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Cloud Engineer Salary in 2024 [Freshers to Experienced]

26th May, 2024
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    Cloud Engineer Salary in 2024 [Freshers to Experienced]

    The Cloud Computing sector is rapidly growing, with companies across industries relying on cloud services for daily operations. According to a recent study by Grand View Research, a respected market research firm, the global cloud computing market is expected to reach a staggering $1.266 trillion by 2028. This surge can be attributed in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated the adoption of remote work and cloud-based solutions.

    Because of the demand for cloud computing services, more people are getting interested in cloud computing jobs. Cloud engineers are in great demand and Cloud engineer salary is also humongous. IT and tech experts can start their career in Cloud Computing then know all about Cloud Computing course duration and fee and achieve a flourishing career.

    All the companies are transforming themselves and their operations and indulging in public, private, and hybrid Cloud infrastructures. With Cloud Computing services, you can achieve supremacy in technical abilities and business operations. Read along to learn all about Cloud engineers and Cloud engineer salaries for freshers.

    Who is a Cloud Engineer?

    A cloud engineer is an IT professional who takes care of all the technical activities in a company that is related to Cloud Computing services. He is responsible for planning, designing, managing, and organizing the Cloud services of a company. A Cloud engineer stores all the databases in a Cloud system and is responsible for managing the new system.

    A cloud engineer has to multitask. Technical skills are the basic requirement that a cloud engineer must possess. Apart from that, he should also have the capability of negotiating with various suppliers and vendors to instill and maintain data security and deliver the best results throughout the process. A Cloud Engineer refers to a certain diversity of positions in a company that is stated as follows:

    • The architect who designs the Cloud system.
    • The engineer who supports the database.
    • Security Engineer who is responsible for maintaining data security.
    • Networks engineer who performs the role of maintaining the network system.

    The technological evolution has placed cloud engineers at a very important level, and they are in great demand, and the junior cloud engineer salary is also huge. Now let us talk about cloud engineer salary based on different factors. 

    Cloud Computing Salary Trends 2024  

    The cloud computing job market in 2024 remains a hotbed of opportunity, with salaries reflecting the strong demand for skilled professionals. Experience is a key driver, with entry-level Cloud Engineers averaging around $114,988 annually, while senior-level professionals can command over $134,000. However, specific skillsets are increasingly valuable. Specialization in a cloud platform like AWS, Azure, or GCP can significantly boost your earning potential, with certifications further adding to your worth. Location also plays a part, with tech hubs typically offering higher salaries than smaller towns. Security expertise is another area of high demand, with Cloud Security Analysts fetching an average annual salary of $117,500(US). Overall, the cloud computing field presents promising career paths with competitive salaries. To maximize your earning potential in this dynamic market, staying updated with the latest technologies and trends is crucial. 

    Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Role/Experience 

    The years of work experience and the role that you fulfill as a cloud engineer is a very important determinants to decide your salary as a cloud engineer. If you have more years of experience and you perform a very integral role in a company then you ought to receive a higher pay scale than the other Cloud Computing professionals. 

    Here is the a broad overview of cloud engineer salary with years of experience: 

    Cloud engineer salary in 2024 can vary significantly based on role and experience level. The following table breaks down average cloud engineer salaries in the US for different roles and experience levels. It's important to note that these are averages, and actual salaries may be higher or lower depending on factors like location, company size, and specific skills. 

    Cloud Engineer Level Average Base Salary (Source: Talent)
    1. Entry-Level $114,988 
    2. Mid-Level $136,634 
    3. Senior-Level $176,829   

    Following are the certain roles and their salaries in the corporate world:

    Cloud Engineer RolesSalary (Source: Glassdoor, PayScale)
    Solutions ArchitectUSD 129,522 PA
    DevOps Engineer  USD 99,564 PA
    SysOps Engineer  USD 88,210 PA
    Cloud Architect  USD 1,43,920 PA
    Cloud Software Developer  USD 1,13,626 PA
    Cloud Security Engineer  USD 1,21,192 PA
    Cloud Administrator  USD 1,31,194 PA
    Cloud Network Engineer  USD 1,14,130 PA
    Cloud Automation Engineer   USD 98,307 PA

    1. Solutions Architect

    The salary of a solutions architect has very high confidence across the globe, and an average cloud engineer's salary is USD 129,522 per annum with a minimal experience of 5-6 years. (PayScale)

    2. DevOps Engineer  

    The average base pay for a DevOps engineer is USD 99,564 per annum. A senior Cloud engineer's salary is, however, a bit higher than this. However, a beginner and a Cloud Engineer with minimum experience will get this salary structure. (PayScale) 

    3. SysOps Engineer  

    The average salary of a SysOps engineer is USD 88,210 per annum with a minimum experience of 4 to 5 years. The salary will however increase with the years of experience you will gain in the corporate world. 

