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Who is an AI Specialist? Skills, Jobs, Salary & Responsbilities

20th Nov, 2023
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    Who is an AI Specialist? Skills, Jobs, Salary & Responsbilities

    2023 witnessed a massive evolution in the tech space, where artificial intelligence played a significant role. A recent report says AI is expected to improve productivity by 40% by 2035. Moreover, artificial intelligence has entered diverse domains like finance, administration, research, etc. It is also expected that the demand for artificial intelligence specialists will skyrocket by 9% in 2028. 

    As a result, AI specialists with AI learning course are in demand and receive competitive pay amidst most similar roles. While the job profiles for each of these professions vary, most AI specialists work on constructing and developing AI models. They are in charge of everything, including model upkeep and performance monitoring. Read on to learn everything about AI specialists– their roles and responsibilities, the process of becoming one, and their salaries. 

    Who is an AI Specialist?

    An AI specialist is a professional skilled in designing and creating automated software that helps the organization with one/more tasks by mimicking human intelligence. This involves leveraging learning from data systems and making better decisions.

    What Does an Artificial Intelligence Specialist Do?

    Artificial intelligence specialists work on data-driven problem points and design automated solutions. AI specialists, in most cases, work with the core dev team of an organization and participate in improving the overall task productivity levels. 

    AI Specialist Roles and Responsibilities 

    As an AI specialist, one has to perform the following roles and responsibilities:

    • Manage computer programming to test hypotheses through cognitive stimulation.
    • Carry out extensive research and analyze information.
    • Involve themselves in coding/programming and collaborate with software designers.
    • Implementing AI solutions and analyzing the outcomes.
    • Improve AI systems and adapt to the evolving AI trends.
    • Test new AI algorithms and monitor their performance.

    How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Specialist?

    AI specialists involve themselves in complex tasks and cross-functional team management. Thus, recruiters seek several qualifications to ensure you fit the position. However, the qualification and experience requirements may vary from entry-level to experience-level jobs. 

    A. Preferred Qualification Requirements and Experience Required 

    Here is a list of some preferred qualifications for an AI specialist:

    • Bachelors in computer science, statistics, or a related field.
    • Master’s in artificial intelligence or machine learning (optional).
    • Experience in data management and analytics (for non-entry-level posts).
    • Coding and programming knowledge.

    B. Steps to Become an AI Specialist

    Without the proper skill set and certifications, becoming an AI specialist may be overwhelming. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming an Artificial intelligence specialist:

    Step 1: Get a Bachelor’s Degree

    Most recruiters seek a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, statistics, data analytics, mathematics, etc. It is the first step and is one of the most basic AI specialist requirements. 

    Step 2: Get a Certification

    Once you possess the above soft and technical skills, you can start taking certifications and courses in the related fields. Certifications in software development, computer programming, and robotics are most preferred. For instance, having a Data Science online certificate will help you stand out from other candidates for an AI data engineer post.

    Step 3: Gain in-depth Knowledge of AI Concepts

    Apart from the above-mentioned certifications, you can get a certification in artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. This will eventually help you master the basic and advanced AI concepts. In the due course of certification, you can polish other AI specialist skills like programming and coding. 

    What Skills Should You Have to Become an AI Specialist?

    As an AI specialist is a highly skill-based job, recruiters look for several specific skills and backgrounds. This includes both soft skills and technical expertise. 

    Technical Skills

    • Adept coding and programming knowledge (like JAVA, C++, etc.)
    • Data analytics and visualization skills.
    • Knowledge of AI tools, solutions, and algorithms.
    • Skilled in machine learning.

    Soft Skills

    • Communication
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving & analytics
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Leadership

    Job Titles and Types of Artificial Intelligence Specialists

    From 2023 to 2030, the worldwide market for artificial intelligence is anticipated to increase at a 37.3% CAGR. More organizations are stepping into automation because 65% of consumers trust businesses that use AI technology. As a result, AI specialists are in demand across several industries under diverse job titles. The most common job types include AI engineer, data analyst, data scientist, etc.

    A. Entry-Level Jobs for Becoming an Artificial Intelligence Specialist 

    Artificial intelligence jobs are categorized into entry-level, mid-level, and experienced-level, depending on an organization's size and adaptability to AI. Here is a list of entry-level AI specialist jobs. 

