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Unlock Savings and Skills with Bootcamp Programs

We are thrilled to present an exciting set of bootcamps tailored exclusively for our esteemed alumni. Designed to elevate your skills in the most in-demand areas of technology and design, our curated package showcasing a bundle of six high-impact bootcamps, is strategically aimed at fostering continuous growth and providing substantial value to our valued community.

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  • Instructor-Led Sessions by Industry Experts

  • Immersive Learning with Hands-On Exercises

  • Live Interactive Doubt-Solving Sessions

  • Real-World Portfolio of Capstone Projects

  • Comprehensive Career Support

  • Live Master Sessions by Experts 

  • Hackathons and Mock Interviews

  • Mentorship by Industry Experts

  • Assignments and Mini Projects

  • Cloud Labs-Enabled Learning

  • Auto-Graded Assessments

  • Tech Career Launch Support

The KnowledgeHut Advantage

The most effective project-based immersive learning experience

Immersive Learning

  • On-demand videos
  • Guided hands-on exercises
  • Auto-graded assessments and recall quizzes
  • Assignments and projects

Learn by Doing

  • Learn to code. By actually coding.
  • Get project-ready with work-like experiences.
  • Learn on the job, like devs in tech companies.

Cloud Labs

  • Access fully provisioned dev environment.
  • Virtual machine spinned up in minutes.
  • Write code right in your browser.


  • Get advanced learner insights.
  • Measure and track skills progress.
  • Identify areas to improve in.

Blended Learning

  • On-demand, self-paced learning anytime.
  • Code review sessions by experts.
  • Access to discussion forums, community groups.
prerequisites for In Demand Tech Bootcamp Bundle - Pack of Six


  • Prior experience with operating systems, internet browsing, and word-processing software
  • Let your passion for learning and your sharp analytical skills be your guiding lights
  • Get ready to immerse yourself in an enriching experience filled with learning and achievement

Who Should Attend the Program

Recent Graduates

Junior Developers

Marketing Professionals

Project Managers

Creative Professionals

Finance Professionals

Business Analysts


Startup Founders


Anyone eager to future-proof their career

Individuals looking for a career pivot

Tech Career Launch

Get ready to apply all the skills you learn through these programs to ace interviews and land your dream job. 

Career Planning and Coaching
  • Goal-Setting 
  • Career Coaching
  • Personalized Career Planning
Dedicated Job Support
  • Land Top Tech and Design Jobs 
  • Resume, LinkedIn, GitHub Review
  • Comprehensive Placement Assistance
Interview Preparation
  • Hackathons
  • Mock Interviews and Analysis
  • Feedback and Tips by Experts
Transform Your Workforce

Scale up Your Technology Talent

KnowledgeHut Bootcamps are comprehensive technical learning programs designed to generate maximum outcomes for talent to get productive in a product development environment.  

  • Curated technical curriculum for entry-level developers
  • Real-world product building experience with expert guidance
  • Immersive learning with Cloud Labs
  • Customized training solutions tailored to business needs

500+ Clients


Learning Objectives:

By completing the pre-bootcamp and advanced modules, participants will master web development essentials, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. You will advance to creating dynamic user interfaces with React, building robust backend systems using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, and honing skills in API development, testing, deployment, system design, and mastering algorithms and process management. This comprehensive program aims to equip participants for success in full-stack web development.

  1. Pre-Bootcamp – Essential Skills for Beginners
  2. Web Development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  3. Frontend Development Using React
  4. Data Structures Using JavaScript
  5. Backend Development with Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  6. APIs and Testing
  7. Deployment
  8. Level Up Your Skills – System Design
  9. Level Up Your Skills – Mastering Algorithms and Process Management

Learning Objectives:

By completing these modules, learners will master the UX/UI design process—conducting user research, creating surveys, ideating, designing, sketching, prototyping, building a portfolio, and charting a clear career path in the field.

  1. Fundamentals and Introductions
  2. Research, Analysis, and Synthesis
  3. Creating Surveys
  4. Ideation and Designing
  5. Sketching
  6. Wireframing and Prototyping
  7. Portfolio
  8. Career Path

Learning Objectives:

Completing these modules equips participants with a broad skill set in data science, covering tools like MS Excel, SQL, Python, NoSQL, Tableau, and Hadoop. You will gain proficiency in statistical concepts, machine learning, big data processing, and deep learning, along with practical experience in deploying models on the cloud and implementing data structures and algorithms. This prepares you for versatile roles in the data science field.

  1. MS Excel
  2. Programming Basics
  3. SQL Basics
  4. Data Analysis Using SQL
  5. Python for Data Science: Installation, Building Blocks, Strings and Data Structures
  6. Python for Data Science: Functions, Modules, Files, Lambda functions, Errors, and OOPs
  7. Probability and Statistics: Descriptive Statistics, Distributions and Probability Theory
  8. Probability and Statistics: Hypothesis Testing, Regressions and ANOVA
  9. Data Pre-Processing: Numpy, Pandas, RegEx and Visualizations
  10. Data Pre-Processing: Web Scraping and EDA
  11. NoSQL
  12. Data Visualization with Tableau
  13. Machine Learning: Math for Data Science
  14. Machine Learning: Linear Regression
  15. Regularization Techniques: LASSO and RIDGE
  16. Introduction to Classification and Logistic Regression
  17. KNN, Naive Bayes and SVM
  18. Decision Tree, Random Forest and Boosting
  19. Unsupervised Learning: Clustering and PCA
  20. Big Data Processing with Hadoop
  21. Streaming Big Data with Spark: Spark Runtime, ETL, SparkSQL and Stream Processing
  22. Streaming Big Data with Spark: Apache Kafka
  23. Machine Learning Model Deployment on Cloud
  24. Natural Language Processing: Feature Extraction, Textblob, Spacy, Text Classification
  25. Natural Language Processing: Sentiment Analysis and Chatbots
  26. Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow: Keras, TensorFlow, and CNN
  27. Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow: Adv CNNs, NLP and GANs
  28. Data Structures and Algorithms

Learning Objectives:

By completing these modules, participants will gain a robust skill set in data analysis, covering Excel, Git/GitHub version control, foundational math and stats, SQL, Python for analytics, advanced data analysis, and Tableau for visualization. This equips you to adeptly analyze, interpret, and visualize data for effective decision-making.

