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Get Primed to Land That FAANG Job!

If you're looking for a sure-shot way to crack interviews at FAANG, the dream companies for software engineers across the world, this is just the course you need. Designed, taught, and continuously refined by tech experts and top hiring managers, this ultimate Full-Stack Interview Prep Course brings you live instructor-led training, 1:1 mock interviews with FAANG experts, personalized feedback, career launch support and more.

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  • 58 Hours Instructor-Led Sessions

  • 191+ Hours of Self-Paced Videos

  • 25 Hours of Doubt Solving Sessions

  • 6 Hours of Mock Interview Sessions

  • 2 Diagnostic Evaluations

  • 1:1 Mock Interviews with FAANG Experts

  • 620+ Practical Exercises

  • 7 Hands-On Projects

  • Resumé, LinkedIn, GitHub Review

  • Comprehensive Placement Support

Learners Success Stories


Temitayo Fagbami

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Sai Charan

Sai Charan

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer


Mayuresh Raul

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer


Harshvir Sidhu

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Azi Crawford

Azi Crawford

Platform Engineer

Software Engineer

Get Hired at FAANG Companies

FAANG - eponymous for Facebook-Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google - constitute the dream companies for software engineers across the world. They are so popular, that the acronym FAANG is now a part of common parlance. Getting into FAANG, however, is no mean feat - more than 3 million people applied to Google in 2021, and only 20,000 were hired.

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Become a top candidate worthy of FAANG companies

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The KnowledgeHut Edge

Solid Track Record

KnowledgeHut has empowered 400,000+ professionals with skills and certifications in various domains.  

Learn from Silicon Valley Experts

Interact and engage with industry veterans with a wealth of industry experience and mastery in tech.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Learn from the most up-to-date curriculum, designed keeping industry needs and latest technologies in mind. 

Reason-Based Learning

Go beyond theoretical or practical knowledge and understand the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of things. 

Work-Like Experiences

Gain real-world experiences through projects and build a job-ready portfolio worthy of top companies. 

Continual Learning Support

Strengthen your learning with self-paced videos, hands-on exercises, assignments, recall quizzes and more. 

Pool of Stellar Instructors

Our industry-validated curriculum is designed by renowned experts and authors. The program is delivered by top instructors with several years of experience under their belt.

Masud Khan

Senior Software Engineer, Databricks

Mohammad Sharaf

Senior Software Engineer,

Bijaya Bhatta

Technical Lead, Bank of America

Rahul Salota


Abdelrahman Soliman

Senior Software Engineer, Hopper

Sujeet Boran

AI Engineer, KLA

Arpit Agrawal

Tech Lead ShareChat, ex-IBM

prerequisites for Interview Preparation Courses


To enroll for this Bootcamp, one must be a Software Engineering Professional with a Computer Science Degree and must:

  • Have 4+ years of work experience, preferably in service-based companies
  • Be a resident of the United States or Canada
  • Have intermediate or advanced knowledge of programming languages like C/Java/Python
  • Be well-versed in the manipulation of basic strings and writing if-else arguments
  • Be able to solve basic coding problems

Who Should Attend This Course


Java Developers

Software Developers

Technical Program Managers

Software Development Engineers

Software Development Managers in service-based organizations

Impress Recruiters With a Stellar Project Portfolio

For any software designer looking to accelerate their career, end-to-end proficiency in System Design is crucial. Understand how to develop and scale up applications like YouTube, Netflix, Twitter and Spotify. This way, you'll learn to build app architecture and plan for proper functionality.

  • YouTube Video sharing platform

    A online video sharing platform that allows multiple users to watch and upload videos.

  • ZOOM Videotelephony platform

    A videotelephony and online chat service that allows multiple users and teams to participate in video calls.

  • tripredictor
    Spotify Audio streaming and Media service

    A music listening app with features like playlists, digital audio content library like podcasts and more.

  • Uber Ride hailing platform

    A ride-hailing app that allows users to request for cabs based on their location and features pricing and options.

  • Netflix Media Streaming Service

    A video streaming web app like Netflix with play/pause feature, movie catalogues, ratings, reviews, and lots more.

  • Twitter social networking service

    A microblogging and social networking service where a user can post text/video/links and to design its feed.

Your Path to Getting Placed at FAANG

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Admission Process

Get ready to apply all the skills you learn through the course to ace interviews and land your dream job at FAANG companies.


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FAANG Interview Prep Course Syllabus

Learning Objective:

Get started with the fundamental building blocks of Data Science and Algorithms - arrays, linked lists, stacks, and binary search trees. 

