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DevOps Foundation Exam Tips: How to Pass DevOps F Exam

25th Apr, 2024
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    DevOps Foundation Exam Tips: How to Pass DevOps F Exam

    Are you looking to become a certified DevOps professional? If yes, then you must sign up for the DevOps Foundation certification online and take the exam. Starting with the online DevOps foundations classes is a great way to head-start your journey and strengthen your basics. Not only will the exam help you in getting qualified as a DevOps engineer, but it will also add weight to your resume.

    The DevOps Foundation certification focuses on providing learners with a basic understanding of DevOps from scratch. Also, the course outlines how software developers and IT services professionals communicate, work, and integrate as a single unit. The DevOps Institute manages and approves the DevOps Foundation exam following the standard guidelines and protocols. 

    In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about the DevOps Foundation certification course. Exam guidance and rules will be discussed to help you understand the essentials necessary before taking up the exam. Additionally, we have some tips and strategies shared by experts to help you crack the exam in the first go.

    What is DevOps Foundation?

     DevOps Institute provides the DevOps Foundation certification. The certification aims to teach, test, and validate DevOps skills and knowledge. It verifies the basic terms, principles, and practices that a DevOps engineer must know. A DevOps Foundation certification ensures that the individual has the necessary skill sets to handle the job efficiently. In a broad sense, the certification envisions everyone is on the same page and explains how DevOps can help an organization succeed. 

    Importance of DevOps Foundation Course

    The DevOps Foundation Exam is essential for organizations as well as for working professionals. The course structure of the exam is structured in a way aimed to help individuals understand the use of DevOps in simplifying operations and streamlining effective collaboration. Also, the main focus is on integration between IT operations professionals and software developers.

    With DevOps Fundamentals certification, learners will understand DevOps easily. Professional and a cultural movement emphasizing communication, collaboration, automation, and integration, to improve the workflow between software engineers and IT operations professionals. The DevOps Foundation course is made for a wide range of people so that business people can learn about microservices and containers.

    On the technical side, DevOps classes help individuals learn about the business value of DevOps to cut costs (15 percent overall IT cost reduction) and improve quality. They will also be more flexible in provisioning and deployment time to meet business goals and help digital transformation initiatives. You can use the ideas covered in the course through fun and exciting exercises. After class, you will get sample documents, templates, tools, and necessary techniques. 

    About the Exam

    Even though there are no formal requirements to take the Exam, DevOps Institute strongly suggests that candidates finish at least 16 contact hours of formal, approved training from a DevOps Institute-accredited Education Partner. 

    There are 40 questions in the exam. You will get an hour to solve the DevOps Foundation Exam Questions. The score you need to pass the test is 65 percent. That means you have to get at least 26 out of the 40 questions correct. 

    How to Book the Exam

    Most training providers will charge you one price for both the course and the exam voucher. But if you want to purchase the course and the voucher separately, buy a course from any DevOps Institute-approved education partner. When ready, you can buy a voucher from the DevOps Foundation Exam Registration Page. DevOps Foundation certification cost is approximately USD 245.00 though this may vary according to region.

    When you buy a voucher, you'll get a link to the official DevOps Foundation guide, which has tips, tricks, Links, and sample exams. And a voucher file to sign up on the site for the Testing Centre. The voucher is valid for three months from when you bought it. 

    DevOps Foundation Exam Tips

    Here are some DevOps foundation exam tips to help you prepare and pass the Exam: 

    1. Set a Study Plan

    The first step is to make a plan for how you will study. As you plan, remember what you've learnt in class and how much time is left until the test. Don't forget to start by working on your weaker points. Also, pay careful attention to exam topics that are worth more points. If you stick to your plan, you'll likely stay on track and avoid getting side-tracked. The key to success is to start early, so get going and keep going.

    2. Know the Exam Syllabus

    These are the most important modules of the test. The DevOps Foundation course gives you a basic understanding of some essential DevOps terms. The following exam objectives are covered in the DevOps Foundation syllabus: 

    • DevOps objectives and terminology. 
    • Advantages to business and IT. 
    • Principles and practices like the Three Ways, Continuous Delivery, Continuous integration, testing, and security. 
    • How DevOps fits in with Agile, Lean, and ITSM. 
    • Improved Communication and feedback loops 
    • Automation practices such as DevOps toolchains and deployment pipelines and DevOps.
    • How to scale DevOps for the business. 
    • Key performance indicators and critical success factors. 
    • Actual examples and results. 
    • Read about the subject before you start. 

