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DevOps Foundation Preparation Tips: Step-by-Step Guide

25th Apr, 2024
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    DevOps Foundation Preparation Tips: Step-by-Step Guide

    DevOps has revolutionized the development and deployment processes. With its problem-solving practices and excellent capabilities, DevOps is now becoming a preferred option by both small and large companies. If you are an IT professional looking forward to strengthening your DevOps skill or a beginner getting ready to jump-start your career, learning DevOps is a yes-yes. And when it comes to upskilling, there is no better way to learn these in-demand skill sets than the devOps foundation certification course.

    In this guide, we will walk you through the DevOps Foundation preparation guide. Also, you will have a bird-eye view of how these courses help individuals improve the human aspects of DevOps and why certifications are important. Moreover, expert advice and preparation tips are discussed to help you crack the DevOps Foundation exam in the first go.

    Why to Take DevOps Foundation Certification?  

    Certification matters! Upskilling and certification is a great way to show off your skills and get job ready. Even though devOps classes and training are the best way to prepare for a certification exam, DevOps Institute understands that people learn uniquely using different sources. As the official certification body for DevOps, the DevOps Institute eliminated a barrier to certification. The introduction to formal training and testing program enables anyone to take one or more exams to certify. DevOps Foundation Certification training costs depend on the model you choose.

    DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that focuses on Communication, teamwork, integration, and automation to enhance the Workflow between software developers and IT services professionals. This study guide for DevOps training courses aims to help individuals prepare for what’s in the exam. It includes the following:

    • Course Description
    • DevOps Glossary of Terms 
    • Examination Requirements 
    • Sample Exam(s) with Answer Key
    • Value-Added Resources

    These resources give candidates an idea of what topics, ideas, words, and definitions they should know and understand to pass the exam. You can learn these topics on your own using online resources. Alternatively, you can go through training from one of their Global Education Partners. 

    The DevOps Institute will give you a certificate and a digital badge if you pass the test. Showcase your proof of professionalism on online networks and be open to opportunities for your career growth in DevOps

    DevOps Foundation: An Overview 

    DevOps Foundation is a certification from DevOps Institute that stands on its own. The DevOps Institute offers the certificate and the course that goes with it. They are meant to teach, test, and confirm knowledge of basic DevOps terms, principles, and practices. After getting the DevOps Foundation Certification, you will have shown that you understand key DevOps terms, concepts, and procedures. This will help everyone speak the same language and highlight the benefits of DevOps to help the organization succeed.

    As new companies enter each market, organizations need to keep up with the competition by launching new and improved products more often than once or twice a year.

    What’s Included in DevOps Certification?

    The DevOps Fundamentals certification course teaches key DevOps terms so that everyone speaks the same language. It also shows how DevOps can help an organization be successful.

    The course covers the DevOps community's latest ideas, principles, and practices. It includes real-world case studies from high-performing companies like ING Bank, Capital One, Alaska Air, Ticketmaster, Fannie Mae, Target, Societe Generale, and Disney. These case studies engage and inspire learners by using multimedia and interactive activities that bring the learning experience to life.

    Learners will understand DevOps, the professional and cultural movement that emphasizes Communication, collaboration, automation, and integration to improve the Workflow between software developers and operations professionals.

    The DevOps Foundation certification gives people a basic understanding of what DevOps is and how to improve IT operations. It also enhances how software engineers and IT operations professionals talk to each other, work together, and integrate. The DevOps Foundation test is accredited, coordinated, and given in line with the strict standards and protocols of the DevOps Institute.

    Learning Objectives 

    The Foundation certification course explains some of the most important terms used in DevOps. For the DevOps Foundation exam, you need to know about the following.

    • DevOps goals and terminology
    • IT and the business both stand to gain.
    • Principles and methods, such as Continuous Integration, Testing, Continuous Delivery, Security, and the Three Ways 
    • How DevOps fits in with Agile, Lean, and ITSM
    • Improved Workflow, interaction, and feedback loops. 
    • Automation practices such as DevOps toolchains and deployment pipelines. 
    • How to scale DevOps for the business
    • Key performance indicators and critical success factors
    • Examples from real-life scenarios.

    It is highly recommended that candidates spend at least 16 contact hours (lectures and labs) in a formal, approved training course taught by a DevOps Institute-approved Education Partner.

    Target Audience

    The course is for many people, including business people who want to learn about microservices and containers. Those on the technical side will learn about the business value of DevOps to cut costs (15–25 percent overall IT cost reduction). They will also learn to improve quality (50–70 percent reduction in change failure rate) and agility (up to 90 percent reduction in provisioning and deployment time) to support business goals and digital transformation initiatives.