    4. Cloud Architect  

    The National average base salary for a cloud architect is USD 1,43,920 per annum. It is a very high-paying profession and you will get paid a high salary even at the beginner's level and with work experience, the salary will increase. 

    5. Cloud Software Developer  

    A Cloud software developer gets paid a salary of USD 1,13,626 per annum. It is evident that Cloud Computing professionals are in great demand, and they get a hike in salary as they move up the corporate ladder. 

    6. Cloud Security Engineer  

    The national average salary for a Cloud security engineer is USD 1,21,192 per annum. It is a high-paying job with a minimum experience of 5 to 6 years. 

    7. Cloud Administrator  

    A lead Cloud engineer's salary starts from USD 1,31,194 per annum. Cloud administrators are responsible for managing the administration of the databases and with experience, they receive a high pay scale. 

    8. Cloud Network Engineer  

    A Cloud network engineer gets paid a salary of USD 1,14,130 per annum. The estimated salaries are 10 to increase with a high profile job role and years of work experience.

    9. Cloud Automation Engineer  

    The entry-level cloud engineer salary for automation is USD 98,307 per annum. For a beginner, it's a high-paying salary whereas, with work experience and years of working in this field, the rise in pay scale is ought to happen. 

    Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Employer/Company 

    Average Cloud engineer salary per month varies greatly depending on the company they are working in. check a look into the average salaries offered by the top most renowned companies in the world. 

    1. VMware 

    VMware offers an average salary of USD 1,35,783 per annum to their senior Cloud engineers. It is a US-based company that is popular worldwide and has a high pay scale for its employees. 

    2. Amazon 

    Amazon is known for providing the best customer experience, but it also satisfies its employees with a good pay scale. A Cloud Engineer at Amazon is paid a salary of USD 1,06,408 per annum.

    3. Cisco 

    Cisco is one of the top companies in the IT sector and pays a salary of USD 1,42,531 per annum to its Cloud engineers with minimum experience. The senior Cloud engineers are relatively paid a higher salary. 

    4. Accenture 

    A senior Cloud engineer's salary at Accenture is USD 1,51,692 per annum. Beginners however are paid a little less. Accenture is a renowned IT company and pays well to its Cloud engineers.

    Top cloud skills

    5. Microsoft 

    Microsoft is known for providing software services for various desktop, laptop, and mobile applications. It pays a starting salary of USD 78,189 per annum to its Cloud Computing engineers with minimum experience and a lead cloud engineer salary is ranged on a higher pay scale. 

    6. Google 

    Google pays a salary of USD 85,000 per annum to its Cloud engineers at a beginner level. Cloud engineering manager salary will however be a lot more because of their work experience and the variety of roles that they need to perform. 

    7. HCL Technologies 

    HCL Technologies pays a salary of USD 78,265 per annum to its Cloud Computing professionals. It is comparatively low to other worldwide famous companies but a good one to start your career. 

    8. Adobe 

    Adobe is famous for its software services and pays a high confidence salary of USD 1,51,658 per annum to its senior Cloud Computing engineers. It has a fine pay scale for beginner Cloud engineers as well.

    9. Infosys

    Infosys is a well-reputed company with a significantly higher salary package of USD 147,087 per annum to the Cloud engineers working in the company.

    Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Skillset

    Cloud engineers have to perform multiple tasks and should be capable of handling diverse tasks. For a cloud engineer to excel in his career, he has to possess a particular skill set that may include the following skills: 

    • Knowledge of Linux 
    • Skills related to databases. 
    • Programming language skills 
    • Networking skills 
    • Idea about DevOps 
    • Understanding of Cloud providers 
    • An idea about security and recovery 
    • Virtualization and containerization 

    A Cloud engineer who possesses some or all of these skill sets may get an average salary of USD 60,000-90,000 per annum, which is likely to go up with experience. However, the salary varies from company to company. 

    Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Certifications 

    The demand for Cloud engineers is rapidly increasing and for that, you need to be well-versed in multiple areas. if you want to make big in this industry, then here are some certifications that you should have: 

    • Cloud security certification 
    • Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
    • Cloud migration and deployment course 
    • Knowledge of serverless architecture 
    • Database knowledge and certification course 
    • Learning modern programming languages 
    • Web services and APIs certification 

    A cloud engineer who has completed some of these certifications may get a starting salary of USD 91,409, which may increase with the work experience and performance of the particular employee. (PayScale) 

    Cloud Engineer Salary: Based on Location 

    Location is a key consideration and determinant in deciding the salary a cloud engineer will receive. Here's a list of the salary of cloud engineers based on the locations and different countries.


