How to Become a Cloud Engineer - Job Profile, Salary, Promotion

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20th Jun, 2022
How to Become a Cloud Engineer - Job Profile, Salary, Promotion

Becoming a cloud professional can be useful for many reasons as there is a great demand for it. Most organizations are moving their business to the cloud and therefore the requirement for cloud data storage is ever increasing. There are numerous ways to learn how to become a cloud engineer with no experience. For example, you can enroll yourself in various cloud computing courses that offer a lot of useful insights about skills required for the cloud computing career path

Cloud infrastructure involves both private and public access to a lot of settings. It provides access to computing services in addition to IT-based services. It is, therefore, significant to know what a cloud engineer does, to understand how it works. 

As professionals, we tend to strive for the best. You can always look for a better cloud computing jobs, with numerous insights that can help you search for the one thing you are looking for. IT professionals constantly try to find jobs that match their profile. There are other factors that become an important part of the individual’s growth and development. For example, a location plays an important role. There are major cities that the individuals look for and try to move there for better opportunities.

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Who is a Cloud Engineer?

As demand for IT companies and users rises, the need for the cloud computing domain will boom, requiring professionals to have specific expertise in cloud computing technologies and its development phases.

A cloud engineer is a professional who sees the technical aspects of cloud computing, together with the planning, management, maintenance, support, etc. 

‘Cloud Engineers’ have various positions such as: 

  • Engineer in charge of security 
  • Engineer in charge of networks 
  • Engineer in charge of cloud networks 
  • Architect for the cloud 

A cloud engineer comes with the capacity to negotiate terms with vendors, maintain and improve the cloud database as well as provide solutions to the existing problems. There are numerous ways that companies hire a cloud engineer to offer their valuable services.

It lets you maintain data security and adopt measures to control the various functions of a cloud-based system. There are also upper management systems that help create a safer space for cloud technology and computing, making it easier for the companies to function. Getting the gist of how to become a cloud computing engineer can help! 

How to Become a Cloud Security Engineer?

You might be surprised to know the various aspects of what and how to become a cloud engineer as well as its fruitful advantages of it. You can see through the process it entails and the number of insights it brings with it.

As a cloud engineer, the first and foremost thing is to understand how computing works and the type of profile that is necessary to see what works best for you. You should make sure that you know the essential information for you to put in the effort, like having a basic skill set. There are various companies in India, such as Amazon, HCL, Cognizant, etc., that provide ample opportunities for engineers to find the work best suited for them.

Here are a few steps to consider before moving forward with the requirements: 

  • Experience is directly proportional to the pay structure. 
  • Better locations also make for a positive aspect for the individuals to look for in the company or the work/job they are willing to do. 
  • Demand for the profile is another part of the work which lets you understand the pay structure. 
  • Better pay is always a must-have when it comes to the deciding factor for a company. There are also numerous ways that the pay structure also decides for the individual to work towards their future with hard work and zeal. 

Cloud Engineer: Average Salary for Beginner and Experienced

Various factors determine the cloud computing salary. You can receive a significant amount of pay based on your experience and have an expected salary raise after three to four years of experience. There are a lot of ways to assess and discern your salary expectations. It can be easily checked based on the several aspects linked to your profile. You can also check your base salary expectations if you have ample experience in the cloud computing sector. 

Based on the information gathered from a review of a combined 228 salaries, the annual base income of a cloud engineer is around 7.5-8 lakh rupees. With an experience of just a few years, the salaries can increase two or three folds, depending on the individual’s performance, the company that he/she works for along with their location. 

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Role of a Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer can have specific niches:

1. Architect of Solutions 

The job profile includes improving the infrastructure and the development of the application. There are also application designs that are readily available for a profile to be understood. Some of the responsibilities for an architect of solutions are as follows: 

  • Designing cloud-based applications that are dynamically scalable and maintained with full integration. They should also be tolerant. 
  • Using cloud platforms to migrate the complex multi-tier system. 
  • Bringing cost-cutting measures in place. 