  1. Data Analysis with Excel
  2. Version Control using Git and GitHub
  3. Maths and Stats Foundations
  4. Data Analysis using SQL
  5. Python for Data Analytics
  6. Advanced Data Analysis with Python
  7. Data Visualization using Tableau

Learning Objectives:

Completing these modules ensures participants master cloud computing essentials, including Linux, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. They gain expertise in networking, security, serverless computing, and artificial intelligence. Prepared for certifications and careers, participants excel in cloud resource management, security implementation, and multi-cloud strategies.

  1. Linux Essential
  2. Linux - Permissions, Processes and Networking
  3. Python Foundation
  4. Cloud Computing Introduction
  5. AWS Networking and Content Delivery
  6. AWS Databases
  7. AWS Cloud Compute Provisioning and Deployment
  8. AWS Storage Services Deep Dive
  9. DevOps and Automation
  10. Security and Compliance of AWS
  11. Monitoring, Logging, and Remediation
  12. AWS Data Management and Protection
  13. AWS Serverless Computing and Automation
  14. Azure Networking and Traffic Management
  15. Deploy and Manage Azure Compute and Storage Resources
  16. Azure Administration
  17. Azure Network and Databases Management
  18. Azure Monitoring and Backup
  19. Security, Compliance and Governance
  20. Serverless Computing and Automation
  21. Grasping Backup and Disaster Recovery of AWS and Azure
  22. Azure Architecture Deployment
  23. Cost Optimization in AWS and Azure
  24. Migration between AWS and Azure
  25. Next-Level Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing
  26. Build SaaS Applications in Cloud 
  27. Deep Dive into Cloud Security
  28. Introduction to Google Cloud 
  29. GCP Foundation
  30. Multi-Cloud with GCP
  31. Career and Certification Preparation and Activities

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing these modules ensures participants gain a robust skill set in software development, encompassing the software development lifecycle, full-stack development, Java mastery, Git/GitHub, operating system concepts, design patterns, computer networks, data structures, algorithms, system design, interview preparation, databases, backend engineering, DevOps, cloud practices, and proficiency in web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, and module bundlers. This prepares you comprehensively for successful careers in software development.

  1. Software Development Lifecycle
  2. Introduction to Full-Stack Development
  3. Mastering Java
  4. Git and GitHub
  5. Understanding Operating System Concepts
  6. Design Patterns
  7. Understanding Computer Networks
  8. Data Structures and Algorithms
  9. System Design
  10. Interview Prep
  11. Understanding Databases
  12. Backend Engineering
  13. DevOps and Cloud
  14. HTML5 and CSS3
  15. Javascript
  16. React
  17. Module Bundlers

Frequently Asked Questions

Bootcamp Experience

Our Tech Masters Programs offer an immersive learning experience in specialized fields such as Full Stack Development, UI-UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Advanced Full Stack Development. Alumni can anticipate hands-on projects, real-world applications, and industry-relevant skills that empower them to excel in their respective fields.

Yes, our bootcamps cater to a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Each program is structured to accommodate diverse learning needs, ensuring that alumni can build upon their existing knowledge or start their journey from scratch.

The duration varies for each bootcamp, ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months. The time commitment depends on the specific program, but they are designed to accommodate busy schedules, allowing alumni to balance work and learning effectively.

Live interactions are a crucial part of our program. They occur in two formats: 

  • Doubt Resolving Sessions: Where instructors address queries about the streamed content in real-time, ensuring personalized attention. 
  • Master Sessions: Live sessions focusing on practical application, project building, and interview preparation, leveraging the knowledge gained from streaming sessions. 

Yes, you can switch the start date of your Bootcamp training with prior notice of at least 24 hours, subject to availability in the desired batch. 

Yes, interaction with instructors is a key component. In doubt resolving and master sessions, you'll engage directly with instructors and peers, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

The instructors for live sessions may differ from those in streaming sessions. We bring together a diverse pool of experts for each module, ensuring the best possible guidance and mentorship in both formats.

Master Sessions are designed to deepen your understanding through practical application. These live sessions allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhance your problem-solving skills, and prepare for industry-specific challenges.

We understand that scheduling conflicts can occur. To accommodate this, live sessions are recorded and made available for later review, ensuring that you don't miss out on any crucial learning opportunities.

Career Benefits

Our programs are crafted to enhance alumni's skill sets and make them industry-ready. The hands-on experience gained throughout the bootcamps equips alumni with practical knowledge sought by employers, increasing their marketability and opening doors to new career opportunities.

While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, our programs are designed to significantly enhance your skills and marketability. We provide career support resources, including job placement assistance and networking opportunities, to help alumni capitalize on their newfound expertise.

Absolutely! We encourage alumni to showcase the projects they complete during the bootcamps in their portfolios. These tangible examples of practical skills and problem-solving abilities can greatly impress potential employers.