  • Learning representation and applications of Array 
  • Discovering Sorting and Searching techniques 
  • Understanding operations and applications of Stack 
  • Mastering Two Pointers 
  • Discovering working and operations of Strings 
  • Understanding LinkedList 
  • Learning Hash Tables functions 
  • Mastering Binary Search Tree representation 
  • Understanding Recursion
  • Finding element's position with Binary Search 
  • Traversing the graph from root node with Breadth First Search 
  • Searching vertices of a graph with Graph Depth First Search - Fundamentals 
  • Finding element's position in a sorted array with Binary Search 
  • Learning Binary Tree 
  • Storing data in a linear order with Stack - Fundamentals 
  • Storing data in a linear order with Stack - Advanced 

Learning Objective: 

After strengthening your fundamentals, now learn mid-level concepts in Data Science and Algorithms. This includes learning how to work with Heap, Trie, Sliding Window, Heap, and Palindromes. 

  • Getting solutions in optimized way with Bit operations 
  • Discerning Math 
  • Storing and searching a specific key from a set with Trie - Fundamentals 
  • Storing and searching a specific key from a set with Trie - Advanced 
  • Solve complex problems of array or a string with Sliding Window – Fundamentals 
  • Solve complex problems of array or a string with Sliding Window - Advanced 
  • Construct priority queues with Heap 
  • Solving problems recursively with Backtracking - Fundamentals 
  • Discovering Connected Components 
  • Performing two useful operations with Union Find 
  • Finding shortest path between two vertices with Dijkstra’s Algorithm 
  • Discerning Ordered Set Tree Map 
  • Sorting elements in a specific order with Monotonic stack 
  • Understanding Tree Traversal DFS 
  • Learning Tree Traversal BFS 
  • Breaking down problems with Divide and Conquer 
  • Organize and store data with Tree Construction 
  • Build a solution incrementally with Backtracking -Advanced 
  • Searching vertices of Graph with Depth First Search 
  • Understanding Palindromes 

Learning Objective:

Gain a thorough understanding of advanced topics with Data Structures and Algorithms such as Dynamic Programming and Memorization, Dequeue, Greedy Algorithm, and Lowest Common Ancestor of Binary Trees. 

  • Answering several queries in a range in constant time with Prefix Sum 
  • Perform insertion and deletion operations with Dequeue 
  • Discovering Design 
  • Re-use results of similar problems with Dynamic Programming and Memorization - Fundamentals
  • Re-use results of similar problems with Dynamic Programming and Memorization - Intermediate 
  • Sorts a directed graph with Topological Sort and Dijkstra's algorithm 
  • Builds up a solution piece by piece with Greedy algorithm 
  • Learning Dynamic Programming with Stone Games 
  • Using programming to solve the Prefix Sum Array 
  • Re-use results of similar problems with Dynamic Programming and Memorization - Advanced 
  • Achieve optimum solution for problem with Greedy algorithm - Fundamentals 
  • Achieve optimum solution for problem with Greedy algorithm - Advanced 
  • Understanding Tree Lowest Common Ancestor

Learning Objective:

Gain a thorough understanding of System Design with topics such as communication channels, Cloud design patterns, software system architecture, and Big Data. Also get introduced to Machine Learning and understand its applications.

  • Understanding the software development process along with the system architecture 
  • Discerning Communication Channels 
  • Learn Tools and protocols for integrating application software and services with API design 
  • Grasping Database design
  • Learning the most optimal database to choose for storing data with database choice 
  • Store copies of frequently used application data with Caching 
  • Learning Cloud design patterns - Fundamental 
  • Mastering Cloud design patterns - Advanced 
  • Discovering Big data 
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science 
  • Learn continuously operational systems with High Availability 
  • Learn replication of data with Disaster Recovery 
  • Understand horizontal scaling of a database system with sharding 
  • Discovering Scale Realtime 
  • Mastering Scale Workflow 
  • Discovering Scale Product 
  • Understanding Scale Algorithms 
  • Mastering Scale Algorithms 

Learning Objectives:

In this final module, you will get to evaluate your current skill level and areas of weakness and test out how well you perform under pressure. Attend three mock interviews by Silicon Valley Engineers and receive constructive, structured, and actionable insights for improved interview performance. It's all you need to confidently prepare and clear all the stages of a typical SDE interview at FAANG and Tier-1 companies. 

FAANG Interview Prep Course FAQs

Interview Prep Course

Cracking Software Development Engineer (SDE) interviews in FAANG + Tier 1 companies calls for solid fundamentals in data structures, algorithms, and system design. There's a large number of FAANG wannabes who make it to a few interview rounds at these companies, but fail to successfully clear them. For instance, while more than 3 million people applied to Google in 2021, only 20,000 were hired.

A robust program such as ours helps you gain the much-needed proficiency, which will in turn prepare you to clear both the technical and behavioral interview rounds typical of FAANG+ organizations.

This course is for anyone who is serious about getting into FAANG and other top-tier product companies as a software development engineer. Typical candidate profiles include:  

  • Software Development Engineers 
  • Technical Program Managers 
  • Software Development Managers in service-based organizations 

This Interview Preparation course will help you gain an end-to-end understanding and make you proficient in Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) and System Design. 

