Product Management Certification Program

Build a thriving product management career with this Duke Corporate Education certification

  • Conceptualize product ideas into wireframes and prototypes 
  • Develop a go-to-market and growth strategy for your product 
  • Conduct user research and translate it into user journeys and product maps
  • 3 Tracks Specialization options
  • 100 % Placement assistance
  • 300 + Recruiting partners

Become a Future-Ready Product Manager

Want to know how to bring product ideas to life, conduct user research more effectively and improve your product marketing and operational skills? Overcome these common challenges faced by product managers while securing a certification from Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE), ranked top 3 for 19 consecutive years in Executive Education by the Financial Times.

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  • 200+ Hours of Learning  

  • Duke Corporate Education Certification

  • 15+ Case Studies, Assignments

  • 15+ Live Q&A Sessions

  • 3 Years Unlimited Content Access

  • Lifetime Access to Duke CE Dialogue

The upGrad Advantage

Learn by Doing

Work on real-world projects, assignments and get exposure to practical product problems across industries.

Real-World Focus

Personalized feedback from existing Product Managers and teaching support to clear your doubts.

Job Opportunities

Gain exclusive access to upGrad's Job Opportunities portal with 100+ openings at any given time.

Career Assistance

Career mentorship sessions, high-performance coaching, interview prep, career bootcamps, more!

Continued Learning Support

Live sessions, focused group workshops with leading industry experts covering curriculum + advanced topics.

Practical Learning and Networking

Live peer-to-peer discussion forum for doubt resolution monitored by technical experts, and much more!



Candidates should have a graduate degree to take this course 

Who should attend this Product Management Certification?

Project Managers

Project Leads

Technical Managers

Software Developers

Marketing Professionals

Sales Professionals

UI-UX Design Professionals




Business Development Managers

What You Will Learn

Design Thinking in Product Management

Learn how you can leverage design thinking in product management

Understanding Market Guesstimates

Understand all about how market forces impacts product success

Understanding the User

Learn how to conduct user research and build a value proposition

Understanding the Product

Learn all about how to create user personas and user journey maps

Product Ideation

Apply product ideation techniques to drive innovation and profitability

Product Design and Prototyping

Learn to conceptualize your product idea and create interactive prototypes 

Usability Testing

Learn to capture feedback through the different usability tests available 

Minimum Viability Product

Learn to build the minimum viable product (MVP) version of a product  

Tech 101 For Product Managers

Learn the basics of the key technologies used in a technology stack 

Product Development

Learn the fundamentals of agile product development and scrum framework 

Product Planning

Learn to create a product roadmap and flesh out product requirements 

Go-To-Market Strategy

Understand how to develop and plan a go-to-market strategy 

Product Analytics

Get introduced and learn to set up Google Analytics for your product 

Growth Strategies

Develop plans to boost user engagement for your product

Transform Your Workforce

Become an Expert Product Manager

Build an expert team of product managers, skilled at creating products that address an urgent need, drive profitability, and meet organizational goals.

  • Custom Training Solutions  
  • Immersive Learning  
  • Learn by doing approach  
  • Immediately applicable skills  

500+ Clients

Product Management Certification Curriculum

Learning Objectives: Get a solid overview into the role of a product manager

  • Role of a Product Manager 
  • Hard Skills of a Product Manager 
  • Soft Skills of a Product Manager 
  • Career Path of a Product Manager 

Learning Objectives: Learn the basics of conducting user research by collecting and analyzing data. 

  • Understanding the Market and Product Lifecycle 
  • Guesstimates 
  • User Research 
  • Building Artefacts from User Research 
  • Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas 
  • Case Study-1  

Learning Objectives: Understand how to conceptualize your product idea, and create sketches, wireframes, and interactive prototypes for your product. 

  • User-Centered Design 
  • Prototyping 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Minimum Viable Product 


Learning Objectives: Develop and plan a go-to-market strategy. Get introduced to Google Analytics and set up Google Analytics for your website or product. 

  • Introduction to Product Analytics 
  • Product Analytics: A Deeper Perspective 
  • Growth Strategies 
  • Case Study-2 

Learning Objectives: Develop user engagement and multiple growth strategies for a given product. 

  • Product Planning 
  • Agile Product Management 
  • Product Development 
  • Go To Market Strategy 
  • Tech-101 for PMs 

Learning Objectives: Learn how to ask for assistance from specialists throughout the product lifecycle 

  • How to Work with Engineers 
  • How to Work with Designers 
  • How to Work with Executives 
  • How to Negotiate and Push Back Requirements

Learning Objective: Carry out product analytics, product backlog, roadmap, product requirement document, and go-to-market strategies for a product 

Learning Objective: Answer common interview questions asked by top recruiters for product management roles. 

Choose to learn one, two, or all three specialization options offered as a part of this certification program 

  • Growth in Product Management 
  • AI ML Solutions in Product Management 
  • Digital Transformation 

FAQs on Product Management Certification

Product Management Training

The Product Management Certification Program covers all the necessary concepts, skills, and technologies that you need to become an expert product manager today. The course covers a range of topics like: 

  • Introduction to Product Management 
  • Market and User Research 
  • Product Design and Prototyping 
  • Product Analytics and Engagement 
  • Product Planning and Development 

In order to create a product and see it through its lifecycle (from conception to product end-of-life), a solid understanding of the above five domains is essential. Along with creating a product, you’ll also learn how to keep in profitable while also meeting customer needs. 

