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AWS Security Certification Salary in 2024: Complete Earnings

04th Jan, 2024
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    AWS Security Certification Salary in 2024: Complete Earnings

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification has grown in demand, mostly because of the increasing popularity of cloud experts in today's time. The AWS security Certification is a marvelous way of proving your expertise in a specific field.

    According to the IT Skills and Salaries Report 2022, cloud computing and cyber security professionals are the most in-demand with a recruitment percentage of 41% and 31%, respectively. AWS security specialty salary figures have skyrocketed ever since.

    Following my experience, efficient AWS security professionals are required in every company in this technologically advanced industry. You must comprehend the duties and responsibilities that an AWS security professional must undertake if you wish to enter this domain.

    Check out the Amazon AWS Certification course and become a skilful AWS professional. I was able to gain practical AWS security expertise from pioneers in this field with the help of this course. In this article, we will discuss the duties of an Amazon Web Services security professional as well as AWS security certification salary around the globe.

    Who is an AWS Security Expert?

    AWS-certified security specialists are a part of an organization's data and IT security team. The primary responsibilities of an AWS security specialist are to identify, analyze, monitor, and report any security threats to the management. As an AWS security professional, you are also responsible for protecting the information and data of the customers of the company.

    AWS security specialists are responsible for tracking the data and information that they receive and storing in a safe place. They also assess operational threats to the employees, physical assets, and data and come up with effective security solutions. They apply appropriate evaluation techniques to ensure data security throughout the company.

    In my opinion, a successful AWS security specialist must have exceptional analytical skills in risk management and security threats. This is because AWS-certified professionals need to ensure the data security of the company as well as protect the client information.

    AWS-certified security specialists must have in-depth knowledge of data security protocols along with a conceptual understanding of data encryption techniques. They must also possess the proper technologies that are required for its practical application.

    AWS Security Certification Salary in 2024

    AWS security specialists are required in every organization, so AWS experts are highly in demand. These professionals are offered lucrative salaries all around the world because of their importance and dynamic job roles. However, AWS-certified security salary depends upon various factors, including experience, location, company, skillset, and so on.

    1. AWS Security Expert Salary: Based on Experience

    One major parameter affecting an AWS security specialist's salary is their experience. Candidates with more experience are offered a higher salary. Let's dive in and explore more about the salary structure of AWS security experts, which varies based on their experience.

    • eginner: The average junior AWS Cloud security certification salary in the United States is USD 81,000 per annum. If you wish to upskill yourself in this domain, I recommend you check out the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp by KnowledgeHut and explore the advantages of this course.
    • Intermediate: The average salary of an intermediate-level AWS security specialist in the United States is USD 113,481 annually.
    • Advanced: The average senior AWS-certified security specialist salary in the United States is USD 185,000 per annum.

    2. AWS Security Certification Salary: Based on Location

    Another main factor that affects the AWS security specialty certification salary is the location of the job. Here, I have drawn a comparison of the AWS security expert salaries based on different countries and companies.

    a. India

    Salaries of AWS security experts vary based on which city or state in India you are working in. In the below-mentioned table, we present to you the salaries of AWS security professionals in different cities in India:


    Average Salary

    New Delhi

    INR 4,70,000 per annum


    INR 4,90,000 per annum


    INR 4,60,000 per annum


    INR 5,00,000 per annum


    INR 5,30,000 per annum


    INR 5,00,000 per annum

    Here is a list of top companies in India offering lucrative salaries to AWS security professionals:


    Average Salary


    INR 5,70,000 per annum


    INR 7,70,000 per annum


    INR 8,70,000 per annum


    INR 5,40,000 per annum


    INR 15,20,000 per annum


    INR 6,50,000 per annum

    b. US

    Different cities in the United States have varied salaries for AWS security experts. The most popular cities with this job role are stated as follows:


    Average Salary

    North Carolina

    USD 162,500 per annum


    USD 160,000 per annum


    USD 155,000 per annum


    USD 150,075 per annum


    USD 149,550 per annum

    New York

    USD 140,000 per annum

    Some of the top companies in the United States offer the following salaries to AWS security experts:


