How can PRINCE2 be Effective for Project Managers in Challenging Situations?

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05th Mar, 2019
18th Sep, 2017
How can PRINCE2 be Effective for Project Managers in Challenging Situations?

PRINCE2 is an acronym for Projects in Controlled Environments. It is one of the most traditional process based methods that are being used for effective project management. It is being utilized extensively by the UK government, and it is also recognized to be employed in the private sector both in the UK and on international markets. The PRINCE2 method is in the public domain, and it offers one of the best practice guidance on project management on non-proprietor practices.

The key features of PRINCE2

  • It focuses on justification of business
  • It defines the organizational structure for the team of project management professionals
  • It lays great emphasis on  project based planning approach
  • It emphasizes on the division of the project into controllable and manageable stages
  • It ensures that flexibility can be applied at a level that is being perceived appropriate to the project

How can PRINCE2 benefit you?
One of the main advantages of being adept in PRINCE2 is that it can be applied to any project within any industry sector. As this method is widely understood and recognized, it provides a common vocabulary for all those professionals who are involved in the project & it helps as a roadmap to success a project. This makes the concept easier to the management team, and they can formulate their ideas and valuable inputs by taking help from the everyday vocabulary. Here is a list of benefits of PRINCE2 in an organization’s project management system.

It is widely recognized throughout the world
Although PRINCE2 began as a standard framework for IT Project Management, it was being developed to make sure that its benefits can be applied to other domains of the industry. Quite interestingly, PRINCE2 examinations are available in 19 languages. So, one can see that it’s not just the qualifications that are globally acclaimed, the PRINCE2 method is also widely recognized. Hence, if a candidate possesses a recognized qualification, it increases the chance of expanding the network and the demand for services of an individual. 

Common Vocabulary
It is important to note that it is not just the qualifications that are recognized across nations and industries. It is worthwhile to note that over 150 private sector and public sector organizations constitute a virtual committee which consults on PRINCE2. In other words, the language of PRINCE2 is the language of Project Management. Hence, if an individual is adept in handling all the tasks related to PRINCE2, they would have an added benefit in their CV. 

PRINCE2 is built for uncertainty
The employees in many organizations seem to love PRINCE2 as it prepares the candidate for tough times. In other words, it imparts quality knowledge to the professional to be well equipped in case of emergency situations like quickly meeting deadlines. This applies to recessions and problems within the companies as well. The employers of most of the leading companies across the world see PRINCE2 professionals as troubleshooters. Hence, if a project is in crisis, PRINCE2 can assist an individual to plan and implement systems in a planned manner.  

PRINCE2 possesses perfect starter qualification
Keeping in mind all the reasons mentioned above, PRINCE2 is one of the ideal ways to master the fundamentals of Project Management. It can teach professional sound principles and can also make one aware to speak the language of Project Management. Moreover, PRINCE2 is not that rigid and is adaptable in numerous ways. Thus, it is increasingly being used for projects that are of any scale. 

Why should you study PRINCE2?
It is one of the most de facto management standards that enjoy global acclamation. It provides the skills that make you confident about successfully managing projects. It is so because PRINCE2 uses a common language, procedure, and system. It is also handy for a professional who wants to achieve new heights in the future. This also allows an individual to control risks and resources. By mastering the course of PRINCE2, you would be able to do fewer mistakes that would be good for the company in the long run. On the other hand, with the application of PRINCE2 in your company’s project management procedure, you can reap a lot of success. Another key advantage of studying PRINCE2 is that you can tailor it to any situation. You can make the required changes and alter the parameters without having a look at the external environment of your company. 

How can PRINCE2 improve your employment prospects?
It is a widely accepted fact that PRINCE2 qualification is one of the great ways to add weight to your CV. It is also recognized as a world-class international management system so that it can be implemented for project management. Thus, it is no wonder that so many companies are looking forward to appointing professionals who have a certification course in PRINCE2.  Moreover, as every organization irrespective of its size always depends on various project management techniques, a professional equipped with a PRINCE2 certification would always have a greater chance to showcase their skills and prove to be an asset for the organization shortly.  

Why should you implement PRINCE2 in your organization?
It is known as one of the international standards for Project Management. It is so because it embodies a substantial amount of time of the best project management practices. It also provides flexible and adaptable approaches for all kinds of projects. It provides an organization with 

  • A consistent and standard approach
  • Regular reviews of progress made against the project management plan and again the flexibility of the business environment
  • It facilitates proper communication channels between project management and the rest of the organization
  • It is also a means of capturing and sharing the lessons learned

If you are the owner of the business and looking forward to train your employees, make sure to refer them to a good institute to train themselves in PRINCE2. In this manner, you can ensure that your employees have the right kind of attitude and aptitude to undertake various assignments in their companies.

Hence, studying PRINCE2 would be a good alternative for those who are looking forward to creating a mark in the corporate world.

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