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Best Career Options after 12th Science 2024

10th May, 2024
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    Best Career Options after 12th Science 2024

    Choosing a good career after the 12th grade is a stressful process for students. The first question that comes to mind is “what should I do after 12th science?”. Students seek their 12th standard in science as these are the prospective disciplines that most appeal to them. However, it is critical to conduct extensive studies on the various job opportunities in the science domain after 12th grade that match their preferences. 

    In this blog, Here we are to help you choose the right career. You will learn about the best courses after 12th science and the best career options after 12th science.

    How Do I Choose the Right Course After 12th Science?

    Here are some things that candidates should undertake before enrolling in any course. Before you select a course, consider the following:

    1. Know Your Interests: You must select a path that corresponds to your interests and abilities. If you want to pursue a career in music or the arts, you should choose the best courses after 12th science that is to your artistic aspirations.

    2. Choose the Right Course: Understand the course specifics - curriculum and teaching methods - thoroughly before making a selection. Reach out to graduates or seniors currently studying there to get a glimpse of how it is. 

    3. Understand the Potential: Now that you know what your passions are and how you can teach yourself to follow them, it is time to assess the potential of the career pathway you have selected.

    Career Options After 12th Science  

    The scientific stream provides a vibrant professional environment rich in specializations and chances for exploration. There are several career options after 12th science available after 12th science, ranging from extensive research potential to increased innovation and technology. Below are some of the best career options after 12th science:  

    1. Engineering  

    Engineering is one of the most popular PCM career options after 12th grade. It is a practical scientific discipline that aids in designing and developing systems.

    The best courses after 12th science engineering are 

    1. Tech in Mechanical Engineering
    2. Tech in Civil Engineering
    3. Tech in Computer Science Engineering
    4. Tech in Biomedical Engineering

    2. Medical  

    The medical profession is esteemed and one of the most well-paid PCB career options. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity of medical experts. 

    The best medical courses after the 12th are 

    1. MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 
    2. BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 
    3. BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery 
    4. BUMS – Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery 
    5. BYNS- Bachelor of Yoga and Naturopathy Sciences 
    6. BHMS – Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery 

    3. Biotechnology  

    Biotechnology employs cellular and biomolecular processes to develop products and services that benefit both humans and nature. 

    Students with a Biotech degree can work in a variety of sectors, including 

    1. Healthcare 
    2. Genetic Engineering 
    3. Textile industry 
    4. Cosmetics 

    4. Microbiology  

    A microbiologist has many opportunities after 12th science in the fields, including environmental microbiologists, industrial microbiologists, research assistants, clinical and veterinary microbiologists, and more. 

    Best courses after 12th science: 

    1. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology 
    2. BSc in Applied Microbiology
    3. BSc in Industrial Microbiology

    5. Forensic Science  

    Forensic Science is a sub-field of Criminology that is associated with the use of science in criminal proceedings and examinations. 

    Popular Forensic Science degrees include: 

    1. BSc in Forensic Science 
    2. Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics 
    3. MSc in Forensic Science 

    6. Biochemistry  

    The study of chemical processes within and related to living beings is known as biochemistry. A branch of chemistry and biology that is separated into three fields:

    1. Structural biology
    2. Enzymology, and
    3. Metabolism.

    There are several best jobs after 12th science available based on your degree level. Students with a degree can often work in fields such as agriculture, medicine, and nutrition. 

    The best courses in Biochemistry are 

    1. B.Sc. (Biochemistry) 
    2. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Biochemistry) 
    3. B.Sc. (Medical Biochemistry) 

    7. Entrepreneurship  

    Entrepreneurship is launching new enterprises and accepting the risks and rewards of being an owner. All you need is a solid concept and some finance. 

    The top courses are:

    1. B.A. Entrepreneurship 
    2. Bachelor of International Management 
    3. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management

    8. Astrophysics  

    Astrophysics is the discipline of space science that uses physical and chemical principles to explain the origin, existence, and demise of stars, planets, galaxies, comets, and other celestial objects.

    The top courses are 

    1. B.Sc Physics with Astrophysics 
    2. B.Sc in Space and Astrophysics 
    3. BSc in Physics and astrophysics with a year in industry 
    4. B.Sc Astrophysics 

    9. Molecular Biology  

    A Molecular Biologist is a scientist who studies genetics, physiology, chemistry, biology, and physics.