    Average Salary (Per Annum) (Source: Glassdoor, Indeed)


    INR 838,450 


    USD 1,13,594


    £ 65,000


    AED 3,10,000


    A$ 1,15,000




    S$ 121,000


    € 74,000


    ₱ 1 million

    Cloud Engineer Salary Based on Education Background  

    A Cloud engineer must be from a scientific background. He must possess a bachelor's degree in computer science or software applications or engineering. Any other field of study that possesses the same type of knowledge and skill set me also be considered. Several companies also prefer a master's degree in computer science or engineering for having a Cloud engineer.

    A Cloud Engineer with the required educational background may get a placement in a company with a starting salary of USD 60,000 per annum. With work experience and skill development, the salary tends to increase. 

    Factors that Impact Cloud Engineer Salary in 2024 

    The rise in data-driven technology has made cloud engineers very important in every organization. The evolution of technology has created the need for cloud engineers in every company. A cloud engineer has multiple roles to perform, and that is why cloud engineers' starting salaries are very high.

    However, certain factors impact the salaries of the Cloud engineers that are stated as follows: 


    As you gain experience in the corporate field, you climb up the ladder for getting higher salaries. A Senior Cloud engineer salary is very high when compared to the salary of a fresher. The more you work and gain experience, the more you are likely to receive a higher pay scale. 


    Job location is a very big factor in determining the salary of a cloud engineer or any corporate professional for that matter. The IT hubs in India are Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi and the demand for Cloud engineers varies from place to place. Bangalore pays the most to Cloud engineers whereas Mumbai and Delhi succeed. If you drift from these locations you are likely to get paid lower because of the area. 

    Job Role  

    Cloud Computing professions vary in job roles. A cloud engineer also has specific roles to fulfill. A Cloud engineer has certain divisions according to their roles such as a cloud architect, DevOps engineer, SysOps engineer, etc. These roles vary according to the certifications you did. AWS online Assessment Solution Architect certification will make you an expert as a Cloud Architect.


    The salary of a Cloud engineer depends upon the particular skills they possess. If you have greater skills and deep knowledge about the discipline, then you are likely to get paid higher than the other Cloud engineers who do not possess the relevant skill set. 


    Salaries of Cloud engineers are also determined by the company they work in. If you are working in a renowned company that is worldwide famous and has a greater turnover, then you will receive a higher pay scale than the cloud engineers working in a startup or a small organization. 

    Future of Being a Cloud Engineer  

    Cloud computing is a step in the future, and being a cloud engineer, you will be a step ahead of the rest. The technological growth has created a demand for Cloud engineers and Cloud Architects to control and manage all the operations of the company and the databases that have all become Cloud-based. The Cloud computing discipline is expected to become one of the fastest-growing fields of work in the coming decades. The ability to walk with cloud services is in high demand, and the cloud computing professionals are the ones who are gaining the most from this deal.

    So, it can be said that Cloud engineers have a bright future if they can perform their roles to their best abilities and can fulfill the tasks that a company expects a Cloud engineer to do. There is a surge in demand for Cloud engineers in this ever-growing technological world.

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    The cloud computing boom has created a lucrative job market for cloud engineers. This article explored the various factors influencing their salaries in 2024. We saw how experience is a key driver, with entry-level and senior positions. However, specialization reigns supreme. Focusing on a cloud platform like AWS, Azure, or GCP, or honing expertise in cloud security can significantly boost your earning potential. The type of company you work for also plays a part, with tech giants typically offering higher salaries than smaller firms. 

    Cloud engineers have a bright future ahead where the hybrid Cloud engineer salary is one of the highest pay scales in the world. Register yourself for the KnowledgeHut Cloud Computing course duration and fee if you want to have a flourishing career in the field of cloud computing and if you want to become a cloud engineer that possesses in-depth knowledge about Cloud services.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Does a cloud engineer need coding?

    Cloud engineers should have knowledge about coding and programming languages because they write very specific codes that are compatible with the new technology. 

    2Is Cloud engineering a good career?

     It is a great career option that will flourish in the near future, and a Cloud engineer receives a huge salary. 

    3Which cloud job has the highest salary?

     Cloud Architects are the professionals that are most highly paid. They design the whole structure of the Cloud system and perform a complex job. 

    4Which cloud is easiest to learn?

    If you are a beginner and do not have any cloud experience then AWS is easier to learn. There are multiple study materials and videos available online for learning AWS. 


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