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Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies of 2024

22nd Dec, 2023
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    Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies of 2024

    In the digital era, the demand for cloud computing has increased like never before. It has brought about significant transformations in how businesses store, access, and share information. It allows organizations to carry out various tasks through the internet. Increased security, scalability, reduced costs, and better collaboration are a few benefits of cloud computing. That is why the need for cloud computing companies has increased a lot. Cloud computing service providers allow you to easily access data from remote servers and ensure optimum convenience. However, choosing the best cloud web hosting provider is vital for obtaining better services.

    In this article, you will get to know about the biggest cloud companies and their role in the competitive world.

    10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in 2024

    Are you wondering who the biggest cloud providers are? Here is the complete list of the top 10 cloud computing companies in the world that you must know. Let’s dive in!

    1. Amazon Web Services

    When it comes to the largest cloud providers, Amazon Web Services undoubtedly tops the list. It is one of the safest platforms for cloud service. It offers cloud-based toolsets that are unique and stands out from the other providers in the industry. AWS provides more than 200 fully featured services which include storage, database, and computing. By using the services of AWS, you can easily develop flexible, scalable, and reliable applications. The company keeps launching new service vices to expand its reach and benefit the users more. Connect with professionals to learn about KnowledgeHut’s Cloud Computing course fees

    2. Google Cloud Platform

    Next on the list is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It ranks third among the largest cloud computing companies in the world. Google Cloud Platform is a global leader in AI, machine learning, and data analytics. It provides enterprise-ready cloud services and enables developers to develop, deploy, and test applications on its scalable infrastructure. GCP serves as integrated storage that is leveraged by enterprises and developers for live data. Besides the free trial, the services of Google Cloud Platform are made available to the users at flexible payment plans.

    3. Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure is also one of the prominent cloud computing companies in the world. It is among the top competitors of Amazon Web Services. The company provides artificial intelligence capabilities and exceptional hybrid cloud experience to users. Companies with expensive facilities and large data centers can greatly be benefitted from the services of Microsoft Azure. The services of Microsoft Azure help in designing, deploying, and managing applications over a worldwide network. The best thing is that it offers a trial version of 30 days.

    4. IBM Cloud

    IBM Cloud provides in-depth enterprise solutions to the technology sector. It offers PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS through various cloud delivery models. With IBM Cloud, users have the freedom to choose the desired data models, tools, and delivery models for creating next-generation applications. The company focuses on delivering the best services to add value to your business.

    5. Oracle Cloud

    Oracle Cloud is also one of the top cloud computing companies in the globe. It started late but has gained a lot of popularity over the years. The major cloud service offerings of the company include Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Oracle Cloud provides storage, networking, and computing services to users. The company is consistently growing in the competitive marketplace and garnering good reviews for its cloud platform.  

    6. Alibaba Cloud

    Alibaba Cloud is known as the fourth largest cloud provider platform in the world. The Singapore-based company boasts a robust cloud infrastructure and provides a wide range of cloud services to users. Some prominent cloud services offered by Alibaba Cloud include database storage, large-scale computing, network visualization, elastic computing, big data analytics, and management services.  

    7. Salesforce

    Salesforce is also one of the top-rated cloud computing solution companies around the globe. Salesforce Cloud Computing provides businesses with all the applications they would require for smooth operations. From mobile applications to customer service, CRM, and ERP, the company offers everything on one platform. The top cloud services provided by Salesforce include Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud. While Service Cloud helps in the delivery of better customer services, Sales Cloud allows effective management of customer information.  

    8. Verizon Cloud

    When it comes about the biggest cloud providers, Verizon Cloud cannot be overlooked. Verizon Cloud has been developed with the aim of maintaining enterprise workloads with high performance and strong security. It gives users the flexibility to choose the desired cloud services as per the specific needs of their business. With Verizon Cloud, you can easily lower your data risks and ensure optimum data integrity. The reliability and speed provided by Verizon Cloud set it apart from the others in the industry. 

    9. VMware

    Next on the biggest cloud companies list is VMware. It is known as a universal leader in cloud infrastructure and virtualization. The safe cloud platform provides storage, networking, computing, and disaster recovery services to users around the globe. The cloud computing services offered by the company help in reducing expenses, lowering IT intricacy, and providing flexible, agile services to businesses. The focus of the solutions provided by VMware is to increase the profits of the organizations and lower operational costs.  

    10. Red Hat

    Red Hat is yet another provider of cloud services to businesses worldwide. It aims to deliver flexible and agile solutions to businesses. With Red Hat Cloud, you can easily modernize, manage, and update your business applications. It helps in managing several tasks from a single platform. It allows the developers to easily develop, host, deploy, and launch applications in much less time.

    What Do Cloud Companies Do?

    Now that you have an idea of the top cloud providers in the world let’s understand what cloud companies do. Cloud service providers enable you to easily access computing services without investing in building your infrastructure. The cloud companies can offer you access to the following: 

    1. Infrastructure

    Infrastructure forms the very foundation of any computing environment. Cloud providers can offer you access to the infrastructures such as database services, servers, networks, data management, and data storage. 

    2. Software

    Cloud service providers offer ready-to-use applications to businesses. You can get standard and even custom applications to suit the specific requirements of your organization. 