Top technology companies look for proficiency in these two domains, which means that you will be very well-equipped to clear the technical interviews at these companies. 

You will also benefit from live workshops that will teach you how to ace these companies’ behavioral interviews as well. 

KnowledgeHut’s FAANG Interview Prep course will help you master a range of skills with the aim of helping you ace both the technical and behavioral interviews typical of FAANG and other top-tier companies. Of these skills, you will become an expert in the following:  

  • Work easily with data structures and algorithms  
  • Prepare these algorithms for production using System Design  
  • Work with different kinds of computer networks  
  • Ace technical and behavioral interviews by identifying patterns  

This course typically prepares you for the Software Development Engineer (SDE) role in FAANG and other Tier 1 technology companies. 

No. You need to be a computer science graduate, with a minimum of 4 years of work experience in software development (at least as an entry-level software developer).  

Given the emphasis that this course puts on DSA (System Design, Data Structures & Algorithms), your chances of clearing the technical interviews of FAANG company are anyway higher. Apart from this, we also offer live workshops to help you clear their infamous behavioral interviews as well. This is how our FAANG course stands out from other prep courses:  

  • Designed by FAANG Employees   
  • Practice interview questions with solutions   
  • 1:1 Mock interviews with FAANG Mentors   
  • Resume review, LinkedIn profile review with personalized branding tips  
  • Interview question database for different FAANG companies.  

All our mentors are Silicon Valley Experts who are Tech Leaders from FAANG + Tier 1 companies, bringing with them rich experience in everything DSA and System Design.   

Of course! Mock interviews are essential to building the skills to confidently clear both the technical and behavioral rounds of FAANG+ interviews

With 1:1 mock interviews with Silicon Valley experts, not only will you learn to solve Data Structures and Algorithms problems in an interview setting, but you will also thoroughly prepare for the behavioral rounds.  

Apart from mock interviews that hone your technical know-how and prepare you for the behavioral round, we will also help you optimize your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles along with your resume, which is essential. 

The hallmark of this Bootcamp is our Job Guarantee promise: We will help learners land lucrative job offers with an average salary of $200K+ per year.   

To enroll for this bootcamp, you must be/have:

  • Software Engineering Professionals with a computer science degree
  • 4+ years of work experience in service-based companies or other organizations
  • Residents of the United States or Canada

Coding Knowledge requirements:

  • Intermediate or Advanced knowledge of programming languages like C/Java/Python
  • Knowhow of manipulation of basic strings and writing if-else arguments
  • Ability to solve basic coding problems

Course Experience

Yes, on completing the course and meeting all the requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion issued by KnowledgeHut. 

Yes, you can! We have both weekend and weekday batches designed to help busy professionals with full-time work commitments. For example, as a part of the weekend batch, you can attend live instructor-led sessions on the weekend and then complete assignments/projects during your free time on weekdays.  

You have the option to pause the program for 14 days. Before rejoining, you would need to catch up with the Program by watching the recorded instructor-led sessions. You may opt for this option after discussing it with your Student Success Manager.  

You also have the option to defer a program, provided there is a valid reason offered to your Student Success Manager and is approved by the Program Director. Once you are back, you can discuss with your Student Success Manager to know which batch of the course you can join.  

Please contact your Learning Advisor for more information about this. 

Yes! Upon completing the course and meeting all the requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion issued by KnowledgeHut. Thousands of KnowledgeHut alumni use their course certificates to demonstrate skills to potential employers and across their LinkedIn networks.  

KnowledgeHut’s tech programs are well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and partner with us to train their teams 

What Learners are Saying

Ronan Ortiz Software Development Engineer
I got a whole confidence boost because I finally felt that a FAANG job was within reach, during the course. Thanks to the entire team at KnowledgeHut for this offering.

Attended Interview Preparation Courses workshop in December

Shanaya Bora Software Development Manager
This course is complete bang for your buck because it helped me get a job at Meta as a Software Engineer. Speaking from my personal experience, this course is very through in terms of the topics covered and the instructors deliver its well.

Attended Interview Preparation Courses workshop in December

Asad Muhammad Technical Program Manager
This is THE course to enroll for if you want to be a software engineer in FAANG. Not only do they make you an expert in DSA and system design, but they also prep you thoroughly for the behavioral interviews.

Attended Interview Preparation Courses workshop in December

Blessy Joseph Programmer
Thanks to this course, I was finally able to understand how tough software interviews are at FAANG, and the depth of learning they actually required.

Attended Interview Preparation Courses workshop in December

Rita Willis Java Developer
If not for this program, my grasp of Data Structures and Algorithms would be severely lacking, and I wouldn't have two FAANG offers in hand today. Thanks team KH!

Attended Interview Preparation Courses workshop in December