    In DevOps, it's essential to study all ideas in detail and understand them well. Along with the resources at DevOps University, learners should also be willing to conduct their research and study on their own. Concepts are the building blocks for sharp skills. Before signing up for a DevOps course, it's always a good idea to explore the topics using online resources. This will put you ahead of the game when the training begins.

    Most trainers have whitepapers, blogs, and other reading materials that can help you along the way. They also give candidates a manual to read before the course, so they are ready from the start. 

    1. Ask Questions

    If there is something about the course you don't understand, don't be afraid to ask questions. It would help if you asked a lot of them. When you sign up for a KnowledgeHut DevOps foundations classes course, you can count on the industry-leading tutor’s knowledge and experience. They will help and guide you through the whole course. You can get answers to your questions and concerns before attending the course. 

    If you don't ask questions, you could have trouble when you take the test. Maybe the ideas aren't clear enough, making it hard for you to get certified. 

    2. Don’t Be Overwhelmed, Relax!

    It is not impossible to get an A in DevOps. You must keep calm and go through the DevOps foundation certification study material. Sometimes you might not be able to understand the ideas right away. In these situations, you need to take a step back, turn off your laptop, and try again with a clear head. DevOps is like anything else: it takes time and work to learn and master. 

    3. Attend Workshops Regularly

    DevOps experts in large companies run workshops weekly. Theoretically, these workshops teach what it requires to be a DevOps specialist and how different fields can be combined to make a company and its employees more productive. It's essential to come to these meetings every week. The delivery method is interactive virtual classroom training. The trainer is a professional and teaches the students how to be professionals. 

    4. Get Hands-on Tools

    Experiential learning is one of the most important ways we learn. However, the concepts learned in the DevOps Foundation Certification training will be effective with practice. To become skilled, learners must be willing to use the different ideas, resources, and tools whenever possible. There are a lot of tools that support the DevOps practice as a whole. You will cover each of these tools in training, but you should get to know them ahead of time to understand how they are set up and work. The tutorials section was made especially for learners to use as a guide. 

    5. Practice Taking Notes

    This certification course has a lot of valuable ideas, so there will be a lot to learn and understand. It will help if you write down a few things, preferably in your own words. You can make separate notes for ideas you don't understand. This will make it easy for you to clear your doubts and refer to the notes whenever you need a revision. Best of all, you won't have to look through all of the study material to find one idea, you'll save a lot of time. 

    6. Use Real-World Examples

    When explained with real-world examples, it's easy to understand what DevOps is and how it works. So, don't be afraid to ask how the ideas or methods apply to your job. You also can ask your teacher about what they have done. This will help you see the subject from a different point of view and understand it better. But remember to respond to questions only from the DevOps point of contention during the test. 

    7. Solve Sample Papers

    Working through sample question papers is the only way to feel more confident about taking the DevOps Foundation exam. Practice questions from sample papers to get a real-time experience of what to expect in the real exam. This will help you get ready for the test better. Please keep track of how long it takes you to do these papers. Imagine that you are taking the test. The more you practice, the more sure you'll be that you can pass the actual test and get your certification.

    DevOps Foundation Exam Policies

    In this section, we will cover DevOps Foundation Exam policies that you must know before taking the exam.

    Confidential Information

    DevOps Institute owns all the content about the Exam, including, but not limited to, questions, answers, and any written or spoken communication about or related to the Exam. Any disclosure of this Confidential Information is against the Terms and could put this certification program's security and reliability at risk. DevOps Institute avails the Exam to you to show that you know enough about the subject area being tested by the Exam. You are not allowed to share, publish, copy, sell, post, download, or send any Confidential Data, in whole or in part, in any form, verbally or in writing, electronically or manually, for any reason. 