    Average Salary


    USD 207,210 per year


    USD 158,694 per year


    USD 146,240 per year


    USD 141,854 per year


    USD 113,254 per year


    USD 107,563 per year

    c. UK

    Different cities in the United Kingdom offer the below-mentioned salaries to the AWS security experts:


    Average Salary


    GBP 59,703 per annum


    GBP 69,975 per annum

    Richmond upon Thames

    GBP 70,750 per annum


    GBP 62,680 per annum

    Here is a list of the top companies in the United Kingdom that offer lucrative salaries to AWS security experts:


    Average Salary

    Tata consultancy services

    GBP 59,000 per year

    Jefferson Frank

    GBP 120,000 per year

    Information security solutions

    GBP 170,000 per year

    NHS England

    GBP 72,500 per year

    d. Australia

    The salaries of AWS security experts are based on which city in Australia they work in. The table shows the salaries of the top cities:


    Average Salary


    AUD 100,000 per annum


    AUD 179,000 per annum


    AUD 121,304 per annum

    The top companies in Australia offer the following salaries to AWS security experts:


    Average Salary


    AUD 190,000 per annum


    AUD 142,500 per annum


    AUD 90,000 per annum

    e. Canada

    Different cities in Canada have different salaries for AWS security experts. The salaries of different cities have been elucidated below in the mentioned:


    Average Salary


    CAD 95,958 per annum 


    CAD 83,470 per annum 


    CAD 100,101 per annum

    The salaries of AWS security experts in some of the leading companies in Canada are enumerated as follows:


    Average Salary

    Amazon Web Services

    CAD 145,800 per annum

    Teqficus Consulting

    CAD 85,265 per annum

    FX Innovation

    CAD 95,000 per annum

    f. Singapore

    AWS security experts are paid differently in different cities in Singapore. The following table shows the salaries of the top cities:


    Average Salary


    SGD 66,725 per annum


    SGD 66,724 per annum


    SGD 163,272 per annum

    The salaries of AWS security experts in some of the leading companies in Singapore are enumerated as follows:


    Average Salary

    ITCAN Pte Ltd

    SGD 111,449 per annum

    Evertz Microsystems Limited

    SGD 155,077 per annum


    SGD 173,841 per annum

    Factors Affecting AWS Security Expert Salary

    The rise in data-driven technology has made AWS security specialists crucial for every organization. Every industry now needs security experts due to the advancement of technology. As an AWS security expert has to perform dynamic job roles, their starting salary is relatively higher.

    Let me take you through the various factors that affect the salary of an AWS security expert:

    1. Location

    The location of the job is a vital factor in determining the salaries of AWS security experts. No matter where in the world you are employed, you will find that salaries vary greatly from one city to another.

    For instance, the average salary of an AWS security expert working in Washington is USD 156,000 per annum. On the contrary, for the same job role, individuals working in Pennsylvania are offered an average annual salary of USD 135,000. Hence, you can observe a significant difference between the average annual salary of these two cities for the same job position.

    2. Industry / Employer / Company

    Every organization has a specific set of requirements when selecting a candidate for a particular job position. Years of experience have made me realize that the company we work for plays a crucial role in deciding the salaries of the professionals.

    For instance, an AWS security expert is offered an annual salary of USD 207,210 in a leading organization like Meta, whereas a candidate for the same job role is paid relatively less in OS Technologies, which is an average annual salary of USD 106,727.

    3. Experience

    With an increase in experience, your salaries also rise. You will be paid way more for the job of AWS security expert as an experienced candidate when compared to a beginner.

    For instance, an entry-level AWS security expert is paid an average annual salary of USD 81,000. On the other hand, an experienced AWS security expert generally gets an average salary of USD 185,000 annually.

    4. Demand and Supply

    The job market operates under the parameters of demand and supply as the market for commodities and services does. The salaries of professionals are directly proportional to the demand for such professionals in the industry. As every industry incorporates data and technology, demand for AWS security experts has increased. This explains why these security specialists are offered a good average base pay package.

    5. Credentials/ Certifications

    According to my experience, completing relevant certified courses is one of the best ways to enhance your credibility and become better than your contemporaries. With the help of accredited courses, you can stand out and grow in this domain. These courses have proven to be increasingly beneficial for me to stay up to date with new technologies and concepts of data security. Enrolling in various certified courses has assisted me in enhancing my employability.

