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  • There are no prerequisites to attend this training.

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Learning Objectives
Get an introduction to the typical issues faced by a traditional Project Manager and traditional project teams. Explain the significance of the impact of the Internet and OOPS. Understand the Iron Triangle in the context of Agile and learn what is fixed and what is variable.
  • The day in the life of a Project Manager
  • The day in the life of a Project Team Member
  • The need for change
  • Traditional Projects vs Agile Projects

Learning Objectives
Know the history of the Agile Manifesto and explain the importance of implementing 4 values and 12 principles in agile projects. Describe the elements of the house of agile.


  • Agile Manifesto
  • Values
  • Principles
  • Pillars of Agile

Learning Objectives
Understand why conversations are more important than writing requirements. Explain the dimensions of business value and understand the details of the user story prioritization techniques. Learn about the Minimum Viable Product and the Minimum marketable feature. Understand the criteria for, and the components of a well-formed user story. Understand the 4 stages of user Story maturity.


  • User Stories - definition
  • Business Value
  • Definition
  • Prioritizing
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) / MMF
  • Shaping up user stories (the 3Cs)
  • INVEST Criteria
  • User Story Maturity

Learning Objectives
Explore Scrum, Kanban, XP, DSDM, Scrum-ban, Lean, FDD at a high level. Explain the usage patterns of Agile variants.


  • Scrum (very high-level)
  • Kanban
  • XP
  • DSDM
  • Scrum-ban
  • Lean
  • Feature Driven Development
  • PI chart on usage

Learning Objectives
Explain APM as a 5-stage process for Agile software development. Gain an understanding of the need, deliverables, and activities involved in the Envision/Speculate/Explore/Adapt/Close phases of an Agile project.


  • Process Map
  • Process Steps need, deliverables & activities
  • Envision
  • Speculate
  • Explore
  • Adapt
  • Close

Learning Objectives
Get introduced to the Scrum Guide, and understand why Scrum is the most popular Agile framework.


  • The Scrum Guide
  • Popularity of Scrum

Learning Objectives
Understand the big picture i.e. how the roles, events, and artifacts are joined. Explain the characteristics and activities of the Product Owner, Development Team, Scrum Master, and find out who the possible other stakeholders could be. Understand the importance and involvement of the Project Manager and the Agile Coach in an Agile project. Explain the product backlog, sprint backlog, and potentially shippable increment in detail. Learn about the 5 events - sprint, sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective, and daily Scrum.


  • Event, Artifacts, and roles
  • Scrum at a glance
  • 3 Scrum roles
  • Other stakeholders
  • Project Manager
  • Agile Coach
  • 3 artifacts
  • 5 events

Learning Objectives
Explain why estimations are required in a project. Understand the different formats of estimation in Agile and explain the details on playing Planning Poker. List the types of agile estimates.


  • Estimation Basics
  • Agile Estimation Practices
  • Planning Poker
  • Types of Agile Estimates

Learning Objectives
Explain the different levels of Agile Planning and their purpose. Explain the need, scope, deliverables, and timing of product planning/ release planning/sprint planning.


  • Breaking the myth
  • Product Planning
  • Release Planning
  • Iteration Planning

Learning Objectives
Explain why we have info radiators in Agile. Learn how to interpret a burn-down chart, a burn-up chart and a Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD).


  • Information Radiators
  • Burn-down chart
  • Burn-up chart
  • CFD

Learning Objectives
Explain the need for Agile metrics, and describe details of a few Agile tools.


  • Agile Metrics
  • Agile Tools

Learning Objectives
Explain the application of Agile at the enterprise level, and get high-level details of SAFe®, DAD and LeSS.


  • Why we need to scale Agile
  • Agile @ Scale flavors
  • SAFe®
  • DAD
  • LeSS

Learning Objectives
Explain the available certifications in Agile, and understand the basics of Enterprise Agile.


  • Agile certifications
  • Enterprise Agile

Frequently Asked Questions

Get introduced to the concepts of Agile and Scrum with our beginner’s skills development course. KnowledgeHut’s course will help you usher in the Agile mind-set, by understanding how it is different from traditional project management and the numerous benefits it offers.