2. Cloud Developer 

A cloud developer is an important individual of the organization and oversees coding along with application development. They work on cloud-based app work, as well as its development. These individuals also have expertise in: 

  • Knowledge of the cloud-based providers and their key features. 
  • Management and the life cycle of the system are an integral part of the process. 
  • High-level language of cloud computing. 

A cloud developer can also take care of the computing technology that is secure for coding and high-level tasking. It is highly crucial for a cloud developer to help debug and handle the individual processes. 

3. Engineer Operations 

Do you want to know how to become an AWS engineer? As the IT industry is growing, there are a lot of profiles that can go unnoticed. Various other profiles might interest you. Engineer operations are one such important profile that works on managing & monitoring various activities in-and-around cloud computing systems. The following are the few tasks that are a part of the engineer operations systems: 

  • Various Networking concepts such as DNS, TCP, firewalls, etc. 
  • Manage the data flow and enable a service provider. 
  • Experience monitoring systems. 

Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer

The roles and responsibilities of the cloud engineer are integral to the cloud computing system. One of the fundamental responsibilities required of a cloud engineer is to collaborate and work together to ease the workflow.  

There are other responsibilities which are as follows: 

  • Educating different teams while implementing the new technologies present in the initiatives. 
  • Ensuring efficient functioning of data storage and functions processed under the company and security policy, which are a part of the cloud security. 
  • Improve the existing systems. 
  • Communication and collaboration skills. 
  • Regularly reviewing and revisiting systems that are involved in the process. 
  • Experience with different CI/ systems. 
  • Client interaction and efficient functioning of Data Storage 

Skills Required for Becoming a Cloud Engineer

Various skills required for becoming a cloud engineer are as follows: 

1. Programming Knowledge 

Programming knowledge includes JAVA, NET, Ruby, and Python. It is also essential to know that traditional programming languages are a part of the knowledge base in addition to other languages. 

2. Cloud Service Providers 

Cloud service providers can also be an important aspect of the cloud computing program to work. Providing cloud services is one of the crucial skills that they have to offer. They are Azure, Information security, Programming knowledge, etc.

3. Information and Security 

Information can be breached easily and therefore needs to be highly secured. There are different system engineer operations that are planned and developed. It includes various tasks such as experience monitoring and auditing systems, ability to work with virtualization technology, managing the data flow, managing, and operating systems, as well as network base.

4. Ability to Network 

There are various abilities to a network that also form a significant part of the process. If you want to network, you can also emphasize on virtual networking which is an important networking procedure. There are also networking services of which the cloud engineer should be a part of. 


As the IT industry grows every day, it is vital to note to keep your skills updated. Upgrade your skills with KnowledgeHut cloud computing career path program. It will help you attain knowledge about the process and the work. Additionally, identify the skills that you need to acquire for the profile.

You can also get promoted based on your experience and the level of understanding you possess regarding the work. As mentioned earlier the promotions are strictly based on performance and experience. To be well informed, research the pay structures offered by the companies, compare them to see the ones that suit you well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the first step to becoming a cloud engineer?

Ans. The first step towards becoming a cloud engineer is to have your computing fundamentals right. You should know about networking, computer security, and computer architecture. Moreover, you need to learn the pl/SQL and Linux fundamentals.

Q2. What is the starting salary of a cloud engineer?

Ans. The average annual starting salary of the cloud engineer is Rs 7.5 Lakhs. The salary is expected to increase as per the performance and experience of the individual. 

Q3. Does a cloud engineer get paid well? 

Ans. One of the best careers to develop, the Cloud Engineer comes with DevOps, web security, disaster recovery, containerization, and so on. Besides, it is a suitable career for those who want to give their IT careers a head start. Hence, cloud engineers do get paid well.

Q4. Can I become a cloud engineer without any certification? 

Ans. There is no requirement for a college degree if you want to work as a cloud engineer. One needs to have experience and expertise. Your AWS certificate can also work for you to work as a cloud engineer.

Q5. Is it easy to become a cloud engineer?

Ans. If you are following a good training program to guide you along, it becomes easy to become a cloud engineer. It is desirable to have a master's or bachelor’s degree from the computer department. Although, people with no experience can work as cloud engineers with the expertise and guidance from an online program 


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