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Top 6 Tips To Learn Tableau

12th Sep, 2023
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    Top 6 Tips To Learn Tableau

    If you deal with a significant amount of data at work, then Tableau is surely a must-have tool for you. It is not only a data visualization software but it is also considered to be among the best tools available for business intelligence.  

    So, is it easy to learn? Well, learning Tableau requires the same amount of time, effort and dedication that you need to learn any of the statistics tools. Here are a few tips to help you to pace up your learning process of Tableau.

     6 Tips To Learn Tableau

    Tip 1: Download and install Tableau 

    Begin your data visualization journey by downloading and installing Tableau. It offers five main products that cater to diverse visualization needs for professionals as well as organizations. They are: 

    • Tableau Desktop: Created for individual use 
    • Tableau Server:  It enables collaboration for any organization 
    • Tableau Online: For Business Intelligence in the Cloud 
    • Tableau Reader: Allows you to read files saved in Tableau Desktop 
    • Tableau Public: Enables you to publish interactive data online. 

    You can start by downloading the trial version of Tableau Desktop that’s free for 14 days. Just follow the steps to install it into your system. Once your free trial is over after 14 days, you can continue with your data visualization journey with Tableau public which comes with its own limitations of sharing your data publicly. 

    Tip 2: Enroll for a Tableau training 

    Confused about how to begin your Tableau journey? You can always enroll for training with a reputed training institute like KnowledgeHut to learn Tableau at a rapid pace. These courses are created by practitioners and enable you to learnin depth about each of the steps needed to complete tasks . Moreover, you will get guidance from industry experts.  

    Enrolling for training further gives you real-world experience while exposing you to the practical ways of solving business problems. 

    Tip 3: Learn Tableau with large and clean data    

    Increase your pace of learning Tableau by diving deep into the data, using large and clean data sets for producing incredible visualization.  

    Tableau provides a public gallery where you can find Tableau workbooks.  The Tableau workbooks consist of various data visualization sheets and data extracts. You can quickly mimic the filters, formulas as well as graphs in order to improve your skills. You can also look for trends, relationships, and insights by using the fresh datasets available. 

    Tip 4: Visualization and Analysis 

    So, how does Tableau help you? Its primary motive is to build fantastic visuals, and the platforms are specially designed in order to communicate data insights through visuals.  

    But why do you need analytics skills in Tableau? Well, it is essential for you to develop analytical skills in order to master Tableau, as it is one of the core skills you need for your visualization career. Further, you need to use the charts and diagrams in order to make effective use of Tableau. 

    You can expect to find yourself lost while trying many things at one time, but be sure that you will soon gain proficiency in the tools you need.  Tableau restricts the user from selecting charts that are not in line with the visual best practices. 

    Tip 5: Be a part of the community 

    Got stuck while working with Tableau? Fret not! You can choose from hundreds of Tableau communities to make your learning more effective. These communities are filled with data scientists, hobbyists, as well as visual data artists whom you can approach in order to learn Tableau as a beginner or even as a professional. 

    Tip 6: Get introduced to Tableau Server and Online 

    It is very essential for you to learn to schedule the tasks as well as provide authorization in order to enable data security by using Tableau server and online. Although this should be taken care of by Tableau administrator, having the knowledge of these concepts helps you in dashboard development.  

    On a concluding note 

    Data analytics plays a crucial role in terms of business analytics and Tableau is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools. One of the other reasons for its popularity is that it’s fast to deploy, easy to learn, and very intuitive to use for a customer. This blog introduces you to a few tips to simplify your Tableau learning process. Moreover, these tips will provide you with a structured approach in order to pace up your learning of Tableau. Wish you all the best for your Tableau journey! 

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