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Master the fundamental concepts and learn how to build, test, and deploy Angular-powered production-ready apps. Realize the power of building composable components and leverage Angular’s built-in testing framework to make sure your code works correctly. Along the way, build a portfolio of projects you can show to potential employers and hone your newly acquired, immediately applicable skills. This is the only Angular certification you’ll need to go from zero to pro in Angular. 


13+ Hours of Instructor-Led Sessions

Learn by Doing with Hands-On Exercises

Practice with Assignments and MCQs

Build real-world skills with Live Projects

Go from Fundamentals to Advanced

Code Reviews by Professionals

Live Interactive Doubt-Solving Sessions

Why Angular?


Angular is an incredibly powerful and versatile application framework from Google. Angular lets developers build sophisticated and highly performant web, desktop, and mobile applications and offers an unparalleled developer experience. Some core features of Angular include the use of a component-based architecture that lets you build comprehensive applications.


You can do this by writing manageable and feature-rich components, a template-driven architecture where dynamic templates are populated with rich data using powerful features such as two way data binding, dependency injection (DI) which allows developers to author reusable and shareable services, integrated routing and navigation for single-page applications, forms and lots more. 

For developers, Angular offers a rich TypeScript based development pipeline that can be set up easily using the Angular CLI tool, an extensible feature-rich utility that can be used to set up and govern the entire build process. Under the hood, the Angular Ivy compilation and rendering engine provide blazing-fast compilation times, producing far more efficient code than older versions of the framework. Angular, as a framework establishes a rich set of principles and workflows that ensure efficient, organized, and rapid development of rich scalable applications.

It is no wonder that Angular is loved worldwide and is used by companies like PayPal, Lego, The Guardian, and many more and results in a number of job prospects, waiting to be fulfilled.

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Our immersive learning approach lets you learn by doing and acquiring hands-on skills.

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