    The professional courses after 12th science are: 

    1. BSc in Microbiology 
    2. BSc in Applied Microbiology 
    3. BSc in Industrial Microbiology

    10. Aviation  

    Aviation is a fascinating field with enormous promise and scope. Aviation is an excellent career choice if you can make rapid choices, are physically fit, and have excellent communication skills. 

    The top courses after the 12th are 

    1. B.B.A. in Airport Management 
    2. Diploma in Airport Management 
    3. BSc Aviation 
    4. BSc Aviation Technology 

    11. Psychology  

    Individuals are starting to prioritize their mental health in the same way that they value their physical health. As a result, Psychology has become a most demanding career.

    Psychology's top courses are 

    1. BA Psychology 
    2. BSc Cognitive Science 
    3. BSc Health Behavior Science 
    4. BSc Psychology 
    5. BSc Business Psychology 

    12. Meteorology  

    Metrology is an earth science sub-discipline in which the professional is responsible for thoroughly investigating the weather. The professions are classified into four categories. 

    1. Industrial Meteorologists 
    2. Research Meteorologists 
    3. Physical Meteorologists 
    4. Meteorologist professor 
    5. Top Meteorology courses
    6. Bachelor of Science Programs in Meteorology 
    7. Diploma in Meteorology
    8. Master's of Science in Meteorology

    13. Merchant Navy  

    The Merchant Navy is responsible for facilitating international trade by transporting commercial commodities, freight, and merchandise.

    The best courses after 12th science are:

    1. B Tech Marine 
    2. B Tech naval architecture 
    3. Diploma in Nautical Science 

    14. Marine Science  

    Marine scientists, oceanographers, and biologists apply their knowledge of marine scientific concerns to identify, regulate, and manage marine challenges and mitigate any future problems.

    The top courses are: 

    1. Bachelor's in Coastal and Marine Management 
    2. BSc (Hons) Marine Environmental 

    15. Nautical Science  

    Nautical Science encompasses both academic and practical knowledge and abilities. This course covers the management and navigation of goods from their origin to their destination. 

    The best courses are:

    1. Diploma in Nautical Science 
    2. BSc in Nautical Science 
    3. Bachelor of Technology Nautical Science 

    Best Courses After 12th Science  

    Taking science in 12th grade can lead to multiple opportunities. There are several courses that you can glance ahead to and use to build a robust and fantastic career. Check out the best courses after 12th science for a more in-depth grasp of the possibilities available to you: 

    1. Bachelor of Science  

    Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree programs after the 12th grade last 3-4 years, based on the university.

    2. Bachelor of Commerce  

    Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most popular undergrad courses after 12th science. The degree course is categorized into three years of study.

    3. Bachelor of Arts  

    BA in Arts is a bachelor's degree program in which students study Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Performing Arts. A BA in Arts is a three-year undergraduate degree program.

    4. Bachelor of Engineering  

    A bachelor's in engineering is one of the best two 4-year undergraduate professional courses for 12th science students to select after passing class 12.

    5. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery  

    Students who aspire to work in healthcare as healthcare professionals take this course. MBBS is completed, including cardiology, gynecology, nephrology, organ transplantation, anesthesiology, endocrine, general surgery, and more. 

    6. Bachelor of Computer Applications  

    Students inquisitive about computers can choose this best degree after 12th science high school.

    7. Chartered Accountancy  

    It is one of India's most sought-after and top courses after 12th science, necessitating a significant amount of commitment and hard work.

    8. Bachelor of Business Management  

    It is an undergraduate degree that supports students in developing their entrepreneurial abilities and is one of the best business courses after the 12th.

    9. Bachelor of Business Administrative  

    This BBA Course lasts three years. If you take this course, you will have numerous thriving PCM career options after the 12th. 

    10. Bachelor in Hospitality  

    Bachelor in Hospitality course inculcates the application of management principles in the field of hospitality and the management of administrative tasks in a hotel. 

    11. Bachelor in Event Management  

    Bachelor in Event Management is one of the top courses after 12th science. The program duration for a Bachelor in Event Management is three years.

    12. Bachelor in Hotel Management  

    Bachelor of Hotel Management is a four-year undergraduate degree program. After clearing the 12th science, students must have completed their 12th boards with a minimum of 50% marks from any qualified board.

    13. Bachelor of Journalism  

    Bachelor of Journalism course is in huge demand. The duration of this bachelor's course is for three years.

