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How SAFe® is Beneficial For Enterprises Building Multiple Solutions?

05th Sep, 2023
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How SAFe® is Beneficial For Enterprises Building Multiple Solutions?

SAFe® is also known by the name of Scaled Agile Framework, and it assists businesses to address significant challenges of delivering and developing enterprise class software and systems in the shortest lead time. Many call it an online and freely revealed knowledge base of success patterns. By undertaking a course in SAFe®, one can quickly implement lean, agile software and systems at the enterprise level. It is beneficial for organizations that are into developing multiple solutions at the same time. Quite interestingly, SAFe® synchronizes collaboration, alignment, and delivery of a vast number of agile teams. As SAFe® framework is highly configurable and scalable, it allows each organization to adapt to its business requirements. On the other hand, it usually supports smaller-scale solutions that employ small practitioners, and it is also quite adept in giving rise to a complex system that requires thousands of people. 

As an extensive body of knowledge, SAFe® is quite adept at describing the roles artifacts, responsibilities, and activities that are termed necessary to implement Lean-Agile Development. By undertaking a course in SAFe®, it can be guaranteed that the enterprise where that particular individual works would benefit immensely. SAFe® features emphasizes on the principles of the Lean-Agile framework, and thus the person can contribute to the growth of an organization by undertaking this course by proving as an asset for the company. 

How SAFe® is beneficial in improving system development results?

It has evolved as a proven approach to the development of complex systems and software in Lean-Agile manner. It stresses on three primary bodies of knowledge. These are- systems thinking, Agile development and Lean Product Development. SAFe® is beneficial for enterprises as it helps them to answer the below-mentioned questions.

  • How can we align the motive of enterprise toward common technical and business goals? How can we implement better decisions in improving our economic outcomes?
  • How can we deliver new value in case of a predictable schedule so that the rest of the business can be executed and planned effectively? It also lays focus on improving the quality of an enterprise's solutions thereby having a positive impact on the target audience of that company.
  • How can we create an environment that puts stress on fostering innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement? SAFe® also makes sure that the intrinsic motivation of the individuals can be unlocked so that they can improve their work productivity. SAFe® also makes sure that an organization can help their teams without getting in their way.
  • How can we know that the new ways of functioning are more efficient? What are the full requirements of a unit that performs under pressurized environments?

Hence, by adopting SAFe® and applying its well-described set of values, practices, and principles, an enterprise can address these questions to realize greater individual and professional benefits. 

What are the learning goals of a SAFe® certification course?

With the constant evolution of business environments, it has come to the fore that many trending courses are in vogue. One such course is training in SAFe®. By pursuing a course in SAFe®, an individual can effectively become an asset for a company that specializes in building multiple solutions. Here is the list of learning goals that a SAFe® certification course emphasizes.

  • By learning the fundamentals of SAFe®, one can lead an enterprise Lean-Agile change
  • One can be empowered with a lean portfolio
  • One can perform high-value stream identification
  • One can play the role of a trainer in a corporate environment by providing training to managers and executives
  • By learning SAFe®, an individual can implement and execute an implementation roll out strategy
  • One can also align the organization to a common way of working and shared language

Who will benefit by undertaking a course in SAFe®?

It is that type of course that is intended for those who would be directly involved in SAFe® adoption. It also includes practitioners, consultants and change agents who are responsible for implementing portfolios and Agile programs to make sure that the enterprise is compliant with the Lean-Agile change initiative. Here is a list of those who would be benefited from SAFe®.

  • Technology and business executives that also include leaders, directors, and managers
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Product Line and Product Managers
  • System, Enterprise, and Solution Architects
  • It is also beneficial for those who perform the role of internal change agents
  • It is suitable for those who are in development, Quality Analysis, and IT Management

The prerequisites of undertaking a course in SAFe®

It is interesting to note that all stakeholders in a Lean-Agile transformation can attend the class regardless of their experience. On the other hand, some prerequisites are highly favored for those who intend to undertake a course in SAFe®. Here are the eligibility criteria for the candidates.

  •     A candidate must possess more than three years of experience in Agile
  •     They should have in their possession one or more Agile certifications
  •   One should also possess more than five years of experience in software testing, development, product management and business analysis

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The context of pursuing a course to great solutions SAFe®

It is intended for those types of enterprises that are building complex and large solutions that require the contribution of multiple Agile suppliers and trains. It is common for industries like Aerospace, Defense, and Government where they deal with extensive programs. By undertaking a course to a great solution SAFe®, you would find yourself in a reputed sector like that of a Government and Aerospace industry.

With the help of portfolio SAFe®, it can be ensured that the organization would have minimal dependencies on one another. Moreover, the portfolio level of SAFe® provides investment funding and strategy for resources and people. Hence, by undertaking a course in SAFe®, an individual can prove to be an asset for the company. It is entirely reasonable that building these solutions need additional roles, events, and artifacts. Thus, an individual adept in SAFe® can make sure that the enterprise can create significant independent systems. Moreover, the Portfolio level SAFe® configuration is for firms that design multiple solutions.


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