This certification program will cover all relevant topics a product manager needs to master in 2022. The following are the practical skills you’ll gain on course completion: 

  • Leveraging design thinking in product management  
  • Understanding the impact of market forces on product success 
  • Conducting user research and build a value proposition 
  • Creating user personas and user journey maps 
  • Applying product ideation techniques to drive innovation and profitability 
  • Conceptualizing your product idea and create interactive prototypes 
  • Capturing feedback through the different usability tests available 
  • Building the minimum viable product (MVP) version of a product  
  • Understanding the basics of the key technologies used in a technology stack 
  • Understanding the fundamentals of agile product development and scrum framework 
  • Creating a product roadmap and flesh out product requirements 
  • Developing and plan a go-to-market strategy 
  • Setting up Google Analytics for your product 
  • Developing plans to boost user engagement for your product 

This Product Management Certification equips you with the product knowledge and skills you need to transition into a rewarding product management career or accelerate your career as a product manager. If you’re a professional who wants to build a career in product no matter your background, then this course is for you. 

Product Management Certification

The Product Management Certification program is provided by Duke Corporate Education, UK. 

All applicants interested in this program should have a graduate degree. 

There are three specializations offered as a part of the Duke Product Management Certification program.  

Each specialization will take 6 weeks. If you choose to take all three specializations, it will take you 6+6+6 = 18 weeks (4.5 months). Combined with the base program (of 6 months), the duration of the full program amounts to a total of 10.5 months.  

Below are details of the three specializations to choose from: 

I - Growth in Product Management 

This specialization will help you master user retention and engagement, monetization and ….. 

  • Driving User Retention & Engagement Growth: Create user engagement and strategies to implement retention 
  • Activation & Resurrection Growth Strategies: Build activation and resurrection strategies for different products 
  • Strategies to Drive Acquisition & Referral Growth: Create strategies to acquire users with the product-led approach 
  • Monetization Strategies: Build monetization strategies based on user cohorts and product maturity 
  • Experimentation Techniques: Design, priorities and run experiments to test hypotheses on different growth strategies 


This specialization will help you leverage AI/ML capabilities to meet customer demands 

  • AI Paradigms: Understand different AI Paradigms such as supervised and unsupervised learning, recommendation systems, reinforcement learning and deep learning. 
  • AI-ML Strategy: Understand the 5-step framework for building a strategy for an AI-ML driven product. 
  • Data Foundations: Understand how data plays an important role in any AI-ML strategy and the challenges that come along with it 
  • Data Architecture: Learn tools and technologies available to build a robust data architecture for your AI-ML strategy 
  • Capstone Project 

III - Digital Transformation 

This specialization will teach you to solve business problems using digital transformations 

  • Digital Transformation: Deep Dive: Understand digital transformation and solve some use cases with the digital-led approach 
  • Digital Transformation Frameworks: Apply the digital transformation framework to effectively implement digital transformation 
  • Emerging Technologies to Drive Digital Transformation: Determine how various emerging technologies are leverages transforming products and organizations digitally 
  • Design Thinking for Product Managers: Implement design thinking to innovate better products 
  • Path from Consultant to Product Manager: Understand the overlap between product consultant and product manager and how to become one 

The total program fees will vary depending on the number of specializations you opt for. Here are the details of duration and cost: 

Base Program (Compulsory) 
6 months 
Growth in Product Management 
1.5 months 
AI ML Solutions in Product Management 
1.5 months 
Digital Transformation 
1.5 months 

So, for example, if you opt for all three specializations, the total program cost will come to ₹195,000+taxes. 

Yes, you will receive a Product Management Certificate from Duke Corporate Education on fulfilling all the program requirements.  

The Product Management Certification offered by Duke CE helps you become a future-ready, industry-agnostic product manager. To get this certification, the steps involved are: 

  • Enroll for this product management program 
  • Complete the requisite course requirements 
  • Receive your certification 



Madeline R Front-End Developer

I know from first-hand experience that you can go from zero and just get a grasp on everything as you go and start building right away. 

Attended Full-Stack Development Bootcamp workshop in July 2022

Dave Murphy Web Developer

Best quality in the market today In today’s world, Data science is among the best career options for an IT professional. Having already done a bunch of courses from KnowledgeHut, I was already sure of the quality of the training. And I was not disappointed. Their Data Science Bootcamp was an intensive yet refreshing course that has made me very confident to look for a job as an analyst. Thank you KnowledgeHut!

Attended Data Science Bootcamp workshop in July 2021

Zach B Back-End Developer

The syllabus and the curriculum gave me all I required and the learn-by-doing approach all through the boot camp was without a doubt a work-like experience! 

Attended Back-End Development Bootcamp workshop in June 2021

Rubetta Pai Front End Developer

I am glad to have attended KnowledgeHut's training program. Really I should thank my friend for referring me here. I was impressed with the trainer who explained advanced concepts thoroughly and with relevant examples. Everything was well organized. I would definitely refer some of their courses to my peers as well.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2020

Meg Gomes casseres Database Administrator.

The Trainer at KnowledgeHut made sure to address all my doubts clearly. I was really impressed with the training and I was able to learn a lot of new things. I would certainly recommend it to my team.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in January 2020

Estelle Dowling Computer Network Architect.

I was impressed by the way the trainer explained advanced concepts so well with examples. Everything was well organized. The customer support was very interactive.

Attended Agile and Scrum workshop in February 2020

Ellsworth Bock Senior System Architect

It is always great to talk about Knowledgehut. I liked the way they supported me until I got certified. I would like to extend my appreciation for the support given throughout the training. My trainer was very knowledgeable and I liked the way of teaching. My special thanks to the trainer for his dedication and patience.

Attended Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)® workshop in February 2020

Felicio Kettenring Computer Systems Analyst.

KnowledgeHut has excellent instructors. The training session gave me a lot of exposure to test my skills and helped me grow in my career. The Trainer was very helpful and completed the syllabus covering each and every concept with examples on time.

Attended PMP® Certification workshop in May 2020

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