    Job titleSalaryAI Specialist Job Description
    Data analyst$74,430/year
    • Must organize data systems
    • Gather, monitor, and analyze data
    • Focus on data related to automation
    AI Engineer$1,25,530/year
    • Build AI models and systems
    • Monitor automation results
    Algorithm developer$1,54,860/year
    • Write algorithms for automation
    • Analyze existing algorithms & improve them
    • Troubleshoot existing automation systems
    User experience specialist$1,39,700/year
    • Aim at boosting user experience using AI
    • Build chatbots
    • Create algorithm-driven web pages
    Machine learning engineer$1,54,350/year
    • Design enhanced machine learning systems
    • Update existing machine learning systems
    • Create testing systems and write algorithms
    Big data engineer$1,33,200/year
    • Specializes and manages raw data sets
    • Develop AI systems to create databases
    • Use AI to manage multiple databases
    Software engineer$1,14,400/year
    • Design software for machine learning
    • Develop software that gives AI instructions to machines
    Computer scientist$1,03,719/year
    • Write programming software codes
    • Develop AI programming for creating algorithms
    Business intelligence developer$93,256/year
    • Design business intelligence programs
    • Use AI to design and test query tools
    Robotics automation technician$88,778/year
    • Operate automated processes in machines/software
    • Troubleshoot automation problems
    • Design new control systems and software

    How Do AI Specialists Benefit Businesses?

    AI specialists are most sought after, primarily in organizations inclined towards automation. Here is a list of ways AI specialists benefit businesses:

    • Increase Productivity and Save Costs: The most common reason businesses hire AI specialists and add AI to their core is to automate time-consuming tasks. This can be as basic as extracting data to improve user experience. 54% of organizations reported cost savings and increased work efficiency after using AI in IT, network, or business processes. 
    • Boost Accuracy: Unlike humans, AI works with 100% precision. AI specialists can utilize the accuracy of AI tools and extract/manage databases effectively. 
    • Tap into New Insights: Every business strives to evolve and improve in today’s competitive space. AI specialists help tap into the latest and unexplored data, providing new insights. This eventually helps in critical areas like decision-making, boosted customer experience, and problem-solving.

    Salary for an Artificial Intelligence Specialist 

    The salary of an artificial intelligence specialist ranges between $78,000 and $2,93,000, and the median salary is around $1,51,994/year or $73/hour. Entry-level AI specialists get paid nearly $1,18,059 (median), and experienced specialists have a salary of $2,03,513. 

    Countries With the Most Artificial Intelligence Specialist Jobs 

    As of 2019, there were 22,000 skilled AI specialists and 3,00,000 AI researchers. With the AI revolution, the demand for AI specialists has surged in the past 5 years. Here is a list of countries with the highest AI specialist jobs:

    • USA
    • India
    • Germany
    • Canada
    • UK
    • China

    Top Companies Hiring AI Specialists 

    Famous companies, from Fortune 500 to tech giants, leverage AI and employ AI engineers and specialists. Here is a list of the top 10 AI specialist employers across the globe:

    • Amazon
    • NVIDIA
    • IBM
    • Accenture
    • Intel
    • Samsung
    • Spotify
    • Adobe
    • Uber
    • LinkedIn

    Courses for Artificial Intelligence Specialists

    An advanced course in AI is essential to thrive as an artificial intelligence specialist. Once you have a strong background in mathematics, computer technology, and statistics, it is highly recommended to take a specialized AI course that will expose you to the AI jargon and details. Here is a list of the top 5 courses for AI specialists:

    1. Prepare for AI Engineering by Microsoft

    This course covers a comprehensive list of topics like building AI solutions to improve systems in healthcare, finance, etc. Earning this AI Engineering certification demonstrates that you know typical AI/ machine learning workloads and related AI concepts.

    2. IBM AI Specialist Course

    This course from IBM walks you through the latest developments within AI and how to structure and use these AI systems responsibly. You can choose a course from foundation, intermediate, and advanced, depending on your expertise in AI.

    3. Grow your Machine Learning with Python Skills by KnowledgeHut

    This Machine Learning with Python course is 4 weeks long. It covers the basics of machine learning, data exploration, and data visualization using Python and built-in libraries like Scikit, Pandas, etc. This course will help you master fundamental to advanced concepts of AI through hands-on projects.


    The AI space is evolving dynamically, making job openings in AI booming. An AI specialist also entails improving services and processes across various sectors. In addition to the financial, health, and sports industries, specialists can impact the legal and geological fields, to name a few. Mastering the basics of machine learning and AI will help you stay competitive in the AI space and position yourself as an AI expert in the evolving tech space.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What skills do I need to be an AI specialist?

    AI specialists must possess technical skills like data analytics, computer programming, statistical management and soft skills like problem-solving, leadership, and critical thinking. A perfect blend of these skill sets helps you thrive as an AI specialist and adapt to the changes.

    2What is the salary of an AI specialist in India?

    The average yearly wage for an AI specialist in India is Rs.30,32,401. The supplemental cash salary for an artificial intelligence specialist in India ranges from Rs.1,71,255 to Rs.9,73,585, with an average of Rs.6,25,933.

    3What is the job of an AI specialist?

    Specialists in artificial intelligence collaborate with the core team of a firm to raise production levels across the board. AI specialists create automatic solutions to data-driven problems. Most of the time, AI experts also serve as team leaders and managers.

    4Are AI specialists in demand?

    Yes. The AI space is evolving at a rapid rate. In 2022, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) was estimated to be worth USD 454.12 billion, and by 2032, it is anticipated to reach USD 2,575.16 billion. Thus, AI specialists and engineers are in demand across the world.


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