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  • Get an MBA (Global) Degree from the Global Top 1% of Business Schools
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Achieve Mastery in Business Acumen

Deakin University is Ranked in the Top 300 of the world as per the QS Rankings, 2024. This Deakin MBA program accepts candidates with at least 3 years of experience. This is an indicator of the batch quality, standard of peer networking and interaction. A candidate looking for transition into managerial roles with a 360 degree of business would be the right fit for the program.

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  • Get a MBA (Global) Degree from Deakin Business School

  • Alumni status by Deakin Business School and associate alumni status by GIM

  • Deakin B-School Accreditation with AACSB & EQUIS.

  • DBS is Top 1% B-Schools Worldwide

  • Get 1:1 Mentorship from Industry Leaders

  • Advance your career with 360° Career Support

  • 1-week On-campus Immersion Program (Optional)

  • World Education Services (WES) recognized.

  • Student Support is available 24*7 

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prerequisites for MBA from Deakin Business School with multiple specializations


  • Bachelor’s degree issued by any university under UGC with a minimum of 50% marks
  • Minimum 3 years' of work experience

Who Should Attend?

Experienced Managers

Senior Management Executives

Business Owners/Entrepreneurs


Course 1: Marketing Management - 1

  • Marketing Strategy
    • Introduction to Marketing, STP, Marketing Mix or 4P's
  • Consumer Behaviour
    • Introduction to the Study of Consumer Behavior & Models, Consumer Decision, Making Process, Psychological Influences on Consumer Decision Making, Motivation, Perception, Learning, Attitude & Beliefs, Marketing Channels
  • Marketing Channels
    • Introduction to Advertising, Oine and Online Advertising
  • Project/ Assignment 

Course 2: Business Communication

  • Effective Communication
    • Introduction to Communication, Non-verbal Communication and Body Language, Emotional Intelligence (Plus organizational intelligence and cultural intelligence), Verbal Communications and Speeches, Managerial Writing
  • Building a Personal Brand
    • Personal Brand Vision & defining of target audience, building of assets for personal branding, Monitoring your Brand
  • Project/ Assignment

Course 3: Accounting and Finance

  • Accounting Fundamentals - I
    • Basics of Finance, Financial Statements, Ratio Analysis
  • Accounting Fundamentals - II
    • Time Value of Money, Project Evaluation Techniques
  • Project Evaluation
    • Working Capital, Components of Working Capital
  • New Heritage Doll Company Simulation
    • Students evaluate a diverse set of competing investment proposals and make decisions regarding 27 separate proposals over a five-year period. Students confront a range of project types including replacement investments, expansion investments, investments in mutually exclusive projects, interdependent projects, and projects with growth options.

    Course 4: Decision Sciences

    • Business Analytics Fundamentals
      • Data Visualisation, Univariate Analysis, Distribution Plots, Probability and Probability Distribution, Sampling, Central Limit Theorem
    • Hypothesis Testing 
      • Formulating Hypotheses, Hypothesis tests, A/B Testing
    • Regression Analysis
      • Covariance, Correlation and Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression
    • Project/ Assignment
      • Use hypothesis testing and regression analysis to help random motors take crucial production decisions

      Course 5: Business Economics

      • Microeconomics
        • Consumer Theory, Demand and Supply, Pricing, Market Equilibrium
      • Macroeconomics
        • Aggregate Demand and Supply, Business Cycles, Unemployment and Inflation, Capital Markets, International Trade
      • Project/ Assignment

      Course 6: Behavioral Science, HR, Business Law

      • Individual, Group and Organisational Behaviour
        • Understanding an organisation - vision, mission, structure, hierarchy, roles and stakeholders, Organisational Design in the Digital Age, Organisational Culture and Change, Conflict and Stress Management, Planning and Decision Making, Motivation Perception, Power and Influence at Work.
      • Human Resource Management
        • Talent Management: Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Job design and job description, Performance Management: Systems and Processes, HRM as a business driver and integrating it with business.
      • Business Law
        • Contract Act and Company Law, important tender clauses (such as pricing, indemnification), Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Project/ Assignment

