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How Business Agile Can Increase the Effectiveness of Your Team

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11th Mar, 2021
21st Dec, 2018
How Business Agile Can Increase the Effectiveness of Your Team

 In the dynamic world of business, the only constant thing is change. Hence, each organization, regardless of its size, market share, product, or service range, location or brand has to learn to adapt quickly to the ever-changing corporate reality.

The modern term of this process is referred to as business agility and often, this is one of the most valuable assets a company may have. To make your team of managers and employees business agile, means to increase the overall effectiveness of your company. Here is how to do it.

What is business agility?

What is business agility

The term business agility can be applied to any business organization that is able to adapt its configuration and rapidly respond to change while maintaining the highest standards of products and/or services it offers. Business agility is achieved when a company is able to meet the demands of its customers, respond to the new market reality, and take advantage of the human resources it has in the best possible way. Simply put – the company needs to embrace the change and not be afraid of it.

For the business organization to be successful, it not only needs to adapt to change but also do it in the most cost-efficient and effective way so that it keeps its market share and if possible even increases it. A business agile organization uses the principles of complex adaptive systems and complexity science in order to achieve the desired success.

The origin of the term “agility” is related to the necessity of a business to operate in a predictable way despite the constant changes in the environment it is set into. The first set of agile methods was developed for the needs of software development organizations in order to solve problems related to changing requirements, uncertain system dynamics, and outcomes as a result of the overall technological complexity. This notion of flexibility and adaptivity was then further developed to suit the entire business model of an organization

A business can be agile regardless of the environment in which it exists. Agile enterprises are found in the corporate, community, and non-profit context 

Ways your business can become more agile

In order to make your organization business agile you need to teach its members to be flexible and responsive to change. To do so, keep the following three simple steps in mind. 

These three steps will help in improving team performance with business agile.

1. Identify the company bottlenecks

In every organization, there are critical points that can slow down the entire process or even put it to a halt, regardless of whether the company produces certain goods or offers services. Start by identifying those bottlenecks. This is the most important step. Once you identify the part of the process which can lead to a disruption it will be much easier to resolve the problem.

2. Find the best solution for the hindrances

Having identified the company bottleneck, you need to start looking for the most appropriate solution. In order to find an intelligent solution, you need to stick to the principles of the business agility – select a solution that is adaptive to the constant change in the environment in which your organization operates. This is the only way that will help you to achieve the desired efficiency.

3. Learn how to react to constant change

The most important factor for being successful in the market is to learn how to react to constant change. In order to achieve that, each company needs to invest in the training of its employees. You should ensure that they are provided with the right tools to accomplish their task. That will make the team business agile - it will increase the overall productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the workers regardless of their position in the company.

The importance of Training can be further explained through the following graph:

Learn how to react to constant change in Agile Training

Why business agile equals effective?

By providing employees with relevant courses, you make them prepared for the different tasks which they might come across in the future. Let us take an example with a call center dealing with private customers. As a customer service representative, your job is to communicate with clients over the phone, via e-mail, or chat. If you undergo a course in business communication or learn in general how to write better with the help of handmade writings, it will be easier for you to serve business clients as well, in case the company needs to shift the scope of its customers. The same goes for learning a foreign language – you will be prepared to work in a more diverse market. The result of acquiring new knowledge and skills is beneficial both for the employees and for the company in many ways:

  • The employees turn into more valuable assets
  • The employees are ready to  adapt to any change related to the scope of the company services
  • The employees are not stressed out of the possibility to lose their jobs, on the contrary, they might even get a promotion as a result of being flexible and adaptive
  • As a result of the better employee work the overall results of the company improve and it is better suited for the new market realities

There are many other benefits resulting from the readiness to adapt to change and regard it as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

At the end of the day, business agile may have its roots in the IT sector but it has become a concept that is applicable across all type of corporations. The ability to adjust to change efficiently and effectively can make or break your business. Hence, training the teams to embrace change and providing the necessary tools to the employees play a pivotal role. A business agile team equals better productivity and entails business success.

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