    6. Skills

    To become a successful AWS security expert, you must possess the following skillset:

    • Cloud technology: To master AWS, which is a Cloud technology, you must possess a fundamental understanding of Cloud technologies and patterns. You must be familiar with the concept of Cloud technology and how it works. The importance of Cloud technology in recent times is unmatchable.
    • Coding skills: An AWS security specialty certification salary is somewhat based on the coding skills he possesses. In my experience, as an AWS professional, you must be equipped with the knowledge of coding and programming languages. Having a grasp of the core concepts of Java, Python, JSON, etc., can be beneficial for you.
    • Security: Cloud technologies can be shared among the intended users. Hence, maintaining the security of the data is a prime skill that an AWS security professional must have. Hackers may have their eyes on such data on the Cloud servers, which makes it extremely important for AWS security experts to address any security concerns.
    • Data storage: As an AWS security professional, you must know how to view and store data in Cloud platforms. It can be both private and public Cloud. There can be numerous data storage choices in front of you, but as an expert, you must know which one to employ at the right time. You can choose a suitable platform by comparing the advantages, performance, compatibility, capabilities, and so on.
    • Networking skills: Not only for AWS Cloud, but networking skills are a must for the entire domain of Cloud technology. To master AWS, I recommend you possess advanced knowledge and expertise in networking technologies and concepts. You may start by gaining knowledge of IP addresses and the distinctions between public and private Cloud networks. You should also be able to employ integral networking solutions as and when required.

    How to Improve AWS Security Certification Salary?

    The AWS security certification salary can be enhanced in numerous ways. Son of the major ways of increasing AWS security specialty salary is enumerated as follows:

    1. Skills

    In my journey as an AWS security expert, having a particular skill set has allowed me to be better than my contemporaries and stand out in the crowd. Some of those skills are listed as follows:

    • Having a deep understanding of cloud technology, including the differences between private and public Cloud platforms.
    • Exceptional communication and leadership skills.
    • Basic understanding of programming languages and possessing good coding skills.
    • Knowing the fundamental concepts of databases.
    • paying attention to the essentials of operating systems.
    • Possessing situational awareness and being able to work well within a team.

    2. Certifications

    Taking certification courses is one of the finest ways of creating a positive impression on potential employers. To succeed as an AWS security expert, you must process a good portfolio with relevant skills.

    3. Degrees

    Possessing relevant degrees, such as a bachelor's Degree in a related field, is one of the basic criteria for getting a job in this domain. To climb up the success ladder in the corporate world, enrolling for a master's degree can prove to be beneficial.

    4. Experience

    Your salary will automatically increase as you gain more work experience. Working for various companies and accumulating experience as an AWS security expert helps you hone your talents which increases your pay.

    Why are AWS Security Experts Paid so Much?

    Every organization needs to ensure data security, which is integral to the company. For that, they require AWS security experts who monitor, safeguard, and store data in various Cloud platforms. They also help to protect the company's data from malicious attacks by hackers. This is why AWS security experts are in high demand throughout the world. Because they are high in demand, the AWS-certified security specialist's salary is very high.


    An AWS security expert is responsible for performing dynamic roles of networking, insurance data security, solving intrusion problems, and so on. These professionals are essential to every organization for sharing data seamlessly. An AWS security speciality salary is high, which makes it a great career opportunity.

    To start your career as an AWS security expert, I recommend signing up for the KnowledgeHut Learn Cloud Computing course. With the help of this course, you will gain all the required skills and capabilities that are essential for the industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is AWS Cloud security certification worth it?

    Besides enhancing your resume, an AWS Cloud security Certification significantly increases your salary when compared to other professionals who do not possess this certification. AWS professionals are reported to have a salary hike of 27%.

    2What is the salary of a security expert in AWS?

    The salary of an AWS security expert ranges from USD 125,000 to USD 182,500 in the United States. The average annual salary of such professionals is USD 149,550.

    3Is AWS security certification hard?

    The AWS security certification is a challenging course, so it is better to possess the knowledge of a major part of the AWS security services. In my experience, getting a grasp of the fundamentals of AWS security and its core concepts will help you complete this certification.


    Kingson Jebaraj

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