    3. Platforms

    With top cloud companies in the world, you can gain access to the platforms essential for developing and deploying applications. It makes developing and launching applications faster and more cost-effective.  

    Who is the Biggest Cloud Provider?

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest cloud provider in the world. After AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are the biggest cloud companies by revenue and market share. Collectively, these three companies capture more than 65% of the total spending on cloud services.  

    Here is a quick look at the top cloud companies market share.

    Cloud Service ProviderMarket Share
    Amazon Web Services34%
    Microsoft Azure22%
    Google Cloud Platform9.5%
    Alibaba Cloud6%
    Oracle Cloud2%

    Who is the Largest Provider of Cloud Services?

    Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure are among the biggest cloud companies in the world. These companies provide helpful cloud services to several global businesses and enable them to maximize their profits. The big cloud service providers continuously strive to deliver value to organizations in the global landscape.

    Top cloud companies

    What is a Cloud Computing Online Platform?

    The cloud computing online platform is basically an operating system along with the hardware of a server present in an internet-based data center. It allows the hardware and software products to co-exist at scale and remotely. In other words, a cloud computing platform can be referred to as the distribution of different services through the internet. It includes resources such as software, servers, databases, data storage, and networking.  

    There are three types of cloud platforms – private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. While the private cloud exclusively belongs to a single organization, public cloud platforms refer to third-party providers. On the other hand, a hybrid cloud is a combination of both private and public cloud platforms.  

    Want to know more about cloud computing platforms? In that case, enrolling in a cloud computing course can help. Make sure to gain information about the course and consider the Cloud Computing course fees before enrolling.  

    Small Cloud Service Providers

    Undoubtedly, the best cloud hosting providers occupy a significant share of the global market. However, there are also other small cloud service providers. The small providers include small- and medium-sized businesses that usually operate in the regional sectors. 

    Some of the small cloud providers are listed below. 

    • Japan and Korea: KT Cloud, Fujitsu, NAVER Cloud 
    • China: JD Cloud, Baidu AI Cloud, UCloud 
    • Europe: Leaseweb, Bleu, Hetzner  

    Key Features of Cloud Companies

    When you want to collaborate with cloud computing solutions companies, knowing the top features to look for is important. Here are some of the key features of cloud companies that you must know.  

    1. Resource Pooling

    Resource pooling is an important feature of cloud service providers. It refers to the ability of the cloud providers to distribute resources to more than one client and offer them services as per the specific requirements.  

    2. Economical

    Cloud companies help businesses lower their data storage and IT costs significantly. Many cloud companies in the USA and other regions offer their cloud services for free. However, if you want to expand your storage capacities, you may have to pay a nominal fee for the service.  

    3. Automation

    Automation is another important feature of cloud companies. Cloud service providers help in automating several tasks of businesses and significantly reduce manual efforts. Right from the deployment of commands to the sorting of data, human interference can be minimized. 

    4. Rapid Scalability

    Handling the increase in workloads is one of the major challenges of most businesses. However, with the services of cloud companies, this will no longer be a problem. Cloud storage can easily handle the increase in data load of organizations and ensure smooth operations. 

    5. Easy Maintenance

    When you opt for the services of cloud service providers, you do not have to worry about maintenance. The cloud companies will take care of the maintenance of the cloud servers. The servers are effectively maintained with zero downtime. Moreover, the resources of the cloud companies undergo several updates to enhance their potential and capabilities.  

    6. Security

    Security is one of the most appealing features of cloud computing companies. The threat of data breaches and piracy has been increasing in recent times. However, your data stored in the cloud is completely safe from all such security threats.

    Tips for Choosing Cloud Companies

    With the growing demand for cloud services, the number of cloud companies worldwide is increasing. This makes it difficult for businesses to make the right choice. If you are confused about choosing the best cloud companies in India or other countries, here are a few tips that can help.  

    1. Consider the Features and Tools

    When choosing a cloud company for your business, the first thing to consider is the feature and tools it offers. Make sure the company offers important features such as security, data management, data storage, and more. 

    2. Check the Reliability

    If you do not want any disturbance in your business operations, it is important to collaborate with a reliable cloud company. When it comes to reliability, you must consider the uptime of services of the cloud provider. The company that guarantees the best uptime is indeed a reliable provider. 

    3. Consider Your Business Requirements

    When choosing a cloud service provider, you need to consider your specific business needs. Make sure that the services offered by the company align well with your business goals and objectives.  

    4. Know the Costs

    Cost is another important consideration when selecting a cloud service provider. Make sure to choose a cloud company that provides services within the set budget of your business.  

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    Cloud computing has become a buzzword in recent times. Now that you know the biggest cloud providers in the world, choosing the right service provider can be easy.  

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Who are the big 3 cloud providers?

    The three big cloud providers are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. These three cloud computing companies occupy a significant share of the global market.  

    2Who is dominating cloud?

    Amazon Web Services is the dominating cloud company. 

    3What company is the leader in cloud computing?

    Amazon Web Services is the leader in cloud computing. It occupies a share of 34% of the global market.  

    4Does Netflix use AWS?

    Yes, Netflix makes use of AWS. It uses AWS for all its storage and computing needs.  

    5Which cloud has the highest demand?

    Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure are the highly demanded cloud platforms.  


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