5 alternate ways to supercharge your career

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25th Feb, 2019
5 alternate ways to supercharge your career

A mid-career crisis can hit anybody. And unlike a mid-life crisis, there is no age for this and it can affect even 30-something professionals. In this fast paced world, your career is like your car battery that needs to be charged at periodic intervals, because what worked for you to get you where you are now, may not be enough to get you to the next level.

Here’s our take on 5 alternate ways in which you can recharge your career and surge forward on the success ladder.


  • Know your strengths….and weaknesses— Once we have established our careers, we find it rather hard to admit anything we are not good at. But admitting your weakness ensures you get help for it, which in turn will help you perform better.
  • Be efficient—Taking on more responsibilities without complaining and helping your boss whenever possible is bound to get you noticed. Don’t burn the midnight oil but be a good multitasker. Have a schedule and stick to it. Whether it is exercising each day, setting daily and weekly professional goals, or eating healthier—having a schedule and doing things without procrastinating will help you lead a better professional and personal life.
  • Network—Going beyond your office contacts and networking with like-minded professionals who are successful and dynamic, will help you reach out to them when needed.
  • Never let the wheels of education stop—Look for ways by which you can better yourself. A specialization or niche course can go a long way in establishing your commitment and passion for success. If you work for Scrum projects, do a CSM, CSPO or Business Case Writing If you are a finance professional, pursue a course on International Financial Standards. Don’t rest unless you reach your goals.
  • Ask for and act on feedback—Feedback is the best form of continuous improvement. It is important to overcome your weaknesses and build on your strengths. So, don’t hesitate to take feedback from your peers and act on them to make yourself stronger.

Shweta Iyer

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