    You can also pick the best job-oriented course to boost your career, as several online course platforms impart the best quality education, such as KnowledgeHut.

    Top courses After 12th Science PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math)

    Courses after 12th science.

    Students in the 12th PCM stream have completed their 10 2 accreditations with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their core subjects. Knowing your job opportunities after PCM and choosing one that interests you can assist you in carving out productive and satisfying PCM career options. 

    1. Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)  

    A five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree program educates students on various aspects of ecosystem administration and creation.

    2. Bachelor of Science (in IT and Software)  

    BSc in IT and Software is an undergraduate program, often known as BSc in Information Technology (BSIT or BSc IT). In universities, the program duration is about three to four years.

    3. B. Sc Aeronautical Science  

    Sc Aeronautical Science is a 3-year degree course. It is a specialized degree that focuses on the laws of motion, air, and objects in Air Space. A student with 50% in the the12th grade is qualified for admission to leading universities. 

    4. B. Sc Software Engineering  

    Bachelor's studies in software engineering are divided into two categories: BSc and BTech. The BSc program is in the area of science, whereas the BTech program is in the engineering industry, which gives better knowledge than the BSc degree. 

    5. B. Sc Psychology  

    BSc Psychology is a three-year undergraduate course that focuses on the study of the mind, emotions, social development, and the individuality of a human being. BSc Psychology also deals with mental illness, crisis management abilities of a person, human behavior, etc.

    6. B. Sc Statistics  

    This is a fascinating domain that science students can pursue. It is a three-year degree program. It is a competence that is required in practically every industry.

    7. B. Sc Nutrition and Dietetics  

    Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics is an undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics. The course usually lasts three years. Bioscience students usually choose this domain. 

    8. B. Sc Physical Education  

    The Bachelor of Science in Physical Education is a three-year undergraduate program that teaches and illustrates how scientific methodologies are used to research physical activity and exercise.

    9. B. Sc Physics  

    According to the latest UGC standards, the BSc. A physics degree is a three-year program divided into six semesters.

    10. B. Sc Mathematics  

    A Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is a three-year undergraduate science study. Admission is primarily based on merit.

    11. B. Sc Multimedia Technology  

    BSc Multimedia Technology is a three-year full-time undergraduate program subdivided into six semesters. The program is about visualizing innovative ideas and information.

    12. B. Sc Interior Design  

    The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is a three-year undergraduate degree in which students study to make beautiful places and cope with the planning and creation of the interiors of residential or commercial buildings, flats, or residences.

    13. B. Sc Information Technology  

    BSc Information Technology is a three-year undergraduate science program that focuses on software, networks, and networking.

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    Top Courses After 12th Science PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

    courses after 12th PCB

    There are several PCB stream career options after the 12th science. Students can select from reputable degrees ranging from becoming a doctor to becoming a Physiotherapy or a pharmacist, which will enable them to advance and earn well.

    1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery  

    This is one of the most sought-after courses in the medical sector after the MBBS degree. A student who wants to become a dentist must undertake this path of study.

    2. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery  

    Ayurveda and Vedic sciences originated in India. This branch of study teaches both contemporary and traditional medications and surgical techniques.

    3. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery  

    This bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery degree program is for students who want to pursue a profession in the domain of Homeopathy medicine. The course duration is 5.5 years. 

    4. Bachelor's in Unani medicine and surgery  

    The Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery is an undergraduate medical degree program in Unani medicine and surgery. 

    5. Bachelor of Pharmacy  

    Students who are seeking PCB career options after completing the 12th grade in Pharmaceutical Sciences must complete a standard bachelor's degree in pharmacy.

    6. Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology  

    The Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology is a three-year undergraduate program aimed to provide qualified individuals with advanced knowledge in both conventional and complicated laboratory diagnostic techniques.

    7. Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (BVSc. AH)  

    BVSc AH is a 5-and-a-half-year undergraduate program in the medical field. It is concerned with the study of medical diagnosis and treating animal ailments.

    8. Physiotherapy (BPT)  

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a four-year undergraduate program that begins after the 12th PCB and involves a six-month clinical internship in the science of physical movement to heal sickness and impairment. BPT is one of the best career options after 12th science. 

    9. B.Sc. in Agriculture and Environmental Science  

    This course is designed specifically for students who want to have a thorough awareness of various environmental challenges and the steps that can be taken to preserve the environment. The course duration is 3 years. 