Phase by phase, you will be introduced to the basics of Agile and its foundations (values, principles and pillars), the various Agile variants including Scrum, Kanban, XP and their tools. You will then move on to APM and the 5-stage process for Agile software development, before diving deep into Scrum.  This experiential and comprehensive course is led by industry experts and will help you gain the expertise you need to align traditional project management to the agile route.

Expertise in Agile offers the following benefits for professionals:

  • Perform Agile planning and monitoring using its various tools and metrics.
  • Become a well-trained Agile expert.
  • Take your career places as an Agile & Scrum professional.
  • Develop the expertise necessary to become a changemaker who can assist in the Agile transformation of enterprises. 
  • Land top jobs with huge salaries.

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Contrast Agile with traditional software development
  • Know about the History of the Agile Manifesto
  • Understand and apply the 4 Agile values and 12 Agile principles at work
  • Create and use User Stories
  • Understand and distinguish High level overview for Agile variants like Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean and more
  • Understand the responsibilities for Scrum Master & Other roles in an Agile setup
  • Understand and identify the Scrum Artefacts: Product backlog, sprint backlog and potentially shippable increment
  • Understand and run the Scrum ceremonies: Sprint, sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective and daily scrum
  •  Understand and apply the Techniques of Agile estimation
  • Execute key Agile planning events like the product planning workshop, release planning workshop, iteration planning meeting and more
  •  Interpret and create Information Radiators like burn-up and burn-down charts and CFD
  • Understand how to calculate Agile metrics and use them
  • Know about the tools in an Agile development environment
  • Get an overview of Agile @ Scale 

There are no restrictions for this course. 

  • Anyone who is looking to develop their project management skills, such as
    • Project Managers
    • Developers
    • Product Owners
    • Managers-Software development
    • Architects-Software development
    • Product Managers
    • Software Developers
    • Software Coders
    • Software Testers
    • Team Leads/Team Members

    • Students and individuals with interest in Agile and Scrum methodologies

    Your instructors are Agile experts who have years of industry experience.

    What Learners are saying

    • 5/5

    Dec, 2019

    I found the training to be very effective in improving my understanding about Agile & Scrum. Thank you KnowledgeHut for all the efforts.

    Saripah Saripah


    Verified Learner
    • 5/5

    Dec, 2019

    The trainer was knowledgeable and conducted the training at an efficient pace. He also did his best in guiding me on how I could apply the learning to my projects. Thanks, KnowledgeHut!

    Dunstan Ong

    Programme Manager

    Verified Learner
    • 4/5

    Sep, 2019

    The course was useful and educational as it was able to give me a quick overview of the important areas to take note of. The live and interactive format allowed students to interact with the course instructor so that any questions could be immediately resolved. This allowed the entire class to learn from the real life queries and examples posed by other students. I would definitely recommend it to my peers.

    Tan Liyan

    Product Executive

    Verified Learner
    • 5/5

    May, 2019

    The training was good. The content covered by the trainer was extremely informative and incredibly useful. He also provided some real examples to provide more clarity. Overall, the training met my expectation and I will surely recommend this training to others.

    Abhinav Tomar

    Audit Analyst

    Verified Learner
    • 4/5

    Apr, 2019

    The trainer was very knowledgeable and captured our attention throughout the session. The training was interactive and informative with real-life examples. 

    Kim Moore

    Coordinator Enterprise Systems

    Verified Learner
    • 4/5

    May, 2018

    From my point of view, the course was a very good introduction to Agile and the role of a Business Analyst.

    Jon Hill

    Business Analyst

    Verified Learner
    • 4/5

    May, 2018

    I hadn't received any formal training for a long time so was surprised at how fast the day went and how much knowledge I managed to absorb. The presenter was knowledgeable and nice individual and the workshop left me wanting to explore more on the subject. Overall, a good experience!

    Anthony Rodriguez

    Software Engineer

    Verified Learner
    • 5/5

    May, 2018

    Good course. Thanks, KH!

    Lex Tan

    Projects & Product Life-Cycle Manager

    Verified Learner

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