      Course 7: Marketing Management 2

      • Qualitative Market Research
        • Introduction to Research, Research Design & Data Collection, Data Collection using Primary Research (Qualitative), Analysis and Reporting (Qualitative Research)
      • Quantitative Market Research
        • Quantitative Research and Data Collection, Measurement of Data, Questionnaire Design, Research Analysis and Reporting
      • Relationship Marketing
        • Service Marketing, B2B Marketing
      • Project/ Assignment

      Course 8: Sales and Distribution Management

      • Fundamentals of Sales
        • Sales Process, Sales Strategies, Impact of Digitalization on Sales
      • Territory Management
        • Territory Objective and Decisions, Coverage Metrics, Territory Management Strategy
      • Channel Management
        • Objective of Channel Intermediaries, Types of Channels, Channel Design Strategy
      • Team and Customer Management
        • Recruitment and Training, Motivation and Rewards, Conflict Management
      • Project/ Assignment

      Course 9: Operations & Supply Chain Management

      • Operations Management
        • Demand Forecasting, Demand Planning, Demand Management, Inventory Planning, Inventory Management, Inventory Control
      • Supply Chain Management
        • Transportation Planning, Transportation Management, Transportation Execution
      • Project/ Assignment

      Course 10: Business Strategy

      • Fundamentals of Strategy
        • Business-level Frameworks: SWOT, BCG, Business Model Canvas, Product and Portfolio Decisions, Go to Market Strategy, Mergers, Acquisitions and JVs, Mixed Frameworks: PESTLE, Mckinsey Matrix
      • Growth Strategy
        • Competitive Rivalry, Analyzing industry and competition, Industry-level
      • Frameworks: Porter's 5 Forces, Strategies for a competitive environment
      • Project/ Assignment

      • Unit 1: Strategy Formulation and Strategic Capability
        • Strategy Formulation
        • Strategic Capabilities
      • Unit 2: Innovation by Design
        • Design Thinking
        • Leading Strategic Innovation

        • Unit 3: Financing Your Strategy
          • Financial Analysis and Budgeting
          • Capital Raising and Planning

          • Unit 4:International Business
            • International Business Environment
            • International Business Strategy

            • Unit 5: High Performing Organisations
              • Enhancing Performance and Developing High Performing Teams
              • Organisational Structure and Design

            The program includes a comprehensive capstone project.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Course FAQs

            This program is for you if you are a working professional with three years of work experience and are currently looking for newer skills that would catapult you to managerial positions. The program touches upon 360 degree of the business such as marketing, operations, organizational behaviour and finance. In the instance that your current company recognizes an MBA as a pathway to promotions or a higher salary, you may opt for this global MBA. In the instance that you are looking for a transition in your career, upGrad provides a full suite of career services for the same.

            This programme intends to take the student through the fundamental theories of business,opportunity to implement them via case studies and simulations. The program is also ideal for networking, peer to peer exchange of ideas and provide a platform to immerse oneself in campus immersion.

            Post completion of the programme, the student gets two certificates from Goa Institute of Management and Deakin Business School.

            Eligibility FAQs

            You need a valid Bachelor's Degree. You will also need at least 3 years of work experience.

            The admissions process is completely online. Following are the key steps in the application process:

            Step 1 - Application Form

            Fill out an application 

            Step 2 - Get Shortlisted & receive an offer letter

            Candidates will be evaluated based on their profile,i.e.professional experience and academic scores. 

            STEP-3 - Blocking the Seat

            Upon receiving the offer letter, block your seat by paying a caution amount.

            STEP-4 - Document Submission

            Submit self-attested documents as per the list of documents in the offer letter. 

            STEP-5 - Blocking the Seat

            Pay the balance fee. 0% interest EMI options available.