    The DevOps Foundation is aimed at professionals in Management, Operations, Developers, QA, and Testing, such as:

    • People who work on creating IT, running IT, or managing IT services
    • People who need to know what DevOps is and how it works
    • IT workers who are already in an Agile Service Design Environment or are about to enter one 
    • People in the following IT jobs: an automation Architects, Consultants, Application Developers, Business Managers, Business Analysts, Management Consultants, Business Stakeholders, Change Agents, DevOps Consultants, DevOps Engineers, Integration specialists, Infrastructure Architects, IT Directors, IT operators, IT Managers, IT Team Leaders, network Administrators, Lean Coaches, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Software Developers, Release Engineers, Software Testers/QA, Systems Engineers, Systems Administrators, System Integrators.

    Even though there are no official requirements to take the exam, the DevOps Institute recommends the following to prepare for the DevOps Foundation exam:

    Candidates should take at least 16 contact hours of instruction and labs as part of a formal, approved training course taught by a DevOps Institute-approved Education Partner.

    The DevOps Foundation exam is managed and given by the DevOps Institute according to their strict protocols and standards. The Bloom Taxonomy of Educational Objectives is used to make DevOps Foundation certification study material and the test. Bloom 1 questions on the exam test students' knowledge of DevOps concepts and words. The test also has Bloom 2 questions that test how well students understand these ideas in the real world.

    DevOps Foundation Preparation Tips 

    Preparing for a test like the DevOps Foundation exam takes time and strenuous work. So, to make things easier for you, we've put together a list of the most reliable and helpful DevOps Foundation certification preparation tips.

    Step 1: Dive Deep into the Syllabus

    Knowing what not to study is as important as knowing what to look for. Therefore, a detailed understanding of the syllabus must be the first step. The DevOps Foundation course gives you a basic understanding of some essential DevOps terms. Check the official website to know more in detail.

    Step 2: Read the Instructions Carefully

    The DevOps Foundation®'s certifications include advanced DevOps community reasoning, principles, methodologies, and real-world case studies from high-functioning entities like ING Bank, Capital One, Alaska Air, Target, Fannie Mae, and Disney. These entities engage and inspire learners by using multimedia and interactive activities that bring the learning to life.

    Also, starting with the DevOps Foundation exam questions, there are forty multiple-choice questions that you must answer in 60 minutes or one hour. The score you need to pass the DevOps Foundation® exam is 65%.

    Step 3: Know the Rules

    Some of the most important things to keep in mind are:

    • On the DevOps website, the Cancellation & Refund Policy page has information about how exams, E-learning, and other things can be cancelled or rescheduled.
    • When studying for the DevOps Foundation® exam, the candidate must check out the DevOps terms and conditions. Also, the candidate should look at the pricing policies, which will help them understand the costs and how to pay. DevOps Foundation Certification cost is based on the region.

    Step 4: Come up with a Plan

    The next step in getting ready is to plan how you will study. As you plan, keep in mind what you've learned in class and how much time is left until the actual test. Don't forget to start by working on your weaker points. Also, pay close attention to exam topics that are worth more points. If you stick to your plan, you'll be more likely to stay on track and avoid getting side-tracked. The key to success is to start early, so get going and keep going.

    Step 5: Check out Online Resources

    DevOps Foundation Certification online course teaches key DevOps terms, so everybody speaks the same language. It also focuses on the benefits of DevOps in helping an organization succeed. DevOps is also a professional and cultural movement that focuses on Communication, integration, collaboration, and automation to improve how software developers and IT operations professionals work together. Also, you can use the ideas covered in the course through fun and exciting exercises, and sample documents, tools, templates, and techniques will be given for use after class. This certification helps students learn what they need to know to take and pass your DevOps Foundation exam.

    DevOps Foundation Additional Learning Resources

    Reference the Official Website

    Go to the DevOps website if you want to pass the DevOps Foundation® exam. You can find the DevOps Foundation study guide, which has everything you need to know about the exam. The candidate should also read the blogs on their website.

    Take Mock Test

    Practice tests are what show whether or not a candidate is ready. The DevOps Foundation practice test will help candidates figure out what they need to work on to pass the actual test. There are many DevOps Foundation practice exams on the internet now, so candidates can choose the one they like best.