    10. B.Sc. Forensic Science  

    The BSc Forensic Science program is a three-year graduate program that focuses on applying scientific knowledge to criminal investigations.

    11. B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology  

    The BSc Operation Theatre Technology program lasts three years. This course is all about monitoring a patient's health records and paying attention to every element of an operating room. 

    12. B.Sc. Marine Biology  

    B.Sc. Marine Science is a bachelor's degree program. This course lasts three years and is divided into six semesters. It is offered on a part-time basis by several institutes.

    13. Bachelor's in Molecular Bioengineering  

    Biomedical engineers, clinical laboratory scientists, and medical technologists combine engineering with medicine. The program can take three to four years.

    14. B.Sc. Toxicology  

    B.Sc. Toxicology is a two-year undergraduate program. Toxicology is the study of contaminants and their chemical consequences on living beings and their surroundings.

    15. B.Sc. Zoology  

    A bachelor's degree in zoology is an undergraduate degree. This course is three years long.

    16. Bachelor's in Botany  

    The Bachelor of Science in Botany is a three-year undergraduate degree program that focuses on studying plants and their physiology.

    17. B.Sc. Medical Technology in Radiography  

    B.Sc. Radiography is a professional medical curriculum that uses radiation to perform diagnostic testing.

    18. Bachelor's in Genetics  

    Students willing to take Bachelor's in Genetics should be passionate about medical genetics and cloning. 

    19. Bachelor in Biochemistry and Cell Biology  

    The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry is a three-year undergraduate program in chemical and physiochemical processes.

    Diploma Courses After 12th Science  

    There are various Diploma career options after the 12th science PCMB. Students who desire to specialize in a certain domain can pursue a diploma. A diploma after the 12th grade can be provided for a short or long period, depending on the student's interests. The programs typically last 6 months to a year and up to 2 years. Here are a few available popular diploma courses after 12th science: 

    1. Diploma in Nursing  

    A diploma in nursing is an entry-level diploma program available to individuals with a high school degree.

    2. Diploma in Digital Marketing  

    Digital marketing is a broad field with several branches. It is ideal for students with creative and logical thinking alongside analytical abilities. 

    3. Diploma in Project Management

    This course prepares students for a career in project planning and management, both in the public and private sectors of the economy. Additionally, it provides a foundation for undergraduate degrees in relevant fields. Also, consider enrolling in our PMP course, which is known to be the best in the market.

    4. Diploma in Any Foreign Language  

    If you are interested in learning new languages and discovering different cultures and their histories through a language, there are various diploma courses after 12th science in Foreign Languages. Diploma in Radiological Technology

    5. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology  

    A profession in the pathology business does not seem out of reach with this diploma. A DMLT professional performs the necessary tests for a patient.

    6. Diploma in Animation  

    Animation is transforming social media, cinema, and video games. The Diploma in Animation is an intriguing alternative for those searching for 1-year diploma courses in science following their 12th grade. 

    7. Diploma in Biotechnology  

    A Biotechnology diploma is a short-term course. The basic course integrates technological and biological research and development.

    8. Diploma in Advertising  

    The advertising sector has grown significantly. Companies are constantly looking for someone that is creative and has a talent for advertising. 

    9. Diploma in Education Technology  

    DEd or Diploma in Education is a certificate-level teacher training program that prepares applicants to work as nursery school instructors.

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    All the career options after 12th science are very professional and exciting to pursue as a career. After 12th grade, science is a wide field with several lucrative opportunities and professional pathways. Students can also pursue advanced studies in science fields such as Master, Ph.D., or other relevant professional degree courses based on the science field and interests. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which course is best after 12th science with a high salary?

    Some of the best courses after 12th science with a high salary are: 

    • Bachelor of Engineering 
    • Bachelor of Computer Applications
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
    • Chartered Accountancy
    • B.Sc. Nautical Science 
    • B.E. Marine Engineering 
    • Bachelor of Business Administrative
    • Bachelor of Pharmacy
    2Can I do medical without NEET?

    No, you can not do medical without taking the NEET exam. Every institute in India must take NEET scores. Even if you are planning to study abroad, NEET is compulsory for Indian students. Even if you want to study overseas, NEET is required for Indian students. 

    3What is CET in science?

    The CET is a standardized evaluation system to choose the most qualified individuals for admission to universities for higher education in professional fields. 


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