    Certification Revocation

    If you break the rules or do something wrong, you might not be able to take the Exam or any other DevOps Institute Exam. You might also be kicked out of the DevOps Institute Certification Program, and DevOps Institute might end any business relationship with you. Misconduct that is not accepted includes the following: 

    • giving a false or fake identification 
    • Giving or taking improper assistance
    • Distribution of actual Exam content in any way, including but not limited to web postings, informal or formal test discussion groups, reconstruction through memorization, or any other way. 
    • Having things in your possession that aren't allowed during the Exam 
    • Using illegal materials to prepare for the Exam, such as "brain dumps" or the unlawful publication of Test questions with or without answers. 
    • Taking any notes during the test 
    • Getting rid of or trying to get rid of Exam material (in any format) 
    • Trying to cause any trouble on purpose during the Exam. 
    • Changing and modifying the results or score report for this Exam or any Exam record 
    • Getting around the policy for retaking an exam 
    • Accessing the Exam or Exam content without permission (including access to the materials in chat rooms, forums, blogs, discussion groups, or other sharing sites to circumvent the Exam procedures) 

    Use of the Digital Badge

    The digital badge for DevOps Institute certification can only be used by an individual who has passed the Exam. Use your badge to showcase your certification and get the recruiter’s attention. Also, you can include these badges in your resume to get a competitive edge against those without certificates.

    Note: An organization cannot use the digital badge to call them certified. Only individuals who have passed the Exam can validate that they are certified. 

    Personal information and privacy

    DevOps Institute follows their privacy Policy and the additional Certification and Examination privacy and Policies Terms when they collect and process your details during registration for or participation in the Exam. 

    As part of taking the Test, DevOps Institute or an agent of DevOps Institute will collect your personal information. This may include, but is not limited to, your photo, your digital keystroke pattern, and your personally identifying details (including, but not limited to, your name, address, company, and title).

    As part of the online proctoring of every Exam, if necessary, DevOps Institute or a representative of DevOps Institute could be watching a live Livestream of you at your session (and could communicate with you, telling you to stop taking phone calls, etc.). All the information collected during the Exam will be called "Exam Information" as a whole. The DevOps Institute Privacy Policy tells about how they handle personal data when using their products and services, like the Exam Information. 

    Who Can Access Your Information?

    DevOps Institute employees, affiliated companies, partners, or other entities handle exam information for the above reasons. Exam Information is kept safe by taking the right technical, institutional, and legal steps. Affiliate companies or entities working on behalf of the DevOps Institute with whom they share your Exam Details will be bound by confidentiality rules. 

    Exam Retake Policy

    If a candidate doesn't pass an exam the first time, they can buy another exam voucher and retake the Exam. You can buy the exam voucher from the Education Partner who gave you the first voucher or from DevOps Institute for the price listed. There is no time limit or cap on how many times you can retake an exam. 

    Exam Refund Policy

    Once an exam is bought, DevOps Institute does not give refunds. Candidates who have purchased an exam but haven't yet redeemed it with their exam voucher code can ask DevOps Institute to exchange their unused voucher for another exam within seven days of their purchase. If the voucher has already been used, there will be no exchange. 


    The DevOps certification can be hard to get, but it's worth it for all the good things. It helps you stay up to date and on top in a field with a lot of competition and adds unbeatable value to your CV. More than tough, this certification is very demanding and challenging. However, it prepares you for the industry and how it works. It makes you more valuable to the company or prepares you for better job opportunities. In DevOps, it's essential to study every concept in detail and understand them well. Learners should also be willing to study independently, research, and use the DevOps Institute's resources. Sharp skills rely on a good foundation of concepts.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Who can appear in the DevOps Foundation exam?

    There are no formal requirements to take the Exam. Still, it is strongly suggested that candidates spend at least 16 contact hours in a formal, approved training course taught by a DevOps Institute-accredited Education Partner.

    2What is the time duration of the DevOps Foundation exam?

    The DevOps Foundation certification examination will be in the form of a series of multiple-choice questions. It has 40 questions, and you must get 65% to pass. There would be 60 minutes for the test.

    3What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a set of practices that combine IT operations and software development. Its goal is to reduce the systems development life cycle and ensure high-quality software is delivered continuously. 


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    Mayank Modi is a Red Hat Certified Architect with expertise in DevOps and Hybrid Cloud solutions. With a passion for technology and a keen interest in Linux/Unix systems, CISCO, and Network Security, Mayank has established himself as a skilled professional in the industry. As a DevOps and Corporate trainer, he has been instrumental in providing training and guidance to individuals and organizations. With over eight years of experience, Mayank is dedicated to achieving success both personally and professionally, making significant contributions to the field of technology.

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