    Learn from Knowledgehut

    KnowledgeHut has a complete training program for individuals studying for the DevOps Foundation® exam and looking to crack it. Register with knowledgehut devOps foundation certification course and get trained by experienced, industry DevOps experts. In addition to personalized guidance, the training program will help you understand all of the critical topics.

    Benefits of DevOps Foundation

    DevOps Foundation certification is a win-win for organizations as well as for individuals. Not just the certification aims to eliminate present problems, but it also serves as a roadmap for improved workflows and faster innovation.

    Let’s check how DevOps Foundation certification helps individuals foster growth and add value to their careers.

    Increased Salary 

    Individuals with DevOps certification can earn more. Through the Glassdoor surveys, we can determine the demand for DevOps engineers. Additionally, a DevOps engineer with a handful of experience tends to get 50-60 percent more as they level up in their career.

    Better Job Opportunities

    Recent statistics by Statista give an idea of how much DevOps is bringing a change in the software development cycle. The report shows that companies now know more about DevOps and that it is no longer just a buzzword. DevOps is the best choice for engineers (especially developers) who want to move up.

    Improves Knowledge and Skills

    Engineers and developers learn about business and management through DevOps, especially Agile. This helps them improve their skills and move into more complex roles within the company.

    Enhances your value 

    IT companies sometimes develop new trends that are more promising, faster, more comfortable, and better at getting work done. Unfortunately, professionals who don't keep up with the changes are left behind.

    Training for DevOps Foundation Certification is a great way to keep up with how the DevOps field is changing. Most importantly, DevOps automation makes the work easier in less time and helps the operations team more.

    Let’s check how DevOps Foundation certification helps individuals foster growth and add value to their careers:

    Less time between Productions

    An organization's development and operations team extends the production cycle due to the complexities involved in the project. As a result, it becomes strenuous for teams to get the work done on time. So, eliminating silos and making it easier for people to work together speeds up the development process.

    Better quality of products

    It is essential to pay attention to security during the design and development phase. This will save time and allow more resources for other tasks. Also, every team member is responsible for the quality and safety of the work. This makes sure that the whole team is responsible for the product.

    Improve Security

    Due to the rise of cyber threats and "black hat" hacking, security has become one of the most critical issues for businesses. However, a recent survey found that 54% of organizations rely on DevOps professionals to implement security measures.

    Improved Communication and collaboration

    DevOps has changed the way software is made in a big way. When all stakeholder teams are involved in the development process, they work toward the same goal instead of different goals. Communication gets better with more synergy. Better Communication makes development cycles run more smoothly, helps find and fix errors quickly, and gets products to market faster.

    Reduce Time Increase Productivity

    Poor code is quite common, but it's too bad that users don't realize this until it's too late. Some developers are excellent at their work, but others don't know how to code well. You can solve this problem with DevOps. When developers on a DevOps team are evaluated often, it's easier to judge how well they're doing so that each member can be given tasks that match their skills.

    DevOps knows that making software isn't just about writing code. There are a lot of other parts to the process. One person on the team could be wrong at coding but good at any different roles, and vice versa. When team members are given new jobs earlier, time and resources are not wasted.


    DevOps combines operations and development, as the name suggests. It brings together development and IT operations to talk to each other and work together better, which speeds up the time it takes for an organization to deliver applications and services. DevOps Foundation professionals are in high demand, and if you want to work in the same field, you should know about the DevOps Foundation Certification Benefits.

    Trainers who are experts in the area set the DevOps curriculum. Also, the course's topics are selected based on what is important around the world. Also, the benefits of the DevOps Foundation will help you use what you know in a business anywhere in the world.

    DevOps needs a lot of research and a deep understanding of all ideas. Learners should also be willing to study independently and do research outside of what DevOps University offers. Also, sharp skills depend on a solid understanding of how things work. This test will test you in different ways, but you can pass it in one sitting if you take the proper steps.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What is DevOps Foundation Exam?

    DevOps certification is a formal testing program that ensures people have the right skills and knowledge to work in the areas where software development and IT operations overlap. 

    2How can I become DevOps Foundation Certified?

    Start learning the basics and get trained in the skills required in DevOps, Take the DevOps Foundation exam, and then get certified in DevOps Foundation. 

    3Is DevOps Foundation Difficult?

    The level of difficulty depends on your knowledge of the subject. DevOps is easy to learn, but can take a while to master because you have to change how you think and act. 

    4Does DevOps need Coding?

    Most DevOps teams need people who know how to code. That doesn't mean everyone on the team needs to know how to code. So you don't have to work in a DevOps environment if you don't want to.


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