Growing Social Media Trends in 2017: Know These to Increase Your Reach and Engagement

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11st Mar, 2021
05th Jun, 2017
Growing Social Media Trends in 2017: Know These to Increase Your Reach and Engagement

Overview of social media marketing

The no. of people using the social media platforms is growing, so is the time spent by the people on various social media platforms. Some of the popular social media platforms are the Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and so on. According to the statistic, the no. of active users on the Facebook has already crossed 1.9 billion, which is very close to 2 billion. Due to a large user base, many marketers are opting for social media marketing.

Many social media marketers have been able to get a massive return on investment from their campaigns; however, there are also many people who have failed miserably to get anything out of their campaign. It’s because of their lack of strategy and knowledge of the current trends. Marketing is all about creativity, and to campaign creatively, it’s necessary to have some knowledge of the latest trends in the market.Here are some social media marketing tips to Increase Your Reach and Engagement.

What are some of the social media trends you should be aware of?

Many old trends have been replaced with the new trends, and the change is inevitable. Here are some of the social media trends you should be aware of in 2017.

  1. Live video streaming

You may have already seen many celebrities and influencers posting live videos on their page and YouTube channel. This shows your audiences exactly what you’re doing in the current moment, and it also helps you to get on the spot comments and reactions. It has been able to increase the level of engagement on the post. The 14% of the marketers experimented with live streaming, and this percentage is expected to increase to 43% in 2017, according to the survey.

Don’t miss out this feature provided by various social media platforms to get the most out of your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Vanishing content

The feature to allow you to share a vanishing content is just amazing, and it’s offered by both Snapchat and Instagram. You are allowed to share images that disappear after you view them, 10-second videos, and snap story (the story vanishes after 24 hours). The company like the Taco Bell got the most out of the Snapchat, as their content got over 250 million views in a single day, according to the case study done on the Taco Bell success.

You can promote your contents in various ways to arouse your followers to view your contents with the help of this feature.

  1. Social media e-commerce

As people are spending more and more time on the social media platforms, the popularity of social media e-commerce is also growing. The top social media platforms, such as the Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram are already providing users various ways to purchase the products directly within their apps. The study shows that over 50% of the consumers browse social media platforms to keep track of the products for sale.

Use this feature, conduct social media outreach to find right influencers to promote your products to further increase the sales of your product.

  1. Growth of chatbots

Many companies are focusing on using chatbots because of its amazing features and affordability. It helps to improve your customer service. The tech giant like the Facebook along with many other companies is already integrating chatbots to take their customer service to the next level. The chatbot is expected to get even more popular in the future, and you will be very much likely to encounter much more smart chatbots in the near future.

The chatbots are developed in such a way that they are able to solve many basic problems that are encountered by the customers. Nowadays, people prefer to get an instant answer through chatbots rather than through telephone line.

  1. Virtual reality

The virtual reality is another trend in the field of marketing that is gaining popularity in the recent days. This technology helps to boost the engagement on the post via immersive and memorable experience. The story can be shared by the brands in a fascinating way, thanks to the virtual reality. The 360-degree virtual reality helps in making the video more realistic.  The VR headset or viewer can further improve the experience while watching the video.

These videos can be smoothly viewed through any devices without any problem. The study shows that the 75% of the internet traffic will be represented by the video streaming, which is the reason it becomes more important to increase the quality of the videos.


The marketers who are well aware of the latest trends are the ones who are likely to get the maximum return from their campaigns. Many marketers have already started using these trends to increase their reach and engagement. The marketers who have not yet started using these trends are already left behind. Start using these trends, according to the requirement to see a big boost in the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign.


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