNN), Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), MLOps, Computer Vision, Attention, Transformers, BERT, and more. The program covers over 20 programming tools, languages, and libraries.  

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Program Highlights

  • 45+ Live Learning Sessions

  • 600+ Hours of Learning

  • 6 Practical Capstone Projects 

  • 15+ Case Studies and Assignments 

  • 1:1 Career Mentorship Sessions 

  • IIIT Bangalore Alumni Status 

  • Exclusive Job Opportunities Portal

  • Daily Doubt Resolution Support

Who Should Attend


IT Professionals

Data Professionals

Software Professionals

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prerequisites for PGP in AI and Machine Learning - IIIT-Bangalore


  • Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 50% marks
  • At least one year of work experience required
Transform Your Workforce

Become an Expert in Machine Learning and AI

Develop practical knowledge and skills in Machine Learning and AI. Leverage the skills to usher the organization into a more advanced era. 

  • Practical Capstone Projects  
  • In-person Learning with Industry Experts 
  • Designed for Working Professionals 

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Learning Objective: Learning the basics of Python, SQL, and Mathematics for Machine Learning.

  • Introduction to Python 
  • Python for Data Science 
  • Data Visualisation in Python 
  • Data Analysis Using SQL (Optional) 
  • Advanced SQL and Best Practices (Optional) 
  • Data Analysis in Excel (Optional)
  • Analytics Problem Solving (Optional) 
  • Math for Machine Learning 

Learning Objective: Learn statistical concepts to understand data analysis.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis 
  • Cloud Essentials: Intro to Git and GitHub 
  • Investment Assignment 
  • Inferential Statistics 
  • Hypothesis Testing 
  • Lending Club Case Study 

Learning Objective:

  • Linear Regression 
  • Linear Regression Assignment 
  • Logistic Regression 
  • Naive Bayes 
  • Model Selection 

Learning Objective: 

  • Advanced Regression 
  • Advanced Regression Assignment 
  • Support Vector Machine (Optional) 
  • Tree Models 
  • Model Selection - Practical Considerations 
  • Boosting 
  • Unsupervised learning: Clustering 
  • Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis 
  • Telecom Churn Case Study 

Learning Objective: 

  • Introduction to Neural Networks 
  • Convolutional Neural Networks - Industry Applications 
  • Convolutional Neural Networks - Assignment 
  • Recurrent Neural Networks 
  • Neural Network Project - Gesture Recognition 

Learning Objective:

  • Lexical Processing 
  • Syntactical Processing 
  • Syntactic Processing - Assignment 
  • Semantic Processing 
  • Case Study: Classifying Customer Complaint Tickets 

Learning Objective: 

  • News Recommender System 
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection 
  • Eye for Blind - (Image Captioning) 
  • Sentiment analysis based Product Recommender system 
  • Sales forecasting 
  • Style Transfer using GAN's 

Learning Objective:

  • Classical Reinforcement Learning 
  • Assignment -Classical Reinforcement Learning 
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning 
  • Reinforcement Learning Project 

Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQs

This programme is for you if you are a: 

Data Scientist or Senior Data Analyst: If you are comfortable with data wrangling, have implemented statistical or machine learning models in the past, or if you have any prior experience as a working professional. You should also have some experience with R/Python/Scala. 

Statistician: If you received formal education in statistics or mathematics or if you have any prior working experience.  

Data Engineer/Big Data Engineer: If you have any prior experience in creating data pipelines/handling data warehouses and you have created ETL procedures. In addition, you should be familiar with various frameworks and tools like Hadoop and Spark. 

Software Developer: If you have prior experience on creating and deploying software/apps, you are comfortable with object-oriented programming and know C/C++/Java/Python or a similar language. 

This programme intends to produce extremely well-rounded data scientists and AI professionals with deep knowledge of mathematics, expertise in relevant tools/languages, and understanding of cutting-edge algorithms and applications. 

Post completion of the programme, an Executive Post Graduate Programme in Machine Learning and AI will be granted from IIIT Bangalore. 

Eligibility FAQs

You need a Bachelor's Degree with 50% (or equivalent). You will also need at least one year of work experience. 

STEP-1: Online Eligibility Test 

Fill out an application and take a quick 40-minute online test with 18 questions to assess your aptitude.10 questions from mathematics, aptitude & reasoning & 8 questions from programming. 

STEP-2: Review and Shortlisting of Suitable Candidates 

Our faculty will review all applications, considering the educational and professional background of an applicant and review the test scores where applicable. Following this, Offer Letters will be rolled out so you are assured a great peer group to learn and network with. 

STEP-3:  Enrollment for Access to Prep Content 

Make a quick block payment with assistance from our loan partners where required, receive immediate access to the prep content and begin your upGrad journey.