.NET MAUI for Xamarin Developers Course

Leverage Xamarin Forms knowledge to develop powerful multi-platform apps using .NET MAUI.

  • Learn the key features and enhancements introduced in .NET MAUI. 
  • Explore the capabilities of MAUI Blazer View and data binding in components. 
  • Gain insights into MAUI Essentials and its new features for desktop components. 
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Master Cross-Platform App Development

Are you a Xamarin developer eager to broaden your skillset and stay ahead in the ever-changing domain of app development? If your answer is yes, then this .NET MAUI for Xamarin Developers course offered by KnowledgeHut is your best bet. Become proficient in building robust cross-platform applications that run seamlessly using the latest.NET MAUI framework.

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  • 3 Days of Live Instructor-Led Sessions 

  • Learn from Assignments and MCQs 

  • Gain Hands-On Practice in Xamarin  

  • Explore Real-World Live Projects 

  • Fundamentals to an Advanced Level 

  • Code Reviews by Professionals. 

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Learn theory backed by real-world case studies and exercises. Skill up and get productive from the get-go. 

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Exclusive Post-Training Sessions

Six months of post-training mentor guidance to overcome challenges in your career. 

prerequisites for .NET MAUI for Xamarin Developers Course


Learners need to have hands-on experience in building mobile applications with Xamarin Forms. 

What You Will Learn

Xamarin's Popularity

Understand why Xamarin is so popular with cross-platform native applications development.  

Native iOS and Android Apps

Build native iOS and Android apps and take your app development strategy to the next level.  

Simplified Cross-Platform UI

Write cross-platform UI code in a simple and concise manner and run the applications.   

XAML, Data Binding, Controls

Learn how to use XAML, data binding and controls, within your Xamarin. Forms applications.  

Xamarin Data Access

Learn the common data access patterns for Xamarin’s iOS and Android platforms. 

Testing and Publishing

Learn unit testing for MAUI apps and understand the archiving and publishing processes. 


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Who Should Attend

Xamarin Forms Developers

Mobile App Developers


  • Architecture of .NET MAUI Solution  
  • .NET MAUI App Structure  
  • Enabling/Disabling Support for Different Platforms  

  • Introduction to MAUI  
  • The All-New Resources Folder  
  • Styles, Colours and Themes  
  • Fonts  
  • Raw Assets - New API for accessing Assets from Resources  
  • Image Resources  
  • The Platform Folder  
  • What’s inherited from Xamarin Forms  
  • What’s new in .NET MAUI  
  • New Layouts - Vertical Stack, Horizontal Stack.  
  • Important Changes in the Layouts  
  • Prepare Xamarin Pages for Migration to .NET MAUI  
  • The Border, Shapes Components  
  • The All-New Graphics View  
  • New Image Attributes and Modifiers
  • Using the new MVVM Community Toolkit  
  • The Relay and Async Relay Command  
  • Using the New Community Toolkit for Converter, Behaviours, and Components  
  • Registering Views and View Models  
  • The All-New Dependency Injection in MAUI  
  • Service Registration and Injection  
  • What’s new in MAUI Shell  
  • Removing the Shell to Revert to View Model Navigation  
  • Managing Tabs, Flout Items, Sub Tabs, Menus etc in Shell  
  • Routing in MAUI  
  • Registering the Routes  
  • Passing Data in Shell (Query Property and Parameters)  
  • Returning Data Backwards  
  • Reusing the Existing Xamarin Components and Layouts  
  • Reusing Existing Custom Renderers in MAUI
  • Converting Renderers to Handlers  
  • Conditional Compilation of Native API  
  • Creating Handlers Using Handler Lifecycle Events  
  • Understanding Handlers and Mappers to Create Custom Components  
  • Access the Native API Using Partial Class Implementation (Avoiding Conditional Compilations)  
  • Accessing Native Implementation of Interfaces  
  • Consuming New Application Lifecycle events  
  • Understanding the Blazer WebView  
  • Understanding the App Capabilities
  • Creating Custom Reusable Components and Adding to Navigation  
  • Data Binding in Components  
  • Understanding View Model Data Consumption in Blazer WebView  
  • Steps to Add Blazer WebView in .MAUI App.
  • Glance over the Essentials API
  • New Features for Desktop Components  
  • Optimizing the Compile Resources and Libraries  
  • Tweaking the Compiler Settings for Processing  
  • Performance Optimization, Tuning and Practices  
  • Unit Testing MAUI Apps  
  • Archiving and Publishing  

Frequently Asked Questions

.NET MAUI Training

This .NET MAUI course offered by KnowledgeHut is designed to equip Xamarin developers with the essential skills needed to excel in cross-platform app development using .NET MAUI. At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Apply their understanding of the architecture and structure of .NET MAUI solutions to build robust cross-platform apps. 
  • Utilize the key features and enhancements introduced in .NET MAUI to create modern and feature-rich applications. 
  • Implement effective techniques for data binding and successfully apply the MVVM pattern in their app development process. 
  • Expertly navigate and manage app flow using the new MAUI Shell and advanced routing techniques. 
  • Effectively leverage existing Xamarin components and layouts within their .NET MAUI projects for enhanced productivity. 
  • Develop custom components using handlers and mappers to tailor app functionality to specific requirements. 
  • Create dynamic and interactive user interfaces by harnessing the capabilities of MAUI Blazer View and implementing data binding in components.
  • Incorporate MAUI Essentials and its new features for desktop components into their app development workflow. 
  • Optimize app performance, fine-tune compilation settings, and adhere to best practices to ensure efficient and responsive apps. 
  • Conduct unit testing for their MAUI apps to ensure high quality and bug-free code and understand the archiving and publishing processes to deploy their apps successfully.  

Yes, our applied .NET MAUI for Xamarin Developers course is designed to offer flexibility for you to upskill as per your convenience. We have both weekday and weekend batches to accommodate your current job. 

This course is ideal for: 

  • Existing Xamarin Forms Developers seeking to learn the new .NET MAUI Framework and leverage their Xamarin skills to build multi-platform applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.  
  • Existing Developers seeking to migrate Xamarin apps to the latest .NET MAUI frameworks. 

For this .NET MAUI for Xamarin Developers course, learners need to have hands-on experience in building mobile applications with Xamarin Forms. 

To attend the .NET MAUI for Xamarin Developers program, the basic hardware and software requirements are as mentioned below: 

  • Mac OS X Machines with latest Xcode installed and updated.  
  • Visual Studio 2022 installed with .NET MAUI component  
  • Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.0 SDKs (and other Client’s targeted Kits if any) installed (Auto installs when installing Visual Studio 2019 (Community works)  
  • Windows 10/11 with Visual Studio 2022 installed with .NET MAUI component 

On adequately completing all aspects of this course, you will be offered a certification from KnowledgeHut.